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Author Topic: Brennan Devlin  (Read 1207 times)

Description: Prince. Purple Dusk to Opal. Played by Gavin

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Brennan Devlin
« on: Feb 20, 17, 08:28:26 AM »
The Basics

Character Name:  Brennan Devlin
Nicknames: None
Age: 33 (162 AP)
Race:   Short Lived, (½ Glacian, ½ Sceltic)
Caste: Prince
Birth Territory:  Scelt
Home Territory:  Scelt

Birthright Jewel: uncut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel:  uncut Opal


Play By:  Chris Evans
Distinguishing Features:  Brennan keeps his hair cropped short.  His eyes are mostly gray, and often give the appearance of being shut away from the world.  His clothing is always well put together, and he is a flawless member of the aristo on most occasions.  Has a slight scar across the right side of his chest from a more serious fight between he and Brogan.


Brennan has developed a hard shell in order to deal with his childhood.  He knew they were supposed to be a well-known respected family, and that only solidified the harsh exterior he presented.  He allows himself the luxury of enjoyment, but there is always an undercurrent of darkness, something intangible but present nonetheless.  When interacting with others, he is always looking for a hint of disapproval, or the underlying motive that will surely ruin him.

Some would call it paranoia, but Brennan truly believes that no one approves of him.  He finds it hard to believe in acceptance when he never created the bond with his mother that he so desperately craved and needed as a young child.  Even when he was accepted by her, she could only spew forth venomous lies and her violently sour mood swings soon affected his light disposition.

As he grew, his brother disapproved of his less than serious attitude towards his studies and practice.  Though he had used it as a safety from trying his hardest and failing his family - he soon discovered that as the son of an aristo family, it was expected that he remain at ease and serious.  Completely shutting out the light-hearted nature of his personality, he became very closed and reserved.

Relationships are nearly impossible to form with Brennan.  Though he still feels a desperate need to connect with his family and seek reconciliation, he lacks the courage to face their judgment on his weakness.  He does not want to reveal to those who seem to reject him the real reason they should.  Next to the rest of his family, it seems he has nothing more to add - nor does he have a place among them.  As such, he's not quick to make friends.  He's always thinking people are judgmental behind his back, and never completely honest with him.

He's extremely quick to make enemies.  Even in the most innocent of comments, he can twist the situation to be an insult.  While Brogan seemed to inherit all the strength of a Warlord Prince, Brennan seemed to inherit all the temper.  Though he could not boast the caste, the Prince has a raging fire in him that is quick to spill, fueled by the festering animosity with his brother and and poison of his mother's lies.

Success:  Brennan loves it when a plan comes together, with or without a hitch. Every success emboldens him and puts him one step closer to closing out the rivalry between himself and Brogan in his favor.

Control: Brennan ruthlessly disciplines himself to keep his emotions in check, his mind on the current objective, and the upper hand in every relationship he has, be it through intimidation, lying, pretending to bow to authority. He respects this same discipline in others, even if they’re an enemy. A man who can’t control himself can’t affect his world and just ends up playing the part that others give him.

Women: Scents. Curves. Sighs. Screams. Brennan loves everything about women, considering them the holiest creatures in all the world. For all the grief that they can dish out, Brennan loves being near them, talking to them, and, mostly importantly, being inside them. Being with a woman is the closest he gets to bonding with Mother Night outside of Communion.


Brogan: Brogan has it easy. He received the darkest jewels in their family and everyone fawns over him for it. Brogan receives without question the acceptance that Brennan struggles for. They hold him up as some kind of hero, but he’s not. Brennan sees right through his brother’s “heroism” to the man beneath. And that man is a self-centered, amoral, power-hungry bastard who’s gone out of his way to run Brennan’s life at every turn. There’s no hope of reconciliation between them and the world isn’t big enough for the two of them.

Disorder: Brennan hates messes and unclean conditions. It rankles him when papers and books are casually tossed about or not organized alphabetically. Rows must be even, columns must be straight. Anything less is a dagger in Brennan’s mind and he finds an excuse to address it as soon as he’s able.

Being the Outsider: Brennan hates being the “black sheep” of the Devlin clan. He married a Sheane. So what? He went against Loreniel Killian. Big deal. There was a time when people tread lightly around the Devlin clan for fear of pissing them off. Scelts are made of bravery and disobedience, yet somehow he is in the wrong for living up to that family trait. Strange days, indeed.


Brogan: His brother is much stronger than he, and their animosity has gone past reconciliation.  He knows Brogan would not think twice about taking him out of the picture.

Desperation: There are times when the intensity of his own emotions runs hot and frightens him.  He often wonders how far this path will take him, but he is unsure how to change his course.

Returning to Court: He knows the dangers lurking in the court, and he is fearful of what will happen next.  He has not formed any lasting relationships, and he wonders how long it will be before everything falls apart.  He doesn't know what to expect in the situation, and he has a great fear of the unknown.

Craft Strengths:

Offensive Craft: Brennan always tried to keep up with his brother.  He always felt the need to be as good as Brogan or as strong.  As such, he took quite a bit of interest in the offensive craft, though his skills never quite matched Brogan's.

Healing Craft: Since the scar that marks his body, he has paid particular attention to healing methods so that his weaknesses would never permanently mark him, nor would his pride suffer in visiting the healing ward too often.

Craft Weaknesses:

Defensive Craft: This eludes him, as his temper is usually too heated to think through a good defense strategy.  His minor defense is enough to keep him alive, however it is a major weakness for Brennan.

Communication: He's never really had someone to talk to, especially secretly.  He therefore has very little skills with this thread of craft nor does he have any true way to practice.

Life Story

Family:MotherVeira Jork, Rose to Opal witch (48)
Father:  Liam Devlin, Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince (59)
Aidan Devlin, Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince (36) Deceased
Kean Devlin, Opal to Red Prince (37)
Finley Devlin, Yellow to Summer Sky Warlord (37)
Cillian Devlin, Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord (36)
Brighe Devlin, White to Tiger Eye Hearth witch (34)
Honora Devlin, Yellow to Rose Queen (36)
Brogan Devlin, Green to Gray Warlord Prince (35)
Ronan Devlin, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord (34)
Sorcha Devlin, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk witch (34)
Aine Devlin, Blood witch (26)
Siobhan Devlin, Birthright Yellow witch

Being born the son of one of the more influential men in Scelt gave certain benefits, as well as expectations.  Brennan was brought into the world as a part of a family that should have given him every advantage he could desire.  Unfortunately he was brought into the family at a tumultuous time.  His mother, Veira, knew that a child would not bind her husband to her, so the fact that she had a second son was of little importance.  Brennan was left to the care of his siblings and tutors.

At a young age he realized there was something missing and began to seek out the affection he was missing from his mother.  He forged a bond with the ideal of her, rather than the actual woman.  His constant need of affection from a woman who seemed incapable of considering him led to a deep-seeded need for approval in whatever he does.

Things became better, especially as they lived away from the territory court.  Brennan was growing quickly, and though his brother was always one step ahead, his mother seemed to take notice of her boys.  Her attention to him, while it was forced, seemed a soothing balm across the relationship he had longed to have with her.  Of course, his father was attentive, but there was a more definite bond forming between he and Brogan rather than he and Brennan.

Just as Veira was beginning to give the attention Brennan craved, she was sent from the territory without him.  The young boy had had not been present when the situation arose with Aiden - but was hiding when he heard the commotion.  Coming upon the scene late, he did not understand the situation, nor was he aware of the severity of the fight that was occurring.  Instead, he only understood that his father was furious at her and was sending away his only chance to be good enough for his mother.

He never saw her before she left.  He only heard whispers that ran rampant about the situation.  His information regarding the situation was entirely second-hand, and it would be many years before he would seek a confrontation about the ordeal.  Brogan seemed to take the situation much more easily than Brennan, and the Prince felt his brother was callously dismissing the relationship between the boys and their mother.  Also, the bond between Liam and Brogan was closer than what Brennan was privileged to have.  And so the poison of his mother began to spread through him.  He attempted to shove off the need for approval, rather than turning to his father and brother for it.  He never took anything too seriously, since he could always brush off the fact that he did not receive approval because he did not try his best.  This was his safety, and he lived in it for many years.

Brennan soon determined to never forgive his father for what had happened with his mother.  The relationship for many years between the two was cold and strained finally culminating in a confrontation between the two brothers.  For some time, the boys had been having heated arguments, often resulting in blows - but this went beyond the forced ties that they afforded each other.  After Brogan confronted Brennan about his recent behavior, the Prince spewed his venomous words of accusation at his brother in regards to both he and their father.  Naturally, the heated argument was quickly taken to a physical level.  As Brennan had recently filled out more, this fight was more evenly matched than those previously - but the darkness had blessed his brother not only in jewel strength but age.  He was still stronger and faster, with more training and skills at his command; just enough to tip the fight in his favor.

As his brother walked away, Brennan lay heaving on the ground with a nasty gash across his chest.  He knew he could have gone to a healer, but was in a sour mood not only from the fact that his brother had just beaten him, but also at the painful memory he had drawn to the surface.  Letting his mood fester, he brushed off the need for a healer, allowing the wound to close with only assistance from his own Purple Dusk.  The resulting scar serves as a callous reminder of the rift between the brothers.

From that moment on, he was the model of propriety to his father and siblings, though he resented that the children who were not even blood related seemed to have a closer relationship with his father and brother than he.  Once his attitude shifted, they shared a bond that was less strained, but Brennan never fully allowed himself to release the pride that had held him to his decision.  His relationship towards his adopted siblings was strained; even as more came in to the welcoming Devlin family, the Prince could not find it within himself to throw aside his resentment.  Even the Doyles seemed to find their place among his large family, and yet there was no room for him.  The ease with which they were all accepted was infuriating as he had grown up in the family and was struggling to keep the rocky relationship with his family intact.  Brogan and he were far past the point of reconciliation, so aside from the brief arguments they shared, Brennan stayed civilly cold to him.  When his brother made his formal submission to Loreniel's court, Brennan shared his own revelations: Loreniel Killan was not his Queen and he would not serve her.

The comment was made in a bout of his quick temper, but once it was out, he would not take it back.  Brennan was not about to take back the words said in anger, especially in the face of his older brother's mockery.  He would much prefer to live with the consequences than face his brother after admitting such a thing.  For a time he wondered if his statement had injured Loreniel, but decided that it surely did not.  Of course, the brutal honesty of it was that Loreniel could never be his queen.

Loreniel was just an extension of the family.  The Devlins, the Doyles, Loreniel.  There was no difference, and no matter how hard he may try, his effort would not be good enough to gain approval or acceptance in her court.  Bitterness only grew when Brogan was accepted into Loreniel's trusted first circle.  Of course, with the blessings the darkness bestowed on him, he had no doubt that his brother would prove useful to the queen - but she was not his Queen.  He would not fall in line and comply with what was expected of him.

Liam was the most saddened by this revelation.  That man had been watching his son for some time, attempting to breach the gap between them and heal their relationship.  Just as he thought he was getting close, Brennan would pull back again, and now he was left watching as Veira's spite bred in his son.  The estrangement between his sons caused him even more sadness.  The pair of them could have been a strong complimentary pair.  He wished there was something he could do to change the course of their lives, but he would have to entrust them to destiny, for his role in their lives had obviously not been enough.

Brennan's separation from his family has caused him to fall into unknown territory.  On his own, he finds himself more lost and unsure than ever before.  Trying to find his own path to life, he has become easy prey to those who know how to manipulate. His need for approval puts him at the mercy of others, and while not always a bad thing - could lead him into the dangerous, traitorous waters.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
The day had been long - though it was not even time for the evening meal.  Not that the young Prince was planning to attend any family gathering for a meal.  A quaint tradition, really.  One of which Brennan wanted no part.  He had long since been the outcast of his family and so any escape from them was welcome.  Even one such as this.  Though it was not time for the sun to be settled beyond the horizon, the shadows lengthened and danced in the faint light that was left on this day.  Dark clouds gathered overhead, threatening rain with a rumbling deep within them.  The lonesome prince seemed to be the only one wandering through these parts of the lands.  Scelt was beautiful country, and even in the overcast with the dark shadows stretching beneath due to the dark, pregnant clouds above.

Sliding from the back of the horse, he carried the reigns over to a tree before dropping them to the ground.  The creature had been trained not to wander once the reigns were dropped, so he was not worried that the horse would wander.  Instead, he revealed the bundle of food he had brought with him.  The man believed he was disliked everywhere in court, but he could be charming enough to weasel a meal for one before leaving for the day.  Pulling out the bread, he held it in his hands, willing a bit of warmth into it before lifting it to his lips to take a bite.  While not the best at such magics, he managed enough to bring back the freshness.  A small smile touched his lips at the taste, even as he felt the rain begin to fall.

First there were little drops, then they began to pick up in speed.  Rather than worry overmuch, the man simply pulled up a hood, shrouding his features in shadows before continuing his meal.  The bread was followed by cheese and fresh fruit.  For drink, he revealed the wine he had brought, reclining against the tree under which he had taken shelter.  Not that there was much shelter to be had.  Leaning over on his elbow, he reached for the horse's reigns, pulling the beast closer to his side.  If the storm were to grow any louder, the horse may be spooked and then he would be hard pressed to venture back to the court on his own.  Stroking the creature's nose, he whispered a few soothing words before leaning back against the tree once more, the reigns still held in his left hand.  Cloudy gray eyes that mirrored the sky closed as he summoned his strength, defending himself - closing himself for his return.  Hopefully the family would be mostly retired, as he did not particularly want to partake in a verbal battle when he arrived home.

His clothing was soaked through, and the horse was beginning to shift at his side.  After a few more moments enjoying the solitude, he glanced up at the horse before vanishing the soaked remnants of his meal. Giving in to the gentle urging of his steed, he slowly stood, stretching his muscles before beginning to lead the horse to the path.  He may have succumbed to heading towards home, but that did not mean he was in any hurry to arrive.  He knew what awaited him there.

Petitions (if any):  Jamie's approval for character adoption.

-Updated ages
-Adjusted likes/dislikes to board standard of three.
-Gave a little more depth to likes/dislikes (will revert to original writings if necessary)

Player Name:  Gavin
(This character is the original creation of Blue; I've adopted him with full support of the original creator. Original Character Sheet, done by Blue, is located here)

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Re: Brennan Devlin
« Reply #1 on: Feb 20, 17, 08:32:18 AM »
Ready for Jamie review/Review.

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Re: Brennan Devlin
« Reply #2 on: Mar 13, 17, 12:41:22 PM »
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