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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Shalador

The capital has been destroyed, replaced with the spewing ash and liquid lava of Shalador’s Eldest Sister. The surviving factions and Clans scramble for a new leader and a way to save the jungle Territory from the remaining volcanoes. The Black Widows, long held at arm’s length, have stepped up to guide, by force or willingly, the Territory towards salvation.
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Author Topic: Petition of Shalador  (Read 2471 times)

Description: For reference purposes (By Dani)

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Petition of Shalador
« on: Jan 26, 18, 09:20:13 AM »
This inheritance petition is in its original form and should be used as a reference for anything missing from current articles.

Character's Name: Izel Itza
Character's Caste: Black Widow
Character's Jewels: Green - Gray

Territory Plot:

It was the year 128 PP and in Shalador, a Priestess Queen walked away with a Red Birthright, setting her destiny to that of a living legend. A woman with Eyrien blood, she was untamed, passionate, and free. And in the 15th year of her life, that freedom was taken from her.

Erisian Maboya spent 50 years trapped in the Salt Mines of Pruul. Saiph al-Kaid, the proclaimed Mother of Pruul, released the Priestess Queen and her ragtag Court in the year 187 PP, exactly 51 years since the Queen had been hidden away beneath the hot sun and sands of Pruul. The release of the Priestess Queen shook the Realms, walking out of the sands with the Black and an informal Court of half crazed men and women, Erisian’s legend had begun.

And a very Mad legend it would be.

The time in the Mines was hard on the Queen. Her mind was damaged, making the Queen a dangerous friend in the best of times. Stripped was the formal Queen that Shalador had hoped for and replaced was a Queen half feral and wild. Though Pruul owed the Queen a great debt, her heart lay in Shalador. Once recovered enough to travel, the Queen and her informal Court returned to the forest Territory.

Home in Shalador the best Mind Healer worked doggedly on Erisian and her Court. There the Felidae, warrior Black Widows, and the Blinded Vigil, men who learn the arts of the Black Widow and pay the tradition imposed cost of their sight, had begun to speak of a great darkness coming. Dark days were foretold on the horizon.

It took years but the Mad Queen slowly found herself less Mad. Nothing could return Erisian to the girl she was at 15, but she became an impassioned Priestess Queen, ready to rule. With the close assistance of her Priestess sister Rian, Erisian has been the ruler of Shalador for two years. Still, unrest grew in the tribes and Courts, the talk of war between the Clans. The times were trying, but they were not impossible. No, what came next set the true challenge for Shalador.

Succession Plan:

The Burning Sisters have awoken in a shower of fire and smoke. The ancient volcanoes of Shalador, the destructive siblings first told about in the myths of Shal, no longer slumber silently. First only a shudder shook Aztlan, the mountain beside it beseeching its residences to heed warning. It was the first and final warning.

As foreseen by the Blinded Vigil, the time of the Darkest Day had arrived. Plumes of smoke rose from the volcano at the heart of Shalador. The sky darkened until it is almost as though night has fallen to the Territory. Not even the screams of the men and women who strove to flee the jettisons of lava could overpower the thunderous crack from the Eldest Sister that had erupted just minutes to the north of the holiest city in Shalador.

They said that the Mad Queen and her Court gathered and marched bravely, without fear or hesitation, towards the thundering, spewing mountain. Erisian Maboya and her Court braved the Eldest Sister to save her people, to stop the mountain. When the Black Queen and her Court never returned, then chaos truly descended upon the Territory. The Black Queen and her Court were assumed lost to the rage of the Eldest Burning Sister and a vacuum of power was left in her wake.

Still the Eldest Sister spilled her black plumes into the night, a testament to the power of the volcano and how even the Black Queen could not stop the volcano. Aztlan, the capital of Shalador, was destroyed. It was consumed by the fiery weeping of the Eldest SIster. Nearly all escaped but with little more than the barest of possessions.

The new heart of Shalador has become Tikal, a city on Clan Coyotl lands. Tikal was seen as the best choice and one of the nearest cities to dead Aztlan. Now as the city grows, temporary structures are being built by those flocking to the city to try to influence the decision makers, tensions rise with even the Coyotl Clan. During the day a dark shadow of soot and ash hangs over the city, a reminder that the Eldest Sister has not fallen silent.

Still chaos grows. The less principled steal and attempt to flee east, out of Shalador. Clans fight among themselves; they argue about food, safety, and where to flee if the next volcano awakens. Courts struggle to maintain peace as Clans openly battle one another for the resources they believe they will need to feed their people. Dark omens haunt the Territory, even the farmers expressing fears that there may be little to no harvest if the skies darken any further. Nearest the Eldest Sister, even breathing becomes a struggle as ash fills the air. Everywhere one turns is a reminder that the Darkest Days have come.

The Blinded Vigil have foreseen that the other sisters are waking from their slumber. Already the ground shakes elsewhere in Shalador as the Middle and Youngest sister toss in their sleep and start to try and answer the Eldest Sister. The seers of the Blinded Vigil say time is running out.

Without Rian or Erisian to guide the Territory, the Clans infighting has erupted into deadly skirmishes that promise to lead to a full out war. Factions of tribes proclaim to know how to quiet the Burning Sisters. None truly know the full truth though. The Council of Seven convened in an attempt to find a peace that could unite the tribes against the greatest threat facing Shalador in Centuries.

The Council of Seven was assassinated at the sacred location in which they gathered. The Blinded Vigil had seen disaster if the Seven were brought together, so only six were there that night, one of the Seven listening to the wisdom of the Blinded Vigil. The other six were desperate, willing to risk their lives for the unification of Shalador. Not even the Blinded Vigil knew the extent of the disaster that would befall the Council. Now, one of the Elders of the Council remains, the sole voice of once powerful leaders.

Without the full Council of Seven to lead the Felidae or Blinded Vigil, their leaders went to the Coven. None had the foresight to lead Shalador, no Clan and no Queen. It had to be the only women and men in Shalador who had the foresight of seeing potential futures. It had to be the Black Widows.

Between the Felidae, the Coven and the Blinded Vigil, they named themselves the Guardians of Shalador and assumed control of the Territory. The leader of each faction was made the leaders of the Guardians of Shalador along with the only surviving Council of Seven member. Now, a trio of Black Widows and the last remaining member of the Council of Seven lead a whole Territory in the midst of disaster. Though they have sworn themselves to the power only until the disaster has passed, the Clans do not plan to fall in line easily.

Now the Guardians of Shalador must do what the Territory Court could not: They must unite the Clans and find the ancient ways of Shal, the Queen of antiquity who first tamed the Burning Sisters and united Shalador. With the Middle and Younger Sister’s tremors beginning, it is only a matter of time until all of Shalador is within the clutches of the Burning Sisters.

The Blinded Vigil, the best seers in the whole of Shalador, say more than the Burning Sisters await them. They say there shall be rivers of blood and the death of a Queen. They say there shall be a woman, covered in soot, who rises to reclaim the past. They say that a rock, surrounded by water, holds the key to salvation.

There are many words being spoken, but now, Shalador must act. For if the forest folk won’t fall in line and work to save Shalador, it will surely be lost to the Burning Sisters.

Impact on the levels of Territory/Realm:
As the Eldest Sister continues to spew smoke and ash, some of the nearest Territories will begin to notice the haze of smoke in the air. The three nearest Territories, Raej, Dena Nehele, and Askavi, can start to see ash in the air, darkening the sun in some places. Raej and Dena Nehele are closest but barely connected, limiting the area affected. Askavi’s mountains have provided a significant protection from the disruption but it cannot last forever. Worse, when the Eldest Sister shakes most violently, the Winds shudder in response, making riding them a deadly risk, so far the Winds disruption mainly affects Shalador. Though infrequent, if the next volcanoes erupt, the Middle and Youngest Sister, there is no telling how much more dangerous the Winds and ash cloud may become.
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