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Author Topic: Fine Till You Came Along...  (Read 975 times)

Description: The story of Vance Stonehill and Rhiannon Devine

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Fine Till You Came Along...
« on: Mar 24, 12, 03:36:52 AM »
Fine Till You Came Along...
Dharo, Kaeleer

Rhiannon Devine, Opal to broken Red Hearth witch
Vance Stonehill, Summer Sky to Green Warlord

Waiting is Worse than Knowing - Thread of the Month, January 2012
Vance Stonehill - Character of the Month, February 2012

Rheava Evesham's Spy Master and her Master of the Guard have had a long standing working relationship in which they have looked at the other with respect and admiration. Unbeknownst to the the other, strong feelings began to develop on both sides, but neither were willing to say anything. Vance Stonehill, having been scarred and disfigured in Rheava's breaking and deposing, believes strongly that his days of being welcome in a woman's bed are long behind him. Rhiannon Devine has spent the years since her own breaking fiercely dedicated to her own work and never taking the time or interest in dating or courting. Her inexperience and intense focus on her job lead her to believe a man of Vance's position would never take interest in a woman like her.

These misunderstandings lead to some horrible miscommunications when Vance asks Rhiannon to take on the very dangerous job of getting close to Dirk Ryder in order to attempt to gain information that could link him to the murders that have occurred at Court. It is not until Vance is giving her this assignment and she shows him her signal that he realizes how intense his feelings for her are. When she comes to him, after having slept with Dirk the night of Logain Morr's welcome dinner, they fight and have a tragic miscommunication.

It is not until Vance returns from a trip with his Queen and Rhiannon seeks him out in order to ask him to stop interfering with her work that she discovers the truth about his feelings for her. They share a brief moment of passion before he must send her back to her life and her job, where everyone believes her to be the beloved darling of Dirk Ryder.

Now, Rhiannon and Vance must attempt to navigate further miscommunications and private meetings while keeping their feelings for each other a secret from everyone or risk endangering both of their lives. Vance struggles with the amount of secrets Rhiannon must carry as the Spy Master, as well as having to watch her in another man's embrace. Rhiannon doesn't understand the way Vance seems to push her away. Their feelings for each other run deep, but whether that will be enough remains to be seen.     


Politics and Pinot Noir ft. Rhiannon Devine, Vance Stonehill, Maclan Essex, Logain Morr, Seren Devine, Dirk Ryder, Alora Kent, Rheava Evesham, Faerin Ganitt, and Brine Peril
Logain Morr's official welcome dinner is rife with jealousy and deception as the Court of Dharo hosts the new Warlord Prince of Little Terreille and his entourage. Vance is forced to watch as Rhiannon begins the process of getting close to Dirk and is struck with fierce jealousy.

Aftermath at the Breakfast Buffet ft Alora Kent, Vance Stonehill, Maclan Essex, Rhiannon Devine,  Rheava Evesham, Seren Devine, and Dirk Ryder
Emotions run dangerously high as the Court of Dharo deals with the fall out from the night before. Dirk Ryder's amorous attentions towards Rhiannon are too much for Vance, and when he sees Dirk paying careful attention to the bruises he knows he caused, he very suddenly leaves the room. 

Flowers Beneath the Snow with Vance Stonehill
Rhiannon meets Vance at the Sparrow to tell him that she has decided to end the assignment with Dirk Ryder.


Quiet at the break of dawn ft. Rhiannon Devine and Vance Stonehill
Rhiannon and Vance meet secretly at the stables in order for him to assign her an extremely dangerous job: get close to Dirk Ryder. For the first time, there seems to be something more between them than just their working relationship, but they are both blind to it.

Waiting is Worse than Knowing ft. Rhiannon Devine and Vance Stonehill
Rhiannon comes to Vance after her first assignment with Dirk Ryder. Her emotional state leads to a series of miscommunications between the Spy Master and the Master of the Guard as Rhiannon and Vance attempt to navigate the firm belief that the other could never possibly want someone like them.

Queens, Knights, and Pawns ft. Vance Stonehill and Rheava Evesham
Vance seeks out his Queen to both report about the night before and request that all future reports from Rhiannon go directly to the Queen herself as he does not feel he handled himself well with the Spy Master the night before. Rheava attempts to connect with her Master of the Guard, which only causes him to become more sure of his feelings for Rhiannon, and more certain that she does not return them. 

Shards of the Morning After ft Rhiannon Devine and Rheava Evesham
Rhiannon is summoned to her Queen and assumes she wants to discuss her mission concerning Dirk Ryder. She is surprised to find out she wants to discuss what happened the night before with Vance Stonehill, instead. She finds herself frustrated and confused by Rheava's questioning of her and her interactions with Vance.

Hitching Wagons to Blind Horses ft. Rhiannon Devine and Vance Stonehill
Rhiannon's effort to confront Vance about interfering with her work takes an unexpected turn when the two fight and in his frustration, he tells her to read him in an effort to understand him better. This leads to her discovery that her feelings for him are mutual and not one sided as she had thought and reveals the truth about the misunderstandings they had the night of the welcome dinner for Logain Morr. The joy of this discovery is cut short by the realization that they must go back to their lives pretending as if they are only acquaintances who serve in the same Court while Rhiannon continues her mission with Dirk Ryder.

Do We Not Live In Dreams? ft. Rhiannon Devine and Vance Stonehill
Vance bursts into Rhiannon's rooms in the middle of the night believing she is under attack, only to find that she is suffering instead from a nightmare. They attempt to take advantage of the time alone together to talk, but it is a struggle for them to connect and communicate.
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