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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Author Topic: The Application Process (What You Need to Know)  (Read 14811 times)


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The Application Process (What You Need to Know)
« on: Jan 21, 11, 11:30:53 PM »
The Application Process
What You Need to Know

The rules of Blood Rites can be overwhelming at times. There is a lot to consider when you are applying at Blood Rites, or any board, and I have boiled down what you need to know to the key elements. This guide is representative of rules and recommendations.

Blood Rites operates on a Ratio system. Each writer is allowed 1 Dark Jeweled (Offering Green or Darker OR Birthright Opal or Darker) for everyone 2 Light Jeweled characters that they have. A writer may begin with a Dark Jeweled character and an unbalanced ratio but prior to creating a 2nd Dark Jewel character their ratio must balance or the character will not be accepted.

The options for deciding your character jewels are: (1) Selecting White, Yellow or Tiger Eye (2) Selecting a General Random Roll- produces a Birthright between White and Red based on a scaled system (3) Light Random Roll- produces a Birthright between White and Purple Dusk on a scaled system (4) Petitioning for the Jewel of your choice- note that this is a difficult process that is recommended for advanced characters and we warn you that it will be intensive and require multiple rounds of review, it is not permitted for a new writer's first character.

Blood Rites adheres to our cultural references with a strict policy of following our race guidelines. If the Territory's culture is marked as "Indian" then the expectation is that you will not use a play by with blond hair and blue eyes. The expectation at Blood Rites is that your play by and avatar selection will correctly represent your race.

Race inconsistencies are not permitted if a character is a full breed of their race (eg. A full blooded Hayllian will not have blue eyes). Inconsistencies are reflective of a mixed bloodline; the more mixed the blood line the greater inconsistencies will be allowed.

Avatars & Signatures
All Avatars should be race appropriate for the character that they are depicting. In some cases the image might be able to be altered in Photoshop to portray the race you are playing; if you need assistance please reach out to one of the Graphics Team to see if they can help.

The image selected for the Avatar or Signature should also be a "period" piece that fits the aesthetics of the Black Jewels world. This is a little less stringent of a policy but if a Staff members feels that the selected picture is out of character they can request that it is changed to reflect the world and board in a better manner.

Character History Specifics & Quirks

Zuulaman and all the Kindred Territories are closed; characters may not claim ancestry to any of these Territories.

Travel between Terreille and Kaeleer has been limited to the Dark Gates; anyone going into Kaeleer will be subjected to the Service Fair. It is exceptionally rare for characters to be travelling the gates once in their life time.

Extraordinary craft abilities will be reviewed on a case by case basis; the expectation is that if a character has an extraordinary ability it would be balanced by an extraordinary weakness.

The Family portion should be filled out to the best of your ability and should reflect Jewels and castes, and birth years (or ages) for each known family member.

Queens are an extremely rare caste and cherished caste on Blood Rites; keep that in mind when you're writing out specifics in a Queen's history (example: A Queen, of any Jewel, would not go unnoticed).

Dark Jewels are exceptionally rare in this post-Purge AU and should be treated as such within the character's history and family details.

If you fill out the strengths/weaknesses aspect of the application you must always give the character 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses.

Dual Castes are earned at Blood Rites and are not an entitlement; our expectation is that the writer will go above and beyond to create an appropriate character who reflects both castes. As such, these characters require a full petition as part of their application. These characters are rare in the Black Jewels world, and should be applied for only with significant plot reason behind them.

Eyrien naming conventions are: males first names end in "ar" and girls end in "ian".

Half-Breed Eyriens are looked down upon, as in the books; with the exception of the half breeds in Shalador.

Black Widows manifest their caste just before puberty; all other castes manifest shortly after birth.


We beg of you to please proofread your application before you announce it's completion. We understand that sometimes the fact that you completed the character is so overwhelming in joy you want to rush to the next step (we do it to). We will, and have, rejected applications because the grammar, spelling or typos were so atrocious that we couldn't overlook them. One here or one there can be ignored but our expectation is that you will have proofread your application before we're asked to read it.

This list is subject to change and is not an "official" set of rules. Please reach out to a Staff member if you have specific questions pertaining to our application process.

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone