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Author Topic: Isamu no Kagen  (Read 2760 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Tiger Eye to Summer Sky. Played by Gavin

Offline Isamu no Kagen

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Isamu no Kagen
« on: Apr 18, 18, 01:04:35 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Isamu no Kagen
Age & Birthyear: 33 (b. 162 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Tacean)
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Tacea
Home Territory: Tacea

Birthright Jewel: cut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel:  uncut Summer Sky

Faction: Clan Kagen


Play By: Shun Oguri
Distinguishing Features:

Isamu has black hair that grows long and shaggy very quickly when not maintained. Thin and muscular. Piercing gaze. Strong jaw. Usually clean shaven.



First and last, Isamu no Kagen is a protector, a sheathed blade ready to end lives at a moment’s notice to ensure the survival of his clan. He tolerates absolutely no danger to his family and will destroy threat with extreme predjudice. Even his venerated grandmother, Hinata no Kagen, is not immune to his deep need to care for and defend the people he loves. She is not his heart-bonded Queen, but it’s a struggle for him to release her into the care of others. This protective streak has only intensified since the massacre that claimed the lives of his father and one of his sisters, making his attentions nearly suffocating at times. Guilt has made a home at the corners of his mind. He knows that he could have saved his father and sister if he’d been in the throne room on the day that Ishiyo no Izayoi went mad. Faith in himself and deep pride in his lineage lends Isamu a confidence (some would say hubris) that convinces him that he is the deciding factor in any conflict where he would exert his power.

Why is he wrong to believe it? He is the grandson the Queen who unified Tacea and ended the War of the Dragons. She is an example of how one person’s clear vision and iron will can shape the world. Isamu is a Warlord Prince, gifted by Mother Night with passion, violence and a drive to change the world as he sees fit. He’s taken his grandmother’s example to heart and works daily to soak up any knowledge or lessons that she will impart. He is entitled to nothing despite his aristo blood; anything he receives depends upon his ability to envision it clearly in his mind and then reach out and take it.

His Ruts are the greatest freedom he knows and he looks forward to them yearly. If the woman he is interested in is not willing, he will remove himself to the forest to work through it. The weeks and days leading up to the Rut are like salt in an open wound, heightening his anticipation. Everyone and everything around him is too bright, too loud, too strong, too hot, too much, and his temper suffers for it. He’s short, cool, less tolerant of everything than normal, a clear sign to most that it’s time to stay out of his way. During these times, Isamu seeks solitude away from his family and friends just to avoid awkward conversations later.

When Isamu says he’ll do something, it’s as good as done. He strives to be the most dependable male that his family knows, a point of stability in an otherwise turbulent time. Why procrastinate and turn in poor work? He gets irritated when he hears people talk about what they should be doing even as they avoid doing it.

Despite his bias toward action in his personal life, he’s fighting an ongoing war against his professional complacency. He is comfortable being an escort and companion to his grandmother. He knows her routines. He knows that she values his presence. She’s spoiled him for years and he doesn’t want it to stop. But the former Dragon Mother is in her twilight years. Someday, she’ll return to the Darkness. He can't follow her there or seek her wisdom to sort out his life. Serving her has had the unfortunate side-effect of keeping Isamu from exploring who he’s meant to be. He’s fighting for the image of the Tacea she built, rather than dealing with the territory as it stands right now.

Deep in his heart, there’s a voice that whispers that, without his grandmother’s influence, he is nothing.

That voice sounds much like his own.


  • 1. Hinata: She is the Unifier of Tacea and a living legend. She is a visionary and a canny politician. Above all of that, she’s his favorite person and a font of wisdom and grace in his life. He can never be female, but he can always strive to emulate her example by treating others with decency and serving his clan to the best of his ability.

  • 2. The Rut: Twice a year, the Rut allows Isamu to purge is pent-up sexual need with a willing female. It's rare that the female he is focused on is unwilling, but for those times she, he works through it with hard physical labor in the forests. The days leading up to the Rut make everything sharper, including his temper. The days after grant him an unmatched clarity of mind and spirit.

  • 3. Tacea: Despite the opening of the borders, it’s never occurred to Isamu to explore the mainland. He loves Tacea’s mountains and plains. He loves its waters. Let the savages have the rest of the world; everything he needs is here.


  • 1. Ishiyo no Izayoi: They Izayoi blame the Shingetsu for the madness that claimed the former Dragon Mother and that may be true, but the Red Jeweled Queen should have resisted. She should have taken greater precautions if she believed the Shingetsu capable of such treachery. Her failure to do so has robbed Mei and him of their father and Emiko. Isamu will never forgive her, no matter what the investigation turns up.

  • 2. Being Reminded of His Age: Isamu is thirty-one years old and...he doesn’t have many accomplishments to his name. In fact, he doesn’t really have any. He’s not a member of a Court. He hasn’t found his heart-bonded Queen. He has no marriage prospects and is not courting a woman. His father has insinuated that he’s using the time spent with his grandmother to avoid the real world, but Isamu believes that serving the Unifier of Tacea is a worthy use of his skills. Still, he’s not getting any younger and he needs to distinguish himself if he plans to obtain a good marriage before he turns forty.

  • 3. Funerals: Isamu hates funerals. Returning to the Darkness is supposed to be a celebrated thing, the end of a life lived (hopefully) well. That doesn’t make the ceremony easier to tolerate. Even harder to deal with is when the dead have passed long before their time. Burying his father and sister is the hardest thing he’s ever done. .


  • 1. Black Immortal’s Eruption:  Mago and Itoko have already erupted and destroyed lives and homes in their wake. The fleeing refugees will be a challenge for his cousin, Yumi, to deal with as the begins her rule. Black Immortal sits in the center of the Territory, though. If it should erupt, Ito would be consumed first, followed by Kagen lands. Isamu cannot imagine leaving his home or losing his family to an enemy that he cannot kill or defeat through martial means.

  • 2. Bonding to a non-Kagen Queen: Isamu wishes that he was bound to a Queen who would hold his leash and care for him as Mother Night intended. However, he’s always hoped that said Queen would be Kagen. Bonding to any of the other clans would divide his loyalties and force him to choose between Queen and family. Isamu is afraid that the bond may be stronger than his dedication to the people he loves.

  • 3. Losing Mei and Hinata: His grandmother and his sister are two of his favorite people in the world. Now that he’s lost his father and his other sister, Emiko, Isamu is terrified of losing the last two members of his once close-knit family. Hinata is also in her later years and she won’t be around forever. When she returns to the Darkness, it will be just him and Mei. The world seems much smaller and colder to him now and Isamu hasn’t figured out what it looks like if he’s last member of his family left.

    Craft Strengths:

  • 1. Wolf's Endurance (Physical Enhancement): Isamu is a steady, reliable man. He can fight without fatigue for over an hour, granting him an edge in prolonged conflicts. He can also commit to physical exertion or labor longer than most of his fellows.

  • 2. Go For the Throat (Finishing Kills): Like the wolf that signifies the Kagen, Isamu feels no pity or remorse when rising to the Killing Edge. On the Killing Field, there are only two outcomes: win or die. Isamu cuts down his enemies with efficiency and skill to ensure that his allies survive.

    Craft Weaknesses:

  • 1. Masking Psychic Scent: Isamu is a Warlord Prince. He refuses to hide who and what he is to make someone else feel safe.

  • 2. Incite Rage: Isamu does not share well  and this includes the cold rage of his caste. He can’t bring others to the Killing Edge with him. He knows who and what he is. He knows why he fights. It’s up to other males to figure out their own rage.

    Life Story


    Mother: Kairi no Kagen (nee Yonemura) - White to Rose Healer (b. 143)
    Father: Shin no Kagen - Opal to RedWarlord (b. 141) died in Ishiyo’s court massacre


    Emiko no Kagen; Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk; Priestess (b. 165 AP) - died in Ishiyo no Izayoi's court massacre
    Mei no Kagen; Summer Sky - Opal; Black Widow (b. 167 AP)


    Shin and Kairi no Kagen tried for two years after they married to conceive a child. The appearance of their first born son, Isamu, turned the household upside down. The little Warlord Prince tested every boundary as soon as he started crawling. By the time he was walking, he was asking why and throwing hour-long tantrums when the answers didn’t satisfy him. When his sister, Emiko, was born just a few years later, Isamu’s protective streak focused on her. Boys who got too close to his little sister, even by accident, met his fists. By the time he received his Tiger Eye Birthright, Isamu had two sisters that he considered it his honor and duty to watch over.

    Isamu’s love for his sisters, however, paled in comparison to his love for his grandmother, Hinata no Kagen.

    The Unifier of Tacea doted upon Shin’s firstborn, allowing him much more latitude that his mother and father. Isamu stood taller and tried to be more disciplined in his grandmother’s presence. He yearned to serve her and asked Hinata constantly if she required another Dagger or escort in her court. Growing older, Isamu trained his mind and body in order to make himself ready for service. By his twentieth birthday, Isamu made his Offering. Receiving the Summer Sky, Isamu stood in the Abyss at the same level as the Queen he yearned to serve. This proved to him that it was meant to be and it was the course he set his life by.

    Then Hinata’s tenure as Dragon Mother ended and she went into well-earned retirement. Rather than seek a new court appointment,  Isamu visited his grandmother daily in her retirement, hoping to get her advice about this or that thing. Their afternoon tea meetings became escorted walks around the garden. Those walks morphed into escort duties taken up when her Daggers were otherwise occupied. Soon, Isamu served her just as he had in her court. But this brought conflict with Shin, who believed that his son was using his grandmother to avoid joining an active court. This sparked the first of several disagreements between the father and son, leading Isamu to bind himself closer to Hinata, seeking help in explaining his views to his father. Yuki no Natsuhana sat the throne for a time, but then left the Territory on some sacred purpose. Ishiyo no Izayoi was the next woman to sit the Dragon Throne, but Isamu still believed that Hinata never should have stepped down. Tacea had been at its best under her rule. It would have only stayed that way.

    Before Shin and Emiko left for the Territory Court in the fifteenth month of Ishiyo no Izayoi’s rule, he promised Isamu that he’d find a proper place for him in Izayoi’s court so that he did not choosea bad path in life like his cousins,  the children Hinata’s sister, Aimi.

    That was the last time he saw his father and younger sister.

    Later that day, he received word that his Shin and Emiko were dead,  murdered by the hand of the very Queen that his father wanted him to serve. He escorted his grandmother to the Territory Court and saw the gore firsthand. He saw the memories pulled from the walls. His father died matching his Red against Lady Izaoyi’s in defense of the Court. Sweet Emiko fell to to Ishiyo’s blade while doing the same. The mad Queen had been subdued, but the damage was done.

    Now, Seung Corro rules Tacea with Hinata no Kagen’s advice and blessing. This is an auspicious time in Tacea’s history, but Isamu can’t contemplate the future when his present is in shambles. He can’t shake the rage in his heart. Clan Izayoi blames the Shingetsu for Ishiyo’s malady but Isamu blames them for choosing a poor Queen. His family is shattered and Isamu needs something to make his life meaningful, something that will help him make sense of all this tragedy.

    He has no idea where to start. 

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Emiko would have complimented this service.

    Isamu stood only a few steps from his his cousin, Yumi, the ascendant Queen of Clan Kagen and pondered the cruelty of life. He’d guarded many women in his short life, his younger sister among them. Isamu hated funerals, though he’d attended as a guard for Emiko in years past. Emiko always convinced him of the necessity of respecting the dead as they returned to Mother Night. Those who did not receive the proper rites suffered greater. Isamu’s family has suffered enough, so he would hold his tongue and grit his way through this entire thing. Emiko would explain Mother Night’s twisted sense of humor and, while it didn’t make things better, it gave Isamu a sense of comfort. Emiko had a way of making sense of even the darkest times and providing hope.

    Now, she was gone, escorted by their father into Mother Night's waiting arms. The woman who murdered Emiko and their father was gone as well, spared the death she deserved. 

    Ishiyo no Izayoi was defeated in the end, but Isamu drew no comfort from that thought. She’ll just ruin another family next. The injustice of it chilled his blood. The cold rage threatened to steal his reason. A feather-light brush against his outer barriers signaled the presence of his grandmother, Hinata, watching him from across the room. Shame filled Isamu’s heart. He could not lose control here, not now, and not in front of the family. This moment was not about him. Today was for the fallen. 

    My apologies, Grandmother. I will do better.

    Isamu turned his attention to Yumi, awaiting her signal to begin the procession and lay their family members to rest. The Kagen would heal from the damage inflicted upon them by the mad Queen. They blamed the Shingetsu for their Lady’s actions and the Shingetsu swore it was a lie. Tacea was stronger beneath the Kagen. He believed that with his whole heart.

    Today started the healing.

    Tomorrow, the wolves would hunt down those responsible and tear them apart.

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    Player Name: Gavin

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Re: Isamu no Kagen
« Reply #1 on: Apr 18, 18, 01:05:04 PM »
May I have a General Random Roll, please? Thank you!

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Re: Isamu no Kagen
« Reply #2 on: Apr 18, 18, 01:12:24 PM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Tiger Eye Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Purple Dusk Jewel at your Offering.


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Re: Isamu no Kagen
« Reply #3 on: Apr 18, 18, 01:30:51 PM »
Can I roll this back a step to Tiger Eye-Summer Sky? Thank you!

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Re: Isamu no Kagen
« Reply #4 on: Apr 19, 18, 03:33:22 PM »
Need Zen's review from a Wanted Ad perspective and then Ready for Review.

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Re: Isamu no Kagen
« Reply #5 on: Apr 19, 18, 04:51:49 PM »
He looks just grand to me! <3

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Re: Isamu no Kagen
« Reply #6 on: Apr 19, 18, 11:00:26 PM »
Added to the que
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Re: Isamu no Kagen
« Reply #7 on: Apr 23, 18, 12:03:28 PM »
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159