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The capital has been destroyed, replaced with the spewing ash and liquid lava of Shalador’s Eldest Sister. The surviving factions and Clans scramble for a new leader and a way to save the jungle Territory from the remaining volcanoes. The Black Widows, long held at arm’s length, have stepped up to guide, by force or willingly, the Territory towards salvation.
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Author Topic: Nova Marzena  (Read 4471 times)

Description: Queen. Sapphire to Ebon Gray. Played by Reid.

Offline Nova Marzena

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Nova Marzena
« on: Aug 30, 17, 10:11:16 PM »
    The Basics

    Character Name: Nova Marzena
    Nicknames: She prefers not to have them.
    Age: 27 (b. 168 AP)
    Race: Mixed Heritage (1/2 Shaladoran, 1/2 Eyrien)
    Caste: Queen
    Birth Territory: Shalador
    Home Territory: Shalador

    Birthright Jewel: cut Sapphire
    Offering Jewel: Uncut Ebon Gray

    Play By: Fo Porter
    Distinguishing Features: Her Eyrien ancestry isn't immediately obvious at a glance, but you can see it clearly in the way she stands and carries herself; her green-gold eyes show a constant battlefield readiness, whether that battlefield is in Nayarit's forests and fields or on the Court floor. The auburn shade of her hair comes from her Shaladoran ancestry; the golden-brown shade of her skin from her long-lived side. Too, she has the height traditional to the Eyrien people, standing almost at six foot. Her figure is athletic more than shapely from the hobbies she keeps. She favors clean leather pants and jerkins, though she has been known to wear simply-cut dresses at especially important Court functions. Her golden jewelry is usually limited to a simple pin in the shape of a hunting falcon cupping a chip of her Birthright Sapphire, worn over her left breast; however, during festival days she will be decked out as any other Province Queen should be. Freckles everywhere.


    Nova has been raised to be a warrior Queen, and it shows in all parts of her personality. She is keenly observant, assiduously responsible, obscenely tenacious and terribly level-headed; but the Eyrien example she has been set has led to a stubbornly insecure, increasingly jealous, and unyieldingly restless Queen.

    Being taught from a young age--before even her Birthright Ceremony--about the cycle of life and the tricks of trade involved in hunting, Nova shows remarkable prowess for her age. She tracks prey easily, whether they're animal or human, and has sharp enough ears that it's tremendously hard to take her by surprise. Too, she can recognize emotional cues without being too inconvenienced; where she fails is in knowing what to do with the cues she sees. She knows some of the most obvious little facial tics that give away most petty liars, and because of it is known to be assiduously fair--as long as you don't try to lie to her. The building of irritation is very noticeable, and it's not been unknown for her to send someone away until they've decided to tell her the truth. This ability is not infallible, as a Black Widow's skills would be, but it's fairly accurate for most minor concerns; when faced with bigger matters, she will refer to a Black Widow within her Court. Even a warrior Queen must take intent into consideration when she judges, or so she's been taught.

    Nova takes her responsibility as the law of Nayarit very seriously. She doesn't take well to anyone getting sassy in her territory, and instinctively she wants to get into an offender's face. It can take her a while to sift through her temperamental first instinct, and periods of (awkward) silence are not exactly foreign to her Court. The Eyrien pieces of her personality swarm to the forefront there, but she knows exactly how closely she's being watched by others in the Territory. That close surveillance is resented, and coincidentally the only reason she restrains her more vicious and confrontational impulses. Right now her goal is to "fake it until she makes it", or else just smother out that part of her personality. Usually her slip-ups occur in the form of a raised voice and maybe a shattered window, but her triangle tends to compensate for it by letting her know when she's edging too close to the line between acceptable temper for a Queen and the unacceptable. (Her First Escort tends to elbow her, and then she takes a few minutes' recess to center herself.)

    Justice--not Nova's view of Justice, but the Darkness's--is higher even than her will, and she knows that in order to do justice to the position she's been granted in her home Territory at such a young age she has to be completely perfect: No slip-ups, no girlish antics. This is possible only from her tenacity; any other girl would be chasing after lovers, or still learning the tricks of her trade. Not Nova Marzena, who holds to her schedule as rigidly as many women many times her age. There are times when there are things she dearly, dearly wants to do that she deliberately prevents herself from doing because she knows it won't serve her portion of Shalador. This is part of the reason why her Consort position has remained unfilled despite her Virgin Night being two years past.

    Her temper is incredibly level for her Jewel rank. It's almost impossible to amuse her enough to make her smile, and though it's markedly easier to make her explode with temper, that's still a little harder than it probably should be. She has devoted a good thirteen years to overcoming her temper, and she has succeeded, somewhat. (At least until she's managed to accumulate First Circle members who are willing to tell her up-front that she's being unreasonable or over-passionate, which she considers basically the same thing.)

    However, constant suppression (or attempted suppression) of her emotions makes for a somewhat volatile Queen when tested too sorely. There have been days where she has had it up to her ears with unreasonable demands and repetitive petitions, and then she has outright exploded even before her First Circle can yank her back from the edge--when this happens, it's explosive and often dredges up problems people think are long-settled. She does set aside days to just escape into the land and camp, but even that doesn't help when it's been a long day of stupid fidgety things. She can't stand being inactive, which makes even time with the land grate on her nerves at times. Asking her to wait is like asking fire not to be hot. She must make a plan as soon as a situation comes up, or else she gets irritable.

    She is very admiring of the people who can pull off the levels of calmness she desires to attain; it's practically one of the only traits she admires that she does not already exhibit. When she was younger, she would shadow the calmest people she could find in order to mimic their habits, and her foster mother was particularly amused by this.

    Nova enjoys ruling, and she enjoys being taken seriously at her age, but sometimes she struggles with feelings of unworthiness. She knows that as an Eyrien/Shalador hybrid, she is perfect to represent Nayarit, which has one of the highest concentrations of Eyrien people; she represents the (second-)best of what can come of the union of Eyrien and Shaladorian, or so her parents have told her. Only she doesn't look Eyrien; her eyes are gold, of course, but the flecks of green detract from the clarity of comparison. She feels like she doesn't fit in with the winged warrior people, and worries that one day they'll realize this and want to be ruled by one of their own kind. Nor does she fit with the Shaladorians; the tiny differences that are barely enough for her to notice broadcast loud and clear as Eyrien to them. Though she knows half-breeds aren't uncommon, she also knows that she occupies a unique position as a Queen who wears dark jewels.

    And on the topic of adolescent girl problems, Nova has a bit of a jealousy problem. She is half-Eyrien, and she feels the Eyrien drive to fly; she loves the feel of the wind on her face, and feels a terrible lack because she can't truly partake in what should be part of her cultural heritage. Even if she has been raised entirely Shaladorian, she can't help the flying dreams. Lacking the wings to make these dreams possible, she turns to climbing trees as high as she can go. The wind in her face is as close as she can get to flight, she thinks, and she is intensely jealous of anyone who actually can fly.

    Too, she's very possessive of her friends, and gets incredibly jealous when they have other friends. She doesn't forgive incredibly minor slights, like choosing another friend over her, easily at all. She will tell you flat-out that if you decide to go somewhere without her when you promised you would stay with her, she will not speak to you until you apologize unless you're on official Court business. (She would never let her personal life spill over into her decisions as Queen of her little portion of Shalador.)

    This means that she really doesn't have a lot of friends, in or out of her Court. She drives quite a few of them off over imagined slights; the ones she manages to befriend generally aren't very independent in the first place, and are drawn to impassioned people like Nova. (Honestly: Most of her friends are shy wallflowers who rarely approach anyone else anyway.) More often, people respect her more than they like her. In fact, most of her Second Circle and beyond are not particularly fond of her personality, and serves because they respect what she has done and has the potential to do. Nova tries not to be bothered by this, but in the manner of insecure adolescents all over, is. The friends she loses only driven to cling tighter to the people that who do like her.

    Part of her problem there is that she knows she's going to outlive most of her friends and family by thousands of years. Even now, at 18, she knows that her parents are going to die soon; fifty isn't young at all. Her older siblings will grow old and die before she even begins to transition out of her adolescence. Her father has twenty years left to him if he's not chosen for a sacrifice, and she has entire centuries.

    She is ardently afraid of being left alone, and this especially affects her relations with the short-lived. She's just fine with talking to you and being your acquaintance, but her protective tendencies come in out in force once she can call you her friend. Unfortunately, being Nova, this often means she gets unreasonably loud and berates the friend for being "stupid" and "immature" (which is funny, because she is generally the one being immature). Being as the vast majority of her people are short-lived, she works hard to suppress this and be as friendly to the short-lived among the populace as she is with the long-lived. This makes her hard to hold up a relationship with, especially if you're short-lived, in addition to her usual reluctance to distract herself from maintaining affairs in Nayarit.

    Nova tries to be kind to her friends, but it's just not in her personality. Those she cares about are subject to barbs both verbal and resulting from her actions; she tests people to ensure that they care about her, not just her Jewels or her power. Sometimes, this does slip into her ruling. For all her efforts, she is still young, and doesn't always understand political necessity versus the necessities of Justice, which may be her fatal flaw.

    She sees the rule of any Province as, essentially, being the judge of that Province and its people. The Alpha and the Omega, if you will.  She doesn't see why she should have to smile at an enemy and stab his back; Nayarit is full of fierce warrior people, and any other Province can just try to take them. As a gesture of respect, she doesn't hide her intent when talking to foreign envoys. If she wants to backstab you, you'll know, and she'll still try to do it anyway. Nova's goal is to protect the natural cycle and do justice to her people, and she has teeth and claws to back it up.

    • Archery-- A bow is a woman's weapon, or so she's been told by her parents. It keeps them out of harm's way properly. Nova's love of her bow stems mostly from how it is so multi-purpose; the unstrung stave can be used to deal blunt-force blows. The arrows can be used as a stiletto. And in its natural mode, she can hit an apple at waist height from 150 paces. Nova is currently capable of using a bow with an one hundred pound draw without any Craft to assist, and uses the instinctive method of aiming. She doubts she'll ever have to fight anyone up-close and personal, and somewhat dreads it; but if she has to, she'd like to go into it with a bow and arrow.
    • Hunting-- You think she'd go through all the trouble of learning archery if she didn't intend to use it? Nova is not a sport archer--she helps provide meat for the kitchens. She does not take life if it's not necessary, and has never been in a position to have to take a human life; she is peripherally aware of the possibility that one day she might have to execute or fight a human, but comforts herself by telling herself it's very different.
    • Tree-climbing-- Nova has no wings, and so cannot fly; to satisfy her need to be in the sky, she has mastered tree-climbing and related Craft. She has taken a few nasty falls, especially when she was younger, but she still looks at the canopy of the forest where she grew up as a sanctuary that very few dare to go. Eyriens cannot fly there, because the foliage is too dense, and she is kind of stupidly smug about this.
    • Running-- A vital skill in hunting, Nova also just enjoys the speed of it. She also enjoys the nice things it does for her endurance. The demands of the Shaladoran people are paramount over all, and a weakling Queen who can't hold her own in a fight isn't one that her people need.
    • Messy or needless kills-- There's nothing more disgusting than a messy kill, except a needless kill. She hates the thought of an animal dying in agony; Life demands sacrifice just as the Darkness does, but the sacrifice need not be in pain. Any hunting with her who don't make a perfectly clean kill are destined for a long, boring lecture. If there's no reason to make a sacrifice, she won't. If no one needs the meat, she won't shoot the deer. She abhors death without cause, and has been known to punish petty murders in very extreme manners, without regard for personal distress at the time of the kill or the caste of the offender.
    • Dignitaries-- A warrior Queen wastes no time, and Nova would never dare be anything but a warrior. She respects those who, like her, get straight to the point and don't waste time beating around the bush, and can be quite abrupt and rude to someone who stands upon unnecessary Protocol--yes, necessary Protocol is good, but she doesn't give a shit if you bow a hand span too deeply. Stop measuring it. Shut up and tell her what she needs to know or she will end you. Nor does she have any patience for the messenger who comes running in at zero hour and then requires coddling before he can give his message. She doesn't like over-the-top gestures, considering them a waste of energy. Can't everyone be just as focused as she is? Ugh.
    • Failing-- She couldn't bear to be asked to step down as Queen of Nayarit. She adores her Province and loves being able to serve Shalador as she does. Every little failure brings her a little closer to being told she's too young to rule, and she's sure that hearing that would flat-out destroy her.
    • Beggars-- If you deserve help, she'll give it. But she doesn't reward uselessness; a poor man with a useful skill who means to work will receive her countenance and assistance, where a poor man who simply pities himself and waits for help will receive nothing. It's the law of Life, she thinks; don't preserve what you can't use.
    • Abandonment-- Her entire life she's been around people, and while she loves her time to herself, she fears the day that she will be left entirely alone with no recourse to others. She is terrified at the thought of her court breaking around her, as much as she might pretend otherwise. For this reason, she was very certain to only pick men who she felt were hers. There was no politicking to be part of Nova's First Circle, because she simply didn't allow for it for fear of being abandoned. In addition, it means that at least one member of her First Circle tends to be around her at all times; she can get a little spirited in her determination to find others.
    • Being made to leave Shalador-- Some territories are hard up for Queens, and she thinks that the temptation of a Dark-Jeweled Queen might be a little too much temptations for nearby Territories. For this reason, she practices her offensive Craft and warrior's arts; she addresses her fear by working hard to make it unreasonable. This is also a bit revealing about her feelings on her First Circle. They're meant to protect her, but she's determined to do it on her own.
    • Torture-- Nova does not fear Death, just what it takes to get there. She knows that when she goes to the Darkness her Self will buy her people many years of prosperity. All the same, she nurses a quiet terror that one day she'll end up under an assassin's knife and die in torments.
    • Loss of control-- She knows somewhere deep inside her there is the capacity to go cold. She's seen her father go to that strange place where the air around him began to fog up in reaction to the chill of his temper, and knows that wearing such a dark Jewel if she were somehow pushed that far, she'd wreak a path of destruction that would have her own Master of the Guard straining to put her down.
    Craft Strengths:
    • Nova excels at offensive craft. She is not a lover, she is a fighter--Shalador demands warrior queens, not namby-pamby bleeding hearts like in nearby Dena Nehele. She uses her Craft like the fine scalpel it is when necessary to defend her people.
    • She is skilled at using her Craft to alter her environment to fit her needs. Witchfire is for people who can't think with creativity; she knows enough Craft to grant a little bit of extra spring to a branch or slick an enemy's path down with ice.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Big, flashy shows of Craft. She's just about specialized in minute shows of Craft; she isn't the kind of fighter who can explode the heads of a swath of her opponents, nor the kind of Craft-user who can lift great burdens. She is the kind of who can pulp a skull and still keep the skin intact on one enemy at a time. (Not that she's ever had cause to practice this on a human--but if she had to, she knows how.)
    • Healing. Attempts have been made to teach her the finer arts of healing, but... it didn't really work. An attempt by Nova to heal you is more likely to end with an injury becoming even worse than before.
    Life Story

    Mother: Celebrian Eodan, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Priestess, 1782. Nova has never known Celebrian, although she knows the Eyrien Priestess is her birth mother and has heard from stories that her mother was a woman of ice with no patience for any weakness. She has a certain disdain for Celebrian, based largely in fear. The woman is banned from Nayarit upon pain of death for attempted kidnapping of Nova.

    Step-Mother: Nenetl Tlachinolli, Blood female, 64. Nova was nursed and raised by Nenetl, and thinks of her as her true mother. It was Celebrian's womb that nourished her as she grew, but Nenetl is the one who held Nova when she cried, helped her learn to string her first bow, and taught her womanly arts and skills. She cannot imagine how her life would have turned out without Nenetl, and she is proud of her Blood female mother. Where others of her rank might have hidden Nenetl away, Nova acknowledges her stepmother and visits her often.

    Father: Theoden Marzena, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord, deceased at 64 (192AP). Theoden taught Nova the warrior's arts and Protocol. She understands what would have brought an Eyrien Priestess in all her arrogance to lay with a man like her father, even if she wishes in her heart she was truly Nenetl's daughter. At heart, she somewhat resents the psychic strength that makes her an obvious choice as a ruling Queen, and blames Theoden for not marrying Nenetl earlier. Still, they have a good relationship, and she enjoys seeing him.

    Step-Brother: Xandros Tlachinolli, Tiger Eye to Summer-Sky Warlord, 40. Xandros is not Nova's favorite brother. She thinks he's kind of a dick, even if she knows he is a pretty decent blacksmith. He's married and has two children, but Nova isn't particularly close to them; by the time she was five he was already apprenticing out with the tribe's metalworker, and she never got to know him well.

    Step-Brother: Fenthick Tlachinolli, Yellow to Summer-Sky Warlord, deceased at 33. Fenthick, being three years younger than Xandros, is pretty, witty, and unequivocally gay. Though trained as a warrior, he was never particularly good at it. Though he could hit the bullseye of a target at one hundred paces, he refused to hunt, which kind of made him a bit of a failure in Theoden's eyes. Instead, he serves in a different fashion: He is a historian of the tribe, helping the elder historian keep the tribe's traditions alive; he is affianced with another male who wears the Rose as his Descent, and serves in the Second Circle of her Court as an escort. Nova is good friends with Fenthick and his lover, and they generally have her favor in any archery contest that her Court participates in.

    Not every Eyrien who came to Shalador was there as a refugee. There were envoys, ambassadors, and Priestesses who came to learn what the jungle-dwelling people had to offer. One of them was Celebrian Eodan, a Priestess of some dark power, who had survived the Purge with her Jewels and wings completely intact. She had heard tales of the fierce warrior prowess of the Shaladoran warriors, and hoped that a mating with one of them who had sufficient strength and warrior skills would yield a child for her--perhaps a Dark-Jeweled queen, or even a warlord prince would do for her purposes. She consulted with a Black Widow, paying gold to find out what the result of her search would be; she was informed that for the best future for her child, she ought to seek out Theoden Marzena, a warrior man of Shalador. Celebrian expected to find this savage male Dark-Jeweled, a Warlord Prince, but no--he wore the Purple Dusk, and his caste was Warlord, the lowest besides the Blood Males who wore no Jewels. But it was true he was a fierce warrior and hunter, in the prime of his life, and she lay with him. For the nine months of her difficult pregnancy, she remained with him in one of Shalador's greater tribal villages. She expected her sacrifice of time and body would pay off, but when the time of birthing came her child was born wingless, a little girl with Shaladoran olive skin. Celebrian left the moment she was recovered from the birth, disgusted enough she did not even stay to give her child an Eyrien name. Had she stayed just a week longer, she would have realized the child was a Queen.

    Theoden was left with quite a predicament; he had a Queen child who was hungry, and no wet nurse. His search found a woman from the nearby Great tribe, Nenetl Tlachinolli, who had lost a baby due to her advancing age; the woman was entering her forties, and too old to carry a child to term any longer. He approached her for assistance, explaining the happening with Celebrian and the dire need he found himself in, for even if the girl-child had been born a simple witch he would have loved her no less. Nenetl, touched by his plea, agreed to nurse the child and gave her a name: Nova, meaning "chaser". Combined with Theoden's last name, it meant "Chaser of pearls", which Nenetl would later explain to Nova: "True pearls are rare, and extremely valuable. Nova, the stars have to align just right for them to happen, as they did for you." Theoden and his Queen child were absorbed into Nenetl's tribe.

    Nova was a precocious child, running before she could walk and taking to every endeavor as if failure would lead to the literal apocalypse. She grew up with Nenetl as her mother; being left with Nenetl's sons while their parents went out and did Romance Things was considered normal to her. At four, she was witness to her parents' handfasting and then when she turned five, their marriage. Her new brothers were met with varying degrees of welcome. She could do without Xandros, who wasn't pleased to suddenly have a Queen sister. He also had recently taken on an apprenticeship with their tribe's best metalworker; there was no time to fawn over a younger sister, high-caste or not. Fenthick, who was closer to her in age, became very close to her and something of her protector besides. He didn't resent having a younger sister; he'd been looking forward to not being the youngest anymore, and it came to be that he was largely Nova's teacher as he took on his own apprenticeship with the tribe's historian.

    At eight, Nova had her Birthright Ceremony; she received a Sapphire Jewel, remarkable in its darkness. She had not been expecting the sudden awe on the face of the Priestess when she'd held out the Jewel, because hadn't she been saying that she was going to be Dark? For ages? The sudden hush when the slim little girl walked out to have her paternity acknowledged made her concerned, and more than a little bit frightened. What had she done to make them so silent? The answer was, of course, nothing; her parents pulled themselves together and the ceremony proceeded, with Nenetl naming Theoden the father of her child. Never mind that Nenetl hadn't truly given birth to Nova, she was the mother who had raised the girl, which counted for more than blood did. Far more, in fact, and even the Eyriens among them who held no small amount of respect for Celebrian remained silent over this action. They had seen the familial bond between the aging Nenetl and the young Nova. It would be cruel to leave her parentless.

    However, they ought to have known that it wouldn't be so easy. A Sapphire-Jeweled Queen was rare, and remarkable; it spread to Askavi, where the half-breed Queen was a matter of quiet discussion. Surely a half-breed child should be brought back to the Eyriens who would understand her more, and give her a better education, and--most importantly--put her power to better use? Celebrian caught wind of this, and came to the speakers. She told them that she was Nova's mother, her birth mother, which gave her more right than whatever slag had adopted her could ever dream to have. It was decided she would go back and appeal to the District Queen for the return of her child, and go as high as she needed to go to make that happen. A Sapphire Queen could do much for their section of Askavi… whether she served willingly or not.

    So Celebrian returned, and appealed to the district Queen: She had not been in her right mind when she gave the child up to her father. Childbed fever, she said, and she didn't want to leave her child here in the village. Celebrian wanted to take her home, to Askavi, where people would understand her. The District Queen referred her to the Province Queen, where Celebrian told her story once more. Of course that Queen, a woman named Chelle who wore the Blood Opal, needed to hear from the child in question. She would need information from the parents who had raised her, so Theoden, Nenetl, and Nova were called to Court.

    What followed was a month-long ordeal, with Celebrian arguing that bringing Nova back to Askavi would be beneficial for all involved; she was too Dark-Jeweled for a Blood Opal Queen or Purple-Dusk Jeweled Warlord to be much good teaching her to control her Craft. In addition, her family would all be dead inside fifty years; which would leave Nova where? In her Eyrien arrogance, she assumed that Nova would prefer to be among "her own kind". When it came time for Theoden and Nenetl to argue their case, though, it was the eight-year-old Queen who spoke up first. She didn't want to go. She wanted to stay in Shalador, with her Father and Mother. She liked her brothers, and she liked archery, and she didn't want to go to Askavi. It was her jungle; her jungle, and her home, and she didn't want to leave.

    Her parents testifying that she was happy and growing well was really just a formality. Chelle didn't like Eyrien arrogance in the first place; it pleased her to have a reason to deny the petition. Celebrian hadn't been interested in her daughter before, and had abandoned her for years. Nova was to stay with her Shaladorian family.

    Her closeness with Nenetl and Fenthick never changed because of her Dark birthright, not even over the passage of years; knowing that a Queenling with a Sapphire birthright would someday have to rule, the pair of them taught her from nearly the moment she stepped from the circle about ruling. They told her stories of old Queens, of the great Queen Shal who had first united Shalador, about the despotic rulers of Hayll and the checkered past of neighboring Dena Nehele. She was given the example of Rian Maboya for what a ruler should be able to sacrifice; the Priestess leader of Shalador had given her entire family save a sister, and still led the people. From all this, she took to heart her resolve to be not just a good Queen, one that people would like while she was alive and forget after death, but a great Queen--one that would be remembered for generations. Her father taught her Protocol, demanding nothing less than exacting perfection; Nova gave it, learning every tip and trick he gave her to learn. She could not, in good conscience, in her desire to be not just good but great, allow herself not to know every single twist and turn.

    One day after her Protocol lessons, she was walking back to her family's home when she came upon Fenthick. He was nineteen then (they were nine years to the day apart in age) and she was surprised to see that he looked rather… puffy around the face, like he'd been hit. There was even the beginnings of an impressive black eye, and it didn't take long for her to wheedle what had truly happened out of him. He hadn't been quite as quiet about his preferences as he'd thought, he explained, and some visitors from another tribe had taken a bit of offense at his (consensual) relationship with their peers. Even as a ten-year-old, she'd been learning truth-telling Craft; and he didn't seem to be lying. She walked home with Fenthick, her hand over his as it should have been, and talked about little except her lessons. But in her head, a plan was already brewing.

    She was ten years old, which meant that as power went, she had little within the tribe. But she was ten, a Queen, and whip-smart, and that meant that compared to a ten-year-old girl who didn't have the emotional advantage of a Queen or was a dullard she had some options. Nova went to her father, knowing he would be enraged at the actions of the visitors to their tribe, and told him what happened. She knew Theoden could get the names of the ones who'd done it from Fenthick, and then justice could be served. She didn't spare a moment to think of Fenthick's ego; she knew Theoden didn't care about who Fenthick loved and thought, surely he would protect his son like he did his daughter.

    As she knew he would, Theoden went cold, because it had never been acceptable to him to discriminate against those who had preferences a little different from the norm. Nova knew she'd done the right thing as she watched him go, and she went to her archery practice. A Queen could not allow injustice to pass in front of her eyes without fixing it, and Nova knew that she'd done something good there. If the status quo offended you, you had to change it however you could.

    Of course, she didn't know exactly what Theoden had done to fix things. He hadn't gone to Fenthick to get him to give him the names. He'd gone to Fenthick to ask him if he intended to use his sister as a weapon against those who hurt his feelings for the rest of his life. That wasn't acceptable, and Theoden wouldn't listen when Fenthick said that he didn't send Nova to Theoden. It drove a wedge between brother and sister for a time, but in the end, Fenthick spoke up to the men who'd been harassing him. Did more than speak up; next time they threatened him, he lashed out with the full strength of his Jewel. This earned every man involved a meeting with the lash, something that Nova accepted. Fenthick should have just let their father handle it, she thought; and when she explained it, he didn't bother to explain that that had been their father's advice. Prove he wasn't lessened by his love for other men, and they'd leave him be.

    However, Nova didn't think that was enough. Ten years old though she was, she knew that it wasn't fair to punish a victim. It didn't matter that the Queen of their district had decided that Fenthick had been provoked but had still responded unduly. Fenthick was hers, and she had to protect him, and the men hadn't really stopped. So it was that one day during archery practice, she purposefully missed her shot--not hitting anyone, but distracting the instructor. The men--boys--had been over talking among themselves. Nova lashed out, the power uncoordinated with her youth. That, and the disjointed effort of shields produced by warriors who knew what they were doing, was enough to spare them from any damage. One of them, particularly rash, tried to strike back; the instructor's quick thinking snapped an Opal shield between men and girl.

    This time, there was no question who had done wrong. The men hadn't even noticed she was there. Because of her age, a whipping was considered inappropriate; instead, she was subject to a sudden load of lessons. Clearly she hadn't learned her Protocol properly, especially as befit a Queen. Though Nova rankled against the District Queen's attentions and lessons, she understood--after a time--why they were necessary. She couldn't step into another Queen's territory to discipline anyone, not even if she was the Queen of the man or woman who'd been hurt. She could, perhaps, pressure a Queen into performing the punishment she wanted, but she could not do it herself. That had been a hallmark of corruption, the hallmark of a bad Queen.

    Nova did not want to be a bad Queen. She wanted to be a good Queen, a lady that men wanted to serve. In retrospect, she was embarrassed about her actions; she apologized, publicly, even though it grated. The pride in her teacher's eyes as Nova swallowed the bile she longed to spew in these mens' faces stuck in Nova's head. It was a good thing, she told herself later, stewing in her humiliation. It was a good thing to be embarrassed for her actions, because they'd been premeditated and they'd been wrong. There was no law against murder, but everything had a price...

    Now, in addition to learning a woman's weaponry--and didn't she display such talent in those!--Craft, and basic protocol, she had the District Queen taking an interest in her as well. With her punishment over, Nova found herself being shown around as the Queen's protege, to Nenetl and Theoden's pride; of course a Dark-Jeweled Queen who showed Nova's early promise would go farther than one who did not have that drive to succeed.

    No one questioned the fact that she'd been brought under another Queen's wing so quickly in the light of her Sapphire Jewel and the issues she'd already caused. Especially after being reminded of Theoden's martial prowess and history of excellent service to the Queens of Shalador, no one protested. She made a solemn little shadow at the District Queen's elbow during social and religious events, all brilliant green eyes and the glint of a chip of sapphire at her throat. Her father or brother served as her escort, being unwilling to trust her well-being to those they didn't know personally. Perhaps she wasn't the most stunning conversationalist, but as she transitioned out of her basic Protocol classes she became a staple of the District Queen's Court activities.

    It was this that brought her to the attention of the Queen of Nayarit once more. The old Queen hadn't missed one of her First Circle members suddenly attaching herself like a limpet to a young protege, and in Nova she seemed to see endless possibility. It was no secret that since the passing of Erisian Maboya, Rian's younger sister, there had been no strong contender for the rule of the Territory. In a place full of the Darker jewels, a Blood Opal Queen could not hope to hold her own ground; but a young, strong half-blood who wore the Sapphire would have no troubles at all being taken as a serious contender for the Territory seat. Even the Priestess who led the country wouldn't be able to argue against Nova replacing her, if she were to descend fully to the Ebon-Gray. With none of Chelle's own District Queens ready to step down and no reason to be displeased with them, the elderly Queen saw only one solution. She would soon be stepping down on her own due to old age, and neither District Queen particularly impressed--nor did any of the elders. There were plenty of years to train a Sapphire-Jeweled Queenling into the knowledge she would need to rule a Province.

    So it was that when Nova turned thirteen, the Queen of Nayarit was there to pay her respects and request that Nova's training be turned over to her. Theoden and Nenetl were hesitant; of course they were. Everyone knew of the Queen's advancing age, and it wasn't hard to imagine why Chelle would be interested in the young Queen. Their first instinct was to deny the Queen's request, citing Nova's young age and inarguable lack of experience. These protests were rebuffed, though, by Nova herself. The thirteen-year-old Queen wanted to rule, she explained, and to do that she needed to learn. She had learned much from the District Queen, but here was an even greater opportunity. She could help Shalador this way, could give more to the land if she could lead a part of it--and otherwise, who knew when she would get the chance? No one was dissatisfied with the current Queens leading them, it was only natural to step in as the Province Queen's protege.

    Penned in by the will of the two Queens--one whose decisions mattered due to love, and one to fealty--Theoden and Nenetl agreed to allow the apprenticeship. It was nothing more than a formality, for even during the two weeks it took to decide this the thirteen-year-old Queen and her elder got along famously. (They both shared a dislike for stinging insects, and an enjoyment of a honey-covered sweet treat.) The family--Theoden, Nenetl, Fenthick and Nova--relocated to the center of Nayarit, in the heart of the Province. Her lesson continue in the same bent, with Craft wrapped into her  Protocol lessons now. She gave everything the same unerring, solemn approach; she practiced until her clothes were drenched with sweat, desiring to be not just a good protege, but a legendary one. She could go far; she would go far.

    Yet, it was in the Court of the Queen of Nayarit that Nova got her first taste of what it was truly like to be half-Eyrien, confronted by others. Her Jewels, her manner and her caste had been enough to win her respect from her tribal peers; too, half-breeds, even the wingless, were so common in her tribe that another one was barely anything to remark upon. In Nayarit's capital, this didn't seem to be so. Every half-breed she looked upon had a pair of Eyrien wings upon their back, and every one of them could fly. Of course she'd felt the yearning, deep in her soul, to take to the winds like her Eyrien mother had. She had learned to climb trees above the jungle's canopy to feel the wind upon her face, the way it whipped back at her hair. More than once she'd attempted to fit flight-Craft to the purpose of giving those born wingless a way to soar above the ground. Every time had met in failure, and it pained her to see others miles above her in the abyss take to the sky so easily. It was hateful, and she felt that the only way she could prove herself equivalent and worthy would be to become an even better Queen. To best them all in Craft. She would give Chelle no reason to look towards anyone else for her successor.

    For two years, she worked as the Queen's assistant--learning the ways a Queen must interact with her people, with her Court, and participating in the seasonal festivals where a Queen gave blood to the land to feed it. Burying herself in her education was enough to distract her from the vast feelings of inadequacy which she thought she would always suffer from. It wasn't enough for the Queen whom she served; Chelle told her to begin socializing in what little free time Nova had left, because if Rian Maboya, the High Priestess, approved of Chelle's choice the young Shaladoran Queen would be the Province Ruler of Nayarit in less than three years. The very first person she befriended in the capital of Nayarit was Yaretzi Hantaywee--a few years younger than Nova, but old enough that they made close friends almost immediately upon meeting. Yaretzi was sickly, though, and she quickly branched out among her teaching-mistress's escorts to find the males who were Hers. She didn't accept anyone's opinion but her own in this case, because she didn't want to have men serving her just to get a leg up into Rian Maboya's Court. Nayarit was not going to be a stepping stone, she thought; they would serve because they loved their Province or because she held their leash.

    She was fifteen when her mother returned to try to drag her to Askavi. This time, there was no appeal to a ruling authority. Celebrian did not ask Theoden or Nenetl for permission. She drugged Nova's drink at a dinner with a poison bought from the Black Widow who had ordained her birth. When the Sapphire-jeweled Queen passed out on her way back to her room, her mother and an escort whose loyalties could be bought were there to catch her.

    When she came to, just before they crossed the border into Askavi, she panicked. The instinctive pulse of Sapphire wiped out Celebrian's bought escort, shattering his Opal and pulping his brain; it wasn't strong enough to broach Celebrian's double Green shields. Though the Eyrien Priestess appealed to Nova, telling her to calm, the Queen wouldn't. It didn't matter if she was being brought somewhere else where she'd be 'understood'. She loved Shalador, and wanted to rule and serve there. She reached out to her father, her mother, her Queen; and she became aware of the escorts rushing to follow them. Chelle's men reached the pair just in time to prevent them from crossing into another Queen's territory. Chelle's judgement was swift; only because Nova hadn't left Nayarit would Celebrian's life be spared. She was banned to Askavi, never again to enter Chelle's province upon pain of death. Celebrian left without seeing her daughter again. After allowing Nova time to recoup, Chelle set the Sapphire Queen to work again finding the members of her first court.

    It was hard--harder than she'd ever expected, even accounting for the recent trauma of being kidnapped--to bond with people who stood nowhere near as deep in the Darkness as she did. Had Chelle not been watching over her shoulder, Nova might have pulled back, reaching out only to the males who felt a pull to her as she felt it to them. But under her mentor's keen eyes, she couldn't pretend she simply had no luck with people. In her determination to prove herself, to become the next Queen of Nayarit, she would have to ensure that the friends she made were true. Prove that she could interact with others--all kinds of complex things, worrisome thing she didn't want to bother with. But she learned. Not quickly or easily, but she learned how to relate and instruct without giving offense. Too, she learned Protocol was not an all-healing panacea, and that she should always, always watch her feelings in public--no matter that hardly anyone was as Dark as she. She had to keep everything under control. At least the deeper layers of her mind were not completely exposed...

    …until she began acquiring the sides of her male triangle. The first side filled was that of her Master of the Guard; he wore the Sapphire, which put him of a level with Nova. Unused to being approached by someone who stood at the same depth as her in the Abyss, Nova took his challenges as what they were: chances to prove herself against an opponent with more training. Though she knew that he was one of the men for whom she held the leash, she tried to be patient while he tip-toed around it. (Even if it was a little annoying to have a man spying on her training.) Eventually, it was her prowess with the bow that won him over; when at the age of sixteen she put forward that she had received permission to form her Court, the elder brother of Yaretzi demanded the position of Master of the Guard. Nova saw no reason not to oblige.

    Except for the fact that he was annoying. Of course she'd known he took liberties, because he'd been spying on her training for weeks, but she hadn't expected him to be such a boneheaded Warlord Prince about the members of her First Circle. She didn't only need guards or escorts. There was the matter of her Steward, and then the First Escort or Consort; they did not necessarily have to be able to match a Sapphire-Jeweled predator in combat to fill those roles. Of course, it'd be nice, but it wasn't as necessary as her Master of the Guard seemed to believe. In the end, she decided it wasn't worth the argument, and let Tokala have his way with the escorts. (But only after letting him know when they absolutely had to be allowed into her First or Second Circle.)

    Her Court formed apace, with her First Circle formed solely of males for who belonged to her; she accepted those that didn't only into the Second Circle, and no higher, because she had been taught by Chelle that sometimes political necessity had to overcome good sense. Nenetl and Theoden seemed proud of her commitment, taking time whenever she came home from Court to let her know that they would always support her. On her last visit before her seventeenth birthday, she learned of her brother's intention to join her Court. Having always sensed the connection between them that indicated she was his Queen, she was enthusiastic and demanded he join as a member of her First Circle. He refused, and promised he would explain later. Nova returned to the capital of Nayarit, intending to ask Chelle's advice.

    Instead, the old Queen informed her that the time had come for her to step down. Nova would take Chelle's place as ruler and moral center of Nayarit, on a provisional contract from the Priestess who ruled Shalador. She would have two years in which to prove herself to Rian Maboya. Two years that would make or break her future among her people--Nova found herself struck with uncharacteristic nervousness.

    She was sitting in her room, staring blankly out her window, when Fenthick found her. She had altogether forgotten his promise to explain why he wouldn't take a position in her First Circle, and was glad to be reminded. It was something to think about besides her own worries about failure or disgrace, and she settled in to listen.

    The story was not complex, nor overly long. Fenthick, as they both knew, preferred males to females; he did not particularly enjoy the company of the fairer sex. While Nova had been in training, he had found a lover, and they had been together for two years. This lover now served, or would serve, in Nova's Court--a Second Circle escort. So while Nenetl and Theoden would soon be returning to the tribal village where Fenthick and Nova had been born and raised, Fenthick desired to stay. But he didn't want to be part of the group of escorts who could be asked to perform bedroom duties for guests or Ladies of the Court. It had never happened in Nayarit's history, but Fenthick was a historian, and he knew the abuses that other witches had wreaked upon males in their Courts: so, Third Circle. He wanted to be close to his Queen, but not overwhelmingly so. Upon explaining this, Nova was hurt; she thought he would know she'd never be like them. But she couldn't discount it, the damages a blast of Sapphire could do bright in her mind. So she let him join her court as Third Circle, when he ought to have been her Steward.

    It couldn't last. Nova became Queen of Nayarit scarcely a week later, on the day that she became eligible to hold a Court and a Province Seat. From the beginning, she acquitted herself admirably; the mistakes she made early on were due to inexperience, never malice or greed or laziness. She slowly built herself a reputation among her people as assiduously, studiously fair. She did not, and does not, make snap judgments, she considered every angle and decided on matters based on what was best for the community. Nova had never been afraid to put in the legwork to ensure that she looked and acted responsible and mature, and she was not afraid then.

    If there are complaints, they are about her age--which anyone can admit is young, and it is highly unusual for anyone to rule a Court so soon out of training--or about the severity of the punishments which she inflicts upon those she judges as wrong. There is no mercy in her for those who go against the Queen's will, and this strikes some as cold-hearted; but Nova serves a higher cause than a fringe faction's happiness. She desires justice for everyone, a level playing ground where those who put in the effort will never find their work has been in vain. Should she require it--and she does not believe she will--her Court has adequate power to back her up; until then, she carries on in the manner that she sees fit.

    v [new content] v

    She has ruled Nayarit for nearly three years, celebrating her 20th birthday in the fall of 188. However, since the summer of 187, unrest has been brewing in Nayarit--a movement to see her expelled on the basis of her half-Eyrien heritage. Despite her arguments and entreaties otherwise, there is a not-insignificant number of native Shaladorians who desire to see Nova displaced for a light-Jeweled Shaladorian Queen, and are willing to fight to put that queen on the throne. Too, Nova's attention is divided; while visiting the Territory Court recently, she noticed some missives that seemed... not quite right... in the office of Rian Maboya She was surprised to read what appeared to be a bill of sale for one Erisian Maboya, Red-Jeweled Priestess Queen. Nova took the file, vanishing it before Rian arrived.

    She has sent her brother to Pruul to find out the truth of the matter, and expects his return soon. Should he confirm that this is what it seems to be, Nova intends to confront Rian with her perfidy and see justice done.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
    What no one ever exactly explained to Nova was how years of life were not just ranks you attained like rungs on a ladder. Each of her eighteen years stacked, cumulatively, one atop the other like boxes piled to reach a high branch. Sitting with her brother on his bed, her back pressed to his, she began to piece that together. His rejection of a place in the First Circle of her court stung; no, it more than stung, it hurt, as if instead of refusing the offered contract he'd stabbed her. Fenthick had a choice, because all males did, but she'd never even considered that he would refuse her. They were siblings, despite sharing no blood between them, and she wanted him close. It was stupid, and irrational, and above all else the worst thing Nova could be called: Childish.

    "But why," she asked, hating the tremble in her voice, the sting in her eyes. She was a good Queen, would be a great Queen, she had always looked after her males even when there wasn't a Court bond to show it. Hadn't she made those boys leave Fenthick alone when they were smaller? He hadn't had to ask, she just did it, and she knew that maybe his pride would be injured, but why would he refuse because of that? It didn't make any sense, nothing he'd said made any sense. If she was a good Queen, he would want to serve her. He would want to be part of her Court, of the changes she would bring to Nayarit to make it more than it was. "There's no war," she said, "No danger. You wouldn't be called on to fight. I need you, Fenthick. All of the other males are strangers." It grated to admit that, felt sort of like speaking through a throat full of gravel, or a mouthful of dirt. She'd done the latter more than once, dumped face-first on the ground by whichever male was teaching her the warrior's arts that day. It'd taken her a while to learn to throw them rather than the other way around.

    She felt his shoulders shift against her back, identified the movement as a shrug. That only served to spike her temper a little more, and she elbowed him gently. "Fenthick," she said, wrapping her arms around her knees. She needed him. He'd always balanced her, he could explain why people were such idiots, why they didn't devote themselves to Justice but instead to hate, or violence, or anything useless to the final goal. They just hated, and it was pointless. "I could make it better if you'd help me."

    He sighed, then, a rumble that she could feel, and then he was turning to face her. "I'll always help you," he said, his voice pitched low. Fenthick's arm draped over her shoulders, he pressed a kiss to her cheek that she tried to shrug off; it was never in her nature to be kind when she was thwarted.  She tried to squash the little niggling feeling that told her to be kind, to listen, but in the end all she thought of was how immature it was for a sixteen-year-old girl to be sulking over her short-lived older brother's refusal to serve in her court. It wasn't like he could serve for even a tenth of her life span. Nova would live to be thousands of years old, and he could only look to maybe a hundred…

    As always, that thought was all it took to have tears springing to her eyes, and she threw her arms tightly around Fenthick's neck. A soft sound that might have been a sob--was a sob, even if she'd never admit it--threaded between them, and she asked: "Why?"

    Fenthick was patting her back, the heavy leather of Nova's hunting jacket denting a little at his touch, smoothing against her skin. "Because I couldn't perform the services required. I am…"

    "You can't believe I would make you do that. Only bad Queens force their males," she shouted, sorrow and anger intertwining in the hoarse words. "Don't you think I know? Don't you think I want you to be happy, and--"

    He quelled her with a touch along the shoulders, and said, "It's not really that. Not everyone is as accepting of… what I am, do you understand? And I have my own vow of fidelity to my, ah." Nova nodded, cutting off what surely would have been endless circumlocution that boiled down to 'Fenthick's lover'. She knew of him; the second-circle escort. He had told her he couldn't complete bedroom duties, as well. (Not that she would have asked him, knowing what she knew, and it rankled that people seemed to think she would. It was the Eyrien blood, the history of Eyrien abuses of power--Eyrien aggression, Eyrien pride. Otherwise they'd believe in her. Wouldn't they?) "At any rate," he continued, "It would be... it'd be considered weak, Nova. To have men like myself and my lover in the same circle. Or to have a First Circle-member's lover in the second circle. They'd look down on you. And I'm not suitable to be your Steward--" except he was, she thought, looking down at her hands "--so... I will serve in your Third Circle. If you'll have me."

    She tried, honestly she did. Any way to remove him of feeling obligated to serve her; that was the last thing she wanted, a man who felt like he had no choice in her Court. But in the end, selfishness won out. She wanted the grounding force of her brother with her, at her side, even if he was in the Third Circle. "I'll ask the Steward to write up your contract," she said, finally.

    Petitions (if any): 
    Spoiler (click to show/hide)

    Why did this character became inactive? Because I stopped writing because stress.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? I will write this character.

    What are your plans for this character? Nova will be going to Shalador to support Eris in the quelling of the volcanoes. However, this is not her first set of threads. Nova has been traveling about the Realm (as her exile from Shalador will not be lifted until Eris and crew return from Volcano Heck) essentially selling her Ebon Gray Queen's Gift while still searching for proof of Rian's duplicity in the matter of Eris Being Salt Mines. (Obviously she's avoided Chaillot!) She has had decent luck in her mission, but has one last place to check, and a few personal matters to handle before she goes and attempts to break her own exile by proving that the charges against her (inciting civil war in Nayarit) were fabricated from whole cloth by Rian.

    First: She's heard that Gabriella has gone missing from Dhemlan. This is unacceptable to her, as she's close friends with Gabriella. So she's going to go looking, and as Purple Dusk Birthright Queens are not common and Nova has a Dark Jewel for a bargaining chip, she will find her in Dena Nehele. While in DN, she's going to bother Riley, and end up contributing some of her Ebon Gray Gift to DN's agricultural pursuits. Then she's going to go to the Moesian Court to check on Gabriella. Once reassured, it's off to Pruul, where she intends to get access to the records from the Geiba's salt mines. She'll find the bill of sale for Erisian there, and take it home to Shalador, where THINGS WILL GO FROM THERE.

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    Nova is ready for review, but my ratio won't support her until Obscenity is approved, so I'm just posting this for reference and so I don't forget.

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    Could I get five family rolls? I checked back as far as Nova's very first character sheet and she never got any. I'm going to use them, I promise.

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    1. Rose - Purple Dusk
    2. Rose - Purple Dusk
    3. Purple Dusk - Green
    4. Rose - Purple Dusk

    ...from Nova's very first character sheet, in fact. :P

    And one more:

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    Per 2019 Thanksgiving Shop Adoptable Dark Ally Roll:

    Weighed by Mother Night...

    You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Green Jewel at your Offering.


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