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Title: The Fallen Queen & The Tortured Prince
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The Fallen Queen & The Tortured Prince
Dharo, Kaeleer

Alora Kent, Summer sky to Opal Queen
Dirk Ryder, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince

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Alora Kent was a ward of the Court of Dharo at the time she began her acquaintance with Dirk Ryder. He was a bad boy and captured her attention and infatuation. Dirk aided his cousin Savenna in setting up the Queen of Dharo, Rheava Evesham, and then manipulated Alora into banging the final nail into Rheava's coffin and had her deposed as Queen of Dharo. Alora was quickly raised into that position herself and made Dirk her Consort; but she was nothing more than a puppet for Dirk and Savenna Ryder.

Alora continued to rule Dharo with their influence until the day, several years later, when Rheava Evesham turned back up with evidence that she had been framed. With this revelation, and combined with discovering she was pregnant, Alora wanted out of her situation with Dirk and Rheava helped her escape to hide in obscurity and raise her daughter far away from the father.

For nearly eight years Dirk searched high and low for Alora, the lost love of his life, until he finally gave up and returned to Coventry and Court to create chaos in Rheava's Court. Rheava has been unable to officially pin the murders of several members of her Court on Dirk and knows the political repercussions of throwing him out of her sphere of influence and Court. Alora returned to Court after hearing of Rheava's troubles and guessing that Dirk was behind them.

Since her return Alora and Dirk have confronted one another and danced around the truth; that they are still in love but circumstances keep them apart.

I'm All You've Got (,1450.0.html) (featuring Dirk & Alora)
- After Dirk's plan gets Alora successfully kicked out (and banished) from Rheava's Court he finds her in a well kept, but cheap, boarding house and confronts her. She charges him with having drugged her in order to get her into his bed and he denies the allegation. It is another spar of wits and passion with them as Alora attempts to get him to tell the truth and he, in turn, tries to get Alora to admit her true feelings for him.

The Return of a Queen (,252.0.html) (featuring Dirk & Alora)
- Alora Kent returns to Court and faces her old Consort, Dirk Ryder, upon entry. They spar wits and exude extreme sexual tension before Alora reaches the Queen's office. She makes it clear that she is here to neutralize him.

Our Fate's Already Sealed (,574.0.html) (featuring Dirk & Alora)
- Dirk transcribes his true emotions and feelings for Alora on parchment and delivers the letter to her room. In it he offers to run away with her and leave this all behind and explains that he is madly in love with her and has been for a long time. Alora finds the letter and accuses him of writing it in an effort to manipulate her. They spar wits, share sexual tension and leave with their emotions unresolved.