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Title: Akira no Kagen
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The Basics
Character Name: Akira no Kagen
Age: 34 (Born PP 160)
Race:  Short-Lived
Caste:  Warlord
Birth Territory: Tacea, Terreille
Home Territory: Tacea, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Rose
Offering Jewel: Uncut Blood Opal

Play By: Blonde Gackt
Distinguishing Features: Tall for men in Tacea, Akira stands just an inch short of six feet. He keeps himself in prime condition, as most of his shows he does either shirtless or in various levels of undress. He has a number of tattoos on his body: Designs of a wolf intermixed with tribal tattoos. He is (in)famous for dyed hair, makeup, and different colored eyes at shows and sometimes in casual settings.


Akira is a gregarious, outlandish individual. Quick to smile and quicker to laugh, he is a constant bright point to any room that attracts those around him. People find him easy to befriend and easy to talk to, and they find that the level-headed Warlord is actually quite intelligent and perceptive. He has grown up in the shadow of older siblings, a more intense twin, and a Queen for a younger sister. As such he’s accustomed to acting out to get attention.

There is a hidden intensity in the Blood Opal Warlord, how could there not be with such a jewel as his Offering? He is incredibly driven by his art, by his love of life in all facets of it, and his love for family. His sister, Ming, is his best friend, and has often acted as the tether to his crazed antics. He is above all things, passionate and artistic.

Despite his celebrity reputation as being something of an over-the-top performer, he’s also capable of the violence inherent to the Blood. When called upon by Shiro to “enforce” the will of the Kagen upon those who do not fall in line with the edicts of their organization, Akira obeys. Not because he cares for the work, or playing the part of brute, but because he is deeply loyal to his family. He recognizes that he is part of his mother’s legacy, and that they are all tied to the foundations she set. While he is proud to be part of the Kagen Clan, that pride is based on being the son of Aimi no Kagen.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Aimi no Kagen (Summer Sky to Green Black Widow) Born 124 PP*
Father: Shou no Kagen (Rose to Purple Dusk Prince) Deceased*
Siblings: Shiro no Kagen ( (Summer Sky to Blood Opal Warlord Prince) Born 145 PP
Mayu no Kagen ( White to Tiger Eye Priestess Born 153 PP
Hideto no Kagen (Rose to Opal Priest Warlord Prince) Born 160 PP
Toyani no Kagen ( (Sapphire to Red Queen) Born 170 PP

*Jewels Assigned, not Rolled

**Family rolls came from Toyani's's sheet, located here:

While her older sister, Hinata, became the Dragon Mother of Tacea, Aimi was her quiet adviser. Aimi had always been forceful, the Green Black Widow a strong presence at her sister’s court. While Hinata saw to the Territory, Aimi saw to the Clan and their traditional holdings. Her husband, Shou, was a quiet and reserved accountant, dutiful and diligent, but always second to his wife’s strong will. While he was almost two decades her senior, it was Aimi who always had the run of her household, even after she’d given birth to a Warlord Prince son, Shyro.

While Hinata consolidated Tacea and helped it towards reconstruction, Aimi focused on cleaning up the various rackets and criminal elements of the southern provinces. The incredibly tough young Black Widow used her husband’s family and loyal retainers who could keep their tongues inside their heads to round up and force the criminal elements of Tacea to submit to a single authority, or die. Aimi held no illusions about the real world, and knew that crime would always exist. But to make a better Tacea that her sister had intended, it needed to be cleaner and organized. When Hinata found out, some months after Aimi had placed the heartbeat of Tacea’s criminal underworld firmly under her thumb, there was a blowout of some epic proportions. The two women raged their points at one another, yet neither would budge, as they both thought themselves in the right. Aimi and Hinata’s relationship would never really recover, though the Territory Queen grudgingly came to agree with Aimi’s point, though she disliked taking the “dirty” money that Aimi collected as a tax on the criminal element. Aimi would remain in Hinata's First Circle, but their formerly close bond became more business than familial relation. Both women were too stubborn about their pride to let such a strong disagreement fall into compromise.

Akira was born with his twin, minutes after the identical brother that he would never come to understand or appreciate. Aimi was nearing her forties, but having had only two children, she felt herself capable of having more. Shiro, her first child, now served as her lieutenant and chief enforcer whereas Shou remained forever as the steward to their affairs.The two young children of Aimi went to serve in Hinata’s court, though they could never be more different. Hideto held the blessings of a dual-caste whereas Akira held but the lowest of the male Castes. Hideto was fiery and protective of every woman around him (much to the love of Hinata), but Akira only liked to flirt, even as a child, and run and play. Mayu, their older sister, was set to primarily babysit the two as she studied under Hinata’s High Priestess.

Aimi, now into her forties, became pregnant unexpectedly again, and withdrew from her duties both to the Court and the criminal element. Shou, her constant shadow, companion, and friend, took ill before the pregnancy could come to term, and died despite a healer’s best efforts before their last child was born. Toyani, Aimi had named the child, took a great deal out of Aimi, and the dual causes of both the loss of her husband (whom, as much as she might bully, she loved dearly) and a birth at an advanced age strained her mind to the point of breaking. None in the family was quite prepared to see their strong willed hellion of a mother (or in Hinata’s case, younger sister) seem to deflate and come apart. The fact that she had birthed a Queen seemed to matter very little to her, and some part of her spirit was broken.

Shiro, well accustomed to running the criminal element, did so now as its head in full (albeit through Aimi’s name). Young Toyani was given to Mayu to care for, and their older sister acted as wetnurse while Hideto and Akira divided themselves between watching over their ailing mother and their new baby sister. The event seemed to tear at the foundations of all of them, to see the central force of their life undone.

Akira grew up in the shadow of that event. Constantly trying to bring cheer to his depressed sister or his two too-serious brothers, he acted out through much of his teenage years. When he went to the altar, he plunged deep into the abyss, grasping at the Blood Opal and drawing it out with his own blood. After that event, he sensed in him that his true nature was not to be the reserved, stick-in-the-mud that Hideto was, but to be the gregarious, grasping person that his twin was not.

A childhood love of music caused him to quickly find an outlet in non-conventional tunes, and with the help of some friends he met in and out of Court Life, he began a band of sorts that began to play a trending music of heavy beats and screaming lyrics. It became an instant success in the small music halls filled with the youth, and as Akira abandoned Court duties and the restrictive rules of his older brother Shiro, he embraced a lifestyle well out of the traditional Tacean culture.

Having access to the illicit drugs of his family’s trade, he became influential in the underground atmosphere of rampant sex (including founding locales that hid the taboo of male only sex), drugs, and loud music. While Hideto enjoyed the sparkly nature of Court Life with its rigid traditions and codes of honor, Akira embraced a wave of counter-culture. His music began to become hugely successful in the youth, and with his growing outlandish dress, dyed hair, and flagrant use of makeup in shows made him a polarizing figure. Some hate him, others lavishly adore him, but he is a well-known name and face in all of Tacea.

Much to the chagrin of Shiro and Hideto both. Shiro soon realized he was unable to reign in his younger brother’s life, so instead has pressured him to use his popularity to further the family business. In turn Shiro has protected Akira’s fans and companions at the (admittedly seedy) locales that their crime circles operate and support. This has done little to help Akira’s reputation to the traditional public, of course. And in return every once and a while Akira has to make a show (outside of his makeup, outlandish dress, and hair color, of course) at meetings with the family.

And for a while, that arrangement was agreeable to Akira. He didn’t much care for the work that Shiro did, but he understood it was the work of their mother that their brother was continuing. While Aimi lived she was only a shell of her former self, and Akira could not stand to be in her presence much. Toyani remained much in his mother’s presence, however, and Akira can see that his youngest sister, fierce and ambitious, is a younger incarnation of his mother. Hinata, too, has seen it, and has forewarned her nephew from trying to stand in her path as she remembers how bull-headed Aimi was.

The problem, of course, is that Shiro resents the idea of giving up a lifetime of work and control to a younger sister, no matter what her castes and jewels may be. A conflict is brewing between the Kagen siblings, one that Akira is trying desperately to escape in his chosen career and lifestyle, but he knows that eventually he won’t be able to avoid. He does not relish the point that he will have to choose a side.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:


The sounds of glass and wood shattering broke the quiet of the evening, and Ichiru growled from nearby Akira at the prone form of the accounting office manager that Akira had just thrown through the thick window of his nice office into the alleyway beside the quaint office building. Akira let out a sound of a sigh, adjusting his hat atop his blonde hair as he stepped over the shards of broken glass into the alleyway, not really caring for all the dirt that’d end up on the bottom of his shoes. Nor the droplets of blood, as that was always an annoying thing to get out off his shoes.

“Look. Buddy.” Akira said softly as he took up a position to block the business manager from fleeing down towards the mouth of the alley. Ichiru had hopped over and was now punching the man in the gut. “I just want this to be as… painless..” he winced at the shot to the gut Ichiru had just inflicted. “ possible. We all wanna get back home tonight to fuck… well, whoever we were all intending to fuck.” He had a few people in mind.

Drawing out the drugged cigarette, he placed it to his lips and lit up with a cheery accompanying sound of (Bimm-Bum-Bum-Bim-BMM BMM BMM) produced by his Whimsy Craft. He enjoyed the feel that it brought through his lungs and his arms, a slight tingling in his fingers and at once made everything sharper around him. “You’re late in your fees. We tried asking nice. Ichiru here specializes in breaking faces, and yours doesn’t look all that sturdy with all the rolls you eat late at night from that cart vendor.”

He offered the cigarette to the man as Ichiru pulled him up to his knees and placed him in a chokehold. Akira placed on his biggest smile, even though he really just wanted to get the fuck out of here. “So. Pay us. Take a puff. Get inside. Clean up. Go home and fuck whoever you’re going to fuck, and try your best to forget tonight. Otherwise, Ichiru here is going to make head connect to your ass, and I don’t think anyone here wants to see that.”

Unsurprisingly, the man paid, and after about ten more minutes of business they were finally getting out of there.

“Why does no-one just pay when we ask the first time?”Akira asked with a sigh as they walked down the street.

“Well. You did throw him out the window before you asked.” Ichiru remarked with a chuckle.

“Oh. Right.” He took another drag. “Fuck. Man I’m high as a fucking kite. Hahaha oops.”

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May I have 5 of them now, please? Thank you!
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1. Yellow - Rose (from his original sheet)

1. Rose - Purple Dusk
2. Yellow - Rose
3. Yellow - Tiger Eye
4. Summer Sky - Purple Dusk