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* Plot Informaton for Scelt

Scelt is a Territory in turmoil and peace is tenuously held together by the Sceltic Queens. Rivalry between the Clans errupted into horror for the Territory that resulted in many dead, on both sides, and culimated in Clan Sheane being outlawed in the Territory. Further troubles plague the Territory in a variety of manners - Landen villages are raided, Courts are attacked, and no one seems to be safe.
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Author Topic: Culture of Scelt (Statistics, Climate, Geography & Culture)  (Read 1520 times)


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Capital City: Tuathal

Population: 3.1 million, combined of Blood & Landen
Population Breakdown: 75% native to Scelt
Caste Breakdown: 70% Landen to 30% Blood / Of the Blood- there is a significant shortage of Black Widows, all other castes have average distribution.

Major Exports: Live animals, Whiskey/Spirits, Animal Products, Household goods, Furniture, Stone/Masonry, Mercantile Goods.
Major Imports:  Textiles, Lumber, Precious Metals/Jewels, Mercantile Goods.

Climate: Scelt has a mild, moist and easily changing climate with an unusual amount of rainfall. There is a lack of temperature extremes with Scelt having a mild summer and a mild winter.


  • Kilvary (Districts: Glencoe & Loch Cairne)
  • Tramore (Districts: Dunkirk & Portrane)
  • Denford (Districts: Wexlow & Athol)

Culture: Scelt's culture has been defined by a history of violence and hardship. There is a notable culture divide between those who live in rural villages versus those who live in the larger cities. The cities have developed airs of sophistication that does not fit a native of Scelt well. There is a strong resistance against any of a different culture and particularly against any immigrants to the Territory.

The rural aspect of Scelt has embraced farming and small village life. It is a quiet life that they lead and it is a harsh land that they till. The land's fertility was destroyed thousands of years ago and try as the Scelt Queens do they find it difficult to breath life back into Scelt's barren landscape.

Scelts are a people who believe in celebrating even the smallest endeavors. Their calendar is riddled with various holidays that would be ignored in other Territories. The festivals are a primary feature of their culture and their ability to celebrate even in the darkest of times is a defining feature of their personalities and perseverance.