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Author Topic: Ji Yoon Moon  (Read 3344 times)

Description: Healer. Rose to Blood Opal. Played by Leez

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Ji Yoon Moon
« on: Oct 01, 17, 07:13:08 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Ji Yoon Moon
Age:  87 (b. 108 AP)
Race:  Half-long lived (Tacean/Dhemlanese)
Caste:  Healer
Birth Territory: Tacea
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: Cut Rose
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Blood Opal

Play By: Aragaki Yui
Distinguishing Features: Ji Yoon takes mostly after her mother, showing her father's Dhemlanese heritage only in the color of her hair - jet black - and the gold tone of her eyes. Otherwise, her features are rather conventionally Tacean, with just a hint of childish pudginess still clinging to her face.

She has inherited none of her father's height, and it would be easy to mistake her petiteness for delicateness, but this just isn't true. Although Ji Yoon never took to the forge as her twin sister Son Mi did, her earliest memories are of heat, fire, and metal-craft. The skin on her hands is rough from manual labor, and she has burn scars all up and down her arms from adolescent clumsiness. She is stronger than she looks, and keeps busy and active around her father's homestead while dreaming of seeing more of the world.

Ji Yoon's fashion sense is rather... unconventional. She is drawn to bright colors and jewel tones like a moth to flame, and is constantly on the lookout for unique, unusual, and colorful pieces to add to her wardrobe. In her day-to-day life, Ji Yoon prefers to wear hakama or Dhemlanese-style trousers (having made patterns from her father's old clothes) for utility and comfort reasons, but she enjoys getting dressed up fancy when the occasion calls for it.


Personality: Bubbly and effusive, even as a child, Ji Yoon was never suited to take over her mother’s sword forge. She is a true extrovert, charming and good with people, but tends to ask more questions than she answers, leaving people with the impression that she is incredibly friendly, followed by the realization after the fact that they know hardly anything about her. She has a good memory for faces and facts, and prides herself on remembering names and anecdotes well. Her mind is sharp, as one would expect from someone skilled in medical craft, and she picks up information quickly without much need for repetition.

Ji Yoon is very impatient. She hates to wait and can’t stand to be bored, becoming snappy and short-tempered when forced to do either. She is at her happiest when she is busy, and hates to waste idle moments on things like reflection, which only serves to make her depressed. Even if she is involved as something as simple as reading or knitting, she aims to keep her waking moments as productive and filled with activity as possible. She throws herself into new experiences and keeps an eye out for the latest trends and technological and craft developments.

She is somewhat short-tempered, but true to her family’s social standing, restrains herself well. Ji Yoon shows happiness openly and keeps grief and anger private, feeling these to be personal matters and not something to seek help with. Instead, she tends to push these feelings down where she doesn’t have to deal with them. In her slower moments, she is prone to dwelling on the past, replaying what she considers to be failures and mistakes.

  • 1- The Pursuit of Knowledge: Ji Yoon loves to learn and has a great mind for facts and figures. She is happiest when making some new discovery or having a new experience, and is an avid reader of anything she can get her hands on. Ji Yoon spent sixty years as a provincial healer, and expects that she's due for a change of pace.; lately, she's been looking for information on the world outside Tacea, and dreaming of going there.
  • 2- Socializing: Ji Yoon adores meeting new people, and the bigger the group and flashier the event, the better. In this regard, she rather likes her stepmother's tendency towards hosting, as it gives Ji Yoon an opportunity to talk to literally everyone, about literally anything. She is happy to socialize long into the night and delights in hearing even the most mundane details of other people's lives. 
  • 3- Sewing and Embroidery: Of all the skills Ji Yoon tried to pick up as a child, sewing is the only thing to have truly stuck with her. She finds serenity in how tiny and straight she can make her stitches, channeling her daily frustrations into her work - the neater the seam, the more furious Ji Yoon likely was when she made it. She is also handy with patterns and designing, often making or mending her own clothes when she simply can't find anything else to satisfy her or has found a new and exciting bolt of cloth.

  • 1- Wasting Time: Ji Yoon has no patience for idleness. Even in her slower moments, she prefers to be working towards some goal or another. She hates waiting, especially for what she considers to be no reason, and even though she theoretically has all the time in the world, strives to fill as many waking moments as she can with a sense of purpose and meaning.
  • 2-  Blandness: Tasteless food, colorless clothing, and ascetic decor are all things that Ji Yoon finds intensely boring, and perhaps even utterly pointless. She can't stand minimalism as an aesthetic, and regards unseasoned food as a crime against the ingredients. This also extends to boring people - she regards a life of routine as a wasted one, and while she will converse with them all the same, privately judges people who lack ambition or imagination.
  • 3- The Kagen: Like the rest of her family, Ji Yoon has a deeply ingrained dislike for the Kagen clan. Although they've never done anything to her personally, she's had her whole life to grasp how much pain they caused her father and older sister. Ji Yoon habitually avoids interacting with the Kagen, and when she simply must, makes her interactions as brief as possible. When she was plying her trade as a healer, she would refuse to treat Kagen patients as a matter of course, and on the one or two occasions when she was compelled to, was careful to make her distaste evident with chilly bedside manner.

  • 1- An Ordinary Life: Ji Yoon grasps the full scale of her lifespan, now, at the age of eighty, more than she did as a child. She has already tried to content herself with the things that short-lived Taceans enjoy, like marriage and children. She knows that it's easy for years to slip by in the blink of an eye, without her body changing at all while everyone around her withers. So what she fears, perhaps most of all, is never having her fantastic long life amount to anything. She dreads spending centuries doing the same things over and over, falling into a routine, when she could be out seeing the world discovering and experiencing everything it has to offer. Ji Yoon sees her long life as both a gift and a curse, and for the moment she feels she is in an odd sort of limbo, waiting for it to begin.
  • 2- Emotional Intimacy: Ji Yoon married young. Like, "I'm nineteen and can do what I want, get me the fuck out of this family home" young, not because of any quarrel with her father or sisters, but out of impatience to grow up. What she quickly learned was that there was no craft that could keep her husband from growing old before her, and her healing arts could not stop a winter sickness from taking her children. The Ji Yoon who has returned to her father's house is more open to experiences, but also more emotionally reserved. Having felt the sting of loss, she is reluctant to invest herself in relationships with people she thinks she is sure to lose.
  • 3- Illness: Ji Yoon's healing skills mean that she doesn't fret injury, feeling confident that she can repair almost anything life will throw at her or those close to her. What she does feel powerless in the face of is illness - not the occasional bout of the sniffles, which is about the most she can fully cure without being exhausted for days, but serious, life-threatening illness. She feels like a failure for being so unskilled at a piece of craft fundamental to her caste, and fears that her personal shortcomings will leave her responsible for the death of a close family member (again).

Craft Strengths:
  • 1- Pain Reduction: Ji Yoon has always excelled at pain reduction and finds it to be the simplest of all the healer arts, at least from her point of view.
  • 2- Mending Flesh: Comparing it to sewing, Ji Yoon can make quick work of minor wounds, and is confident doing the delicate work required to repair more serious injuries.

Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1- Curing Poison/Disease: Ji Yoon finds this craft to be exhausting, no matter how much she struggles to improve at it. Her lack of skill here, compared to all the other healer craft arts, is a particular sore spot - her children died of nothing more complicated than a common winter sickness, and she frequently catches herself thinking that if only she had been a little better, she could have saved at least one of them.
  • ]2- Metal Forgery Craft: Ji Yoon learned at a young age that she is exceptionally shitty at metal forgery, which wouldn't even bear mentioning if her mother weren't a sword-smith. Despite many tries and countless childhood injuries, Ji Yoon has proven simply hopeless at metal working.

Life Story

Seung Silvo Corro (Summer sky to green, played by Reid), 1144 (954 BP)

Soon Hee Moon (Deceased, White to Yellow witch)

Sang Hwan Moon (Rose to Summer Sky warlord, deceased 187 AP at age 82)

Iseul Moon (Rose healer, deceased 140 AP at age 10)
Seung Moon (prince, deceased 140 AP at age 5)
Eun Hye Moon (witch, deceased 140 AP at age eight months)

Tomiko no Ariake, Purple Dusk to Green Black Widow, deceased 191AP at age 183
Tomomi no Ariake, Descent Tiger Eye Healer, deceased 191AP at age 175

Sayaka no Ariake, Rose to Opal Healer, presumed deceased, b. 57 AP

Son Mi Moon, Rose to Blood Opal Black Widow, b. 108 AP

Myung Hye Korro, Opal to Sapphire Queen, captive in Hayll, b. 155 AP

Hae Jun Mhin, Rose to Opal Queen, b. 166 AP

Haneul Il Mhin, Green to Gray Prince, b. 169 AP

Minato no Ariake, Birthright Summer Sky Priestess, b. 175 AP*
Sayaka's daughter

History: Ji Yoon was born to Seung Corro and Soon Hee Moon in the summer of 108 AP, fifteen minutes after her sister Son Mi and possessing a loud cry and vigorous reflex, or so the notes taken by the midwife report. Her earliest years were fairly unremarkable - Seung and Soon Hee, although not married, were a well-matched pair and attentive parents who made certain their daughters wanted for nothing.

The twins' formal education began at age five, and Ji Yoon took quickly to arithmetic and reading. Nothing frustrated her more in her formative years than the fact that her vocabulary and comprehension level did not match the books that she wanted to read - what she wanted were histories and craft texts, but what was within her grasp were fairy tales.

Around the same time, Soon Hee began introducing her daughters to the forge, familiarizing them with basic safety and ways they could help around the workshop, with the intent of training them both in metal craft after their birthright ceremonies. The twins underwent their birthright ceremony at the age of eight, receiving matching Roses.

Soon Hee set to training her daughters almost immediately after, but despite her unbridled enthusiasm for learning, Ji Yoon quickly proved to everyone that whatever her craft strengths might be, metalworking certainly wasn't one of them. Son Mi was a far more talented smith, even from the beginning, and Soon Hee was never quiet about her disappointment in one of her heirs turning out to be a dud. The possibility of Ji Yoon apprenticing as a healer with her elder sister Sayaka was briefly discussed, but between Sayaka's frequent travel and her parents' desire to keep Ji Yoon close to home, this never materialized. Ji Yoon instead apprenticed with a healer from the surrounding village.

Ji Yoon completed her apprenticeship at the age of nineteen and made her offering shortly after, receiving an uncut blood opal jewel. Very soon after that, she entered into a brief courtship with Sang Hwan Kim, whose family lived in a neighboring village, about a day's journey away. Ji Yoon, feeling stifled by the prospect of staying in the village where she'd grown up, keenly aware that her mother would always consider her something of a letdown, and eager to prove her maturity, accepted his proposal of marriage more quickly than some would have advised, and their union was made official just shortly before her twentieth birthday. Sang Hwan took Ji Yoon's family name, as is the custom, and they settled in his hometown, where Ji Yoon began to practice her trade as a healer.

Despite the short courtship, Ji Yoon and Sang Hwan were a well-matched and happy couple. Their first child, a daughter named Iseul, was born in the autumn of 130 AP. Their son, Seung, named for Ji Yoon's father, followed in the autumn of 135 AP. Another daughter, Eun Hye, was born in the spring of 140 AP. Despite wider age gaps being more usual among the long-lived, Ji Yoon's vivid memories of growing up with a close sibling, as well as her desire to live like the short-lived Taceans around her, lead to her spacing her children more closely together.

In the winter of 140 AP, an especially bad bout of winter sickness struck the village. Ji Yoon, in her capacity as a healer, was called upon to care for her neighbors in whatever way she could. The illness was particularly severe among the elderly and the especially young, and perhaps because of her daily contact with the sick, it was only a matter of time before the virus found its way into her home. Iseul, Seung, and Eun Hye all became sick within hours of each other. At that point, Ji Yoon's craft was already exhausted from caring for her neighbors, and curing illness was never her strongest skill - besides, she was beginning to fall ill herself. Despite her best efforts, all three children succumbed to their fevers over the course of the following week. Weak and wracked by chills, Ji Yoon took to her bed for a fortnight.

Once the winter weather cleared, Ji Yoon threw herself into her work and her studies with more vigor than ever before. Sang Hwan's suggestions that they have another child fell upon deaf ears - her focus was elsewhere, on improving her craft, distracting herself with whatever texts she could buy from passing merchants, and finding the brightest wool she could to fashion sweaters out of.

Years passed, and when Ji Yoon finally considered that she might now want another child, she realized that her husband had become an old man without her noticing, and that all around her, the same was happening to her friends and neighbors. That babies whose births she'd presided over were grown and married and having children of their own. That life was, in fact, exactly as her father had warned her it would be.

Sang Hwan passed away quietly in his sleep one night, and when Ji Yoon realized she had awoken beside his corpse, she was surprised to find she felt as if a great weight had been lifted from her. It was strange, she thought, to have spent sixty years of her life in one place and be left with no ties, looking and feeling exactly as youthful as she had when she started out.

After taking a year to wrap up issues of finance and property in the village and make sure that her clients, some of whom had depended on her for medical care for sixty years, would be properly seen to, Ji Yoon returned to her father's homestead in the autumn of 188 AP.

While at first she enjoyed her homecoming, taking comfort in the simplicity of old routines and her close-knit family, it wasn't long before those same comforts grew stifling. In 189 AP, at her father's urging, she recruited her layabout younger brother Haneul to serve as her escort and began practicing her trade once more, using family connections to see much higher-class clients than her work as a provincial Healer had brought her.

Eventually, her work brought her to the attention of a mysterious benefactor, who approached Ji Yoon with a proposition - they were in need of a healer to join a... business venture, one that would take her far away from her homeland, to locales she'd only read about in books. Of course, it would mean leaving her family behind...

The stranger gave Ji Yoon a week to consider their offer, but she needed only a night to make up her mind. The next day, she departed for parts unknown, on her way to follow the stranger's instructions under the command of Maseo no Shingetsu.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample: Ji Yoon set her bag down just inside the doorway, letting it fall from her fingers. She found and lit the first lamp, moving through the darkened bedroom with memory as her only guide. The trinkets and books that lined the shelves were the same ones she'd carefully collected and arranged as a young girl - which she would have expected if this were the same room she'd slept in then, except it wasn't. When her father said he'd brought over her things from her sister's house, she hadn't expected him to mean, literally, all of her things.

Ji Yoon found and lit the second lamp before sitting down on the bed. The linens were new, as, probably, was the mattress, which felt slightly firmer than the one she remembered. But then, one couldn't expect things like sheets and featherbeds to last sixty years. The quilt beneath her fingers was brightly colored, pieced together from leftover silk and brocade. It wasn't one she'd seen before, but whoever picked it out knew her tastes - probably her father, she thought.

If she stayed here, she was likely to fall asleep with the door open, in her traveling clothes and without unpacking at all. Tired as she was, Ji Yoon forced herself back to her feet, picked her bag back up, and closed the door quietly. It was late at night, and she expected her stepmother and younger siblings to be asleep. Her father she was less sure about, but Ji Yoon still did her best to be quiet as she put her clothes delicately into the drawers.

She didn't have much - she'd made an effort to travel lightly and leave as many things behind as she could. What keepsakes and valuables she'd held onto after selling the house and all of the furniture and silly, useless things like dishes and teacups she now unwrapped from knobby wool sweaters and set atop the dresser. And it was strange, she thought, that six decades ago she'd left this room, and now she returned to it, and she and the room were both exactly the same and somehow, deeply different.

Leaving her traveling clothes in a pile on the floor, Ji Yoon pulled an oversized sweater over her head and settled back onto the bed. It was placed lengthwise against the wall, with a window above it in the same way there'd been one in the house she'd lived in as a little girl. Coming from anyone else, Seung's attention to details would have been almost creepy, but from him, it seemed thoughtful.

Undoing the latch, Ji Yoon slid the window open and looked out over the dark, snowy garden. She could see light spilling out of her father's study across the way - still awake, then, she thought. She couldn't get over the strangeness of it all, how she'd gone away and lived an entire lifetime and come home having scarcely aged a day, to a home that was all at once familiar and completely alien.

Or perhaps her tiredness was making her overly philosophical and brooding, she thought, closing the window. With a wave of her hand, she extinguished both lamps and, feeling very small indeed, slipped beneath the blankets of her familiar, unfamiliar bed.

Petitions (if any): Reactivation Petition

Why did this character became inactive? I went on hiatus from the board.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? I intend to be an active participant on the board and am making plots for her.

What are your plans for this character? Ji Yoon will be joining Maseo's party and accompanying him on his expedition. I am currently making plans with Gavin regarding this.

Number of previous Reactivations: 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
1) I have updated her age to reflect the current in-game year.
2) I have updated her backstory to account for the past three years. 

Player Name: Leez

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Re: Ji Yoon Moon
« Reply #1 on: Oct 01, 17, 09:40:30 PM »
Ready to go!

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Re: Ji Yoon Moon
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Re: Ji Yoon Moon
« Reply #3 on: Dec 27, 17, 12:01:11 AM »
May I please have five family rolls please and thank you?

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Re: Ji Yoon Moon
« Reply #4 on: Dec 27, 17, 12:11:19 AM »
1. Rose - Summer Sky
2. Tiger Eye - Rose
3. White - Rose
4. Purple Dusk - Green
5. White - Yellow

The Kagen send their regards.
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