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Author Topic: Will come when it will come  (Read 149 times)

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Offline Yumi no Kagen

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Will come when it will come
« on: Jul 14, 19, 02:23:55 AM »
Yumi rose before the sun, yawning and stretching as she swung her legs over the side of her futon platform. Her toes just barely brushed the ground for a moment as she blinked blearily at the pre-dawn stillness; once she slid neatly off the side of the platform, the door to the hallway had opened to admit her personal maid, Karin, with an armful of translucent red and black fabrics. Behind her floated a tray: steaming tea, a bowl of rice, fish and pickled vegetables arranged artfully on a plate. "An exciting day," she said to her maid, crossing the room to kneel at her breakfast table. Karin bowed her head in acknowledgement, and called in a flat red box embossed with the Kagen wolf. She exited, leaving Yumi alone with the business of the day.

As she ate her breakfast and reviewed her correspondence and the timetable for her arrival in Ito later that day, Karin ran a bath and began the work of preparing Yumi's regalia for the journey. She would be among the first to meet with Lady Xiong Teng now that her contract to serve was officially assigned; it was an honor, and at the same time, almost a foregone conclusion. The Izayoi were dishonored, even though the Interregnum found them ultimately blameless in Ishiyo's psychotic break. The Shingetsu had, according to her spymistress, been the architects of the last Queen's downfall. The Ariake... well! They were their own kettle of fish. Only Yumi's name remained unblemished, and for that she would be first to greet the new Dragon Mother.

She wasn't sure she much cared for winning first obeisances by default. Even so, she wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to win a friend in Ito now that her grandmother was soon to return home.

After her bath, Karin brushed out Yumi's long, wet hair, applying gentle touches of her Summer Sky to smooth it. By then, the gray light of the pre-dawn yielded to the sun's rosy fingers; the sky lightened at the eastern horizon as Yumi dressed in one of her finest Court kimonos. Karin bowed as she exited, replaced by Yumi's handmaiden; Mamie Ii took over the styling of Yumi's hair as the Queen applied her own makeup. By the time she and her entourage were exiting the main compound of the Wolf Castle, the sun was fully up... and the Coach wasn't there.

Yumi fanned herself languidly as she awaited its arrival. Her First Sword, a Warlord Prince, seemed on-edge, jittery and uncertain; that pulled her nerves to the forefront even as she laid a quelling hand over the back of his neck. "Be calm," she murmured, even as she watched the servants and functionaries buzzing about like bees in the hive. "They will come, Prince."

"Of course, Lady," he said, and he subsided with ill humor.

Her best companion was Ryuki Kirijo; the young Warlord seemed immune to the poor temper of her Triangle. As the Steward bickered with the woman who managed the coach-house, Ryuki told a silly story about the two cats of Ureshi-sa, acted out a comedic failure on the behalf of a Prince of another okiya, and shared a story of his youth with Naoji-kun. Bitterly, for a long moment, she wished for Naoji's presence with her instead of her stodgy old First Escort. The man was a relic from Naruko's court, even as her Steward and Master of the Guard were. Someday, she'd have a Triangle of her own... but for now, she needed to ensure a stability that the Kagen clan might otherwise lack. She could imagine the upheaval if multiple untried Queens took their Clans' thrones without support; she didn't want to be the one Queen that failed to serve with honor and talent.

The hour of their departure was some thirty minutes past when the party was approached by a man in Hanwa robes. He bowed, showing the splits and gaps in the seams of his ratty hanbok. Her First Sword held out a hand, stopping the man where he stood. "Lady Kagen-hime," said the Hanwa, "Please, I need an audience with you."

"Let him come." He was a haggard peasant; she could see his hunger in the definition of his cheekbones, the stringy lines of his throat. If the Coach arrived, she would let one of the functionaries handle the rest of his requests, she told herself; but she was bored, and it wouldn't do any harm to speak to him. Perhaps it would shore up her poor relationship with Hae Jun Mhin.

He stumbled. Yumi stepped forward to catch him, and something icy-cold plunged into her chest, just below her ribs. "Wolf-bitch," the assassin seethed. Her world seemed to slow as her hands snapped up to grip the hilt of the dagger, to hold it in as he whirled about. The world seemed too loud, too bright, and yet it dimmed in importance as she looked down at the hilt that thrust out from between her fingers. Her red-stained fingers.

The cacophony of shouts, a scream--Karin? Mamie?--all of it blended together. Melted away as she sank, slowly, to her knees. It all washed out in the blood as the darkness rushed up to claim her.