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The capital has been destroyed, replaced with the spewing ash and liquid lava of Shalador’s Eldest Sister. The surviving factions and Clans scramble for a new leader and a way to save the jungle Territory from the remaining volcanoes. The Black Widows, long held at arm’s length, have stepped up to guide, by force or willingly, the Territory towards salvation.
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Author Topic: The Tribeless  (Read 1513 times)

Description: How the least honoured in the land live.

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The Tribeless
« on: Jan 25, 14, 02:52:08 PM »
The Tribeless

The Tribeless are made up largely of immigrants in the process of being matched with a Tribe or Shaladorian natives who have chosen to change their Tribe. There is also however a large percentage of the Tribeless who simply refuse to join tribes and become full fledged citizens and Shaladorians. Another large portion making up the Tribeless are those who have been stripped of their Tribal name and binds as punishment for crimes.

There are a very, very few among them whom have chosen to renounce their Tribe of birth and not join a second, doing so is essentially placing yourself in a place of less social worth and respect than a toddler. 

The Tribeless are non-citizens and most importantly, not considered to be Shaladorian, persons whom are promised sanctuary and safety in the Territory's forests and little else. To Shaladorian eyes anyone whom moves to the Forest and forsakes their family name for that of a Tribe's

Their rights and liberties are severely restricted.  Most of the jobs and work allowed to the Tribeless take place in the Territory's gold, silver, onyx and gem mines or in the camps of the Tribeless themselves.  The conditions are less than idea, the work is hard, an the pay like all the other jobs described here is less than ideal. Other sorts of jobs legally allowed to the Tribeless are duties that are considered unsavoury for the honourable.

These unfit for the hardworking, Shaladorian Tribes people careers include assassins, handling and disposal of blood, Landen, and animal corpses not fit or allowed to have a decent burial. This includes those denied it due to punishment, and those bodies too riddled with disease or poisons to be safe to bury naturally. 

Human waste management and clean up is another career available to the Tribeless. They maintain the advanced plumbing systems available in Shalador's major cities, as well as travelling to the homesteads of Tribes and maintaining their more primitive facilities of that nature.

Even those who are only part of the Tribeless as part of a transition in becoming part of a Tribe are treated with suspicion and distrust. This lasts for as long as  they're in limbo  and members of this least honourable of social class.

The Tribeless may also find legal employ within Red Moon houses and as escorts of a lesser quality if they can not find employ within a proper house. However, this type of sex work is only found in the major cities and the mining camps. Tribeless may even work in Red Moon houses  outside of the four Great Temple cities, though they may not leave their home's grounds without an escort. Furthermore where they are allowed to go without escort in areas controlled by the Tribes is very limited.

Tribeless may only legally live within the mining camps, the four Great Temple cities, and Red Moon houses. They may also live as untrusted migrant workers doing only the most unsavoury and and dishourable of jobs no proud Tribeswoman or man would undertake. Even then they may only lay their head in the same space so long as their work is unfinished. As soon as their job is done they must move on, no matter the season or danger, or risk the wrath of the Tribe in which domain they rest.

The Tribes want nothing direct to do with those who refuse, or are forbidden, to serve Queen and Land with pride and honour.