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Author Topic: Rough Meetings  (Read 67 times)

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Rough Meetings
« on: Sep 01, 19, 12:18:48 AM »
Shion skipped lightly down the streets, well she didn't really skip that would draw too much attention to herself, but there was a certain lightness to her steps as she moved away from the Territory Queen's castle.  As was quickly becoming her habit she'd gotten fed up with all the restrictions and guards and slipped out.  This time though she didn't feel quite as bad about it.  After the first couple of times she figured no one could be shocked to find she'd slipped out again.  She wasn't meant to be trapped behind walls and in manicured gardens surrounded by courtiers. 

She didn't fit.

She was a puzzle whose pieces had been lost and replaced with others that made a similar picture to what she'd been once, but weren't exactly a perfect fit at times.

She'd tried to blend in. 

To not stand out so much, but it was difficult for her to interact with people without them picking up on the fact that she very much straddled the line between this world and the Twisted Kingdom all the time.  It made other people uncomfortable to be around her so besides a few family members she felt isolated and trapped.  She was tired of making apologies for herself and had decided that if she needed space to breathe there wasn't anything wrong with taking it so long as she left a note for someone in the family and was back by a reasonable hour.  Even if reasonable for her wasn't necessarily reasonable for anyone else.  Luckily her grandmother was very understanding and so long as Shion wasn't gone for more than a day had agreed not to insist on an escort when she felt the urge to stretch her wings.

Shion had been wandering the streets for a few hours when she passed a small alley that most people probably didn't pay any attention too.  Sandwiched between two stores it was full of rubbish and dirt and a few pools of dirty standing water from a recent storm.  Shion herself had passed it when something made her stop and back up.  Turning to look into the alley she cocked her head slightly to one side a frown touching her face.  Something about this place seemed familiar, as if she'd been here before.

Wandering into the shadows of the buildings her frown grew as she looked around, skipping lightly around piles of trash and debris washed up in the middle of the alley from that recent rain.  There was something about this place that nagged at her memory, a persistent itch that refused to go away even as she traveled down it, one hand running lightly across the wall.  She let out an irritated hiss as her finger caught a rough piece of metal and drew a drop of blood.  Shion stared at the crimson bead for a moment, transfixed by that single red bead and it was if her memory kicked into overdrive. 

As her gaze drifted back across the alley suddenly it was dark, the moon and stars hidden by thick clouds that were filling the sky with loud claps of thunder and impossibly bright streaks of lightening.  The air was so thick with rain that it was difficult to see anything beyond the reach of her arm and it seemed as if the very heavens were raging against some great tragedy.  Shion could feel the rain on her skin, the cold wet garments sticking to her arms and legs, hair plastered to her scalp as she sought a place to get out of the storm.

She sensed someone behind her and turned, her mind's eye still locked in that rain filled alley saw a shadowy figure with a blade in hand aimed for her abdomen and she reacted without thinking.  Reaching out she grabbed the figure by the arm and wrenched it to the side and back at a sharp angle sending the blade flying into the shadows were it seemingly vanished from existence.  Satisfied that the main threat was gone Shion used a touch of Craft enhanced strength to yank the figure off it's feet before slamming it down into the ground. 

The thud of the body hitting the ground, along with the pained shout and the sensation of skin and cloth against her hands snapped her back to reality and Shion let out a startled gasp.  Leaping clear she stared at the groaning figure not quite sure if they were real or not she hesitated for several seconds before she slowly inched forward and poked at the figure's arm.  When her finger made contact her eyes went wide with terror.  They darted away from the figure back to the alley which was as well lit with clear skies overhead and no touch of rain as it had been when she'd entered it.  She found herself chanting, "Oh no, oh no, oh no."  Over and over again as she realized what she'd done.

Leaning frantically over the figure she examined them for any sign that she'd done any permanent damage trying to see if the arm was broken as well as looking for any blood as she stammered out, "I am so so sorry.  I didn't mean to hurt you.  Are you okay?  Do you need a Healer?  I know a really good one, I can take you to her right away." 
To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
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