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Scelt is a Territory in turmoil and peace is tenuously held together by the Sceltic Queens. Rivalry between the Clans errupted into horror for the Territory that resulted in many dead, on both sides, and culimated in Clan Sheane being outlawed in the Territory. Further troubles plague the Territory in a variety of manners - Landen villages are raided, Courts are attacked, and no one seems to be safe.
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Author Topic: Mercenary Cultures of Scelt  (Read 1712 times)


Offline Loreniel Killan

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Mercenary Cultures of Scelt
« on: Jun 18, 12, 02:59:48 PM »

There has been a history of Mercenary companies in Scelt for thousands of years. These companies have historically comprised of men who had no strong clan ties or queen bondings. In a warrior society there was not much of an outlet for them outside of tending to a Clan or guarding for a Queen and the Mercenary role opened up opportunities for them that existed beyond those specific paths.

After the Purge the Mercenary units became more common when men were left without clan ties to bind them to a family or cause. The bands have remained strong in Scelt. These days they are full of black sheep, orphans, or men looking to make a quick mark without concerns for familial bonds.

Scelt’s Mercenary Companies hire out to the top dollar and perform many different jobs throughout Scelt and beyond its borders. Scelt’s Mercenaries have a Realm wide reputation of excellence and it is not uncommon for them to take out of Territory contracts from time to time. The well regarded companies are those considered for inter-realm assignments, are used by merchants and sometimes hired as extra guards for Courts. There are other companies that are more nefarious in their activities; to them it is not the prestige of an assignment but the gold marks associated that will convince them to sign a contract.

Known Companies:

(OOC: Known Companies was left blank to allow players to write in their own. Please see me before running amuck with it if you have questions. I would love to hear your concepts and ideas!)