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Author Topic: From up the mountain, down to the river  (Read 82 times)

Description: Lung-tan

Offline Seung Corro

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From up the mountain, down to the river
« on: Jan 27, 19, 03:33:32 AM »
When Seung first arrived in Tacea, the monasteries had been established for some fifteen generations, but the name of their progenitor, the monk who'd established them, had not yet been forgotten. Then, the monasteries were a place of mystery, whispered about politely behind fans. Few people knew any male that had chosen to go up the mountain 'to live among the clouds,' let alone ever saw a monk. As all things, the population of those mountain fastnesses had waxed and waned, never higher than after wars, never lower than during long periods of peace. With a war so recently over, another one lurking just out of view, the population of the monasteries, the number of males it commanded and contained, would be on the rise. Once or twice, he had been one of those males, seeking out the solace of solitude and hard work... but the last time was a hundred years ago now, just before he met Myung-Hye's mother.

Accordingly, the Abbot of the mountain monasteries was not a man to summon wantonly to the Starred City. He felt uniquely qualified to understand the pressures of the position, having been close to an abbot or two in his time. Had he a need less severe than the one he already knew, if he didn't hold the position he did, he would have abstained. The Abbot did come down the mountains to Ito every so often, when a Priestess or Healer willing to serve was required for one of the temples. Goryu-an, maybe, or Zazen-ji, the major temples, did maintain a Healer's house. Such Healers were always... popular women.

The mountain monks maintained their isolation in the high ranges where no one was able to live, swore to give up earthly life and political concerns in favor of service to Mother Night. Seung was loathe to ask them to come down into the mess of the inheritance of the Dragon Throne. At the same time, they did represent a powerful and neutral force, and he would be remiss to leave them out of it entirely. They did boast Priests and a unique view of the Tacea cosmology; the Abbot may know things that Seung was not yet aware of.

So he had written to Lung-tan, the Dragon of the Mountains, requesting--not commanding--his presence in the capital city. 'Though I have no desire to tear you from your meditations, I also feel it would be remiss of me to leave you and yours entirely out of the matter.'

That was what he'd written.

Now what remained was waiting to see if Lung-tan would accept the invitation.

Offline Lung-tan Zazen-ji

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Re: From up the mountain, down to the river
« Reply #1 on: Feb 05, 19, 11:08:37 AM »
”Again.”  The Abbot commanded serenely.

Four Monks slithered forward as one man.  They were learned men, senior brothers selected for the skill and their speed specifically for this demonstration.  If they were smart, and the Dragon of the Mountain knew that they were, their minds were joined, allowing them to move in concert, each with the other.  They understood, as the Abbot did, that they were at a disadvantage despite their greater numbers.  They had to be careful not to get in each other’s way, while Lung-Tan, their Abbot, had no one to worry about save for himself and there was a likely target in every direction, approaching for four cardinal points.  The monks had to move as one man, they had to attack and defend in unison, and unlike most in their situation, they had trained to do so.  One monk alone could be dangerous, but two trained to fight as one, or three, or four?  They were a nearly unstoppable force, a few brigands here and there have learned.

The Abbot met one man directly, choosing the monk in front of him.  There was a subtle rush of air as shields slammed into place in the shape of a V, with Lung-tan safely near the point.  With one flex of Craft, he had denied the four their unity, and engaged only one monk in direct close-quarters hand to hand.  There was a flurry of strikes and footwork, kicks that landed so hard student spectators winced without realizing they were doing so.  There was a sudden pause, as a mistake made by the monk had him caught up in a joint-lock, and then he was suddenly flipped to the earth.  The monk slapped out to absorb the impact of the fall, but the Abbot struck him opened handed direct on the solar plexus, and air exploded from the man in a a loud ‘OOF!’.  The students knew that meant he was down, even without Craft, such a blow could put a combatant down or even kill them.

The Abbot pivoted, and suddenly pushed out the walls of his shields, scattering the three monks, and he leapt forward to the man on his left moving with enough speed to pull a gasp from the youngsters.  Then, a bell sounded, and the monks and the Abbot became perfect still, and then after a moment, bowed to each other.  Lung-Tan turned and gestured, and a boy ran up bearing a message with a recognizable seal.  At a glance, it was easy for the Abbot to see why his class had been interrupted.  He gestured for one of the senior monk to take over, and then moved over to the side, kneeling on the grass to read his message.  He read the message twice.  He had traveled on more than one occasion, in part to check on his charge, Kei, from time to time, but this was a very different set of circumstances.  He rose to his feet, and summoned the senior monks to him.  There was no chance that he would refuse.  He was the Abbot, and while the monastery would not become embroiled in politics, it would be foolish to pretend they were not a part of the greater world of Tacea. 

The Dragon came down out of the mountains.  He was dressed plainly, with a simple sack over his shoulder, and a walking stick in one hand.  He would check the temples, and see if there were any priestesses interested in returning with him, when he did return, barring that he would take communion in their presence.  He could use such a moment of peace after his journey.  As it was, he had come to the residence of the Regent, and declared himself to the household guard.  ”Lung-tan of Zazen-ji has come at the request of Prince Corro, please inform him of my presence.”  He showed the guard the message he had been given, and then closed his eyes to patiently wait for the Prince or one of his immediate subordinates.  The Abbot was perfectly still, but the guard shifted slightly where they stood, the presence of the elder monk affecting their subconscious in a way that put them slightly on edge.