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Canon: © Anne Bishop
Board's Plot: Blood Rites
Points Scheme: Mother Night
Ratio System: Blood Rites

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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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* Plot Informaton for Scelt

Scelt is a Territory in turmoil and peace is tenuously held together by the Sceltic Queens. Rivalry between the Clans errupted into horror for the Territory that resulted in many dead, on both sides, and culimated in Clan Sheane being outlawed in the Territory. Further troubles plague the Territory in a variety of manners - Landen villages are raided, Courts are attacked, and no one seems to be safe.
History of Scelt
Provinces & Districts
Court of Scelt
Clan Culture
Scelt's Hourglass Coven

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  1. Herding Black Sheep
  2. Another day, another death
  3. Unexpected Consequences
  4. Sight Lines
  5. a family gathering
  6. Catching up with old friends
  7. Who will mourn me when I'm gone?
  8. Irrigating Hope
  9. Woven Chaos
  10. Spiderwebs of glass
  11. Origanum vulgare
  12. Suitor Rencounter
  13. Stacking the Deck
  14. Words in the Water
  15. Something lost, something found
  16. Enter, Stage Left
  17. The Scottish Play: On with Show
  18. Tha Scottish Play: Last Call
  19. The Scottish Play: Unexpected Developements
  20. How the Other Half Lives
  21. Field Lessons
  22. Follow Suit
  23. Market Day
  24. Northern Lights
  25. Playing with Laughing Wonder
  26. Glass Full of Players, Without A Sound
  27. One for Two, Two for One
  28. Rowdy Nights (This Isn't a Place for Bar Fights!!)
  29. War Games
  30. On the Corner of a Tattered Page
  31. Tell me my place in the world
  32. Withnail and I
  33. Storms and Stone
  34. Unlaced & Dangerous: Laid to Rest
  35. Unexpected Consequences: When the Levee Breaks
  36. Winter barley, low to the ground
  37. To live in the minds left behind...
  38. We Bought The Farm
  39. Cider and Morning Chats
  40. Pressure, pushing down on me
  41. Ceremony and sacrifice, Calum has to look nice
  42. You Never Said That You'd Be Gone
  43. Dancing with fire
  44. You don't find roses growing on stalks of clover
  45. Patron Saints of Lost Causes
  46. Unlaced & Dangerous: Solace in the Queen's Embrace
  47. We Are Merely Players
  48. I hope you dance
  49. Full Circle: The Benefits of a Classical Education
  50. A Duty To Care For You
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