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Author Topic: Faolan Devlin  (Read 219 times)

Description: Warlord. Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk. Played by phinneas.

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Faolan Devlin
« on: Nov 14, 19, 03:51:04 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Faolan Devlin
Age:  29 (b. 165 AP)
Race:  Short-Lived
Caste:  warlord
Birth Territory: Scelt
Home Territory: Scelt

Birthright Jewel: cut Tiger Eye*
Offering Jewel:  uncut Purple Dusk*

*Jewels from NPC adoption sheet here.


Play By: Chace Crawford
Distinguishing Features:


Faolan's present-day demeanor and lifestyle would not immediately indicate to an outsider what a troubled past he's had. To meet him today one would find him gregarious and easy to talk to, quick to smile and quick to laugh. Though it's been a long and slow process, he's gradually learned to take pleasure in being the generous sort. This is, after all, the first time in his life that has seen him with enough in the way of material possessions that he can share. He loves music, especially when there's a crowd and he can sit around and play casually and for fun. Laughter is the greatest weapon in his arsenal, and he uses it on a daily basis to combat everything from nervousness to outright fear, boredom, and melancholy. He is nearly compelled to attempt to help others lighten up as well, whether they want to or not.

Beneath this fairly likeable exterior is a man still living with the ghosts he met as a boy. The lies he's told his sister about their biological parents ride him like a disease, and he fears that one day Fiona will find out somehow. Though she would undoubtedly be hurt for a bit, Faolan doesn't fear Fiona being driven her away from him if she found out - that doesn't seem possible considering how close the two have always been. It's only that he has spent his entire life trying to keep her from as much pain as possible, and he doesn't want her hurt with the truth.

  • Music. Even back in Tuathal, Faolan has always loved live music. It wasn't until he was adopted by Liam that he got the chance to learn to make music of his own, but he's been practicing the fiddle and flute for the past decade now, and has become quite adept at both. Playing music while Fiona sings is one of his favorite pastimes.

  • Laughter. It feels to Faolan like laughter saved his life. When he and Fiona were on the streets, there were times when they were cold or hungry or frightened, but a prank or a joke done right could make them forget about those things for a little while. It was the plentiful laughter in the house of the Devlins that eventually allowed Faolan to open up and truly become part of the family.

  • Food. After having experienced first-hand what it feels like to go hungry, Faolan is obsessed with making sure it doesn't happen again. He's known to keep little stashes of food even now, all these years later, despite the fact that there's no imminent threat of any of the Devlins wanting for food.    

  • Boundaries. For all the fear and danger of living on the street, there was also a great deal of freedom. It's the one and only thing Faolan misses about that old life. While he wouldn't trade his place among the Devlins for anything, he still feels compelled to test the boundaries of what's acceptable, sometimes. Just to see how far he can go before being reprimanded or called to task.

  • Snobs. Faolan has seen all types of people in all types of situations in his life. The high and mighty in Tuathal were just as likely to visit the Red Moon houses as the beggars were. The pirates were just as likely to have finery and honor as the aristos were, sometimes more, sometimes less. A person's station in life should not entitle them to look down on others. Faolan will never forget that he went from street urchin to a respected member of society merely because of the kindness of one man.

  • Poor parenting. Faolan is especially sensitive to the plight of children after having looked out for Fiona for so long. He can't stand to see kids neglected or abused. When he's confronted with the sight of obvious abuse, he's rarely able to stop himself from intervening in one way or another. He can manage it, but it requires a significant expenditure of willpower. That isn't to say he's directly confrontational with the parents in question - though that's certainly happened before. The important thing to Faolan is the children, and so his compulsion is just as sated by comforting the kids or building up their self esteem as it is by finding a way to punish the parents. 

  • Abandonment. It's not likely, but that ghost in the back of his head will not go away. His mother chose another life over her children, and even though Faolan knows in a logical sense that this was not his fault, there is a piece of him that will always wonder why he wasn't good enough to make her want to stay.

  • Losing Fiona. The twins are growing older, and Faolan knows it's only a matter of time before Fiona finds someone she's interested in and starts looking to make a household of her own. He generally ignores this possibility, because he can't bear the thought of her being so removed from him. She is the other half of him, and losing her to another man would feel like losing an arm or a leg. He'll manage, but it will be painful and life-altering.

  • Stewart. Though he's fairly sure Stewart is dead, he's not 100% sure. The longer he's with the Devlins, the dimmer this fear grows, but there are nights where he still wakes up a sweat after having dreamed that the pirate has hunted him and Fiona down to exact revenge. Faolan has never told anyone what he did to Stewart, not even Fiona. It is a murder he intends to take to his grave.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Whimsy Craft. Faolan used whimsy craft a lot while growing up. He used whimsy craft to create small illusions and entertainment. He did this with the purpose of holding the attention of those watching so that it would be easier for his sister to sneak up behind them and steal things from them without them noticing.

  • Vanishing/Conjuring Craft. Sometimes, people noticed anyway when their things got stolen. In order to keep from being beaten up or killed or thrown in jail for being caught at this, Faolan taught himself how to get rid of incriminating evidence (the stolen things) by vanishing them. The constant practice at this aspect of craft has enable him to vanish and conjure things very quickly, and he is able to store an impressive amount of things in his "psychic closet".

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Power bolts. Ever since that emotional outburst that sent Stewart overboard, direct bolts of power are beyond Faolan's reach. Whether this is because he damaged something in himself with the outburst or because he has psychologically distanced himself from the trick is uncertain, but he cannot unblock this particular power.

  • Social Craft. Faolan's an affable enough fellow, but he's never been able to enhance his likeability via Craft. Maybe it was just because Fiona was always so good at it, but even when he tried to learn it, he struggled.

    Life Story

    Mother: Finola Dunne, unjewelled witch (deceased)
    Father: Stewart Burk, White to Tiger Eye warlord (b. 146 AP)

    Father: Liam Devlin, Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince (b. 130 AP)
    Brother:  Aidan Devlin, Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince (b. 150 AP): Sheet Deceased.
    Brother:  Kean Devlin, Summer Sky to Opal Prince (b. 152 AP):Sheet
    Brother:  Finley Devlin, Yellow to Summer Sky Warlord (b. 152 AP)
    Brother:  Cillian Devlin, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord (b. 152 AP): Sheet
    Sister:  Brighe Devlin, White to Tiger Eye (b. 158 AP) Hearth Witch: Deceased. Sheet
    Sister:  Honora Devlin, Yellow to Rose Queen (b. 159 AP) Sheet
    Brother:  Brogan Devlin, Green to Gray Warlord Prince (b. 161 AP) Sheet
    Brother:  Brennan Devlin, Opal to Green Prince (b. 163 AP) Sheet
    Sister:  Fiona Devlin, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk witch (b. 165 AP)
    Sister: Aine Devlin, Blood witch (b. 170 AP) Sheet
    Sister: Siobhan Devlin, Birthright Yellow witch

    Faolan Devlin was born Faolan Dunne a scant eight minutes before his twin sister, Fiona. While the birth of not one but two happy, healthy babies should have been an occasion to celebrate, Finola Dunne hadn't particularly wanted one baby, much less two. A woman of questionable repute, she spent her days keeping pirates happy on one vessel or another in the seas off of the coast of Scelt. She was a woman of many passions, and her life among the pirates and thieves of the high seas suited her just fine, particularly once she fell in love with an ambitious young pirate named Stewart Burk. Whether the contraceptive brew she'd been using merely failed or whether one of the other women who envied her success with the handsome Burk interfered with the brew was never clearly established. What was soon established, however, was that a very pregnant pirate's wench was not quite so much fun as one who wasn't. Finola was deposited at the nearest port, ostensibly for the duration of her confinement, to reunite with Burk and the ship when she'd borne the children and "dealt with them".  Burk was of the opinion that a pair of healthy young children were most useful when fetching a good price from some couple out there who weren't able to conceive children of their own.

    Finola took work at a tavern and inn while waiting out her pregnancy. The owner was a kindly old fellow named Gavin who was intent on reforming the wild young witch. He had little luck. The infants softened Finola, for a time, however, and she could not make herself sell them off as she'd intended. Gavin helped her see to them while they were babies and toddlers, and Finola went back to work, daydreaming about the moment when Stewart would show up out of the blue to beg her back to his side. Though Faolan and Fiona had found Finola's heart as babies, once they'd grown past the toddler phase they were to her more nuisances and baggage than anything else. The more years that passed, the more she resented them for keeping her land-bound and having lost her Stewart. She put them to work helping to keep up the inn and tavern as soon as they were old enough to carry things reliably. From their mother, the twins learned how to pour ale, how to cheat drunken men out of their marks, how to pick pockets, and how to distract people for the sake of robbing them. Gavin saw none of this, mostly due to his poor eyesight and failing hearing. He was well-aged and eventually returned to the Darkness, and when he did Finola took over the inn.

     When the children were eight, just past their birthrights, Stewart Burk wandered into the inn. He charmed Finola once more, and though he had no intention of taking her with him when he left, he bedded her with gusto and let her think otherwise. He left her in the middle of the night, promising that he would be back to collect her at dawn before his ship left port. While Fiona slept through all of this, Faolan did not. He was young, but after a lifetime of hearing his mother glamorizing the life of the sea-faring "privateers" she used to keep company with, he grew excited over what appeared to be the chance to finally experience that life first-hand. Not wanting to risk the formidable wrath of his mother by betraying the fact that he wasn't asleep as he should have been, Faolin pretended to sleep while she moved about their shared room, packing her belongings into a single bag. He waited, aching for that moment when he'd hear her whisper his name to wake him and tell him and his sister to pack their things as well.

    It never came.

    In feigning sleep, Faolan accidentally fell asleep for real. He only woke shortly after dawn, when his mother closed the front door on her way out. The empty room around him revealed that the bag she'd packed was gone. Faolan knew at once that she'd finally left them behind, like she'd threatened to do on occasion before, but he didn't want to believe it. He made sure Fiona was sleeping soundly and then crept out of bed and raced outside, just in time to catch sight of his mother heading down the walk towards the water. He tailed her in silence, following her through the quiet filth of the Tuathal morning. He followed her all the way to Stewart's ship, which hadn't yet set sail after all. By the time Faolan made his way on board behind his mother, the pair were already arguing. It became clear that Stewart had had no intention of taking Finola with her after all, and even now that she'd left the children behind he was not interested in inviting Finola back to sea. The argument grew heated and Finola attacked Stewart in a fury. Stewart, no more in control of his own temper, struck her down. Whether he intended to do so or not was not clear, but seeing his mother thusly felled threw young Faolan into action. He emerged from his hiding place and attacked Stewart, who'd been surprised both by his presence and the Tiger-Eye fueled Craft that was launched at him by the out-of-control boy. Stewart fell, and though it was not clear to Faolan whether the bolt of power he'd thrown had killed Stewart, the pirate fell over the rail and into the water below, and he did not emerge again that Faolan could see.

    With his mother (and father, though he hardly thought of Stewart as such) now dead, Faolan returned to the inn and woke Fiona. He concocted a story to tell his sister about where their mother had gone, not wanting her to hurt the way he hurt. Not sure what else to do, Faolan attempted to continue running the inn, pretending as though his mother was just otherwise occupied. It didn't take long for the ruse to fail, though. Afraid of what might happen to the pair of them if left in the hands of adults and fate, Faolan and Fiona collected what few things they had and they ran.

    They lived for five years on the streets of Tuathal. They survived by begging, pick-pocketing, running cons and any other available means. As they grew, Faolan realized that such a life wasn't going to do forever. Men were beginning to look at Fiona differently, and a time or two they even attempted to force themselves on her. Faolan was never far away and succeeded in driving these men off when necessary, but it only took a time or two before Faolan decided something had to change. It was only a matter of time before the same thing happened with a man who was strong enough or dark enough in his jewels to make Faolan's protection ineffective. He convinced Fiona to leave the city with him, and the pair fled to the country, where they were caught trying to pick a Devlin pocket.

    Kind a man as Liam Devlin was, it wasn't long before the two mistreated but well-meaning twins were introduced to a new way of life. At 13, once they showed the capacity for changing their dishonest ways, they were adopted into the Devlin clan. Faolan has never once looked back.

    The twins have only ever had each other as a constant in their lives. They have been each other's sole source of stability and support. Even when Finola was around, it was the twins who looked out for one another. Faolan especially felt this burden, to protect and look out for his sister. He learned to fake a confident air for her sake, even learned to love clowning around just because it made her laugh no matter how hard things got. He taught her to love the same sort of humor, and the two grew up making each other laugh and watching the other's back. They've been ten years now with the Devlins, and enjoy richer, fuller lives than either of them could have hoped for in Tuathal. They are proud to be part of such a strong family, proud to have a place to belong and people around them they can trust. It has been a long and difficult road, as neither of the twins trusted easily when they first came to the Devlins. But the raucous humor that most of the brothers and sisters enjoy, as well as the abundance of love and respect in the Devlin household, have taught the twins a new way to live. Their love of humor and their sneakiness have blended now to turn them into the penultimate pranksters of House Devlin.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
    "But Faaaoooo, look at it!" Fiona whined, turning the half-eaten apple around and thrusting it towards her brother. Faolin took it from her to inspect it, pursing his lips as he did so. The apple was browning quickly, and though it didn't look to have any real rot in it, it wasn't fresh by any means. He sighed, cutting his eyes at his sister and wishing she'd for once just eat what he gave her without complaining. Really, things were only going to get so good when the days' selection came from the rubbish bin. He bit into the apple, tearing away just the brown parts, and spit them out. That done, he handed the apple back to Fiona.

    "Here," he told her. "Good as new. Hurry up and eat it, Feef, we gotta get moving."

    Fiona took the apple, but made no move to eat it. She let it weigh her hands down in her lap instead, and her disappointment began to inspire a certain fullness to her lower lip that Fao was quite familiar with.

    "But it's all soft," Fiona complained, more quietly. "It's cold, Fao, I want some stew. Can't we go back to that corner from yesterday? We made good money yesterday. Why can't we go back there today? Then we could buy some stew and it would be warm."

    Fao had reasons, things no nine-year-old should have to consider when thinking about where to get his next meal. Fiona was right, their efforts at panhandling had been successful the day prior, but Faolan hadn't failed to notice that their success had begun to pull some attention from some of the grownups who used that corner for other purposes. He'd cut their day short yesterday on instinct, and the same sense of foreboding kept him from going back there today. But Fiona was looking up at him with those blissfully ignorant eyes of hers, and Fao buckled down his resolve and stuck out his hand for his sister to take.

    "I don't like that corner. We'll find another one. Gimme the apple if you're not gonna eat it, no sense in wasting it. And c'mon. Let's go find a way to get you some stew."

    Petitions (if any): 
    Why did this character became inactive? Lost the muse.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Make moar shenanigans.

    What are your plans for this character?  Gonna dig up some more local plots with existing Cs.

    Number of previous Reactivations: 1 I think?

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
    Modify message

    Player Name: phinneas

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Re: Faolan Devlin
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Re: Faolan Devlin
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