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Author Topic: in this handmade heaven  (Read 85 times)

Description: (zhihao) (ureshi-sa)

Offline Ryuuen Kirijo

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in this handmade heaven
« on: Jun 01, 19, 12:22:16 AM »
As a Warlord Prince, the list of things that could agitate Ryuuen was lengthy but he considered himself above them. Age, training, and more had ensured that he did not lose his temper as easy as a younger Warlord Prince might. Yet in this particular case Ryuuen was nearly incensed.

It was not aided by the fact that he was most certainly suffering from having an empty nest. That was not specifically true as there were still half-jewels and other geisha within Ureshi-sa. Naoji was within him still, though someday soon he would be called to serve Yumi as well.

No, it was more to do with the fact that his child was no longer within the House of Delights. While there were many that could be said to be his sons they were not truly his. There was no frisson along his senses that told him, no whisper from the Darkness that they were kin to one another. With Ryuki that existed and with him gone, Ryuuen was ... something.

Something made worse by the visit of the Sapphire-Jeweled Prince, Iwai no Izayoi. The same one that had been covered in paint by their still unfound attacker. Ryuuen had waved it off at first, not paid attention to it as the Prince had sent along a thank you to Ryuki. It was not entirely out of the ordinary, though perhaps a bit unusual. It was with the Prince delivering something himself and speaking to Ryuuen that he had nearly lost his temper.

Ryuki's response to the entire thing was not helping either. Ryuuen knew part of it was that he was being protective--more than overly so--but the other part of it was that he knew the Prince wished to court Ryuki and that could go so poorly in so many ways. (Poorly was also an understatement.) Several of which that could lead to Ryuki being hurt and none of that was acceptable.

Yet he had to trust that Ryuki would handle it. Believe the Izayoi Prince when he said that if he was rebuked he would leave Ryuki alone. To push those thoughts away, to keep himself from simply doing something, Ryuuen pushed his focus to Zhihao and the recent affairs of the Territory Court. Things were tense, he knew, but everything was finally coming together. (Even if not in the way that was expected.)

Eventually, he knew, Zhihao and himself would have more than just stolen nights together. In the back of his mind, he thought about Hinata retired--finally!!--and the three of them looking after Yumi as she ruled the Kagen. It was a wistful dream that took off the edge of his ire. Waiting for his lover was something he never minded, though this night he was burning off the excess energy by going through the forms that he taught the geisha in the training yard. The half-jewels had already gone to bed, Naoji himself likely soon to retire, and the other geisha within the building were out for the evening.

It was a quiet night. Ryuuen wished he could enjoy it. As soon as he sensed Zhihao closer, not so far away, then he could. Until then he moved across the empty training yard, moving in such a way that it was no surprise that he had been picked as a Dagger. Even if he was slower now than he had been so many years ago.