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Author Topic: Eddersea: The Sleeping Queen  (Read 1079 times)

Description: This is what happens when you have an excess of Queens.

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Eddersea: The Sleeping Queen
« on: May 05, 15, 02:58:35 PM »
Eddersea: The Sleeping Queen
Dea al Mon, Kaeleer

Dea al Mon is rich in much: Lush forests, the power of the Blood, resources, and Queens. An unusual number of girl children are born into the Queen caste, with a drive to rule. However, the territory is also closed. With no where for the Queens to go, they vie for any chance they can find to rule. Even the smallest village seats have much competition.

Allure Alindolea and Dulcimer Estinaria were popular young queens in the days after they made their offerings. Both charming, each gifted in her own unique way, they were immediate rivals. While no formal courts form around Queens who have no formal rule, informal courts -- clusters of adoring males, many of them young and eager to prove themselves -- cropped up around them. Neither of them discouraged the rivalries between their males.

One day, those rivalries ended in bloodshed. Allure was present, and her male, Falconer, died in the scuffle. Her "court" was dissolved, her males banished -- and Dulcimer went on to rule Eddersea.

It's been more than 20 years, and Allure has served Dulcimer's court faithfully. Now, the District Queen has secretly fallen into an unwakeable sleep. Her court is scurrying to cover up their Lady's absence, her daughter is handling her responsibilities on the sly...

And those responsible are waiting for a chance to see the court fall, so a new one may rise in its place.

Welcome to Eddersea.

Dulcimer Estinaria: NPC. Controlled by Nicole. Queen of Eddersea. Unbeknownst to all but her daughter, triangle, seer and those responsible, Dulcimer has fallen into a some kind of deep sleep and shows no signs of waking. With seats of power rare, as well as high positions in courts rare, her triangle is attempting to cover up her absence.

Epiphany Estinaria: Played by Phedre. Opal birthright Queen. Daughter of Dulcimer Estinaria. with her mother fallen, she is doing her best to fulfill those responsibilities on the sly.

Savior Caranthir: Played by Nicole. Summer Sky to Blood Opal Warlord Prince. Consort to Dulcimer. Savior has served Dulcimer for seven years, and feigns a bond to her. In reality, he is bonded to her daughter, but he has denied this to the young queen. He would like to see Ephiphany proceed with her Virgin Night and Offering, so should Dulcimer's condition become obviously permanent, she could be offered as a viable replacement.

Fulcrum Nalltaur: Played by Astarte. Purple Dusk to Green Prince. Steward of Eddersea. Many believe he is having a fling with Dulcimer. This rumor has been perpetuated to explain the Queen's brief appearances at public events, absences in the evenings.

Baelfire Elendhen: Played by phinn. Green to Gray Warlord. Master of the Guard for Eddersea. Baelfire -- calm, practical and meticulous -- has been instrumental in keeping the court running in the absence of Dulcimer.

Allure Alindolea: Played by Nicole. Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Queen. Fifth Circle and recently tapped to tutor Epiphany in handling males. Allure is the longtime rival of Dulcimer. They had their offerings at about the same time. As very young Queens in Eddersea, they both showed great potential and attracted a number of males. While neither could create a formal court, they both had something of unofficial courts going. A fight broke out between Dulcimer's male Osprey and Allure's, Falconer. Allure was present, but Dulci was not. So, when Falconer died, much of the responsibility was laid at Allure's feet, as she failed to leash his temper and allowed the tiff to escalate. Her males were ordered to disperse and were banished from Eddersea. Allure remained, and when Dulcimer took the District seat, she joined the court, serving in the Fifth Circle. Known to only two other people, Allure had her sister Rapture create a poison to plunge Dulcimer into a sleep that will end only if she provides the antidote to the poison. Her hope is that the cover-up will cost Dulcimer the district seat, and give her a chance to rule.

Rapture Alindolea: Played by Leann. Purple Dusk to Sapphire Black Widow. Sister to Allure, she is one of the most powerful Black Widows in Dea al Mon. She has ties to the territory court, and she concocted the spell that plunged Dulcimer into her unending sleep.

Ranseur Ecthelion: Played by Dany. Summer Sky to Opal Warlord Prince. Brother-in-law and lover to widower Voulge Ecthelion, bonded to Allure Alindolea, Ranseur was among those males banished from Eddersea until recently.

Voulge Echthelion: Played by Dani. Summer Sky to Blood Opal Warlord. Widower, husband to deceased Verdant Ecthelion, and father to Kalis Ecthelion. Voulge has recently confessed his long-standing feelings for Ranseur Ecthelion. As the two of them grow closer, so do the forces that threaten to tear them apart.

Aeonian Thrainsson: Played by Dani. Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Queen. Exquisitely beautiful and accomplished, especially in her skill with the land, she has come to Eddersea to tutor Epiphany Estinaria in giving her Queen's Gift to the land -- a position arranged by Baelfire Ecthelion. She was a former tutor to Allure and has two young children now. Her husband, Cyclone, recently discovered his Queen: Allure.

Squall Thrainsson.Played by Caryn. Purple Dusk Warlord Prince. A young man on the border between adolescence and adulthood, he is adjusting to life in Eddersea where his mother has taken an appointment. The course of his life stands to change completely when he meets Epiphany Estinaria.

Kalis Ecthelion: Played by Dany. Purple Dusk to Green healer. Daughter to Voulge Ecthelion, she has endured the death of her mother and two siblings. She has kept her father in one piece for years. Now, she has her uncle living with them, and must help her father and Ranseur adjust to their new relationship. She is also pursuing a relationship with Deluge Vapeiros.

Deluge Vapeiros. Played by Caryn. Yellow to Rose Witch. A respected Master Shieldwoman in the Red Cloaks, Deluge showcases the strength and ferocity of the Dea al Mon. She has recently made the acquaintance of both Ranseur and Kalis Ecthelion, and is becoming increasingly involved with the family.

Rhapsody Taemryn: Played by Dana. Summer Sky to Opal Queen. Queen of Devinos Province, Eddersea is one of the districts in her purview. Many don't want her to find out what's happening with Dulcimer Estinaria, and more curry her favor in hopes of one day supplanting her.

Claymore Amondir: Played by Nicole. Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord. Master Chief in the Ebon Guard, he reports to Falx Rathilion, taking many of the Queen's Spear's former duties. He is a sometimes escort to Allure Alindolea and friend to Saffron Galoneth.

Falx Rothilion: Played by Dany. A colonel in the Ebon Guard, Falx is the former commander and former lover of Ranseur Ecthelion. He considered the Warlord Prince to be his Spear, and an important weapon in the war against the Brood and the Waste. He is close to Seraphim Caranthir, Lady Sanguine of the Red Cloaks, and the architect of various secret operations against the biggest threats to Dea al Mon.

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Allure Alindolea. Character of the Month April 2015.

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Secrets Between Sisters. Allure and Rapture. Allure tests on herself the poison Rapture made that they plan to slip to Dulcimer...and they get a hint of what kind of torment Dulcimer might be experiencing while she sleeps.

A Lie Told Often Enough... Epiphany and Savior. FLASHBACK: Savior has denied to his very young Queen that they are bonded, saying that it's only her inexperience that makes her think it's so. He is lying to keep his promise to her mother, that he will let others think he is bonded to her for as long as he is her Consort. Savior thinks he's securing a better future for himself and his Queen when she comes of age. Epiphany is hurt and confused that what she feels is so clear, and yet he denies it. She comes to him to confront him once more about the nature of their bond, and if it exists at all.

Breathing in the Night. Allure and Baelfire. The nature of the relationship between Baelfire and Allure is revealed. Baelfire suggests Allure come to the Eddersea court to tutor Ephiphany, the promising young Queen.

Using Your Heart Because Mine Won't Start. Aeonian and Baelfire. Baelfire invites Aeonian to Eddersea District court to tutor Epiphany in harnessing her Queen's Gift to its best advantage.

Searching for an Old Weapon, Finding it Still Sharp. Allure and Ranseur. Allure makes a trip to Nieste, and happens to run into Ranseur, a Warlord Prince bonded to her. One of the males ordered to disperse, he was also cousin to her male who was killed. Ranseur has not forgiven Allure for the death of the man who was a brother to her. He forces open her mind and floods it with two and a half decades of unresolved pain and anger. Ultimately, she gets control of his leash. They come to an uneasy peace, and he determines he will return to Eddersea.

Discord and Discomfort. Ranseur and Voulge. CONTENT WARNING: Sex. Allure is not the only reason Ranseur wants to be in Eddersea. He reunites with Voulge, a widower who was married to Ranseur's deceased sister. They confess their long suppressed feelings for each other...and act on them.

Hammer Meet Nail. Baelfire and Ranseur. Ranseur goes to the District Court to inform the Steward that the Ebon Guard is transferring him to Eddersea. Having been banished, he is compelled to inform the court. Baelfire, Master of the Guard, intercepts him instead. Baelfire expresses his concern that a banished Warlord Prince is returning. Ranseur is unapologetic, saying that he's more than paid any debt he owed. He also manages to imply that Allure summoned him there (debatable) and that he's banging her (He's not. He's just bad at metaphors). Suffice it to say, the men do not become fast friends.

You're in my Veins. Allure and Baelfire. CONTENT WARNING: Sex. Immediately after Ranseur leaves Baelfire -- having brought the news that he has returned to Eddersea and Allure is responsible, Baelfire summons his Queen. He is not at all pleased with her. She tries to make him understand. In turn, Baelfire tries to make her understand just how it feels for him to pretend that she doesn't belong to him.

Everyone I Know Goes Away in the End. Ranseur and Voulge. CONTENT WARNING: Graphic sexual violence. Violence. Ranseur and Voulge are the targets of mean-spirited gossip. Ranseur reveals to Voulge what he was doing in the guard: In Kessell, he was charged with killing anyone with the Waste, including young children.

Trust me. I sometimes dress like a healer. Deluge and Kalis. Deluge thinks she doesn't require a Healer's help. Kalis lets her know just how wrong she is. Somewhere in there, a spark ignites.

Living Beyond Our Years. Aeonian and Allure. Epiphany's two tutors meet to catch up and discuss the young pupil. Allure is introduced to Aeonian's daughter, and also to her husband, Cyclone. Cyclone and Allure feel the bond between them immediately.

We Hurt Each Other and We'll Do It Again. Allure and Ranseur. Not a good week for Allure getting along with her males. For the first time since Ranseur's confrontation with Baelfire, followed by Allure's confrontation with Baelfire, Allure has a chance to speak with Ranseur. Ranseur is in no frame of mind to accept criticism from his Queen about what he saw as simply carrying out his duty.

The Trick of It Is, Don't Be Afraid Anymore. Kalis and Voulge. Father and daughter deal with his addiction and his demons.

Old Faces in New Places. Dawn and Squall. Squall Thrainsson and Dawn Valdis try to stay out of trouble.

This ain't no place for no hero. Dawn and Fulcrum. Fulcrum invites Dawn to live at Eddersea.

Redemption's Waltz. The Eddersea Court and Affiliates. A mess of a massive party to honor Epiphany's new tutors. Epiphany must impersonate her mother. The Triangle is annoyed at the elaborate plans necessary for a party it never wanted. Allure, Voulge, Kalis and Ranseur endure the most awkward carriage ride in history. All of the awkwardness and angst that a single District could possibly hold...all in one party. It takes a twist when Allure is slipped a web that prevents healing and is then stabbed bringing the party to a halt as her life is endangered. Kalis, with an assist from Ranseur and Baelfire, manages to save the Queen's life.

On the Heels of a Dervish. Ranseur and Baelfire. Ranseur Ecthelion and Baelfire Elenden trade barbs over who is to blame for the attempt on Allure's life.

Where Angels Fear to Tread.Voulge and Kalis.Voulge has a discussion with his daughter Kalis about steering clear of Falx Rothilion, who hit on her at the party where Allure was stabbed.

I want to shelter you. Savior and Epiphany. Savior whisks Epiphany, who is disguised as her mother, to safety in the aftermath of the stabbing.

You Did Not Break Me. Allure and Ranseur. Allure wakes up, and asks to speak with her Spear. She advises Ranseur that he must make peace with himself. The Warlord Prince longs to serve his Queen, the man longs to serve Voulge. The distraction has proven to be a dangerous one.

Gura mise tha fo eislean. Fulcrum and Baelfire. Baelfire and Fulcrum question Canyon, the young porter who stabbed Allure. It seems clear that the young man was under the influence of a spell that compelled him to act, and he has no recollection of who might have done it or how. They call in Seraphim Caranthir, Lady Sanguine, to help unravel the mystery.

Nothing Goes as Planned. Baelfire and Allure. Baelfire visits Allure not long after she's awoken from her attack, and the pair contemplate if their ruse is, in the end, worth it.

I'll Follow You Into the Dark. Ransuer and Voulge. In the aftermath of Ranseur's Queen being stabbed, Ranseur and Voulge go home to rest. They end up starting to argue, but end up agreeing that they should get married.

For a love half given. Fulcrum and Ranseur. Fulcrum questions Ranseur about his knowledge of the night Allure was stabbed, and who might want to do such a thing.

Words, Wars and Symphonies. Seraphim, Fulcrum, Baelfire and Savior. Lady Sanguine arrives to conduct her own investigation into the attempt on Allure Alindolea's life, beginning with Eddersea's triangle.

Chaos and Calculation. Seraphim and Falx. Lady Sanguine invites Falx Rothilion to weigh in on her Eddersea investigation.