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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Tensions are rising in Tacea after the destruction of their Territory Court at the hands of its Queen. Unable to continue their traditional cycle of succession because of accusations of treason, Tacea must find a Queen capable of uniting the land while building bridges to the world outside its borders.
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Author Topic: Seung Corro  (Read 2033 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Summer Sky to Green. Played by Reid.

Offline Seung Corro

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Seung Corro
« on: Jan 15, 18, 02:44:48 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Seung Silvo Corro
Nicknames: None worth noting
Age: 1149 (954 BP)
Race: Dhemlanese
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Dhemlan, Terreille
Home Territory: Tacea

Birthright Jewel: uncut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: uncut Green

Play By: Zakaria Khiare
Distinguishing Features: Seung is Dhemlanese, and among the Taceans he's made his home with for seven hundred years, that means he looks wildly different. He chooses to minimize this as much as he can; he wears his glossy jet-black hair shaved short, for instance, to hide that it is not the warm dark brown or brown-black common in Tacea. He can do nothing for the dark tone of his skin or the golden shade of his eyes, but those mark him for who he is and the Taceans likely wouldn't appreciate his subterfuge, anyway.

Seung is extremely fit; he doesn't often practice his polearm stances anymore, but he is constantly working with the land. His shape has gone from a lithe, fit fighter to a lithe, fit farmer, capable of lifting great weight but with very little muscle definition. He's attractive, with mad eyebrow game, full lips, a twice-broken nose, and a consistently somewhat gloomy expression. His face is very expressive, something that makes his lack of openly-expressed emotion pretty amazing. He is covered in scars big and small, including a split in his right eyebrow and a notch at the corner of his mouth.

He wears traditional Tacean clothes, most of the time, preferring simple patterns and neutral tones. He still has clothes for killing fields in the Dhemlanese cut of his youth, but he never wears them anymore. There's no point, he thinks, because he's done with that part of his life.


Born during the Great War and raised in a sleepy little hamlet, Seung Corro is a good man at his core. He's reliable, he's organized, he's hardworking, and he's protective; but now that his battles are over, he's unmotivated, anxious, and to put it bluntly--bottling it all up.

He's reliable because it's been drilled into him that he has to be. If he fails at something, he knows lives ride on the line--and even if they don't, as is often the case now, Seung usually acts as if they do. He takes everything he's pinned down for incredibly seriously, and will always, always pull through if he's said he'll do something. He will put forth all the effort he has into making his work the best damn thing you've seen.

He can do this in part because he's organized. Not actively or purposefully, but he's just habitually neat; he puts things where they go and gets used to set routines very easily. For all he knows that can lead to death, Jang Hye broke him of the habit of deliberately changing his daily pattern years ago, and it hasn't come back since. He's not a hypervigilant neat freak--it's less of an "Mother Night, stop moving my shit," and more of a "Oh. That's out of place. Let me put it away." At heart, he's kind of lazy, and likes things to be easy and conflict-free; he prefers to expend effort at the beginning and address things before thy come up. Then he doesn't have to clean up later, something that's especially useful come the harvest.

Seung especially needs to be ready for anything at any time because he considers it his solemn duty to do anything he can to protect his children. He will come for them at a moment's notice, even if it means going clear across the Territory for them; if he doesn't hear from one of his kids for a while, he gets nervous and fidgety and distracted. There is nothing he wouldn't do and no one he wouldn't kill for his family, but his children are far and away the clearest example of this. They're his. This means he's prone to scaring away his children's lovers with absolutely no provocation, but it also means he will drop everything to chivvy one of them around for a few years.

While Seung is capable of committing to things and pursuing them with his whole heart, like protecting his children, these things are very rare. In most situations, Seung exhibits classic symptoms of depression; if he can't think of an important reason to do something, he will push it off and push it off and push it off. During the winter, or when the land lies fallow, it's not unusual for him to stay in bed for multiple days at a time. He is literally incapable of motivating himself to do things if they are not of pressing interest to him, or a point of pressing need and immediacy. He hates this about himself, but he can't work up the motivation to change it, making it a Moebius strip of inability to get up and go.

The fact that he sometimes literally cannot motivate himself to get up and serve his Queen as a Consort should makes him anxious as hell. The truth is, any time Seung does something not immediately related to his farm or his children, it's because he feels intensely guilty about it. Things which don't have the immediate health and well-being of his family at stake often don't get done, unless they're related to working his land--something he's much more involved in than a Queen's husband should be, but something Jang Hye is not willing to take away. He is constantly worrying about his children, too, constantly wondering if they're okay, constantly scared that they'll be hurt when he isn't present. It makes him controlling of their lives, often to the point where he's unwilling to let his grown children leave his home.

If he were to live in Shalador or Dhemlan, Seung might be encouraged to face these problems and deal with them. But Tacea is image-conscious, and so is Seung--both naturally and by necessity. So he ignores his problems, and those around him tend to enable him to do so--Jang Hye will never tell anyone of her husband's emotional issues, nor address them personally, if he conceals them well enough that no one notices. And he tries to hide it, but it slips out. Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in large, but always in ways that can be noticed if you look hard enough and long enough. Seung sleepwalks, he dissociates, he militantly avoids war, combat, and responsibility--he doesn't even like visiting his daughter at her forge. He reacts inappropriately to situations, usually with violence.

Above all else, he never asks for help, because if he ignores the battle he's fighting inside his own self, it'll go away. Right?

  • His children - It bears emphasis: Seung wants nothing but the best for his children and will do everything in his power to ensure that they live long, happy, and full lives, free of war. He is unendingly, unerringly proud of them as long as they're making decisions which are true to their hearts--whether that's Son Mi in her forge or Myung Hye with her dancing or Tomomi weaving fancy brocade, he is all for it.
  • Horticulture - Seung farms, mostly, though he also gardens extensively and has re-done a lot of the Hanwa Queen's Residence's gardens personally. He finds working with the land relaxing; it gives him goals that aren't going to go anywhere if he has a truly bad day. The peace he gains from his hard work is of crazy value to him.
  • Tacean reticence - While he loves his home Territory for more reasons than one, it's convenient to him that no one asks about his habits brought on by his depression and pretends not to notice them. He has a built-in excuse for ignoring his problems and he grabs on to that with both hands.
  • His own lack of motivation - It's not appropriate, his parents never would have stood for it (despite him essentially learning it from Maxine after his father's death) and it could get someone killed, but Seung doesn't know how to address it and doesn't know how to bring it up to anyone around it. He feels alone and trapped inside his own head and left behind by a short-lived Territory where many of the people he knows don't remember even Tacea's civil war as more than something that happened half a lifetime ago.
  • His lifespan - In a world of peace and reconstruction, Seung feels left behind and left out. He feels that everyone around him has healed from the wars, or else simply never experienced them. He hates that he can't let go of what Erika no Kagen did to Koyomi and that his children will all predecease him--but he loves his children too much to ever refuse his lovers the children they want. He has watched hundreds of friends die in battle, of sickness, and of old age. He will watch hundreds more. No, his millenia-long lifespan is not a gift; it is a curse, and one he wishes he didn't have.
  • Combat - Seung knows killing fields like the back of his hand and he despises them. A prodigious warrior simply due to long exposure to the field, Seung is capable of tearing an enemy apart within moments--but he never would, because the idea of battle is repulsive to him. It pains him to hear of his war heroism and he refuses to pick up a weapon even to practice. Growing up during the Great War has left Seung a hardline pacifist.
  • Losing his children - His girls and his boy are his responsibility. He won't have it said he abandoned his family when he could have helped them--because he knows how that goes. Seung fears letting his children go (the ones at home with him now: Son Mi, Ji Yoon, and their younger siblings) to live their own lives because then he won't be there to protect them anymore. He doesn't want to wake up in the morning with his children's blood on his hands like he sometimes sees his father's and Koyomi's. Seung feels his paranoia is justified, when in fact it is not.
  • Confronting his problems - Seung's problems are aggravated by his staunch refusal to look them in the eye. He treats his understandable reactions to his war-torn history as histrionics, not worth the attention they'd need to be fixed, because if he looks at them he'll see he doesn't deserve what he puts himself through. He believes he needs to feel guilty, so confronting his problems head-on is completely counterproductive.
  • The advent of another war - Though Seung is a more-than-capable warrior and is highly likely to survive any battle thrown at him, he is terrified of the prospect of another war. He has had barely thirty years of respite from endless bloody conflict and he doesn't think he can handle more. At this point, were another war to begin, Seung would be more likely to bury his head in his vegetable fields and ignore it than step up to the line.
Craft Strengths:
  • Power Bolts - Because of how often he's had to use this skill, Seung gets a lot of 'bang for his buck', as the saying goes. He's got an uncanny sense of just when to strike to take down a stronger opponent's shield, and he can get off a stronger power bolt much more quickly than most men of his caste and Jewel strength.
  • Breaking Jewels - Related to the above. Often, Seung strikes to disable an opponent permanently if he hasn't already killed them. Seung isn't too solid on breaking Jewels darker than his Green, but those equal to or above him in the Abyss, Seung can drain and shatter in less than a quarter of the time that might otherwise be expected.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Tracking Craft - Seung is a tactician on the killing field. He responds best in the moment. Espionage is not his particular bag, he's not good at following enemies and his Craft reflects that. He can manage next to nothing for complete strangers, even with an object so profoundly tied to them as their own blood; with someone he knows as well as his children, he can often only get an inkling of the right direction.
  • Show Craft - He used to be able to pull off some pretty fancy tricks with his Craft when he was in his early hundreds, but now to do such a thing seems wasteful. Seung can't get himself into the proper mindset to perform large, showy pieces of Craft, something that does not endear him to his kids until they're older.
Life Story

Mother: Maxine Corro, Sapphire to Gray Priestess, 2294
Father: Quintin Vale, Summer Sky to Green Warlord, deceased

Wife: Jang Hye Mhin, White to Rose Queen, deceased 191AP at age 48

Tomiko no Ariake, Purple Dusk to Green Black Widow, deceased 191AP at age 183
Tomomi no Ariake, Descent Tiger Eye Healer, deceased 191AP at age 175

Sayaka no Ariake, Rose to Opal Healer, presumed deceased, 137 (57AP)*

Ji Yoon Moon, Rose to Blood Opal witch, 86 (108AP)**
Son Mi Moon, Rose to Blood Opal witch, 86 (108AP)

Myung Hye Korro, Opal to Sapphire Queen, missing, 39 (155AP)**

Hae Jun Mhin, Rose to Opal Queen, presumed deceased, 28 (166AP)***

Haneul Il Mhin, Green to Gray Prince, 25 (169AP)**

Minato no Ariake, Birthright Summer Sky Priestess, 19 (175AP)*
Sayaka's daughter

*Rolled on Seung's first sheet
**Rolled on their own sheets
***Rolled on Haneul's sheet

Seung Corro was born Silvo Corro in Dhemlan, Terreille, in a district where his father served the local Queen and his mother was the local Priestess. Despite the fact that he was born during the height of the Eyrien aggression, for much of his early life that was just background noise to what was going on around him. During his first hundred years, he grew up hearing stories of epic battles and faraway lands while experiencing none of that for himself. He grew up with the same cohort of children: took Craft lessons from their parents, received his Birthright with them, undertook history and math and literature lessons with them, made his Offering with them. Rather than his parents' fantastical stories instilling a wanderlust in him, Silvo grew to appreciate the lands around him, the peace he knew as a child of two village pillars. Though he didn't lack for small troubles--quarrels over a girl (or occasionally, a boy) were commonplace in such a small, backwater part of Dhemlan--his life was fairly carefree, and he reached maturity as a good person and a decent guard for the same Queen his father served.

Trouble, when it came, came from inside his home. It wasn't even really trouble at his first look; his mother kept bringing up the topic of the Eyrien aggressions on other Territories. Though they had been quiescent lately--mainly occupying Chaillot and Raej--there were rumbles about another invasion, and the entire  Territory was on tenterhooks waiting to see where the axe would fall. "I don't understand why we don't do something about it," Silvo said--something he would later regret, because nary a month later, Maxine and Quintin decided to go assist the Territories under assault.

This brought them to almost every Territory on the face of Terreille; when Pruul was invaded, Silvo and his parents were there. What he didn't learn in lessons and in guardsman training and practice, he learned on the battlefield. The harsh deserts of Pruul turned a mediocre fighter into an indomitable one; he learned to rely only on what he could physically accomplish, rather than his Jewels.

They traveled to Tacea next, and Silvo picked up a polearm as his preferred weapon: he used the glaive almost instinctively. While he'd despised Pruul--too sandy, too hot, he missed using his Jewels without having to wait for a Queen to quell the fucking sandworms--he loved Tacea, loved the serenity and peace inherent in the culture. While it did kind of suck that women were so ascendant there, it wasn't anything new to Silvo. His mother already ran the family. Quintin and Silvo were just kind of… accessories. Their time in Tacea was the first time Silvo gave deep consideration to the idea of leaving his family group. Tacea's culture spoke to him, he felt like he could fit in there and be happy.

In the end, he stayed with his family when they went to Shalador. It was the longest stay he'd had in any Territory, including Dhemlan--a hundred and thirty years. Every time that Silvo thought their stay must be nearly over, his mother came up with some reason that they ought to stay just a little bit longer; she had become attached to the Territory, and with the way Quintin and Silvo seemed to orbit around her, they certainly didn't want to go and leave Maxine behind. After seven years in the Territory, Silvo accepted a contract as a First Circle guard for a short-lived Queen, and served her until she died; then he served the woman after her. He kept busy that way, fighting battles as his mother suggested and his Queen commanded, until a hundred and twenty years had passed and he was so ready to move on. The Shaladorians didn't need them as much as did the Territories who were struggling, he thought, and if rumor was true the eye of the Eyrien force was turning towards Dhemlan. He went to his father with the things he heard, and the pair of them agreed: they were going to go home, to help how they could.

Their stay in Dhemlan wasn't long. The battle was already lost by the time they got there; but they tried, and succeeded, to stave off the invaders for a few more years. Silvo wasn't ready to give up the fight, so they retreated to Ardath for a last stand. For Quintin, it truly was his final stand: He took a blow to the thigh that crippled his leg, and Silvo was forced to abandon him when Dhemlanese forces were routed through the city. After the occupation was in full swing, Silvo found his father's corpse only several feet from where he'd left him.

It affected Silvo deeply, and though he knew he ought to go find his mother and tell her; instead, he abandoned Dhemlan to recuperate in Tacea. The island Territory had already brought him so much peace, he wasn't surprised when their philosophy of life- and darksparks brought him a solemn peace he would have never found in the society of Shalador or the ruins of Dhemlan. It was four years before he felt ready to confront his own complicity in his father's death. He left Tacea with the intent of finding his mother.

He found her fairly quickly. She was right where he left her, in Shalador. He swallowed his resentment of her (had she not refused to leave Shalador, he might not have been forced to leave his father behind to die) and told her what had happened, and his part in it. She was overcome, and Silvo stayed with her in Shalador for the two years of her recuperation. Though it cost him emotionally, he assured his mother that he didn't blame her, Father didn't blame her, nothing that happened was her fault--and sometimes even he believed it. For all he was better than he had been when he'd first gone to Tacea, he still felt responsible himself; he never told her as much, instead simply tried to help her build herself back up into the person he remembered from his childhood.

Once she seemed able to handle her life again, no longer refusing audiences, Silvo backed off. Tacea called to him, and he couldn't stand being so near to where his father had died. With the gap of the oceans between him and Dhemlan, he felt more at peace. Sure, he was hiding from his guilt, but he felt he could do real good in Tacea--good he could never do in Dhemlan or Shalador. He did everything he could to support the resistance against the Eyriens, occasionally venturing from his island home to fight in pitched battles, places designed to break Eyrien occupation even for just a little bit. He did this where-ever he was needed: Pruul, Hayll, Dena Nehele, Dhemlan, Shalador, Chaillot. It didn't matter where it was, just that this was the cause his father had died for, this was a cause he'd sworn himself to and Mother Night willing, he would see the end of the war.

The Purge hit unexpectedly, while Silvo was at home in Tacea. The devastation around him was disturbing, but he finally had something solid to do: he began to rebuild the cities and towns around him, because he could think of nothing better to do. His mother's visit was a surprise, but he welcomed her assistance: with her Jewels, she could do more than he. They did a lot of good in the years before the closing of the borders, and it was with no small amount of regret that he chose to remain with the Taceans at the closing of the borders. He said goodbye to his mother, certain he would never see her again.

The curtains closed around Tacea, impenetrable Craft that Silvo could sense whenever he went too far out to sea; he ceased fishing and accepted a contract in the court of the Queen of the Ariake. There, he fell in love for the first time.

Moriko was the Court Healer for the Queen Silvo served; she'd recently returned from the Hanwa tribe, a minority population that had always attracted Silvo's attention. It took him a year to woo her. His length of life already and length of life expected concerned her. She was thirty-two, with sixty years left in her life if she was lucky. He was over nine hundred years old. But he was persistent, and stubborn, and eventually she fell for him. They handfasted five years after the Purge, and had their first child, Tomiko, three years later. Their second followed unusually late in Moriko's life. She was forty when Tomomi was born.

Silvo--who had finally decided to adopt a Tacean name, choosing 'Seung' because it sounded similar to how Moriko pronounced his birth name--was a natural father, doting and protective. Tomiko and Tomomi were the focus of his life even as Tacea's civil war was flaring up. He would perform his duties to his Queen and then go to the rooms he shared with Moriko to play with his girls. He glowed with pride when Moriko granted him paternity at their Birthrights, and when Tomiko developed her Black Widow caste he wanted nothing more than to write home to his mother and gush. Instead, he threw himself wholeheartedly into his family so that he could ignore the war brewing outside his doorstep.

He couldn't ignore it forever. Ariake was dragged into it when one of the members of Seung's Queen's First Circles was caught in the crossfire of another clan's battle. Seung was asked to throw his weight behind the Ariake candidate for the throne. The name of Silvo Corro meant a great deal in Tacea at that time; he was a war hero, he'd been responsible for much of the coordination with Shalador in the last five hundred or so years of the war. He was a fixed point, and it was thought that his support would be the tipping point in the civil war that had blown up to encompass all of Tacea.

While the war raged, Seung did his best to keep his girls out of it, but failed; Tomomi was a natural Healer and wanted to do her best to help others, while Tomiko's Black Widow caste marked her out for Court service. His attempts, in the end, were in vain.

Moriko died unexpectedly, when Tomiko was barely thirty, of a common winter sickness. Seung mourned, but then Koyomi no Ariake ascended the throne, and in her he found solace and salve. She was a peaceful Queen by nature, had never been considered ideal, but she was the Darkest Queen the Ariake could yield on short notice and she drew the strongest Court around her. He became her Consort, but she declined his offer of marriage when he tendered it; they had a child together, another Healer. Koyomi named her Sayaka, and the two of them agreed that neither Seung nor Koyomi really wanted another child. Seung was consumed with protecting the three daughters he had, and could hardly spare the mind for anything more. It was nineteen years before Koyomi became pregnant again--an accident, but one the two of them decided was a gift from Mother Night.

During the pregnancy, a battle over farmland in Iwazumi drew Seung away from home. The Kagen Queen had decided to try to take the land that had lain fallow while Koyomi was pregnant; she and her First Circle traveled to the area she'd had her eye on. Seung and Koyomi's First Circle destroyed her and her males, only to be informed before the blood had even cooled that Koyomi had been assassinated during the battle.

Seung, as had ever been his way, felt responsible for his Queen's death. He withdrew, and when Koyomi's successor requested his assistance, he snapped; he couldn't bear the constant war anymore. He felt he had earned peace. He'd lost his lover and their child in one fell stroke, he'd lost his father and uncounted friends and companions before that. Seung agreed that he would act in defense of Ariake as necessary, but he would not serve in their Court. He would serve in no one's Court at all.

He found his peace with the Hanwa. Though he was still often called to the Ariake to consult on their battle plans, he concerned himself with farming with the tribe; he helped rebuild houses after storms, fixed nets, and whenever the war threatened the Hanwa, he got in its way. This brought him to the attention of a swordmaker, Soon Hee, who had often created imbued blades for the Ariake clan. They did not fall in love so much as they fell in mutual understanding; she asked him to father her heirs and with his children long grown, Seung felt that fathering another wouldn't be inappropriate. The twins Ji Yoon and Son Mi were born in the summer of 108, to Seung and Soon Hee's astonishment. Soon Hee and Seung remained lovers until her death, one hundred and thirty-four years after the Purge.

For all he tried to remain separate from the war going on in Tacea, it colored every part of his life. Whenever his children didn't contact him for some time, he ventured away from the Hanwa and checked on them, unable to leave them be for long without becoming irrationally frightened that they would die while he wasn't there to save them. He considered it his duty to protect them, and that duty meant a great deal to them. It was while he was traveling with Sayaka as her escort--Sayaka had a vendetta against the Kagen, and followed their Courts so she could 'tend to their wounded'--that he met Xiang, a witch from the Tang tribe. She told him she'd left her tribe to seek her fortune, but the Priestess she'd been traveling with had caught an illness and died. Sayaka invited her along, because two escorts was better than one.

He grew very fond of Xiang; she was an indomitable force on a killing field, more like a Warlord Prince than an uncasted witch. When they sparred, she could put him on the ground within seconds. He learned more from her in a year than he'd learned from six months of battles as a boy, something that amazed and, sometimes, scared Seung. Only Seung seemed surprised when the two of them fell into bed together; Sayaka only rolled her eyes and went back to reading one of her ubiquitous letters. Xiang filled a part of his life that had been empty since Koyomi's death; she made his life, an endless grind of war, exciting and new. In 154, Xiang became pregnant with Seung's sixth child. Despite Sayaka's best efforts, Xiang died in the seventh month of her pregnancy, leaving Seung with an armful of premature child and a heart full of guilt. The only reason he and his youngest child made it back to the island of the Hanwa was Sayaka's unending patience and the recent end of hostilities among the Clans--that, and the baby's caste.

Seung had already been considered blessed by Mother Night: for his prowess in war, his Dark Jewels, and his five girl-children. But the newest of his girls, his Myung Hye, was a Queen. And when her Birthright came around, she wore the Opal--the first truly Dark of his children. But from the start, she never seemed interested in Queen things; she trained with the daughter of the Hanwa, a woman named Jang Hye. Jang Hye was a beautiful woman, talented and fierce; Seung couldn't help but find his gaze drawn to her, couldn't help thinking of her and wanting to be close to her. He led her through her Virgin Night and, after Jang Hye's rather explosive announcement that she wanted him to serve as her Consort, became her lover. She bore their first child when she was twenty-two years old, shortly before she became Queen of the Hanwa. Hae Jun was the second Queen of Seung's children, and he couldn't have been prouder of her. His first son, Haneul Il, was born three years later--and though he would never have admitted it, he was pleased to finally have a boy. After Haneul's Birthright, Jang Hye asked him to marry her, and he agreed--because their relationship calmed him and made him forget the war that had been his life almost since birth.

In the years since the end of the war--won by the Kagen, a fact Seung tries to ignore--Seung has given up combat entirely and served in no Court save Jang Hye's, an eccentricity allowed to him because of his status as a hero of not just the Great War but the civil war as well. He's taken up farming and busily watching over his eight children, and has no intention of leaving his home with the Hanwa any time soon--not even for the Ebon Gray Dragon Mother. He has an herb garden, a wife who loves him, and twenty acres of vegetable to tend. It's a good life, and a quiet one, and he wants it to stay that way.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Koyomi is dead.

The battle was over, they'd won… for a certain standard of winning. When Koyomi no Ariake's Court met the court of Erika no Kagen, it had been Erika whose males were completely obliterated. Erika who had died first. Erika whose males had broken at the sight of their enemy.

Erika, who had flown in the face of decency and used an assassin to kill Seung's lover. He'd killed that bitch Queen himself. Now, in his heart, at the level of their shared Green, he whispered: *Koyomi?* Where she had once rested in his head, ever-present and calm as a windless lake, there was nothing. Less than a void. The place in his head that had been Koyomi for the past twenty years ceased to exist, like a door slammed shut and bricked over. *Koyo?*

One of the survivors--a witch--he paused, he looked over his shoulder--not a survivor, then. "Sayaka," he said, and his daughter bowed her head. She wore blood and death like a fine gown, did his sweet Sayaka. Relief almost broke the steel girding his spine, almost brought him to his knees. Koyomi had been pregnant and Sayaka had been tending her… when Kiyo hadn't answered his calls after the battle, he'd feared the worst. It raised the question… Were Tomiko and Tomomi were alive and well, elsewhere in war-shattered Tacea?

"Otou-san," said Sayaka, "Okaa-san is dead. I'm sorry. I did--I did everything I could. But they cut her throat and broke her Jewels."

Seung did break, then; he dropped down into the bloody mud, sat had on his heels. "I know," he said, when he could. When he could catch a single inhaled breath. "I heard her call." Just his name, at the level of the Green.

"They're cowards," said Sayaka. Her voice held all the censure that Seung couldn't arouse the emotion to feel.  "All of Kagen. They never would have dared if Okaa-san hadn't been pregnant." He wanted to shout at her that he knew all of that. That he'd spent more time learning war and tactics than she had even been a-- what was that stupid Dhemlanese expression? A twinkle in his eye. He'd been more than a thousand years old when she'd been born. The Eyrien Aggression had been where he cut his teeth in war.

He knew how this game was played.

He thought it. He said none of it. Instead, he said, "Do you know who's next to rule Iwazumi?"

"I think... Tsukiko-sama," said his Healer daughter. "I would ask Tomiko, but I don't know where she is. My Opal can't find her."

"I'll try later," he said. They sat in silence for long minutes, before she coughed awkwardly behind him. She'd been raised Tacean, and watching her father on his knees in the bright light of day had to be making her uncomfortable. But this--this wasn't the first time he'd lost a lover to war. It was the first time he hadn't seen it coming. And… it was the first time he'd lost a child. "Is there something else, Koyomi?"

She shifted uneasily, then dropped into a bow. "Okaa-san's men want to know if you'll lead them, until a new Master of the Guard rises with the new Queen. I… the funeral rites. You're First Mourner. It's tradition."

He'd done this before. He got up out of the mud, scrubbed his hands together futilely to loosen the mud. "Yes," he said. "I'll lead them. We'll go home now, daughter."

"Yes, otou-san," she said.

Petitions (if any): 
Why did this character became inactive? Life happened and I got sad.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? He has a daughter again and she is very Strong. Also, a Birthright Red Healer under the care of his son has vanished, and he's under a lot of pressure from said Healer's mother to locate her. Also, his Queen daughter has vanished, and also, he needs to secure trade agreements for his people the Ariake, so he can go bother Courts where the plot leads are ok with that. Obviously he's not going to be committing to anything on behalf of Tacea while it is soft closed. But that's going to be how he explains his traveling away from the Territory.

What are your plans for this character? He's going to be looking for Lyoshka, checking on Yuki and Haneul since they've been gone for almost a year and they lost a Red BR Healer and I don't imagine they've been making much progress on their volcano spell search which concerns Seung. He's gonna check on Ji Yoon, who is his daughter, and also drop off his grandchild to train with her because he cannot deal with adolescent emotions

Number of previous Reactivations: 0 for Seung let's not talk about any others

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : I shuffled some family rolls around from his last sheet and updated Jewel ranks for characters who chose to roll on their own sheets. Added his granddaughter Minato. Updated ages. Marked a lot of people as possibly dead, and others as definitely dead.

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ready for review, updating graphics to the new playby now

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