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Author Topic: Haruka no Shirogane  (Read 3153 times)

Description: witch. Rose to Summer Sky. Played by Reid.

Offline Haruka Shirogane

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Haruka no Shirogane
« on: Apr 27, 18, 03:24:00 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Haruka no Shirogane
Nicknames: Haru
Age: 32 (163 AP)
Race: Short-lived (Tacean)
Caste: witch
Birth Territory: Tacea
Home Territory: Tacea

Birthright Jewel: Rose
Offering Jewel: Summer-sky

Role: Commander
Faction: Thousand Swords


Play By: Jang Hye Byeol
Distinguishing Features: Without makeup and cosmetic Craft, Haruka no Shirogane is a classical Tacean beauty: brown eyes, brown hair with a soft curl, and a ready smile. She's petite, maybe 5'1", and weighs about a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. She's flat-chested and skinny with training scars up and down her arms and calluses where no proper woman would have them, but she's passable.

With her makeup, she becomes something else entirely. She has chopped off her long curls and dyed them a pale yellow; she wears bright reds and greens and blues as facepaint, experiments with lip color and patterns, wears clothing inspired by Dhemlanese fashion and outright disdains proper kimono or hakama. Her jewelry is flamboyant if she can be bothered to wear any and she doesn't pay attention to appropriate patterns for appropriate times and place.


Haruka is a charming young lady, who is capable of being terrible. She is possessed of an open heart and a face like a conniving demon: She is a lionhearted warrior. She is Antinous wild.

Haruka isn't anything like the ideal Tacean lady; in fact, Haruka is about as far from the ideal Tacean lady as it is possible to be while still being one. She's capable of charm, provided you like your humor dry and inappropriately timed. She has a sweet, almost angelic smile; she's free with her physical affection, being as she's poor at expressing herself through words. Because she is the student of an old geisha, she shows a great awareness of her physicality, and has a great many mannerisms that might have come from the okiya--up to and including her ability with a blade. She's capable of great insight, provided you can accept tactless propositions of exactly what you ought to be doing. Her understanding of politics is mostly that she's bad at it. Her understanding of trade is also that she's bad at it. But she's aces at picking out the best warrior in a group, and she picks up kinesthetic tasks with great rapidity. And she's capable of compassion, if your situation is one she's experienced herself. She lacks a great ability to empathize, although she's very good at sympathizing in a sort of detached and worried way.

What she isn't capable of is confidence. For all her appearance is as showboaty as you can get while not wearing a sign, she's extremely awkward in social situations because she knows she's bad at them. Haruka is chronically incapable of saying the right thing at the right time and absolutely spot-on at saying the wrong thing at exactly the right moment to humiliate herself and the people around her. She can't conceal her emotions at all, which is extra stupid because of her Summersky Jewel. Her commentary can be downright moronic and she knows it--the attention of others flusters her, which is why she dresses to ward them off. She'd rather be left alone at the edges of a party than be included in its nucleus.

Haruka's comfort zone is, as it might be guessed, traditionally masculine areas: the practice yard, the back rooms of okiya. She likes being around men, empathizes with them, and enjoys mimicking them. She feels at home among the guards of the Queen in whose Court she serves. When she goes out with an escort, it's more likely because she's going somewhere with a friend than she's actually admitted she's female and she needs escorting for things to be proper in Tacean society.

Around women, she's easily flustered. The errant flutter of a handkerchief can have Haruka flushing and stammering. She is not smooth, except when she's with Michiru--and even then it's something she rehearses in her head over and over and over. Haruka is very, incredibly protective of the women around her almost without exception. She is willing to make a scene to protect a woman in danger. It might not mean much, because she's generally making a scene anytime she says more than five words strung together in public, but her training under a geisha--though she is not one herself--is highly influential on her in this way.

  • Combat - Haruka is a born warrior. She has an instinctive understanding of the ebb and flow of combat; she understands the philosophies behind war with ease, in ways she doesn't quite get anything else. When she's practicing her katas or sparring, Haruka moves with instinctual grace and a fighting style clearly influenced by dance. She has a strong sense of physicality and is intensely proud of what she can accomplish with a katana in hand.
  • Adventure - Haruka loves the idea of doing new things, seeing new things, and meeting new people. Some of her favorite memories involve travel and new experiences, like her time with the Koumori court of the Izayoi.
  • Darkness's Mandate - Haruka was given the great gift of an Ariake-forged blade for her twenty-fifth birthday by a friend of hers. This blade took a year to make because of the arduous process involved, but it's the first blade Haruka has ever had that was made explicitly for her hand. To make it even more valuable and meaningful to her, it is keyed to her in the three styles of the Ariake imbued katana: her psychic scent, her blood, and her Jewels are worked into the blade itself, making it very literally an extension of her power. In the hand of any other, it becomes ice cold, sometimes even causing a case of frostburn. She adores Darkness's Mandate, as she calls the katana, without reservation.

  • Traditionalists - Haruka doesn't fit any kind of traditional Tacean view of the world. Had she been born male, she would have made a decent enough geisha; but as a woman, her masculine habits and interests are considered entirely unsuitable. These are the people that keep Haruka second-guessing herself, and she resents that.
  • Ceremony - Haruka loves the idea of ceremony, of these grand recognitions and celebrations and all that. She just can't sit still through them. She gets bored, fiddles with her sword or her clothes, fidgets, yawns, dozes off, or talks almost every time. Only with constant, persistent vigilance can she make it through a boring ceremony, but it always has to be with someone there with her to keep her awake.
  • Not fitting in - You'd think she'd be totally accepting of this, but--uh, she's not. Haruka longs very much to be accepted for who and what she is, and if she were, she might tone down the ways she deliberately exposes her differences. Since she isn't, she feels her hand is forced and that she has to continue being out-there and obviously different compared to those around her. She puts on a showboat appearance so people will disdain the facade and not the person underneath.

  • Losing Michiru - Michi is Haru's dear love. Haruka firmly believes Michi is the best part of her. Without Michi, she wouldn't try to improve herself; without Michi she'd be content to just be the social embarrassment of a warrior that she really is. Haruka is well aware that Michi's parents continue to refuse Haruka permission to openly court Michi for political reasons--they hope Michi will outgrow Haruka--and it is not a secret that Haruka fears the day her dear love realizes she can do better than Haru.
  • Ruining her friendship with Yuki - Haruka has a keen feeling that she kills everything she touches, and she doesn't want to ruin her relationship with Yuki. While it's nothing like a Queen bond, Yuki has the serenity and peace that Haruka has always wanted, and she represents something of the pinnacle of perfection to Haruka in ways that even Michi doesn't.
  • Getting married - She doesn't want to trap Michiru, and she doesn't want to be trapped. Haruka knows that Michiru would be lowering herself to marry Haruka, and doesn't know what to do to make that better. Obviously Haru would take Michi's family name, but would they even want her there? The idea of marriage is just a stew of concerns.
Craft Strengths:
  • Combat shielding - A skill she honed like her iaijutsu--art of mental presence--Haru's combat shields snap up and solidify in a heartbeat and can take more damage than other Summersky shields.
  • Cosmetic craft - Haruka places a lot of pride and thought into her appearance, and she uses her Craft to make sure a carefully honed look stays perfect for a long time.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Masking psychic scents - Not for lack of trying, for subtlety is the way of the Izayoi. Haruka can hold a mask over her psychic scent for only a few minutes before it crumbles and she announces herself as loudly as if she had shouted.
  • Aural shielding - She doesn't know why she sucks at this, she just does. She can create a really awesome funnel for outside noise, though.
Life Story

Mother: Asami no Shirogane, Descent Tiger Eye Broken hearth witch, 124AP
Father: Gendo no Fujikawa, Blood male, 129AP
Siblings: Sister: Satsuki no Shirogane, Descent Yellow hearth witch, 152AP
Sister: Rise no Shirogane, White to Rose witch, 161AP
Brother-in-law: Tatsuya Natsuhana no Shirogane, Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Warlord, 164AP *
*rolled on Yuki no Natsuhana's sheet

Mentor: Minato no Izayoi, Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Warlord Prince, deceased 193 at age 79 in the Izayoi Court Massacre
Sponsor: Adachi no Izayoi, Purple Dusk to Opal Warlord, deceased 193 at age 42 in the Izayoi Court Massacre

The Shirogane family was no highlight of Aoyama. They had sworn to the Shingetsu clan for hundreds of years, but never quite distinguished themselves. They birthed no Queens, no Priestesses, no Healers, no Black Widows. Their Jewels were almost uniformly white. The family was depressingly average. In the aftermath of the Purge, suddenly their Jewels and lack of Caste no longer mattered. They'd survived the Purge unbroken to a man, and that gave them the capability to pick up where larger, Darker families stumbled. While the clans squabbled over the Territory seat and fought to redefine province lines, the Shirogane built themselves a nice little monopoly for fabric trading throughout Tacea. Little better than war profiteers, their hope was that if they could raise their social status enough, they would someday birth a child who would be blessed by the Darkness. By the time Asami no Shirogane, a hearth witch with a keen mind, came to be matriarch of the family, this had so far been untrue. Asami had two girls, Satsuki and Rise, which would have marked her blessed: but both of them lacked what she had been seeking in Caste and in Jewels. The third child she bore was similarly a disappointment, but where Satsuki and Rise were good girls, models of Tacean femininity, Haruka was a little hellion.

From the start, she couldn't sit still for any of the lessons in high-class feminine hobbies. Asami and her lover, Gendo, spent their hard-earned marks to try to teach Haruka flower arrangement, tea ceremony, poetry--and it all rolled off her like water off the back of a duck. The only lessons Haruka cared for were battle lessons, but even then she didn't take to the bow and arrow, the traditional Shingetsu weapon. She loved only bladed weapons, those that required grace of movement and much footwork. Haruka was incapable of sitting through an evening at the theater, incapable of holding still long enough to do more than impatiently pluck out tunes on a shamisen (although she had a beautiful soprano and still does). After her Birthright, where she gained the Rose (the darkest Birthright in her family for generations), her family felt compelled to stop bringing her to events. She couldn't contain her emotions, and they were sure she wasn't even trying. There was no place for a willfully disobedient girl in a family intent on climbing the social ladder, and so she often remained at home alone.

Nothing could be less true. Haruka, in the way of most children, was aware of her parents' disapproval; she put more effort into trying to please them than was immediately apparent. It wasn't that she deliberately chose to disobey, but the things they tried to teach her tested the limits of her attention and her patience. She gained a reputation in her hometown for being temperamental and too emotional, a girl with no skills to speak of and surely a growing stain on her family name. It made it difficult for her to make friends, and though she could no more conceal her emotions than fish could fly, she began to deliberately isolate herself as much as she could. She learned self-reliance in her empty house and convinced herself that she loved being alone. She was convinced that if she could only prove that she was trying her hardest, her parents would begin to pay attention to her, the way they did for Satsuki and Rise. She became hypersensitive to criticism, completely unable to take being told she was doing wrong without bursting into tears. Quiet and reticent were words that described Haruka's natural state then, but not in the way her parents had hoped for. Haruka felt punishingly lonely and abandoned by her family--by her sisters who were adored by her parents and seemingly perfect in every way, and by her parents who looked at her and saw only shame.

Asami and Gendo resigned themselves to their rebellious daughter and thought they might as well try to benefit from her idiosyncrasies; maybe they could make a Master of the Guard out of her. When she was ten, they stopped spending money on social tutors and literacy, and instead began to raise her as they might a son. Haruka felt the change in her parents' view of her, though she couldn't quite articulate it. The sudden shift from proper feminine pursuits to more masculine hobbies suited Haruka right down to the ground, but she could never shake the feeling that she'd somehow failed her parents.

She took lessons in armed and unarmed combat with the male children of her hometown, and seemed to outshine them in any weapon she picked up; but her particular skill, the one that brought her to the attention of a neighboring district's Sword of the Queen, was iaijutsu--the art of mental presence and immediate reaction. Though warrior females were no rarity, one as skilled as Haruka was, and Haruka finally brought honor to her family name through the First Sword of Koumori's formal request to take her on as his own student. It wasn't rare for a First Sword to do this, but it was rare for the student he took to be a female. Asami was glad to be rid of Haruka for a time, and so she approved this unorthodox choice. Haruka left for the capital of Koumori when she was twelve.

Minato no Izayoi was already an old man by the time he took Haruka under his wing, but his age belied his strength. He had been trained as a geisha, he had served in the Court of the Queen of Izayoi, and in his old age he'd returned to his home in Koumori. Feeling his age, and his son's lack of desire to inherit his place, he desired to pass his knowledge down to another. To his way of thinking, a female inheriting all he knew of war and the social arts was the highest honor he could be paid.

For the next six years of Haruka's life, she trained under his auspices, lived in his home, and wore the tiger emblem of the Izayoi. But for those six years, she was never punished, even indulged, for her masculine habits. She was rewarded for them. Haruka flourished under Minato's tutelage; she loved him from saving her from a life where she felt imprisoned, like she was nothing more than a stain on her family's honor waiting to happen. Among the Izayoi, Haruka distinguished herself. She was introduced to martial weapons of many kinds, though her heart always stayed with the katana sword that had brought her to Minato's attention; she learned the art of fighting from horseback and even began to excel at archery. Through Minato's patient tutelage, she learned to dance as the geisha did, learned to make bawdy conversation and make the women around her laugh. Her favorite lessons by far, after the combat lessons, were in fashion: how to dress, how to make a statement without saying a word. It seemed like another sort of armor to her, and Haruka took to it like a fish to water. She wore unconventional makeup, men's clothes, and got tattoos--all things Minato supported, as long as she could still clean up well for any social engagements he might need her to attend. She called Minato her sensei, her honored teacher, and loved him as dear as her own father.

When it came time for her to have her Virgin Night, Minato arranged for the act to be performed by his son, Adachi no Izayoi, a Warlord Prince who had been Haruka's honored senpai for the past six years. He was Darker than Haruka and familiar to her, so it seemed unlikely that he would rattle her enough to risk her shattering her Rose. None of them accounted for Haruka's terror of the bedroom dances. If Adachi had not been Darker than her, Haruka would have shattered her inner webs in her attempts to get away. The sexual act shook her to the core, and though she bore Adachi no ill will--she'd survived it, hadn't she?--Haruka could not countenance doing it again. She performed her Offering to the Darkness in the year 183, descending only one rank to the Summer-sky. Adachi blamed himself, bitterly, for robbing her of the strength that might have been hers; Haruka wasn't sure how to reassure him, and she was convinced that it was Mother Night's punishment for not being the child her parents had wanted anyway.

She returned to her family in Aoyama when she was twenty-one, having been invited to serve in the Court of the Queen of that District. Haruka had been home for scarcely three weeks when the questions began: why had she descended only one rank? Why did she refuse the company of male escorts, as was her right? She performed escort duties for other females, but took no one into her bed. It was deviant, improper, and it spawned rumors not only about Haruka but about her sisters and family as well.

On her first Winsol home, Asami declared that Haruka would never, ever be any kind of advantage to the Shirogane, that it was a mistake to have kept her and a further mistake to have indulged her, that she ought to have never been allowed to leave for the provinces of the dirty Izayoi. Hurt beyond words, enraged at the insult to her treasured adopted family, Haruka couldn't help but react. She went cold for the first time in her life: ice grew over the soup and the wine froze rock-solid. Asami rebuked her, and that was when Haruka snapped. She unleashed her Summer-sky Jewel, shattering her mother's Tiger Eye and every piece of glass in the room. Immediately after, horrified at what she'd done--at what her loss of control had led her to do--Haruka fled.

She expected to be brought before her Queen and punished, perhaps even broken from her Summer-sky, a loss that seemed unfathomable. Instead, her elder sister Rise found Haruka sitting in the rocky sand of the shore. Though they had never been close, Rise sat with Haruka and they talked through the night. Rise expressed her admiration of Haruka, for how she had pursued her dreams and attained them; she said that Gendo and Rise both were on Haruka's side, that they would tell no one what she had done. "It can be hidden," Rise assured her. They spoke of Rise's feelings for a noble boy of the Ariake clan, of fashion and the things Haruka had learned from her time in the Izayoi.

Rise and Haruka's new bond didn't end that first night of Winsol, either. While Haruka was, without question, unwelcome in the Shirogane house, they often met outside their respective homes and spent time together. When Satsuki returned from arranging a trade contract with the Ariake clan, Rise rushed to ensure that Satsuki heard the truth of what Asami had done before hearing Asami's ever more grandiose lies; though Satsuki was less inclined to believe in Haruka, she'd always had a close bond with Rise. Once she understood the depth of the insult offered to the people who had truly raised Haruka, she came around, and Haruka's relationship to both of her sisters was repaired. She got to know what her sisters did: Satsuki was in charge of acquiring fabric for the family trade business. Rise's brushwork, always phenomenal, had made her an artisan patronized by the Clan Court, serving the Queen of the Shingetsu in the capacity of a portrait painter. It was through Rise that Haruka met the love of her life, Michiru no Shingetsu, an Opal-Jeweled Priestess.

The courtship wasn't easy; though Haruka knew within moments of meeting Michiru that she had been born to love this woman, Haruka's less-than-sterling reputation posed a problem. Though her attack on her mother wasn't common knowledge, her break with her family was, and speculation was rampant on what the strange guardsman in the Court of Aoyama had done to deserve that. Her sisters slowly eliding their mother's authority helped, some, but they could only progress so fast to hand over control of the Shirogane to Satsuki; Opportunities to meet with Michiru alone were few and far between, though in no way did that mean Haruka stopped trying. Through patience and persistence, she finally arranged to be Michiru's escort when she visited Aoyama.

Michiru was slower to fall in love than Haruka had been; but when Haru was twenty-three, Michiru accepted her suit, though the relationship had to be kept quiet. Not because of the nature of their relationship, which was acceptable to Tacean society, but because of the nature of Haruka's reputation. Haruka began to strive in earnest to become someone that Michiru's Clan would approve of her being seen in public with, putting forth considerable effort and netting very few gains for it. In public, Haruka did her utmost to appear confident and untouchable; she cut off her long dark hair and bleach-dyed it yellow-blonde, expanded her tattoos and the strangeness of her wardrobe. But in private, with Michiru, she confessed her terrors: that Mother Night spurned her, that Haruka wasn't worthy of her Jewels, that all of her talents and skills would be wasted simply because she was different.

In the spring of 188, Rise married her secret Ariake paramour, the brother of the Ascendant Queen. The acknowledgement of this relationship rocked the halls of the nobility, for the Shirogane had no connections to the nobility; they were only rich, without Queen or titles or even Dark Jewels to their name. But the love between Tatsuya and Rise was true, and Haruka couldn't have been happier for them. Tatsuya quickly endeared himself to Haruka and Satsuki--for he was willing to go all-out against Haruka in sparring and could offer insight on breaking into the Ariake metalworking trade. Out of both of Rise's siblings, Tatsuya seemed to like Haruka best; he visited her whenever Rise was busy at Court and they'd talk about the training of a geisha. He taught her tricks of fan fighting she'd not yet learned and, when his sister came to visit, introduced her to the future Queen of all Tacea.

Yuki and Haruka got along famously. Haruka's dry, bawdy humor appealed to the young Dragon Mother; in a way, Haruka had been trained to please a Queen as much as any geisha had. Yuki's kindness and self-confidence draw Haruka like a moth to a flame. She wanted to serve this Queen, need to serve her--it wasn't a Queen's Bond in the way a male would experience it, but it struck the same chords in Haruka's heart. Her reputation as a troublemaker, as someone unable to control herself, would prevent Yuki from choosing her of her own merits.

The only solution, therefore, would be to prove herself. She wasn't willing to presume upon Tatsuya for his sponsorship nomination, but Minato's son was the only child of an Izayoi Queen. Adachi, still consumed with guilt for his perceived crime against Haruka, was easily convinced to back her entry into the Tournament. As a gift for her twenty-fifth birthday, he even commissioned her an Ariake-style imbued blade. It was the first blade she'd ever had made specifically for her, and she adores it more than almost anything else. Because it's keyed to her blood, her psychic scent, and her Jewels, anyone else who tries to handle it tends to get a rather immediate, and severe, case of frostburn. She is never sorry to see that.

She made it through the Province qualifiers with ease, handily earning a spot on the Shingetsu roster. Haruka hopes that, through this competition, she can prove she deserves a place among the Dragon Mother's First Circle--and become socially acceptable enough to be able to openly be with Michiru.


She acquitted herself well, handily defeating men and women several times her age, and won a place in Yuki no Natsuhana's First Circle as a guard. She served with distinction until the volcanoes erupted in 192 and Ishiyo no Izayoi took the throne.

Ishiyo did not approve of the Shingetsu, and she didn't like things which weren't traditional. Hinata was demoted to Third Circle of the Court, which... was okay with her. It gave her more time to spend with Michiru, with whom her relationship was rapidly becoming more serious. And she was definitely grateful when Ishiyo destroyed her Court--but devastated when she learned her beloved sensei and his son had died in her attack on her own Province.

In the aftermath, she stepped up and helped keep the peace in Ito, revealing a hitherto-unknown talent for leading from the front lines. It was this talent that caused Seung Corro to approach her for a position with a new Territory Guard... a position she happily accepted.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Michiru no Shingetsu was beautiful.

Long dark hair, beautiful dark eyes, snow-white skin that looked like it'd be as soft as a flower petal to the touch. She wore kimono like the garment had been invented just for her from whole cloth. Haruka watched her on the archery range once and it had been like watching a haiku take form, the grace of Michiru-sama's movements, the subtle turns of her head. With bated breath she'd watched a lock of dark hair fall over the shoulder of Michiru-sama's shoulder as the Priestess walked in the snow back to her family's dwelling. Haruka would have written a sonnet about Michiru-sama's eyelashes if she thought it would be any kind of appropriate. Smudges of black on white snow. When she thought of Michiru-sama (although, in her heart, Haruka never thought of her as Michiru-sama, just Michiru; the intimacy of the thought always sent shudders from the top of her head to her toes) she thought of snow. Perfect, white, and soft.

It could never be, though. Haruka no Shirogane was a merchant's disowned daughter, barely socially acceptable to serve in the court of the District Queen and that only by the pedigree of her warrior's training. She was barely allowed to exist in the same sphere as the main branch of the Shingetsu; she would never be allowed to touch even the hem of Michiru-sama's kimono. Nevermind Michiru-sama's fingertips--which would be roughened from her practice of archery--and--

And the day had come, at last, that the other guards, the male guards, were all busy. Haruka was permitted to escort the beautiful Michiru-sama to the teahouse where a relative was having an adoption ceremony performed. She agonized the whole night before over what to wear, how to do her face paint, and finally went to bed because what else could she think of to do? Agonizing would only mean that tomorrow, she'd be too tired to pay attention to anything that Michiru-sama said.

The morning dawned soft and gray, the light filtering through thick clouds. Haruka awoke as to a thunderbolt, threw her clothes and makeup on, and was out the door of her Court-appointed room like lightning itself. When Michiru-sama came to the steps of the Court, Haruka swept the deep bow a guard of a lower class owed to a main branch Priestess; she received a nod in return and while anyone else might have seen it as a slight Haruka simply thought Mother Night she looked at me. Her mind went blissfully blank as they walked out of the gates, Haruka a step behind and to the woman's left. An escort's position, one Haruka was familiar with, but she let herself pretend for a moment, just a moment, that she was there as Michiru-sama's lover, not just a guard…

"I didn't know Aoyama had female guards," said Michiru-sama, shattering Haruka's blissful feeling.

Haruka almost tripped in her hurry to produce a response. "Oh, uh, I just--I, uh… It's… a favor to my sister, Rise no Shirogane-s--" Her voice trailed off on the honorific. How would she refer to her sister, a Court painter in the First Circle of the Province Queen, when she herself as a Second Circle guard to a District Queen and that was considered weird? "A favor to my sister," she mumbled, running a nervous hand through her short blonde hair. Maybe she ought to have considered leaving it black and long. Maybe Michiru-sama would like that better. "She, she paints. Pictures."

"Yes, I know," said Michiru-sama, and her voice seemed like it held suppressed laughter. Haruka pursed her lips and flushed a dark red. She longed to draw up her hood and hide inside it, but such a thing would be inappropriate. Instead she straightened her back and stared straight ahead, trying to look serious and professional.

They made it for the altar before Haruka got up the nerve to say, "Ah, Michiru-sama…" The Priestess stopped two steps above Haruka, half-turned, and in the light of that gaze Haruka quite forgot everything she'd wanted to say. She stared at the hem of Michiru-sama's kimono, unable to meet her eyes without feeling like she might spontaneously combust with the force of the sun. "Perhaps I could… if you wanted… wait for you? I mean. I know you're going to be a while. But I'd wait. For you. If you wanted."

The smile that graced Michiru-sama's face when she nodded and said, "I would like that," was worth the embarrassment of saying those words.

Haruka walked on clouds for the rest of the day.

Petitions (if any): 
Why did this character became inactive? I left the site

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Not leave the site

What are your plans for this character? She will be helping in the Thousand Swords/Territory Guard plot

Number of previous Reactivations: 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Updated ages added role/faction explained how she did in the territory tournament under Yuki and then survived the territory court massacre

Player Name: Reid
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Re: Haruka no Shirogane
« Reply #1 on: Apr 27, 18, 03:25:59 PM »
Haru is ready for review. I approve her for Tacea. :P

On her original sheet she only had two family rolls. Could I have three more?

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Re: Haruka no Shirogane
« Reply #2 on: Apr 28, 18, 06:24:18 PM »
1. Rose - Purple Dusk
2. Purple Dusk - Opal
3. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky

and she's added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Haruka no Shirogane
« Reply #3 on: Apr 30, 18, 08:40:24 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker