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The capital has been destroyed, replaced with the spewing ash and liquid lava of Shalador’s Eldest Sister. The surviving factions and Clans scramble for a new leader and a way to save the jungle Territory from the remaining volcanoes. The Black Widows, long held at arm’s length, have stepped up to guide, by force or willingly, the Territory towards salvation.
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Author Topic: You Can Take the Man out of the Mines  (Read 404 times)

Description: tag: Elua

Offline Stilgar Belobog

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You Can Take the Man out of the Mines
« on: Dec 05, 18, 11:16:30 AM »
Fighting came easily to Stilgar, too easily most of the time.  He was not long enough out of the man’s to not have certain things set him off, and he was in many ways too free to respond as he saw fit.  Violence was the easy answer.  He did not pick fights with his Queen’s Shaladoran courtiers, but he did not hesitate to seize the opportunity to have one.  In fact, he perhaps had one too many.  Most of the Shaladorans did not have his years of experience, and he had spent centuries either preparing for battle, or being in battle, before the Mines.  Fighting filled a need, scratched an itch that he had been forced to suppress in the Mines, save when the overseer pitted him against other slaves from time to time.  Stilgar knew that it was not in his best interest, the rest of the crew told him that, but he could hardly help himself.

He had to make a home for himself there in Shalador.  He was not going back to Askavi, he was not leaving his Queen again.  He had made that mistake once, and it had been torturous.  He had been a fool, and he was going to pay for it for however many centuries that Akan would make him.  It did not matter if he could remain part of Eris’ Court.  Stilgar had to find a way to make this work, which meant he had to find a tribe that would accept him, and he had to start being acceptable.  To that end, he had been told to go and see Lady Elua Atli, a Black Widow in his Queens’ First Circle.  She was, he had been told, a gifted Mind Healer.  Stilgar had seen her in Court, and his thoughts regarding her run along far different lines than seeking mental help, at least not in the way if Mind Healing.  He was sure she could be good for his spirit and his body.

Stilgar had been told where to find Elua, and he was headed that way, grumbling to himself.  He had foreseen many things happening to him in Shalador, chief among them, a fight with Akan, but that had not happened—yet.  Being a patient had not been something he had considered, but he realized that it was probably the best way forward.  He growled to himself.  At least the Black Widow poking around his mind would be very easy to look at, which was probably not the best attitude to have going into this thing, but he was at the very least seeking help.  Stilgar arrived at the door to the chambers Lady Atli used to see the Crew, and knocked, ”Lady Atla, I believe you are expecting me, I am Stilgar...”