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Author Topic: With wolves as heroes, men as foes  (Read 1877 times)

Description: WIP; Kagen Court & Clan Tracker

Offline Yumi no Kagen

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With wolves as heroes, men as foes
« on: Mar 12, 19, 03:15:01 AM »

The Kagen Clan is in the throes of change. Naruko no Kagen, their previous Clan Queen, was slaughtered in the Territory Court massacre of 193. In her place sits Yumi no Kagen, a Light-Jeweled Queen just past her Offering. Yumi was no one's first choice (save her grandmother's) but in the absence of Naruko's preferred heiress, Toyani, they had no choice but to accept the Lighter Queen. The Clan chafes beneath her guidance, especially as she acts against Naruko's established edicts and seems to favor the minority tribes. As Hinata assists the Interregnum, Yumi must contend with a Court that doesn't want her, the aftermath of the volcanoes just south of her most fertile lands, and a sudden deluge of ten thousand refugees in a land that was already strained. Such a situation would strain anyone... but faced with a Court that demands the right to establish a Kagen dynasty on the Dragon Throne and a Province in turmoil, Yumi finds herself pushed to the edge. The question becomes: what will the Kagen do to see her gone? What will she do to hold on to her throne?

Futaba Sato
Rose witch
Shuji Ii
Vassal Representative
Opal Warlord Prince

A Kagen character's branch status is determined by their distance from a ruling Queen of the Kagen Clan. Siblings of a ruling Queen are main branch, but their children are first branch. Second-branch members of the Kagen family don't pass on the Kagen surname, even if they're female. A grandchild of a dowager Kagen Queen, who is not a sister of a ruling Kagen Queen herself, cannot pass down the name without marrying a cousin with a higher branch status. A first branch member can pass down the name, and if they bear a Queen daughter and that Queen becomes the Queen of the Clan, that first branch member becomes a main branch member. In this way, branch status is very fluid.
Hinata no Kagen
Clan Matriarch
Summer Sky Queen
Aimi no Kagen
Green Black Widow
Eri no Kagen
Died (172)
Blood female
Yumi no Kagen
Clan Queen
Rose Queen

Shiro no Kagen
Crime Lord
Blood Opal Warlord Prince
Mayu no Kagen
Court of Lesser Caecian
White to Rose Priestess
Akira no Kagen
Court of Lesser Caecian
Rose Warlord
Hideto no Kagen
Yuki's Daggers
Opal Priest Warlord Prince
Toyani no Kagen
Queen of Lesser Caecian
Red Queen
Shin no Kagen
Died in 193 massacre
Red Warlord
Ryoko no Kagen
Kagen Healer
Green Healer
Jiro no Kagen
Clan Escort
Blood male
Katsu no Kagen
Clan Escort
Tiger Eye Prince
Kazuko no Kagen
Kagen Priestess
Summer Sky Priestess

Isamu no Kagen
Officer, Territory Guard
Summer Sky Warlord Prince
Shion no Kagen
Purple Dusk Black Widow
Emiko no Kagen
Died in 193 massacre
Purple Dusk Priestess
Mei no Kagen
Opal Black Widow
Daichi no Kagen
Tiger Eye Warlord
Takahiro no Kagen
Opal Warlord Prince
Koya no Kagen
Rose Warlord

Ryuuen Kirijo
Otou-san, Ureshi-sa
Opal Warlord Prince
Zhihao An
Territory Court Spymaster
Summer Sky Prince
Naoji Kirijo
Green Warlord

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