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Author Topic: Maeve Doyle  (Read 4247 times)

Description: Healer. Purple Dusk to Blood Opal. Played by Lene.

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Maeve Doyle
« on: Feb 21, 16, 12:49:24 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Maeve Doyle
Age:  40 (AP 154)
Race:  Sceltic, Short lived
Caste:  Healer
Birth Territory: Scelt, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Scelt, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: uncut Purple Dusk  per previous character sheet, chosen by Jamie and approved by Gina
Offering Jewel: uncut Blood Opal per previous character sheet, chosen by Jamie and approved by Gina

Play By: Bridget Regan
Distinguishing Features: Maeve’s dark hair and very green eyes are set in a face usually described as “strong.” She is characterized by her calm, competent, and soothing professionalism as a Healer.  However, when she allows her emotions to rise to the surface, those same steady eyes sparkle like two green jewels and her small rosebud lips open to a wide, inviting smile.
As the oldest of five children, like the oldest of many a large family everywhere, Maeve matured early, helping her mother with the care of her siblings. She developed strong maternal instincts early on, and was considered by one and all to be a serious child, especially in contrast to the wildly creative antics of her younger siblings. Her three brothers and younger sister provided plenty of practice for the young Healer-in-training as did their friends. Despite the differences in their personalities, she has never even thought to try to curb their enthusiasm. Rather she continues to enjoy it, thinking of it as an energizing tonic.

Maeve’s temper has always been one of a slow burn that rarely ignites. She holds her own in any argument, however. As an adult, Maeve has grown to be authoritative, self-assertive, and yes she is still very serious—it makes her very well suited to have taken over from her mother Fiona as the Court Healer and close confidant. She is always professional and calm and has a good bedside manner. More than that, however, Maeve has a big heart that most trust instinctively and a willingness to be the shoulder to cry on as well as simply being a good listener. She is also able to be the strength in any crisis, for whoever needs it.  Her limitless devotion to duty and energy has found her more than once pushing herself to the brink of collapse when need demanded it.

In the years that had passed, Maeve has maintained her steady presence to the family, despite tragedy and loss that they all suffered.  Her ability to internalize and compartmentalize each problem that comes her way is one of the things that make her a great healer.  She finds herself frustrated with her youngest sister, who cannot seem to focus on her studies and rise to her responsibilities.  Maeve uses her work as a distraction, a welcome one from the many thoughts and worries that plague her working mind.  She worries of her family, she worries of her friend and Queen, she worries for Scelt and the feud that awaits just outside.  She sees and hears so much discussed within the halls of the Keep, especially when many don't realize she is listening.  Years have passed since her brother's breaking and she still carries the burden and guilt of being unable to be there when he needed her most.

  • Being a Healer- Being Loreniel’s Court Healer allows her to utilize her strengths while remaining close with her family and friends.  More so, being a Healer calls to the deepest part of her soul.  She can’t imagine doing anything else with her life. 
  • A quiet moment to herself:  With so many new tasks on her hands after taking up her mother's position as Court Healer and of course being the eldest child of a large family, Maeve's time is precious and rarely quiet and alone.  Even in her sleep, she can be roused for a moments emergency.  She holds dear to those scraps of time where the world can stop long enough for a silent cup of tea or a few pages in a good book.
  • Gardening- Maeve’s flower garden is a source of comfort to her. She often brings seedlings from her garden into the sickrooms of her patients, convinced that the colorful blossoms assist in the healing process.  In her saddest moments, when the weight of worry over her patients or her family overcomes her, walking in her garden and tending to the soil even in the depth of winter has a balming effect on her heart. 
  • Loreniel’s inability or unwillingness to ask for help-  Loreniel is one of Maeve’s oldest friends and it breaks her heart to watch her friend work so hard to shoulder the responsibilities of the Territory all by herself. Maeve wishes her friend had someone she would ask for help; she does whatever she can for Lore as Court Healer.
  • Rainy days- the grey skies, chill in the air, and dampness always make Maeve just a little depressed. Even when her work keeps her indoors, Maeve prefers to have the brightness of sunshine pouring in her windows.  The one benefit of the winter season is the reflection of sunshine on the bright snow, helps her feel closer to spring.
  • Violence-  Maeve hates it when patients are brought to her as a result of violence.  As a Healer, anything that brings harm would be something that turns her stomach.  Because of her family and their involvement with the Court, violence is something always lurking on the horizon.
  • Losing her family- the Doyles are a close-knit family group and Maeve specifically fears the day that the injury presented before her will be beyond her ability to heal and the horror of the thought of one of her siblings dying beneath her tired hands.
  • The strife in Scelt- The rising threat of war between the two sides in Scelt is one of Maeve’s biggest fears.  With so many dark jewels in the balance, the power that will be wielded will be great, and despite her jewel strength the reality is that there are far too few Healers at her disposal to handing the influx of injury should the threat break over them.
  • Loneliness- With the passage of time, and now that Siona has reached the age of majority and is no longer a child, Maeve has begun to feel her age and how time has passed for her.  Being second mother to all her siblings, she has never felt the need to start her own family and then with her added responsibilities she has been too busy to contemplate courting or marriage.  Now experiencing a sense of empty nest, she can no longer ignore the calling of her own body, to have a child.
Craft Strengths:
  • Internal Healing-  Having a mother as a healer, and being born naturally to the Craft would have already molded Maeve into a strong, talented and accomplished healer.  Having the Blood Opal as her Offering jewel gives her a reservoir of strength that helps her keep the pace of her duties in the Court but it is her unique skill with internal injuries that is Maeve's shining glory.
  • Communication- Maeve finds it easy to communicate on psychic threads in any situation at any time.  It is handing when dealing with situations where speech is impractical, dangerous or inconvenient with no one around.   
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Travel- Maeve does not like traveling the Winds—it is never easy for her.  The benefit of being the Court Healer, despite the enormity of Killian Keep, her duties never send her much farther than a fast dash can bring her and with a speed that is adequate for emergencies. 
  • Hearth Craft- Maeve is a disaster in the kitchen.   She has realized that it is better to leave those skills to those who are meant to do them.  She respects the Cook and staff of the kitchen and offers them the courtesy of staying out of their domain.   Cooks do not try to heal, Healers should not try to cook.
Life Story

Mother: Fiona Doyle, Summer Sky to Opal  Healer
Father: Devin Doyle, Yellow to Summer Sky Prince
Brother: Rorie Doyle, Rose to Opal Warlord (AP 157)
Brother:Ciaran Doyle, Broken White to Rose Prince
Brother:Riordan Doyle, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord (AP 163)
Sister:Siona Doyle, Yellow to (eventual) Summer Sky witch, Healer-in-training (AP 167)


As the oldest of five children, Maeve helped her mother with her siblings from an early age. Her Healing talents began manifesting at the age of seven; the family joke was that Rorie and Ciaran’s toddler antics forced their older sister to develop Healing abilities. She was certainly able to observe and practice Healing plenty of times with them and with Riordan and Siona when they were born as well. Her family has been close with the Devlins as she was growing up and they continue to be as close as her own family.

Maeve was especially excited when her sister was born and the two sisters have been particularly close with each other despite the thirteen year difference in their ages—even more so once Siona began to show signs of Healing talent herself.  She took her sister under her tutelage, despite Siona’s rebellious teenage nature in the beginning and her inattentive nature to her studies.   As much as she admired the energy and light that Siona could bring to a room,  Maeve’s expectance of her sister’s future role at the court left her feeling frustrated that Siona didn’t seem to take her caste as seriously as she did.

Maeve applied herself to her studies as she trained with her mother, learning all she could of Healing Craft. She traveled with her mother and Loreniel Killan for several years during her training, always learning as much as she could about anything she was taught, her seriousness allowing her to do nothing but succeed. On these circuits, she Healed Blood and Landen alike, without much thought to the social differences of her patients. She has watched the prank wars between her own younger siblings and the Devlin children with amusement, though she has rarely, if ever, joined in the foolery. Although Maeve had many friends growing up, both among her extended family and among her neighbors, Maeve has never really had any romance in her life; indeed, she’s never really thought about wanting it. Rather her attention has always been taken by first caring for her family, then learning, and recently by her position as Court Healer.

When Fiona left with Lorenial’s grandmother Daveil, Maeve was asked to take over as Court Healer for Lorenial, and Maeve began organizing the hospital wing with a strong sense of being exactly where she belonged. Being a dark Jeweled Healer, Maeve knew that there really wasn’t any other place for her to be. She has held that position now for only a few years but it suits the serious young woman well, both her abilities and her personality. Maeve runs her domain competently, working well with the other Healers despite the occasional disagreement or simple dislike of another person. If she had her way, no patient would ever enter the hospital wing with a feeling of fear.

Her darkest day and the one time she felt helpless despite her jewels was the day her brother Ciaran was brought to her, bloodied and bleeding, his life slowly draining out before her.  Her body ran cold with rage and fear as she worked endlessly through the night to stave the flow and keep the life in his body.  There were some wounds that she could not heal and she could feel the agony that radiated from him as he woke to find himself cut off from the well of power that had once been his to command.  She stayed at his bedside through those first days, taking only necessary time to herself, napping slightly while he slept.  She held his hand, and cried softly when no one was around for her little brother.  She refused to leave until he woke, and it was only when he pulled through that she finally crawled to a bed and truly slept.

The years since that horrid day have flown by.  The tensions in Scelt were growing by the day, first with the Sheane clan who threatened Lore's throne.  Maeve had seen the frustration in her friend's eyes when everyone expected her to act and yet she simply refused, taking a defensive stance against a threat to her land.  Then, to everyone's amazement, she returns with one of the enemy, a Grey Jeweled Prince of the Sheane Clan who she allows to reside in her home.  Maeve tended a few bruised and broken hands the week that Eamonn Sheane arrived at court, and she imagined the staff were equally busy replacing broken furniture and mending the walls that met their violent end with those fists.

There was something about him however, despite the distrust her brothers felt about their visitor coupled with their struggle to trust their Queen's decision.  Maeve had only seen him a handful of times, and spoken to him less.  He was tall, she had always like tall men, and there was a strong steady feeling about him that drew her to him somehow and for some reason.   She wasn't the only woman who noticed him, she saw the eyes that followed his movement with a small hint of resentment.  It was new and strange to her, but rather like the call inside her deeper self when someone was seriously injured and her Craft pushed to be freed, this was another call inside her that light up whenever he was near.   She told no one, not even her mother about this. 

*updated for reactivation

Lore’s attack on the Sheane Queen, while justified, has caused a ripple effect throughout the entire Territory.   The clans had been reorganizing into two spheres, those who stand behind the territory queen and those who side with the Sheanes and their kin.   Lore’s court is unsteady as several positions within the court seem to be changing.   Most recently, an attempt on the Queen’s life, executed foolishly and suspiciously by the Queen’s own friend, Brighe Devlin has left the court with a heartwound.   Suffering perhaps more is Maeve’s own brother, Riordan who threw the killing blow in defense of his Queen.   Maeve knows that the time has come to step up for her family and her Queen and friend and make her stand with them all. 

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Maeve stood alone in the center of the large, airy main room of the Healer’s wing. She’d spent a lot of time here growing up as she trained with her mother and the other healers, but this time it was different. As of today, just this afternoon in fact, this was her domain; not her mother’s any longer. Lore had asked her to be Court Healer. It pleased her that her oldest friend trusted her and wanted her to stand beside her while she worked to turn the territory around.

The serious young woman pivoted, almost wishing she could convince herself to do a victory dance like Riordan or Siona would do. This was her space! It was hard to believe, but Maeve knew she would have to work hard to fill her mother’s shoes. First though, she decided, she needed to put her own touch on the hospital so she would always know that what happened here was her responsibility.

The windows had been left open to air out the rooms.  The faint scent of paint still lingered in the air, after Maeve had specifically asked to repaint the walls a cheerful yellow.  The stark white of the traditional Healer’s hall had held was clinical and typical with only a few hanging pictures to brighten the atmosphere.  Maeve wanted yearlong sunshine around her while she worked and the yellow would also bring a bit of energy and hope to her patients, two things she knew that they would need for a strong recovery.

Maeve wandered through the room, rearranging supplies and placing potted plants from her own garden by each of the beds and on each windowsill. She eventually came to the room that had been her mother’s private workroom; it was empty now, waiting for her to organize the boxes of her own supplies stacked by the door. She pulled the first of her boxes over to the shelves and began placing her things just the way she preferred them. It was best she get her things set up now, while she had a few minutes alone.

Petitions (if any): 
Why did this character became inactive?  Real life stole me away

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?  Things have been heating up in Scelt as of late, with the Falkirks breeding like rabbits (thanks Ida) and now with the death of Brighe and her attempt on the life of Lore, the territory court needs its Healer in play and Riordan needs his sister in this tough time.

What are your plans for this character?  As stated above, Maeve is the court healer and a large tragedy has just befallen Lore and her court.  As one of the Queen’s friends and family member of an allied family to the Killians, Maeve stands to have significant plot stance in Scelt   Not to mention, I have some plot plans (not yet discussed with Jamie) about the direction that Maeve might take in the political machinations of Scelt.   She is, besides being a healer, also a Blood Opal witch.     The shorthand of this idea is that Maeve will offer herself up as a political pawn, a unification piece to marry with one of the warring clans to help solve a more peaceful solution to the growing bloodshed. 

Number of previous Reactivations: Does it count as a reactivation if I adopted her from an inactive player?

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :  Updates on age and history.

Old: Permission to adopt:  Jamie asked to put Maeve back up on the board.  I love playing healers and as Court Healer, with the rising conflict in Scelt over the balance of power, I see having a strong Healer an essential character to the developing plot.  I have a few ideas of how to step Maeve up in terms of what’s going on, I would like to present her with a romantic attachment, perhaps with the newest member of the Court (wink) or maybe another male, someone who might seem forbidden or under suspicion. 

Player Name: Lene, original character created by Danika

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Re: Maeve Doyle
« Reply #1 on: Feb 21, 16, 01:29:45 PM »
This lady is ready for her reactivation if you please :)

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Re: Maeve Doyle
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