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Author Topic: You don't find roses growing on stalks of clover  (Read 362 times)

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Offline Mairi Clery

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You don't find roses growing on stalks of clover
« on: Nov 04, 17, 11:35:58 PM »
Mairi hated gardening. Even in Autumn when the mildly overcast days made it unnecessary to wear the layers and floppy brimmed hat to protect her features. She hated the tediousness of it. The quiet shifting and pruning of each herb and removal of each deadhead flower. The weeds were piled carefully on a square of cloth while the sprigs of pruned herbs were arranged in the wooden basket at her side.

Her back arched for a moment relieving the stress that kneeling for the past half hour brought. A little groan touched her lips as she felt the popping along her spine from between her shoulders towards her hips. It wasn't the physical part that bothered her the most though. It was the quiet and silence that came with tending the temple garden beds. The moments where thoughts of what should have been crept in to torture her with daydreams born from wishes.

Thoughts she ruthlessly pruned from her mind with the same effective efficiency that she gave to the cleaning up of the garden. Which meant a few stray ones still lingered to taunt and tease her. Thoughts wondering if the child she had carried would have been a boy or a girl. Wondering whose features would have been stamped the clearest on that new life; little things that expectant parents took for granted and things she missed sharing.

Mother Night had a purpose for her. Mairi reminded herself of that as another sprig of Rosemary joined the already pruned pile of sage, lavender, and the last of the roses. All items that would find their way to either the drying racks or oil press. Nothing was wasted from Mother Night's bounty. Not with as taxed as Scelt's soil had been until recently.

Not with how sparsely things grew with the constant salty air pushing inland in the low rolling fog and constant hammering breeze. It made growing most herbs and flowers a challenge at best and at worst an act of sadism. Mairi gave a little noise of relief as she eyed over the pruned beds and their freshly laid mulch.

The weeds were gone and the plants trimmed into reasonable sizes for wintering over. Not the artistic and picture perfect that one would find from a garden tended by a hearth witch. Still, perfectly acceptable and functional. More so it was done and she would have another six days before she needed to tend the bed again.

The leather gardening gloves were shucked off and placed in the basket to be joined with her pruning shears. The bundle of weeds wrapped up and vanished to be later deposited in the compost bin. Some days it was harder than others not to be bitter at what her life had become. Harder to hold to the tranquility she strove for as the looming advance of birthright ceremonies and blessing ceremonies came for the newborn and the children old enough to make that first offering to the darkness.

Hard to hold to that serenity when her cousin was rounding with her third child and Mairi was still slender and empty armed. Thoughts that came with guilt for doubting the Darkness and for thinking to betray her husband. No somedays it was simply difficult to keep that mask perfectly in place...