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Author Topic: Tell me my place in the world  (Read 357 times)

Description: attn: Desmond

Offline Alis Clery

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Tell me my place in the world
« on: Jun 13, 18, 11:35:44 AM »
Alis stood by the railing of the balcony and looked out over the water. It was early morning but she was already dressed and had been out on the land for a ride with Drummond. Bonding her half-brother had been a shock, but not a bad one. It had made Alis feel like maybe, just maybe, she could belong here with her father’s family. The whole last month had been a whirlwind. Desmond had introduced her to somany people and places, all of which had dazzled the young Queen. She had experienced so many emotional waves, between seeing her father’s grave to getting drunk off her ass with her new Bonded in a local pub that she felt a little seasick.

Nolan would have laughed himself silly that his daughter could manage that with both feet on dry land.

Today had been set aside for Desmond. He wanted to talk to her about her future here, now that she had taken the time to settle in. Alis wasn’t sure a month, or even a year, would really be enough time, but she was also aware that their Clan did not have a Queen, and Alis not only was a Queen, but a Sapphire Queen at that. She couldn’t ignore her duty forever, and her father wouldn’t have wanted her to.

So she had showered and changed into a sturdy wool dress for a working morning and had arrived a little ahead of schedule to the dining room. Drummond was inside eating his breakfast, but Alis had her plate balanced on the thick stone railing and was nibbling while looking out over the blues and greens that Nolan must have stared at most of his life.

If only they had been able to be here together.

She fingered her Jewel as she thought of him, but dropped it as she heard footsteps approaching.

"Good morning, Desmond. I hope you slept well."

Offline Desmond Clery

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Re: Tell me my place in the world
« Reply #1 on: Jun 15, 18, 03:12:54 PM »
Where Alis was rocking from one emotional extreme to the other, Desmond Clery felt settled in his own.

Bringing Alis home had lead to a few parties to welcome the young woman to the family and bring everyone up to speed. Watching Drummond bond to her was a surprise, one that sent a pang of jealousy through Desmond. He and Drummond were nearly inseparable their whole lives, but it was always Drumm who’d always been closer to their father. The loyal soldier in opposition Desmond’s more individualistic nature. For a moment, Desmond wondered if their father ever told Drummond about Alis, but the thought died when he saw Drummond interact with his new Queen. Now they spent some part of every day together and Desmond simply learned to live with it.

Brenna hadn’t taken it nearly as well.

Learning that she wasn’t daddy’s (only) little girl anymore infuriated the young Witch. Drummond’s bond to Alis only increased the tensions between the two women. All of the anger she felt at Nolan, Brenna directed at Alis. She obeyed Protocol and minded her manners, but she refused to learn anything about Alis outside of the young woman’s name  Desmond tried to charm and cajole his younger sister (it was weird not seeing Bren as the youngest anymore), but when that failed, he’d tried to manipulate her into keeping the peace. For two months, Desmond thought it had worked.

When Brenna didn’t show up to dinner last week, he’d gone after her, expecting to have to talk her down from her anger once more. Instead, he found the place empty. Checking with the landlord, Desmond received a final letter from his sister.

Sorry, Des. She stole my father. Can't let it go. 


The last info that Desmond had placed her on a ship headed west toward Dhemlan.

Alis liked to look out at the water, he’d learned, so that’s where Desmond found her once he got dressed that morning. Dark pants and a dark blue shirt contrasted against the red hair that he shared with Alis and that both shared with Drummond and their father. She was eating, at least, which Desmond took as a good sign. She was settling and making friends, drawing people to her in that effortless way that Queens tended to. He smiled when Alis spoke, coming to lean on the rail, but not close enough that he’d disturb her breakfast.

Oh, I slept fine once I got there. Lots of work to be done.” Desmond said.

What about you? Did Drummond fuss over you enough for his liking? Or should I expect him to appear out of thin air because I’m two feet away from you?” he asked, teasing his sister just a little. Drummond had never struck Desmond as particularly fussy or overprotective, but he could practically feel the man’s annoyance anytime Desmond got too close to Alis. Like I’m not the reason he knows her at all.

Still, the information was valuable. Keeping Alis close kept Drummond closer. Desmond had to use that.

How are you liking Wexol?