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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Tensions are rising in Tacea after the destruction of their Territory Court at the hands of its Queen. Unable to continue their traditional cycle of succession because of accusations of treason, Tacea must find a Queen capable of uniting the land while building bridges to the world outside its borders.
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Author Topic: The Women and Men of Tacea.  (Read 4320 times)

Description: Rough Sketch of the Matriarchal Society.

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The Women and Men of Tacea.
« on: Aug 26, 13, 09:20:23 PM »
Tacea is a matriarchal society and its culture favors the distaff gender over males; it has been this way since time immemorial and is so deeply ingrained into the Territory that the very notion of anything otherwise is gut wrenchingly wrong on an instinctive, subconscious level.   

  How is this reflected in Tacea’s society?

  • All arts are female dominated, with very few exceptions (see ARTS).
  • Literacy is primarily a feminine skill, as is mathematics, science, poetry, etc.  Men are taught a cipher or shorthand, but generally are not privy to a formal grasp of written language.
  • It is considered deviant not to find the feminine attractive; as such, homosexual men are very rare and socially discouraged.  Men may take male lovers, but such liaisons cannot be ratified through the eyes of law and are not equal to the unions between a male and a female, or a female and another female.  No house allegiances or alliances can be formed through the coupling of two men.  Sons may be married off at the leave of their family matriarch.
  • In terms of craft, the two genders are relatively equal in what sort of early instruction they are given.  In spite of the pervasive female dominance in Tacea, no female is allowed to go unescorted by their males.  An unescorted female is seen as an error in service on the behalf of males.
  • At all times, a male is expected to be in service of some sort to a female, even if it is not official.  This female is generally held responsible for the actions of her males.  It is important to note that whereas other cultures perceive the imperative to protect females and Queens as the strongest and most prevalent in Warlord Princes, Tacea has embraced this on a gender wide level, to the point where even Landens have begun to take up similar social structures.  As such all Blood males see the right to escort and protect any female as a privilege.
  • The military is composed of women and men and there is no preference between the two genders.  Women are just as deadly as their male counterparts, but a large percentage remain male precisely because women tend to have more sustainable and socially acceptable options available to them.  Working with the military is something of a default choice for Warlords and Princes and in the peacetime of the last few years, these men have grown restless.  Warlords make up the rank and file and compared to the Prince counterparts are less likely to advance as far, but military experience bolsters them in the eyes of others.  With military experience, it becomes much easier to later on work as an escort, or even as something as simple as a temple guard.
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