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Title: Scelt's Presence at Sea
Post by: Loreniel Killan on Aug 07, 12, 03:26:46 PM

Scelt’s Presence at Sea
aka. Pirates, Merchants, Navy, and Coastline

Scelt has a long maritime history as an island Territory. Scelt's harsh coastline leaves very little room for ports and takes a skilled, savvy and courageous captain to attempt to land anywhere but in the ports. The sea surrounding Scelt is dominated by the Sceltic Navy and Sceltic Merchants though there are many courageous, or foolish, Pirate or Mercenary Captains who have carved out caves from the sharp rocks along the Sceltic coast.

Scelt and Dhemlan have allied their Navies due to their strengths at sea. Scelt men who strive to become officers in the Navy often train at Dhemlan Naval academies to get a step above their Sceltic counterparts. Many Scelt sailors and officers also train aboard Dhemlan vessels. The Navy Admiral reports directly to the Queen of Scelt.

Merchants dominate the trade routes between Scelt and Dharo, Little Terreille and Dhemlan. Because of the difficulty in navigating Sceltic waters most of the Merchants making port in Scelt are of Scelt origin. Those ships and Captains who are not of Scelt origin often hire Sceltic guides to help navigate the treacherous waters.

Pirates & Mercenaries
Due to the ragged coastline along Scelt there are few safe ports of harbor. Those which are the safest have been claimed as trading ports and are carefully patrolled and policed by the Sceltic Navy. This leaves very little opportunities for Pirates and Mercenaries to make their own berth and seek their fortunes. Most commonly those who are either foolish or brave will make port in the trecherous waters, using craft or other methods to carve out caves along the coastline where they can store goods and make their way to the land. Since the Navy patrol the waters closely these caves are often found or sold out by neighbors. The most successful are the most treacherous and secluded.

Pleasure Craft
It is not uncommon for Scelts to have pleasure craft, either on the lakes or in the ocean around Scelt. These are most frequently the targets of Pirates and Mercenaries as they are least likely to be guarded in comparison to the Merchant ships. Sailing is a common past time among the Scelts.

The Capital, Tuathal, is Scelt's largest port city. There are 3 other port cities in the Province of Denford; while Kilvary and Tramore both only have 1 port city. The port cities are the few places where it is safe to make berth in Scelt due to the rugged coast lines.

Note: These are rough write ups for culture purposes. If anyone is looking to build them out further please get in touch with Jamie.