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Scelt is a Territory in turmoil and peace is tenuously held together by the Sceltic Queens. Rivalry between the Clans errupted into horror for the Territory that resulted in many dead, on both sides, and culimated in Clan Sheane being outlawed in the Territory. Further troubles plague the Territory in a variety of manners - Landen villages are raided, Courts are attacked, and no one seems to be safe.
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Author Topic: Loreniel Killan  (Read 3061 times)

Description: Black Widow Queen, Opal to Sapphire. Played by Jamie

Offline Loreniel Killan

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Loreniel Killan
« on: Jul 15, 10, 09:49:09 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Loreniel Killan
Nicknames: Lore
Age: 159 AP (34 years old)
Race: Sceltic, Short Lived

Caste: Black Widow Queen
Birth Territory: Scelt
Home Territory: Scelt

Birthright Jewel: cut Opal
Offering Jewel: uncut Sapphire


Play By: Kate Beckinsale
Distinguishing Features:
    Much like the land she rules Loreniel's beauty is unusual but consuming. Loreniel inheritted her father's darker coloring compared to her mother's red hair and freckles, but she thankfully was the benefactor of her mother's disposition. There was something of her grandmother to carry on within her heart as well. Having almost never known her father Loreniel had little knowledge from which to build an image. Loreniel's full head of brunette hair frames her face perfectly and accentuates her hazel eyes, which were more green than brown.

    There is something special about Loreniel that allows her to transform from a tomboy to a Queen in seconds. She is a tall woman, though not compared to the native Sceltian men, perhaps standing at 5'9. Atril is a woman who takes pride in her full figure as a matter of heritage.

    There is an element of grace to Loreniel's carriage that commands attention. Loreniel is an expressive woman who shows a broad range of emotions throug h her facial expressions and eyes. She is communicative but has also learned to control those emotions when they could give her away. Loreniel's beauty is realized both inwardly and outwardly. And there is something untangible about the Queen that makes her desirable as a Queen, a friend, a confidant or a lover.


    Loreniel has carefully divided her life into two sectors; the ruler and the witch. Having the expectations of a Tereritory on your shoulder from a terribly young age has made it important for Loreniel to learn about ruling well before she would become Queen of Scelt. Expectations drove Loreniel as a child and set the bar high from her the moment she received her Birthright Opal. Loreniel learned to wear the mask of a polished Queen but what lurked beneath was the more feral spirit of a Dark Jeweled Queen mixed with the passionate nature of a Black Widow, and combined they made for an explosive witch.

    Loreniel the Queen is a powerful individual with the weight of a Territory on her shoulders. There is no doubt that she was born to be a ruler, and embodies the soul of a Queen through and through. Part of the power she derives from her station is from her naturally born gifts as a Queen and the rest is derived from years of training for the moment she would become< /I> the Queen. She is decisive in all decisions she must make and has learned never to waiver on important issues. Though she seeks advice from a large counsel Loreniel has always been the individual to make the final decision in the best interest of Scelt. Loreniel was brought up to be a highly intelligent, well read and knowledgeable Queen who follows the customs and traditions of her position and Territory.

    The side she shows the public as its Queen is strong, but fair. She never passes judgment before all sides are heard but she never hesitates to make an example out of someone when it is needed. Usually her solutions are unorthodox but in the end they serve well the parties involved. Loreniel doesn't see the need to do everything by the book. While she is a fair ruler the one thing she expects from anyone serving her is loyalty. If a member of her court is being disloyal Loreniel would not hesitate to strip them of the privilege and has done so on several occasi ons. It is the Black Widow within Loreniel that has chipped away at the Queenly polish to reveal the inner strength and adds a unique flavor of unmistakable sass to the role of Queen.

    Her gifts as a Black Widow have strengthened her position as Queen and to provide an extra level of protection to herself and her Court. To those on the outside it might have seemed as if Loreniel took her natural abilities as a Black Widow for granted, especially given that she had never applied to the Hourglass Coven for training. In actuality Loreniel has discovered that the Darkness had granted her with a gift so potent and powerful it served as the backbone to her rule of Scelt and the power she derived as a Queen.

    Loreniel the witch is a burdened woman who finds solace in nature and the quiet times she can steal from her hectic schedule and life. The greatest piece of advice her grandmother, the former Queen of Scelt, had given her was that life isn't all about work and no p lay. Loreniel enjoys the lighter side of life and has an affinity for the small things that bring forth smiles- such as playing child's games outdoors with her friends. Loreniel is a far less serious person when she is not involving herself in Court life. Loreniel appreciates those moments in her life where she is able to strip free from everything weighing her down and truly appreciate a relaxed atmosphere.
    * Loyalty.
    * Honesty.
    * Respect.
    * Holiday/Relaxation.
    * Culture.
    * Outdoors.
    * Architecture.
    * Originality.
    * Passion.
    * Spontaneity.
    * Disloyalty.
    * Stress.
    * Entitlement.
    * Favoritism.
    * Elitism.
    * Bullshit.
    * Passiveness.
    * Apathy.
    * Ignorance.
    * The continue stressed relations between landens and Blood; without some kind of intervention or solution the situation will progressively worsen until it is all out war.
    * Coup d'Etat; as if the stress of the Landen uprising wasn't enough, or the relations with other Territories, Lore is constantly reminded of the inner turmoil of Court-wars as well.
    * Losing ground; as a Queen who came in at the worst of times in Scelt Loreniel fears losing the progress she’s worked so hard to establish.
    * Losing herself to the position; Loreniel has developed a fear, since becoming the Queen of Scelt, that the position would swallow her whole. That the position could consume her.

Craft Strengths:
    * Protections & Shields; Living in a time of such unrest forced protective training on Loreniel at a young age and she has mastered the art of combining craft and her Black Widow talents to provide protection to her Court and land.
    * Combative Craft; Though Lore has proven to be a natural born mediator she was trained to recognize the importance of a Plan B, and for Loreniel that is her strength with combat, both natural and trained.
Craft Weaknesses:
    * Hearth craft; though Loreniel is a Queen she has terrible trouble curtailing the chaos she creates in the garden amongst other Hearth craft she has discovered she is quite lousy at.
    * Communicative craft; some consider the ability to communicate telepathically a craft basic but it is something that Loreniel has always had trouble mastering. Sometimes her private conversations have ended up becoming embaressingly public or she simply misses the mark entirely. Lore has come to appreciate the art of pen and paper more than that of mind-speak.

Life Story

    Daveil Killan - Grandmother
[Opal Jeweled Queen]
Noura Killan - Mother [Tiger Eye Jeweled Queen] (deceased)
Iain Tamac - Father [Green Jeweled Prince] (no relationship past birth)

    The Territory had been in a stage of political unrest and turmoil since before Loreniel was born. The Killan's had produced a long line of Queens who had ruled Scelt for nearly eleven generations with only a few non-Killan Queens filling the small gaps left in their line. Daveil Killan, Loreniel's grandmother, had 'aged' out of the role of Queen only a few years before Atril was born. And Noura, Lore's mother, was considered to be an unacceptable successor due to the lightness of her Jewel and her flighty nature.

    That's when Scelt's Queens turned to Eirne Sheane, a Purple Dusk jeweled Queen. At first the expectation was she would act as the traditional filler Queen until another of the Killan line was born. Eirne, on the other hand, had quickly decided otherwise and had made a grasp for power that quicly divided the Territory. It started by not inviting any of the Killans, or their close allies, to serve. The Killans, Devlins and Doyles were all snubbed in the proc ess.

    Eirne's attempt to destroy the Killan line backfired. The man she sent to break and kill the young Queen did manage to break the Queen but never fully delivered the killing blow. Daveil, the cunning matron of the family, turned to an old ally and trusted him with her unstable daughter and the very future of Scelt. Iain Tamac managed to impregnate the broken Noura and for nine months the Killans drew in their forces and held their breath. Publically they were mourning the loss of Noura in an attempt to disguise their protection of the fragilly broken Queen.

    Loreniel, from an early age, was very loyal to her family and to those who had protect them in their most desperate time of need. Together the three families (Killan, Devlin, Doyle) dominated the District of Loch Cairne. This was the seat of the Killan's power of generations and it was ruled by Liam Devlin, an Opal Jeweled Warlord Prince.

    By the time Loreniel was born there were already five chil dren older than her between the three families. With the promise of a future Killan Queen the children knew their duty from a very young age. Even so there was a type of comraderie between the group, that extended to the twelve children that would later join the group, that allowed for banter and even relationships. Though it was understood that Loreniel would be a strong candidate to become the Queen of Scelt she received no special treatment amongst the group, instead each child shared with her their own wisdom and helped mold the Queen she would later become.

    By the time Loreniel hit puberty she was sharing all her classes and tutors with Honora, the only other Queen to emerge from the extensive group of children. Though the girls shared so much in common they couldn't have been any different. Part of the reason for the distinct difference between the Queens became apparent shortly after Loreniel turned twelve. But even after it was discovered that Loreniel was a n atural Black Widow she still strove to learn much from Honora, especially the discipline she applied towards her studies. But their shared classes would not last for long after it was discovered that Loreniel possessed the skills and talents of a Black Widow. It was then that Daveil called upon her former Court Seer, and aunt, to train Loreniel outside of the boundaries of the Hourglass Coven. It was her intention to ensure that her grand-daughter's focus would always be on the Realm and no one else's agenda.

    Instantly this change in her body, mind and training seemed to set her apart from the Devlin and Doyle households. For some time the important bond that Loreniel had cultivated with her friends during their childhood was placed in jeopardy. Loreniel knew she had to take her studies as a Black Widow seriously but they were consuming and demanding of her time. Eventually Loreniel began to rebel against the strict schedule that her great-aunt was placing on her stud ies. Since Daveil knew how important it would be to Loreniel's future that she was properly trained as a Black Widow and how important it was that Loreniel didn't buck against that training, she worked out a more balanced schedule for Lore that involved social time with her friends and a few activities that they could participate in together, such as dance lessons.

    Try as Liam Devlin, Daveil Killan and Fiona Doyle might they could not maintain the peace in Cairne. Nor could they shelter their children from the horrors of the bitter war between the landens and Blood. All of the adults agreed that the children needed to understand the consequences of war. Since Fiona served as a Healer for Loch Cairne's District she agreed to allow Lore to Loreniel complete circuits with her and her eldest daughter Maeve, as they offered their services to both landen and Blood alike. Loreniel enjoyed these trips with the Doyles because it involved spending time amongst the people of Sce lt and the land, and it wasn't a classroom environment.

    It was during her third circuit with the Doyles that Loreniel learned the hardest lesson of her childhood. They were in the process of visiting a landen village when Loreniel had stepped away from the Healing station that the Doyles had set up. It was the distant screams that had called her away from the safety provided by their escorts, Rorie Doyle and Aidan Devlin. Everything she had studied seemed like a distant memory as she stumbled across the shallow ditch just beyond the stone walls protecting the tiny village.

    At first she could only observe with horror clenching her stomach as a Warlord brutally slit the delicate throat of a landen woman. But she jumped to action when he turned on the young child, the blade glinting cruelly with the blood of the slain woman. Loreniel reacted instinctively and blasted the man with her Opal. He fell to his knees as the blast of Opal power cleanly burnt his Tiger Eye Jewel. That was not the end of Loreniel's rage but it was the soft whimper of the young girl that shifted Loreniel's attention. Loreniel quickly gathered the child to her bosom and turned to the man, who was attempting to gather the power of his White around him in a shield.

    At first he tried to argue that she had no right to attack him, especially over a half breed bastard, but his words only incited Loreniel's anger further. Even so she offered him a mercifully swift death with her snake finger and shielded the child from the man's agonized screams as the poison bit through his veins. It was the first time she'd used her snake tooth, but it was a time she would never forget. Nothing in the class room could have prepared her for the moment she stuck the man with her tooth and it was the first moment in her life that Loreniel truly understood the value of her second gift from the Darkness. Loreniel later learned that this was not an uncommon occurance and the Warlord was the father of the child she had rescued. To make matters worse it was also discovered that he served in the third circle of Eirne Sheane's Court.

    Shortly before Loreniel's Offering she had chosen to weave a tangled web to depict the future of the Territory. She knew what the political unrest was doing for the Territory and how much damage Eirne Sheane had inflicted since she'd become the Queen of Scelt. Loreniel couldn't bare to see the Territory continue in such a state of chaos and unrest. After consulting the tangled web she knew what course of action would have to be taken to secure a better future for Scelt. Loreniel consulted with Black Widow tutor, the former Court Seer of Scelt, and together they agreed that Loreniel would indeed have to make her Offering early and in privacy only afforded to her within the boundaries of Province Cairne.

    When Loreniel appeared in Tuathal wearing the Sapphire sh e raised several eyes and even more questions. Openly she descended upon Court with the support of Liam, Daveil and Fiona. The strength of her Jewel was obvious as it blazed against her throat but equally as powerful in earning the sway of the Queens and Warlord Princes of Scelt was the strength of her connections. The change of rulership was swift as the Queens and Warlord Princes convened to declare Loreniel Killan their Queen.

    Again the Killans were restored to their long held duty of ruling Scelt but the tasks that awaited Loreniel as Queen of Scelt were innumerable. Eirne Sheane had left the Territory in a state of distress where one spark could ignite an entire war that would force the deaths of an entire generation of Scelts Blood. Immediately upon accepting the post of Queen of Scelt Loreniel purged Eirne's Court. She knew it would take years to rebuild her Court and raise new Province Queens but Loreniel was eager to take on the challenge. It was something th at she had to do for the good of Scelt.

    Years later Loreniel has worked tirelessly to bring peace to Scelt though her progress has been dissapointingly slow. To make matters worse Loreniel has found herself fighting two battles when she can barely afford to be fighting one. First was the continued battle to provide a balanced Territory for both the landen and the Blood. Try as she might she struggled to ease relations between the two vastly different races. The second battle was against the rumors and trouble brewing admist the Blood- all of which had a single point of origin starting in the District of Glenburgh, home to the Sheanes. The most potent of those rumors questioned if Loreniel was anything more than a puppet Queen to the triad of Liam, Daveil and Fiona. Or worse, if Scelt's Shield was truly the ruler and Loreniel was nothing more than a pretty puppet to Brogan Killan's Gray Jewel.

Show us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
    There was so much at stake. Loreniel could feel the weight of an entire Territory on her shoulders, perhaps even more than that. If Scelt fell to the landens who knew how long it would take for other Territories to suffer the same fate? Loreniel believed that it wasn't only the Blood she was saving, it was the landens from themselves. Afterall, the Blood were initially their protectors and Loreniel had every intention of fulfilling that role to the best of her ability.

    She knew that they would be looking to her in a short amount of time as the Queen of Scelt. She was barely out of the classroom and she was making the Offering. It was only a short while ago she'd gone through her Virgin Night with a loyal Warlord of her grandmother's choosing. Loreniel wondered how her new awareness of her own sexuality would affect her as Queen or even as a Black Widow.

    Loreniel wasn't sure if she was yet ready for this but she knew her Territory was ready for the new ruler . Eirne Sheane had unleashed a reign of terror upon the landens and in turn they were plotting strongly against the Blood. Scelt had suffered enough at the hands of Eirne and it was time to bring a new regime to Scelt's seat of power. The vision she'd seen in her tangled web had led her to the Dark Altar to make the offering.

    Knowing well what the consequences were if Loreniel didn't go through with the Offering kept her hand steady as she raised the chalice to her lips. The chanting filled the room and Loreniel concentrated on the precise words that the Priestess was offering the Darkness and repeated them as a prayer to the Darkness. The blood flowed freely from her wrist and the chalice was purified with her blood and the wine. Her offering to the darkness commenced and Loreniel opened herself willingly for what would come. And what would come of her future.

Petitions (if any):

Player Name: Jamie

* Note: Lore was initially accepted on an old application form. I reformatted to the new one but that is why some things are lacking while others are more robust.

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Re: Loreniel Killan
« Reply #1 on: Jul 18, 10, 09:13:45 PM »

Loreniel is accepted...

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Re: Loreniel Killan
« Reply #2 on: Nov 10, 11, 10:23:46 AM »

Loreniel Killan has been blessed with Advanced Combat Craft.

Advanced is indicative of a skill that surpasses the normal capabilities of someone with that Jewel rank.
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Re: Loreniel Killan
« Reply #3 on: Dec 15, 19, 01:29:54 PM »

Loreniel has been blessed with Emotional Healing Craft

You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section as written.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker