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* Plot Informaton for Scelt

Scelt is a Territory in turmoil and peace is tenuously held together by the Sceltic Queens. Rivalry between the Clans errupted into horror for the Territory that resulted in many dead, on both sides, and culimated in Clan Sheane being outlawed in the Territory. Further troubles plague the Territory in a variety of manners - Landen villages are raided, Courts are attacked, and no one seems to be safe.
History of Scelt
Provinces & Districts
Courts of Scelt
Clan Culture
Scelt's Hourglass Coven

Author Topic: Courts in Scelt  (Read 1913 times)

Description: Scelt. Kilvary. Denford.

Offline Loreniel Killan

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      Court of Scelt

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Courts in Scelt
« on: Feb 05, 16, 10:09:43 AM »
Court of Scelt

Loreniel Killan
Opal to Sapphire Black Widow Queen

Loreniel Killan has ruled the Territory since she turned 20 in 180 AP. Though her rule has been fraught with frisson, concern and open challenges the Queen has maintained her strong graps on the Territory. She is a member of the dynastic Killan Clan who have ruled Scelt for hundreds of years.

Her Court is anything but traditional and Loreniel prefers it that way. There are more Black Widows within Lore’s Court than any other in the Territory but she’s been mindful of those who have been chose to serve, aware of the delicate balance that she needs to maintain in the Territory.

The Triangle

Steward:Kean Devlin, Summer Sky to Opal Prince (NPC/Inactive)
Master of the Guard:Eamonn Sheane, Green to Gray
First Escort*:Brogan Devlin, Green to Gray Warlord Prince

Court Roles

Court Seer:Caoilainn White, Summer Sky to Blood Opal Black Widow (NPC/Inactive)
Court Healer:Maeve Doyle, Purple Dusk to Blood Opal Healer
High Priestess:Bonnie Macleod, Rose to Purple Dusk Priestess (NPC/Adoptable)
Head of the Hourglass Coven:Molly O'Kerry, Summer Sky to Blood Opal Black Widow (NPC/Inactive)

First Circle

Boisil Kintyre, TBD to TBD Warlord (NPC/Adoptable)

Cillian Devlin, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord (NPC/Inactive/Adoptable)

Cormac Falkirk*, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince *(NPC/Inactive)

Drostan Kerr*, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince (NPC/Inactive/Adoptable)

Eamonn Sheane*, Gray to Green Prince (Played by Dani)

Faolan Devlin, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord (Played by Phinneas)

Finley Devlin, Yellow to Summer Sky Warlord (Played by Jamie)

Fiona Devlin, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk witch (Played by Phinneas)

Gavin Skye, TBD to TBD Warlord (NPC/Adoptable)

Isis Moswen, Summer Sky to Green Priestess (NPC/Inactive)

Quinn Higgins, Sapphire to Ebon Gray witch (Played by Jamie)

Raild Failkirk*, Opal to Sapphire Warlord Prince (NPC/Inactive)

Riordan Doyle*, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord (Played by Jamie)

Sorcha Tiernay, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Hearth witch (Played by Dani)

Toag Dunning*, Opal to Sapphire Warlord Prince (NPC/Adoptable)

Second Circle
Lorcan Kerry, Rose to Blood Opal Warlord (NPC/Adoptable)

Other Court Elements

Wards of the Court

Aine Devlin, Blood Female

Carri Marr, Birthright Summer Sky Priestess (NPC/Inactive)

Siobhan Devlin, Birthright Yellow witch (NPC/Inactive)

Siona Doyle, Birthright Yellow Healer (NPC/Inactive)

Former Members of the Court:

Ciaran Doyle, joined Court of Kilvary

Honora Devlin Dunne, now the Queen of Kilvary Province

Lisbeth Harrow, joined Court of Kilvary

Rorie Doyle, joined Court of Denford

Clans Claiming Queen of Scelt as Clan Queen
Clan Killan
Clan Devlin
Clan Doyle
Other Unnamed Clans

* Indicates a Queen-Bonded male.

Offline Honora Devlin Dunne

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      Ruler of Kilvary Province

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      Court of Kilvary

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      Jamie (originally White)

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Re: Courts in Scelt
« Reply #1 on: Feb 05, 16, 10:10:02 AM »
Court of Kilvary Province, Scelt

Honora Devlin Dunne
Yellow to Rose Queen

Information on Province Kilvary
Information on Clan Devlin

Honora Devlin Dunne’s Court is traditional in many senses of a Sceltic Court. The majority of her Court is filled with her own Clan affiliates - Devlins from her adopted family, McKinnons from her biological family, and Dunnes from her family by marriage. However there are some oddities, even for someone who is as traditional as Honora, including a Healer from Clan Rooney, one of the Outlawed Clans. Despite the fact that Honora has over ten siblings none serve directly in her Court.

The Court of Kilvary has always owed allegiance to the Queen of Scelt and has shared a unique bond with the Territory Ruler as Kilvary has been the dynastic home for the Killan Queens for as long as they have ruled Scelt. This particular Court of Kilvary has a lot of crossover with the Court of Scelt whether it be with members, Clans, families or affiliations.

The Triangle

Steward:Pearse McKinnon, Rose to Purple Dusk Prince (NPC/Adoptable)
Master of the Guard:Lachlin Dunne, Summer Sky to Green Warlord (NPC/Adoptable)
First Escort:Coriln Devlin, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord (NPC/Adoptable)

Court Roles

Court Seer:Lisbeth Harrow, Purple Dusk  to Green Black Widow (NPC/Inactive)
Court Healer:Senna Rooney, Opal to Green Healer (NPC/Adoptable)
High Priestess of Kilvary:Poppy Dunne, Tiger Eye to Rose Priestess (NPC/Adoptable)

First Circle

Aaron Druimun Falkirk, Rose to Opal Prince*
Ciaran Doyle, Broken Warlord (NPC/Inactive)

Former Rulers of Kilvary

182 - 188 AP:Aidan Devlin (deceased 188 AP)
162 - 182 AP:Daveil Killan (deceased 189 AP)
155 - 162 AP:Liam Devlin
102 - 155 AP:Brienne Devlin (deceased 169 AP)

Clans Claiming Queen of Kilvary as Clan Queen
Clan Dunne
Other Unnamed Clans

* Indicates a Queen-Bonded male.

Offline Taryn Kerry

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      Queen of Denford Province

    • Faction

      Court of Denford

    • Territory


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Re: Courts in Scelt
« Reply #2 on: Feb 05, 16, 10:10:11 AM »

Court of Denford Province, Scelt

Taryn Kerry
Yellow to Summer Sky Queen

Information on Province Denford
Information on Clan Kerry

Taryn Kerry’s Court has grown organically over the years that she was a District Ruler in the Denford Province. The District Court was a slim regime and all who served her there remained in her Court when she became a Province Ruler following the demise of Eirne Sheane. The majority of her Court is filled with members of Clan Kerry or close neighboring allied Clans; and slowly has begun to fill with former members of Clan Sheane as well.

The Court of Denford has always been at odds with the Court of Scelt and the Provine of Kilvary, but Taryn has taken large strides in order to rectify this issue and ensure harmony among the leaders of Scelt. Taryn’s primary goal is to ensure peace within her own Province and to help those displaced by a variety of tragedies find home and stability.

The Triangle

Steward:Osin Kerry, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Prince (NPC/Adoptable)
Master of the Guard:Eoin Kerry, Rose to Blood Opal Warlord (NPC/Adoptable)
First Escort:Mason Collins, Yellow to Summer Sky Warlord Prince  (NPC/Adoptable)

* Taryn has always viewed her Court as having a second, unofficial, Triangle that supports. This is made up of her brother Lorcan Kerry (First Escort), her cousins Dermot Kerry (Master of the Guard) and Conleth Kerry (Steward).

Court Roles

Court Seer:TBD (NPC/Adoptable)
Court Healer:TBD (NPC/Adoptable)
High Priestess of Denford:TBD (NPC/Adoptable)

First Circle

Norah Sheane, Rose to Opal Black Widow (Played by Kellee)

Rorie Doyle, Rose to Opal Warlord (Played by Ariana)

Other Court Affiliatons

Treasa Mccrae, Yellow to Rose Black Widow (Played by Astarte)

Clans Claiming Queen of Kilvary as Clan Queen
Clan Collins
Clan Kerry
Other Unnamed Clans