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Author Topic: Words in the Water  (Read 58 times)

Description: Tag: Alis

Offline Tibor Banik

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Words in the Water
« on: Nov 30, 18, 11:39:42 PM »
It was perhaps not the best day for a walk on the beach, but Tibor found himself easily swayed when both his granddaughter and his Queen requested it. Ganged up on him was likely a more accurate way of describing how it went down. There were multiple pleases, some bouncing, tugging his hand, and even a couple of promises to be 'really reeeaaaaallly good' if they got to go.

Despite how Tibor grumbled about it, he certainly was not truly going to complain about getting time with his Queen. Naomi's presence only added to it, and it felt like Tibor had two granddaughters now with the addition of Alis.

"So recently Naomi has been asking for a kitten," Tibor said to Alis, schooling his features into a stern expression. The corner of his mouth may have twitched a little with the effort. As he spoke, Tibor's eyes followed his granddaughter as she ran along the beach, curving her path as the waves washed up on the shore, evading the chilly water. He was glad since he didn't want her to get washed out to sea. The relative calm of the water was deceptive, and he knew how dangerous it could be.

"I think she probably got this idea from someone. Is there anything you would like to tell me?" With this question, he turned his head towards Alis, raising both of his eyebrows in a pointed look. Tibor supposed it was entirely possible that Naomi had come up with the idea on her own, but he had a feeling Alis was somehow involved.

Offline Alis Clery

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Re: Words in the Water
« Reply #1 on: Nov 30, 18, 11:50:01 PM »
Alis loved overcast days and even though it was far too cold to be barefoot without getting disapproving glares it would still be nice to be near the ocean. So when Naomi had suggested it she may have cheated just a lil and used her most winning smile to convince Tibor to escort them. After all, everyone was always happier when she didn't run off on her own even though she was perfectly safe. She wore the Sapphire, thank you very much, and this was her land and ocean. Nothing was out to harm her here and if people did, they'd have to catch her first.

Naomi skipped ahead and Alis pulled her wool hat further over her ears and hooked her arm around that of her Bonded. "A kitten. I have noooo idea where she might have gotten such a notion. Nothing at all. I definitely didn't let her play with the litter that's living under the porch and most certainly didn't let her name one already. Nope, not I, I tell you." She grinned and lay her head on his shoulder. "Kittens are perfect pets for young ladies. They teach the best way of life. Some time you should purr..... and sometimes you should bite the toes of anyone who walks by. Oh, and sometimes you should steal treats off a plate while no one is watching."

The slow meandering pace was a little slow so with a laugh she skipped ahead and then walked backward a few steps, her long red hair whipping about her face in the frigid air. "Think of it this way, if she has a cat she'll have to learn to care for it, which will give her practice for life. She's of the right age to have a few responsibilities and cats are sturdy creatures. If she messes up the kitten will likely be alright, and if she does well it proves she's ready for more when she next asks for something."