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Scelt is a Territory in turmoil and peace is tenuously held together by the Sceltic Queens. Rivalry between the Clans errupted into horror for the Territory that resulted in many dead, on both sides, and culimated in Clan Sheane being outlawed in the Territory. Further troubles plague the Territory in a variety of manners - Landen villages are raided, Courts are attacked, and no one seems to be safe.
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Author Topic: History of Scelt  (Read 2565 times)


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History of Scelt
« on: Jan 28, 12, 10:57:20 PM »
History of Scelt

Pre Purge History of Scelt (Before 1 BP)
Scelt is a Territory defined by it's violent and dark history.

The Territory has existed in various forms for countless thousands of years. During that time Clans have started wars and battles over the smallest infraction or perceived insult. It is a Territory that has known war and hardship for as long as it has existed. Too few Queens have been able to tame the Territory into a peaceful state; on those few occasions the peace has never lasted longer than a thousand years before the Scelt's nature to fight has resurfaced and another war is created.

Fifteen-thousand (15,000) years ago the bloodiest of these wars soaked Scelt's land with the blood of the Blood. During this time mass murders were committed against the Blood in an attempt for a Queen to gain her dominance in the Territory. This sparked a tremendous war between the Blood. In the process the land was destroyed by the Blood's thirst for power and dominance. Villages were blasted away with the power of the Jewels and mountains were turned to rubble. The land was starved of it's connection with the many slaughtered Queens and it began to die. And in the process the Landens were ignored and left to their own devices, only acknowledged when they had supplies that the Blood demanded from them. When one Queen emerged victorious she ruled the Territory with a tight fist until her ultimate death of old age.

The Territory experienced an unprecedented time of peace following the death of that Queen. With so few Queens left and a Territory that was left barren in the wake of the devastating wars, the focus for the Blood turned to agriculture and farming. Peace reigned because there were bigger issues to deal with than power over a Territory and those issues included a barren Territory and starvation that began to claim the lives of Blood and Landens alike. Small wars broke out here and there were pockets of discord still existed by nothing reached a level of devastation akin to the wars that Scelt historically suffered.

Five-thousand (5,000) years ago the warring broke out again amongst the Scelts following the death of a young and newly appointed Queen who apparently had been assassinated. The land had never fully recovered from the Blood driven wary that had destroyed it ten-thousand years before. And the additional damages accumulated during this war left Scelt almost completely barren throughout the Territory. What fertile land remained was coveted by the most powerful families and often Landens were displaced in favor of Blood occupants. This drove the wedge between the Landens and Blood deeper to create a full ravine of difficulties between the races in Scelt. During this war the Black Widows were persecuted after it was discovered that the Coven was behind the assassination of the Queen that had sparked the war. The Black Widow population was decimated during the war as they underwent a persecution and execution. The Black Widow population of Scelt never recovered and a stigma of distrust followed any Sceltic Black Widow following those dark times.

One-thousand (1,000) years ago the Killan Queens came into power and created their dynasty of ruling by helping Scelt avoid another all out war. They chose to re-establish the borders of the Districts and Provinces throughout Scelt in an attempt to align the Territory in a more culturally accepting way and they spread the natural resources evenly amongst the Provinces. These Queens came into power in a haze of violence but the war was stopped short and the Killan Queen ruled fair and strong.

The Killan Queens have maintained a dynasty 1,000 years in the making and the few times that a Queen was not born in a generation of Killans the role was filled by a Queen they supported and whose family was a known supporter of the Killans. Peace was maintained in Scelt through the rule of the Killans and their ability to attune themselves to the need of their Territory. Like the Blood they were imperfect and though they had achieved peace and harmony amongst the Blood, to the best of their ability, the Landens had gone ignored during that time. The Landens were as exploited in Scelt as they were throughout the Realm.

Purge Era History of Scelt
The Killan Queen during the time of the Purge sacrificed everything she had to give to protect her Court and the Territory. She passed on into the Darkness before the sun rose that morning. With no immediate replacement for Queen a friend to the Killans took the position until the former Queen's niece was of age to rule. The recovery of the Territory was difficult but manageable.

Post Purge History of Scelt
The Blood became the hunted for some time after the Purge. While they struggled to collect all the survivors and bring their community together the Landens struck. Their memories were long and their suffering difficult and they did not forgive the Blood for the way they'd been treated for thousands upon thousands of years. They started by taking over the valuable and fertile land and rising up against any Blood that stood in their way. It took nearly ten years for the Blood to subdue the Landens through negotiations. The Killans gifted the majority of the fertile land to the Landens with understanding that they would receive first pass to purchase anything produced and the promise that a Queen's gift would be paid to each Landen community before any Blood community received it.

Modern History of Scelt
The Killan Queens returned to their rightful place in charge of Scelt but there were rumbles of discord amongst the Blood over the bargain struck with the Landens concerning the fertile land. Trouble brewed for the Queens but their focus was on holding the Territory together and stirring the economy that had suffered in the wake of the Purge.

Twenty-five years ago Daveil Killan was pressured into stepping down as Queen of Scelt. The opinion was that she was too old to be a successful ruler and she'd lost her touch. At only fifty-five she was incessed to be treated as such but gracefully resigned. The plan to place a family friend in charge of Scelt failed when instead Eirne Sheane, a long time rival of the Killans, took charge of the Territory.

Daveil took her family out of the Court life and in private her only daughter gave her a grand-daughter and a new hope for the Killan dynasty. Shortly after Loreniel Killan's twentieth birthday and Offering of her Sapphire she became the latest Queen of Scelt.

The Killans and the Sheanes had been embroiled in a feud that threatened to turn the Territory into another battlefield with their war. The tensions had been high throughout the Territory and all had waited to see what the fueding Clans would do.

The Court of Denford, and it's Queen Eirne Sheane, were slaughtered in the name of justice by Loreniel Killan, the Queen of Scelt. The fall out from this vicious event was swift. A faction of Sheanes reacted violently and murdered Daveil Killan, a ruling Queen in Kilvary. On the basis of that murder and with recently acquired proof of the Clan's horrendous acts throughout the Territory, the Queen of Scelt outlawed Clan Sheane.

The remnants of Clan Sheane continue to cause problems for the ruling Queen, but there are darker and more dangerous foes lurking in the shadows as the Black Widows begin to seek their own vengeance against the Territory at large.