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Author Topic: Son Mi Moon  (Read 624 times)

Description: Black Widow. Rose to Blood Opal. Played by Rated Em.

Offline Son Mi Moon

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Son Mi Moon
« on: Dec 27, 18, 12:41:42 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Son Mi Moon
Age and Birth Year: 87 (b. 108AP) 
Race: Half-Long Lived (Tacean/Dhemlanese)
Caste: Black Widow
Birth Territory: Tacea
Home Territory: Tacea

Birthright Jewel: cut Rose
Offering Jewel: cut Blood Opal

Role: Blacksmith
Faction: Ureshi-sa


Play By: Yui Aragaki (with permission from Leez!) (because they’re twins!)
Distinguishing Features:
Rough hands, a slightly darker skin tone than her sister from constant forge work, and always wears her hair short.


There is nothing that Son Mi cannot accomplish. That's what she'll tell you, that's what she believes and she will never let someone try and tell her otherwise. Always on the move, never staying put in one place for too long, she has always been one of the hardest Corro children to pin down. Yet when it mattered, when she needed to be somewhere, she was always there. Just another benefit to being a Black Widow, knowing when and where she was needed. Even if sometimes it was a moment too late.

Son Mi is feisty, opinionated, and never afraid to make her voice known. She is the daughter of Seung Corro and Soon Hee Moon and you will never forget that. That she is a talented blacksmith, known across all of Tacea, is actually second to this small fact but also a very important part of who she is. Never concerned about getting dirty, about getting into the thick of it, Son Mi is just as willing to get into the mud and do hard labor as the next person. Worse: if she thinks someone is not capable, she'll just push them aside and do the job herself. Better that than risk a subpar job being done.

She does know when to rein herself in, when to not step forward, but that's only when she doesn't know about what is going on. A rare situation, indeed, because Son Mi has found delight in being able to explore and learn everything and anything due to being a Long-lived. With all the time in the world, she has been able to devote a lot to simple learning.

That is not the only thing. Son Mi also dedicated herself, in younger years, to fully exploring her sexuality and enjoying herself. She still does, when she is around people, and it means that she earned a reputation for being well-known among certain circles for being a patron of the geisha. Not that there's anything wrong about that because she's a Black Widow and wears the Blood Opal and has a very serious appetite when it comes to the bedroom.

Surprisingly, however, Son Mi sometimes has a very short-lived mindset. She gets caught in the moment, thinks of what only the next few years will bring her, and worries excessively about what comes next when she has countless centuries before her. Most never see this side of her as it's only known to her family. It has only been with the destruction of Kaesong that Son Mi has started to realize: she will outlive so very many. This has caused a slow change in her that she is not necessarily enthused about.

Mostly because who ever really wants to grow up?

  • Summer - The best time of year! There are so many things that come within the summer that Son Mi is fond of, particularly the Star Festival. Unlike the other seasons of the year, everything is alive within the summer. Son Mi never feels more connected, in tune with the world around her, than when summer is in full swing. She does not even mind the rise in temperature, the heat welcomed upon her skin, and always has a bounce in her step during that time of year.
  • Adventure - Son Mi needs it. Perhaps it is part of her nature as a Black Widow but the need for adventure is an important aspect. When the boundaries were closed, when Tacea was all that she had, Son Mi was never truly stationary. She traveled all over, to hidden lagoons, forgotten caves, and any other place that she could find. It was in these places that she could find excitement, experience the unknown, and know that not everything is boring and the same all the time.
  • Geisha - Is this really a surprise? Son Mi has particular appetites, physical and intellectual, and enjoys the company of the geisha because of it. It has been in the company of geisha that she has had some of her more interesting discussions and debates, going back and forth over a wide selection of subjects from art to music to philosophy. Needless to say in those instances when she has tumbled into bed with one of the geisha her pillowtalk is just as invigorating as the actual sex.
  • Grave Robbers - There is no one more disrespectful than those who take from the dead. In the aftermath of the eruptions, Kaesong was left desolate and empty, ripe for the picking for those brave enough to do such a thing. It is a crime to do so but those that are willing often care not. It is why Son Mi has taken it upon herself personally to ensure there are protections and otherwise that protect the most important locations that are left standing on her homeland.
  • Societal Norms - Is it because of her father? Probably not. Whatever it is, Son Mi finds that the outlook of most Taceans is disheartening. This is especially so when it comes to males as Son Mi does not agree with how they are treated. People should be judged on what they can do, what they are capable of, and what they can contribute to society. They should not just be labeled and chunked into whatever service just because their gender or caste say so.
  • Inactivity - Nothing drives her more batty. Son Mi cannot be still, cannot not be doing something, because that means she’s wasting her time. There is so much that she could be doing, seeing, or otherwise getting herself into. The only time she is not doing something is when she’s sleeping but even then her mind is still working, planning and sorting through the events of day and the next.
  • Hanwa Will Never Recover - Her heart aches for what has happened to Kaesong. The Hanwa have been scattered, much of their home sunk beneath the waves, and even now they still are not truly united. Son Mi knows that the work it will take to recover is potentially something the Hanwa do not have in them. At least, not if they are not lead by someone strong and capable with a voice that will reach the Great Clans. Then, and only then, there might be hope for the Hanwa.
  • Having Her Own Family - It is more than just that. Son Mi fears having her own family because she has seen all the pain and suffering it’s brought both her sister and father. She knows there were highs with the lows but all she can think of is the lows. Due to this she hopes that she never lets herself fall that much in love, that the need to settle down never grows, and that her helpful visions are never replaced with visions of her possible children.
  • Her Legacy - Not being able to continue a legacy is more accurate. Within Son Mi is a worry that she will not find someone worthy of passing on the Ariake blacksmithing craft to. Long-lived as she is, she lives within a territory of short-lived and knows that in the blink of an eye the knowledge could all but be lost save for her. She does not want this to happen but in the back of her mind is the fear and it will never be silenced until she finds herself an apprentice. If she finds one.
Craft Strengths:
  • Ariake Imbued Blades (Item Enhancement) - The making of a true Ariake blade is no simple matter. It can only be done by someone who was trained, such as Son Mi, and requires commitment to the process from not only the crafter but the intended owner of the blade (as it takes over half a year from beginning to end). A blade made with this craft will never serve, nor be used by, another owner, as it is a part of the owner, either through their blood being imbued into the blade or a chip of their jewel being mixed into the steel. The craft process of this is an Ariake secret and such that Son Mi will never share until such time that she takes on an apprentice.
  • Elemental Enchantment (Delivery Webs) - Son Mi was never content to leave well enough alone. Weapons created by her have special webs weaved into them that allow for the users to activate elemental effects depending on what the blade owner desired. A blade could become inflamed with witchfire allowing for extra damage or potentially block attacks through wind (rather, precise combat shields). Whatever the case may be, weapons created by Son Mi are one of a kind and like no other.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Mind Healing - While Son Mi’s work with her webs and blades requires a delicate touch and gentle hand at times, she has no such skill when it comes to mind healing. She is more dangerous than a rampaging ox and likely to cause far more damage than actually be of any assistance. In short: never let her in your brain to try and fix it.
  • Shadow Building - There is so much that Son Mi could do if she was capable of this particular craft skill. Except that she can’t. At all. She’s dreamed of being able to create doubles, especially while using one of her weapons, but that will always be such. Any attempts on her part of shadow building have resulted in nothing but her jewels being drained and no results.
Life Story

Mother: Soon Hee Moon (87 - d. 164AP) - witch - White to Yellow**
Father: Seung Silvo Corro (1149 - b. 954BP) - Warlord Prince - Summer Sky to Green*
Twin Sister: Ji Yoon Moon (87 - b. 108AP) - Healer - Rose to Blood Opal*
Half-Brother: Haneul Il Mhin (26 - b. 169AP) - Prince - Green to Gray*
Half-Sisters: Tomiko no Ariake (183 - d. 191AP) - Black Widow - Purple Dusk to Green**
Tomomi no Ariake (181 - d. 191AP) - Healer - Descent Tiger Eye**
Sayaka no Ariake (138 - b. 57AP) - Healer - Rose to Opal°
Myung Hye Korro (40 - b. 155AP) - Queen - Opal to Sapphire*
Hae Jun Mhin (29 - b. 166AP) - Queen - Rose to Opal

Mentor: Fuuka no Ariake (75 - d. 159AP) - Black Widow - Tiger Eye to Summer Sky

* rolled on their own sheet
** selected jewels
° rolled on seung’s sheet
rolled on haneul’s sheet

The first-born of the twin daughters born to Seung Corro and Soon Hee Moon, Son Mi was a handful even as a child and always trying to get into everything that she could. She wanted to learn, to understand, and if there was a reason why their family home was baby-proofed, it was her. When the twins education started, around the time that they turned five, Son Mi was always frustrated that they weren't doing what the adults were doing.

Perhaps that was why Soon Hee also started their education within the forge around the same age. A blacksmith herself, Soon Hee hoped that both her daughters would show talent for it. That was not to be because this was one of the points that the twins started to show their differences. As Son Mi flourished learning how to help and work in the forge, Ji Yoon did not. Son Mi never took kindly to the fact that their mother was vocal about not being happy Ji Yoon was not good too because ... Well, her sister was meant to be good at something else!

That something else turned out to be healing, something that Son Mi had no interest in. It was a balance, in a way, because where one sister created things that would do harm, the other would be dedicated to undoing harm (or this is what Son Mi told herself as she got older). Despite their matching Birthrights, Son Mi and Ji Yoon were slowly beginning to show all the ways that they were different.

The years carried on, each of them learning their own craft. By the time that their Offerings came around (the same, yet again), neither of them were journeymaids anymore (Ji Yoon as a Healer, Son Mi as a Black Widow). What caught Son Mi off guard, however, was the fact that her sister ran off with a man! As long as her sister was happy, however, Son Mi could not fault her. Even if this was the craziest thing Ji Yoon had ever done.

Over the next few decades Son Mi made a name for herself as a talented blacksmith. She was commissioned by various courts, created unique blades and other weapons that were a cut above the rest. It was her talent and skill that drew the attention of Fuuka no Ariake, an Ariake clan blacksmith and fellow Black Widow. Having not been satisfied with the potential pool of apprentices within the Ariake, Fuuka had turned her eyes elsewhere and focused upon Son Mi.

The elder Black Widow set forth challenges and tests for Son Mi. Tasks to see the extent of her skill with crafting blades and see just what she was truly capable of. It was during this time that Son Mi actually had to stop, to put aside her work, and return to her sister. A terrible winter had set upon the village where Ji Yoon lived. Not only had she fallen ill but her three children had been lost as well. Son Mi stayed with her sister and her husband through the winter until she was satisfied that Ji Yoon would keep on going.

It was fortunate that Fuuka no Ariake was understanding. That she, in fact, would have turned Son Mi away as a potential apprentice if she had not gone to her sister. With no other pupil so talented, with no one else showing the potential necessary, in 141AP Fuuka no Ariake took Son Mi Moon on as her apprentice to pass on the craft of making Ariake blades. The process was not a simple one, nor was it easily taught, and it took many years before Son Mi was able to craft her first blade. It is one that she still uses to this day, kept on her always.

The unfortunate story that Son Mi does not like to discuss is the fact that she had to hide - or try to hide - the fact that Fuuka no Ariake was potentially going to take her on as an apprentice. Son Mi was heir to Soon Hee's style of blacksmithing, not Fuuka no Ariake. The young Black Widow could not be moved from this path and, quite sadly, had a falling with her mother that was not reconciled until a few years before Soon Hee's spark joined their ancestors.

As she grew older, closer and closer to her seventies, Son Mi’s name became never became truly widespread. Not like her weapons did. This was partially because she preferred her work speak for itself and also because - as was tradition - all of the weapons she created were marked with the name of her mentor Fuuka no Ariake. (The placement of the name, as well as how it is written, is different and allows for the truly educated to know whether or not it is a blade of the master or the apprentice who became the master.)

Son Mi eventually befriended a young - at the time - Ryuuen Kirijo, heir to the Ureshi-sa okiya. Through him, she discovered an in with Ryutaro Kirijo who was looking for a blacksmith to craft blades for his geisha. Son Mi, after watching the geisha go through their drills and fight, decided that she would lend her skills to the okiya. They had two of their geisha in service to the Great Unifier after all and with her blades in the hands of their geisha they might see even more. (It is worth noting that this does not mean the Ureshi-sa okiya houses many Ariake imbued blades. Those are made for those who either prove themselves worthy of such a blade or have paid whatever price, be it coin or favor or otherwise, to Son Mi for her to create.)

It was one night in 172AP that Ryuuen came to her clutching a baby to his chest. With a growing urgency he revealed the truth: the child was his niece and he was going to raise her. To do so, however, he would need to hide her in plain sight, otherwise he would have to see her given up to an orphanage. Thinking of her sister, as she watched Ryuuen caring for the newborn, Son Mi agreed and created a pendant for the little witch. There were webs and otherwise that were set within the pendant that would hide what her caste and scent would be, leaving the world none the wiser.

That pendant eventually would become a ring (again made by Son Mi) and ensured that - to make sure that the little girl was doing alright - she visited Ureshi-sa frequently. (It worked for her, regardless, as Son Mi was terribly fond of geisha.) The years rolled on and Son Mi continued refining her skills and talents as a blacksmith. In 187AP Ji Yoon’s husband passed away in his sleep and Son Mi was there for her again.

The following year, humoring her father, Son Mi attempted to teach her younger brother Haneul how to work as a blacksmith. Those months were trying for both of them and while the Black Widow adores her younger brother, she never wants him near her workspace ever again. It was no surprise to her that Ji Yoon was able to actually corral their brother, though Son Mi doubts that anyone ever truly corrals Haneul.

She only had one brief visit with Ji Yoon before she departed Tacea, Son Mi a touch envious that her Healer sister was doing so. Something told Son Mi she needed to stay in Tacea, however, and that she needed to return back to Kaesong. Son Mi was on Kaesong as Mount Itoko erupted, doing her best to help guide and get people to safety. It is there that she has remained the past three years, not even thinking that she might want to let her family know that she is alive.

Someone has to make sure that the jewels are gathered, that the dead are not disrespected, and that person is Son Mi.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
Son Mi hopped out of the boat, grabbing it with both of her hands and pulling it the rest of the way onto the shore. Wiping the back of her hand across her brow, she looked back at the water. It made her heart sink every time that she did so, knowing that there used to be land where now there was only water.

Letting out a sigh, she turned her back to the sight and made sure her boat was secured. The sun was already beginning to dip below the horizon and she wanted to actually eat before dark tonight. Her home - shack, really - was not that far away and within sight of her boat.

Not that she actually went into the house. Son Mi moved towards her forge, dropping her pack onto the work table. Opening it up she pulled out a chunk of rock, staring at it until she let out what was surely the one-thousandth sigh of the day. Raising a hand, she called forth a chisel and hammer so that she could set to work.

Within minutes she had chipped away most of what was useless to her, leaving only black rock behind. Son Mi ran her fingers along it, ignoring the ache in her chest as she did so. Without the eruption of the Itoko it would not exist, would not be found in larger amounts, and so her feelings about it were extremely mixed.

Yet it was something that she could work with, that she could craft with, and the blades that would be made from it would be exquisitely sharp. It would not, however, do anything to help return people to this place or see the Hanwa rise once more. No, that required that she return back to the mainland. That time was soon, Son Mi realized, as she put away her tools and headed towards her hurt.

She had already done as much as she could with what was left of Kaesong. The time for looking after the dead was passing and the time for helping the living was approaching.

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Re: Son Mi Moon
« Reply #1 on: Dec 27, 18, 12:51:35 AM »
may i please have the usual five ally/fam rolls?

also i would like to redeem the family roll i purchased here, from ryuuen kirijo. it is purple dusk to sapphire but please reduce it to rose to blood opal, n__n <3 ~

son mi will also needs thumbs up from reid and leez, due to tacea plots and being part of the corro family!

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Re: Son Mi Moon
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Approved for Tacea and Corrostuff!

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Re: Son Mi Moon
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added to the queue
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Re: Son Mi Moon
« Reply #4 on: Dec 27, 18, 11:13:46 AM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Rose Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Blood Opal Jewel at your Offering.



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Re: Son Mi Moon
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Approved for Ji Yoon stuff!

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Re: Son Mi Moon
« Reply #6 on: Dec 29, 18, 05:38:50 PM »
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