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Author Topic: Territory Summaries  (Read 2577 times)

Description: Plot Leaders, rulers, plot summaries, and cultural references

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Territory Summaries
« on: Feb 27, 17, 10:44:48 PM »
Territory Plot Summaries

- Terreille -
Territory:Plot Leader:Plot Proxy:
Dena NehelePhedreDany
Pruul KennaLene

- Kaeleer -
Territory:Plot Leader:Plot Proxy:
Dea al MonDashphinn
Little TerreilleDashphinn

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Re: Territory Plot Summaries
« Reply #1 on: Feb 27, 17, 10:45:01 PM »

Plot Lead Character:
Drakkar Estaroth
Blood Opal Warlord Prince

Territory Plot Summary:

Askavi is ruled by Drakkar Estaroth, a Broken to Blood Opal Warlord Prince played by Gavin.

The Court with Two Hearts is no more and Askavi is more divided than ever.

Lady Gillian Yataskaya, Sister Queen to Illyrian Kriat, has vanished without a trace. In her place has risen a warmonger bound to Illyrian by tragedy. Warlord Prince Drakkar Estaroth has rejected Illyrian’s calls for peace and seeks a return to the days of the war machine that allowed the Eyriens to conquer the whole of Terreille. Backed by the War Camps that still train young males to fight and conquer their world, Drakkar’s rage against Hayll and the other Territories knows no bounds.

He will burn Terreille to ashes if it means Askavi's survival.

Envoys were sent to Hayll to inform their former enemies that restitution payments will cease in favor of trade agreements and alliances. Askavi's Court was cautious but optimistic that after a thousand years of war, they might forge a different path for their peoples. Hayll’s return of their warriors' wings was a clear message:

There will be no peace.

Meanwhile, the savage and mysterious Jhinka have grown more intelligent and strategic in their attacks on the eyries and Landen villages alike, leading to unrest and anger between the Blood and the people they were charged to protect.

War is coming to Askavi, Terreille.

The only question is whether that war will come from outside the territory...or from within.

Cultural Reference: Siberia & elements of Viking culture

Straight black hair • Golden skin • Golden eyes • No facial hair • Mebranous black wings

More Askavi Territory information can be found here.


Chaillot is open for Petition!

Until a new Plot Lead takes control, the Territory is considered Soft Closed. This means that existing characters may be played, but new character creation is temporarily suspended until the Territory is petitioned by a new Plot Leader.

Plot Lead Character #1:
Madeline Rousseau
Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Queen
Plot Lead Character #2:
Josette Moreau
Yellow to Summer Sky Queen

Territory Plot Summary:

Chaillot is ruled by Etienne Roux, White to Rose Warlord Prince. (NPC)

Chaillot is at war. Beneath the shimmering and glinting surface of the shining courts there rests a tension. The Territory Seat has become a perilous one for Etienne Roux as the Queens of the Territory lean towards sedition. The Rebellion, lead by Madeline Rousseau and Josette Moreau, has convinced many of Chaillot's stronger and established Queens to withhold their blessings to the land.

With looming shortage and both sides gathering armies the Districts and Provinces are being forced to stand with one side or the other. Loyalists to Prince Roux hold key pockets and ports within Chaillot as their mastery over the official navy is used to blockade supply lines from the Rebellion's allies in foreign Territories.

Piracy once more runs rampant as former merchant ships turn into blockade runners, tempted by the increased profits despite the added dangers of thwarting the official navy. With a bounty on the Roux-controlled ships, others are putting away their scales and wares for cannons, turning from honest trade to predatory behaviors as they hunt the luxury ships headed towards Roux controlled ports.

In the middle of this sits Dark Haven, the solace of those afflicted with Dark Jewel Instability. Their funding is running short, as private donors brace for a long period of inflation and short rationing, leaving them with only Territory-sponsored funds to run the hospital. Their patients are the strongest of Chaillot and also the most mentally fragile. While Prince Etienne Roux wishes to use the hand-selected pairs as weapons, the Rebellion Queens are petitioning to keep Dark Haven out of the war, and seeking to preserve Chaillot's lands. While the Blood posture and war with each other, the Landen are caught between them. Their government, while officially neutral in matters of the Blood, eye the instability of the Blood with a sense of apprehension and opportunism. The rabidly anti-Blood movement is pushing through the Landen people as the abuses of the Jeweled blood upon them are published and used as propaganda by A.C.O.R.N., a government agency focused on the policing and neutralization of Craft wielding threats.

Cultural Reference: France

Fair skin • Fair hair (but not ice blonde) • Blue or brown eyes

More Chaillot Territory information can be found here.


Plot Lead Character:
Rilandra Vlas
Rose to Opal Queen

Territory Plot Summary:

Dena Nehele is ruled by Rilandra Vlas, Rose to Opal Queen played by Phedre

The Purge left the Blood of Dena Nehele devastated. Over time, the precious pure bloodlines the Aristos cared about so desperately grew diluted by the very Landen who had been their salvation. Not seeing this as a gift, but rather as a taint, the Aristos grew even more reclusive, discriminating not only against the Landen who had, for a short time, been allies, but against any Blood who did not have absolutely pure Blood. This divided the land, creating a devastating divide between the rich and poor, with no middle ground.

Through this strife a new power grew: the Guilds of the Myos, Shaos, and Jacks.  Each Guild answers to the Guild Master, who, though his identity is not known, holds vast amounts of power and knowledge within the Territory.  By his hand, Darcia Glassade rose to the Territory Seat, but he was betrayed by his own Guildsman who kidnapped the Queen.

With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible. 

Cultural Reference: Romania

Fair skin • Brunette hair, light to dark, can be curly • Strong bone structure

More Dena Nehele Territory information can be found here.


Plot Lead Character:
Joana Palomo
White to Rose Queen

Territory Plot Summary:

Dhemlan in Terreille is ruled by the Executive Branch of Parliament. (NPC)

Dhemlan Terreille is a land rich with art, literature, history, and culinary delights. Its people do not simply content themselves to live in the world around them but rather strive to understand it. Priestess scholars look to the stars and peer into the depths, Black Widows strive to find the ethical codes of justice that govern humankind, and Healers look beyond the sickbed to the structure and causes of illness and injury within their society.

Though every Territory was hit by the Purge, Dhemlan does not blame Witch for her destructive wave. It was the Eyriens who occupied them, who subjugated their proud people and started the cycle of poverty, starvation and drought that has plagued them ever since. This shared hatred and their national pride has kept Dhemlan united and will see it return to the glory days of old, yet below this patriotic surface tensions rise in the face of the first general election for Territory Ruler.

Anyone could win, anyone could rule. Ambition, greed, dreams, and fury are driving every citizen of Dhemlan to ask themselves how would I change things? From Landen to Queens, all are invited to run if they are able and vote if they are not. Only one will emerge victorious to shape the course of the next fifty years and the stakes have never been higher.

With all eyes on the race, will anyone notice that the whole election seems to just be a ploy to keep the starving populace from revolt? With politics being peddled as entertainment, will Dhemlan get a capable ruler, or simply an entertaining one? And most important of all, will the elections run fairly, or will corruption spread like a disease and bring this proud and ancient Territory to its knees? 

Cultural Reference: Spain

Straight, black hair • Golden skin • Golden eyes • No facial hair

More Dhemlan, Terreille Territory information can be found here.


Hayll is open for Petition!

Until a new Plot Lead takes control, the Territory is considered Soft Closed. This means that existing characters may be played, but new character creation is temporarily suspended until the Territory is petitioned by a new Plot Leader.

Plot Lead Character #1:
Terzo Ortona
Summer Sky to Opal Warlord Prince
Plot Lead Character #2:
Quinlan Chase
Rose to Opal Black Widow Warlord

Territory Plot Summary:

Hayll is ruled by Sabine Vincentius, a Rose to Purple Dusk Queen. (NPC)

Though Hayll’s Queen Sabine Vincentus has ruled for a number of years under the steady hand of the Senate’s Consul, Nero Augustus, a festering wound of Hayll’s is about to pop. Corruption has long held sway in the Senate of Hayll, where the Hundred Families guide Hayll with little care for interests beyond their own. Middle and lower class men and women have been offered naught but the table scraps of the Hundred Families, whose concerns for the purity of their renowned bloodlines leave their lower class brethren in the cold.

Fueled by the same outrage and determination that has been festering in the people, Terzo Ortona has risen up to lead his fellow commoners into a revolution. They named it the Opus Populi, “the work of the people”. In the trenches of Hayll, the Opus Populi is a resounding cry for action. But without people though there can be no action. Commoners, Landen, Jeweless Blood and any not lucky enough to be born into one of the 100 Families are being called to join. In the Opus Populi, there is no discrimination against those with “tainted” bloodlines, those slaves from other Territories, nor those disillusioned and downtrodden.

In the shadows lurks an even more dangerous force: the Tenebrosi Iarvis, a secret society made up of only the most dedicated, most dangerous men and women in Hayll. Their goal is simple: assure Hayll’s dominance over Terreille. In the midst of the current revolution, they work to rebuild Hayll into a greater, grander purpose. Using Black Widow Webs and deadly precision, they have replaced Nero Augustus with one of their own operatives. Quinlan Chase has assumed the guise of the Consul and now rules Hayll from behind Sabine’s throne, not towards the Hundred Families’ goals, but towards the goals of the Tenebrosi Iarvis.

Between the uprising of the common people, the dark and far-reaching tendrils of the Tenebrosi Iarvis, and the Senate’s dangerous game with pushing a war Askavi, Hayll is unsettled in a way it hasn’t been since the Great War.

Just which side a person falls on is all up to them. Greed or freedom? Order or chaos? War or Revolution?

Cultural Reference: Rome

Straight black hair • Golden skin • Golden eyes • No facial hair

More Hayll Territory information can be found here.


Plot Lead Character:
Lucky al Izar
Purple Dusk to Sapphire Warlord Prince

Territory Plot Summary:

Pruul is ruled by Adramelech al-Sabbah, Summer Sky to Blood Opal Black Widow Prince (NPC)

Adramelech al-Sabbah, the leader of the Sabbah Clan, now stands as Grand Prince of Pruul, his rule legitimized by the presence of Ghanima al-Izar, a Rose Birthright Queen from the mines. With the disappearance of Lady Saiph al-Kaid and her Dark court, there are none who stand in his way; with no mitigating influence, none capable of holding his leash or pulling him back to sanity, he slowly turns Pruul into a land where only the Sabbah can survive. The only choke chain on his influence could be the six Mineborn that accompanied the Queen out of the darkness.

They hold the key to a great prophecy within Pruul, one that has been seen in Widows’ webs for nearly two decades: the rains that could end the Great Drought. Such a prophecy will irrevocably alter the landscape of Pruul, but change does not come easy to the desert territory. Tribes are aligning against the seven supposed prophets of Pruul and a radical group called the Order of Tohm is rising to power on the back of propaganda and violence. Sandworms, vicious worms that travel through the deep desert, are attacking major cities and tribes. The Mineborn might have a prodigious destiny to bring the rains, but water is not all that Pruul needs to flourish.

They must find a way to unify a territory that they themselves have fractured.

Cultural Reference: Persian

Dark skin • Brown eyes • Also, see Pruulian Norms

More Pruul Territory information can be found here.


Plot Lead Character:
Odji Khaldun
Summer Sky to Blood Opal Priest Warlord Prince

Territory Plot Summary:

Raej is ruled by Odji Khaldun, a Summer Sky to Blood Opal Priest Warlord Prince played by Dani

Blood stains the banks of the Vaal. The life giving river flows ever to the east but now Blood and Landen have seen death on each side of the silent battlefield. Tensions rise between the two races, Blood skeptical and uneasy around the dominating number of Landen and Landen regarding the Blood with tension and uncertainty, each side waiting for another to make a move. With the public execution of a single Landen man for his guilt in murdering a Blood family Raej has moved into a new era: fear.

Odji Khaldun, ruler and High Priest of Raej may just be the man to make the move to tip Raej’s scales even further. The High Priest holds a secret close to him, known only to few; he believes the Landen to be the death of the Blood and will go to any extreme to bring their numbers within controllable limits again. The name Hylia still strikes fear in the hearts of the Blood, the reminder that a Landen mob can kill even the Queen of Raej. Odji has not forgotten the Landen power as he sets up the pieces of his dangerous game.

Raej is burning under the desert sun in danger of burning itself alive should civil war erupt.

Cultural Reference: Egypt

Dark skin • Brown eyes

More Raej Territory information can be found here.


Shalador is open for Petition!

Until a new Plot Lead takes control, the Territory is considered Soft Closed. This means that existing characters may be played, but new character creation is temporarily suspended until the Territory is petitioned by a new Plot Leader.

Plot Lead Character:
Izel Itza
Green to Gray Black Widow

Territory Plot Summary:

Shalador is ruled by the Guardians of Shalador: Izel Itza, Tezcacoatl Hueman, Karana Marzena, and Atlaua Chimal.

The Black Widows of Shalador had called their visions, portents of darkness, the Darkest Days. Now, with the capital of Shalador fallen and the first of three mighty volcanoes having erupted, the Widows had proclaimed the truth for all. The Darkest Days are upon Shalador.

As if to lead credence to their birth order, the volcano named the Eldest Sister erupted at the center of Shalador’s Heart, Atzlan. The Black Queen Erisian, the High Priestess Rian and much of the Queen’s Court marched to the volcano in an effort to save the city. Though thousands escaped with their lives, the Black Queen and her Court have not returned.

Now, four people have stepped forward to guide Shalador out of the Darkness. They call themselves the Guardians of Shalador. Three of the members hail from the dangerous but far-sighted Black Widow groups. The fourth is the last surviving member of the Council of Seven, after the other six were murdered mysteriously.

Visions hint at clues at what will stop the Middle and Youngest Sister from erupting. Already the other two huge volcanoes threaten to explode. Farmers decry the ash in the air of the Eldest Sister as crops begin to wither in the fields. Clans bicker and continue their wars amidst the chaos of a Territory without a Queen. The forest is afire and it is not merely from the volcanoes within her breast.

The greatest seers of Shalador have a dire warning though: if the Sisters are not put to slumber anew, the great Territory will crumble under the weight of Mother Night’s fury. 

Cultural Reference: Aztec

Dark skin • Green or Brown Eyes

More Shalador Territory information can be found here.


Plot Lead Character:
Seung Corro
Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince

Territory Plot Summary:

Tacea is ruled by Seung Corro, Summer Sky to Green Warlord Prince played by Reid

Ishiyo no Izayoi ruled from the Dragon Throne for one year and two months. At the beginning of the fifteenth month of her rule, she went mad. From the gore of her attack and its massive body-count flew accusations of treason. The Izayoi claimed it was a coup executed by the Shingetsu, a web set in their Queen's mind. When the Shingetsu Clan Queen was assassinated, the accusations reached a fever pitch. As long as tensions continue to rise, the cycle of inheritance which has guided Tacea for centuries cannot continue without beginning another civil war. The Unifier of Tacea, Hinata no Kagen, called back the lone living member of Ishiyo's Court, her Steward Seung Corro, and together they hatched the Interregnum. For the first time in their long recorded history, a male would rule the Territory.

The Interregnum is crossing untraveled ground. There are no precedents to follow, leaving its leadership struggling. They must determine the source of the attack on Ishiyo no Izayoi that caused her to go mad. They must choose, within two years, a Queen to take the Dragon Throne. Despite being forbidden to field a Master of the Guard, they must keep the peace between the Clans as tensions rise and accusations fly. After a summer of rain and chill temperatures caused by volcanic ash, agriculture in Tacea's heartland is already suffering. With their Darkest Queens on the mainland and the extra burden of some twenty thousand refugees, the Kagen and the Ariake struggle to continue providing food enough for Tacea.

These problems are further exacerbated by their open borders. Due to the many troubles of the last three years, Tacea has been open to the world without sending any diplomats to the other Territories: Its returned presence on the mainland is known only by the merchants that precede it. But the task cannot wait for the new Dragon Queen. It must be done now. The mainland is full of dangerous Jewels and unknown currents, and the specter of the Great War hangs over every thought.

Tacea will survive, as it always has. The question is: What will it look like on the other side?

Cultural Reference: Japan

Fair to medium skin tones • Brown eyes are most common • Brown or black hair

More Tacea Territory information can be found here.
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Re: Territory Plot Summaries
« Reply #2 on: Feb 28, 17, 08:53:57 PM »

Plot Lead Character:
Blade Amdir
Green to Sapphire Black Widow Warlord Prince

Territory Plot Summary:

Dea al Mon is ruled by Gale Galoneth, Purple Dusk to Opal Queen, played by Nicole.

For thousands of years the Dea al Mon have stood between the whole of Kaeleer and the Closed Territories of the Kindred. The wild, proud, and feral Children of the Ebon Wood have been both vigilant and aloof as they toil their political rivalries against one another for centuries. But a mysterious disease known as the Waste that plagues the Dea al Mon has made the proud people desperate, and their tried and tested methods have failed them. Gale Galoneth, Queen of Dea al Mon for the last thirty years, has opened the borders of the Ebon Wood in a bid to bring in outside help.

Three seekers, placed under a geas by Lady Gale, search the whole of Kaeleer for talented Priestesses who might hold the key to solving the Waste and curing eleven of Lady Gale's twelve daughters. To the seeker who would be successful, Gale promises her uninfected daughter's hand in marriage, and a place as the First Escort of all of Dea al Mon.

But while Lady Gale offers invitations to the envoys of other Territories, Blade Amdir, her current First Escort, makes his own plans for solving the Waste without the help of outside interlopers. The Ebon Guard and the Red Cloaks steel themselves against the ravenous Brood of the True Born who are slowly but surely taking over the whole of the Territory.

And in the Dark Forest of Morwuud, Genesis Gil-Gannus, the Broodmother, works earnestly to uncover an ancient and terrible secret that will change Dea al Mon and indeed, all of Kaeleer, forever.

Cultural Reference: Black Forest

Fair skin • Blue eyes • Pointed ears • Silver-blonde hair for aristocrats, up to medium brown for others

More Dea al Mon Territory information can be found here.


Plot Lead Character:
Rheava Evesham
Purple Dusk Queen

Territory Plot Summary:

Dharo is ruled by Rheava Evesham, Purple Dusk to Broken Sapphire Queen, played by Jamie.

Dharo's political waters have always been the defining feature of this Kaeleer Territory. Like the ocean tide the political waters of Dharo has given and taken from each of its Queens since the Purge without prejudice. The peace between the Landens and the Blood within Dharo is balanced upon a precarious perch. And in the District of Westwood there are quiet whispers emerging of a resurgence of Cymrean loyalties.

The current Queen has been spending the last decade putting the Territory to rights following the destructive rule of the former Queen. There has been a shift in focus for the Territory from rebuilding their lives, reclaiming their infrastructure from the Landens, and re-asserting their power across the Territory, their mercantile exports and their crop harvests.

Politics is the motivation of all decisions and alliances in Dharo. Each Queen has a sizeable army of spies at their finger tips and the Territory's greatest commodity are secrets and knowledge. The small District of Westwood threatens rebellion as they seek to reclaim a heritage that has long since been forcibly suppressed. And political masterminds move their pawns from the shadows of the Territory.

The Territory Court is plagued by a menace hell bent on making life for the Queen and her Court a living hell. Dharo is also known for its complex network of Spies; and in particular an elite and ancient society called the Rampart Club. All of these elements make for a truly high level of intrigue throughout the Territory.

Cultural Reference: England

Fair skin, freckles in the sun • Fair hair, brunette hair, red hair, can be curly • Common eye colors are blue and brown

More Dharo Territory information can be found here.


Plot Lead Character:
Teoda Araneina
Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Queen

Territory Plot Summary:

Dhemlan in Kaeleer is ruled by Teoda Araneina, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Queen, played by phinn.

Dhemlan, Kaeleer has slowly become a land divided. Blessed with an abundance of everything and anything the Realms of the Blood could offer, the Blood of Dhemlan have become increasingly entitled and self-serving, and the Landen have become increasingly ill-treated and abused. The corruption and oppression that Witch’s Purge wiped out in so much of the rest of the Realms was thwarted in its work by the well-meaning sacrifice of the territory’s Ebon Gray Queen. Mitra Sa Roya lost her jewels and much of her family and court while defending Dhemlan, but it was the price she paid for saving the better part of her territory from the destruction of Witch’s judgment against them. As such, the corruption here has only intensified. In particular, the tension between the Landen and the Blood who were meant to care for them is close to reaching a boiling point. The Landen Council is currently biding its time and watching the skies, but only a fool would think them idle.

In the midst of this turmoil, Province Queen Teoda Araneina stormed the capital palace in Amdarh, and exposed for all the Territory the farce perpetuated by the Territory Court: Mitra sa Roya had disappeared some time ago, and a shadow Queen, moved about by the Black Widows of the Coven, had been ruling in her stead. With the Coven shamed and Mitra's old court decimated, Teoda has begun to rebuild. Her path is a dangerous one; not only are the disgraced Black Widows intent on revenge, but every other faction in Dhemlan has just been reminded that the throne can belong to anyone, given enough blood spilled.

Cultural Reference: Spain

Straight, black hair • Golden skin • Golden eyes • No natural facial hair • Cosmetic "Traitor Beards" not uncommon

More Dhemlan, Kaeleer Territory information can be found here.


Plot Lead Character:
Signe Drachlan
Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Queen

Territory Plot Summary:

Glacia is ruled by Elisif Brenden, Green to Gray Black Widow Priestess Queen played by phinn.

Glacia’s Silent Civil War has found its voice.

For years, Glacia has been embroiled a religious fanaticism that places the Light Jeweled and Landen as cherished, but lesser children of Mother Night. To keep these errant children from further staining their souls, the Dark Religion, originating in the Gray Priestess-Queen Isyviel and perpetuated by her messianic Gray Jeweled protege, Elisif Brenden, rose to power, declaring that it was the responsibility of those blessed with Dark Jewels to nurture their less fortunate brethren. As with many religions, the zealots amongst it twisted its doctrines to fit their political agenda, creating the brainwashed cult known as the Progenitor’s Trust and propagating the dehumanizing Craft-locked collars that signified the Light Jeweled as under the protection of a Dark Jewel. As Elisif Brenden and her Triangle of Ebon Grays grew greater in power, this same zealotry enabled Glacia to forcibly annex a weakened Nharkava, spilling the Dark Religion’s agenda into her neighbor Territory. 

The oppression and hostility began nearing a boil, as those brave enough to risk the Queen’s ire began smuggling others out of the Territory, finding sanctuary in other places like Rihland and Little Terreille. Yet the collars and cult continued, hurtling towards a theocracy that promised to envelope another Territory in its Dark shadow.

Until the death of its Queen.

Now, Glacia has become a battleground on multiple levels and fronts, with the Light Jeweled protesting their second-class citizenry and forces gathering beyond Glacia’s borders to ensure that the Dark Religion does not continue in its path to domination.

Cultural Reference: Finland

Fair skin • Blue eyes are most common • Blonde hair

Further Glacia Territory Information may be found here.


Plot Lead Character:
Maarika Sydan-Harmaa
Black Widow Queen

Territory Plot Summary:

Nharkava is a protectorate of Glacia, and is currently ruled by Maarika Sydan, Rose to Opal Black Widow Queen played by phinn.

In 191 AP, desperate Nharkavans who were weary from years of Glacian “protection” and exploitation made a desperate attempt to force Glacia to end its occupation of Nharkava. They kidnapped the parents of Elisif Brenden, the tri-casted, Gray Jeweled ruler of Glacia, and tried to ransom their lives against Nharkava’s freedom. Elisif and three Ebon Gray males who served her went to Nharkava, ostensibly to parlay with the kidnappers. Instead, the depth of Elisif’s fanaticism was made clear when she killed her own parents to negate the leverage in the hands of the Nharkavans. She then had her males slaughter the entire court that had gathered to parlay, including the Nharkavan Territory Queen Mahamari Rien, and left the Territory Seat empty and awash in blood. Elisif sent a Glacian Queen to rule over Nharkava in the wake of the massacre, cementing Glacia's hold over Nharkava. Maarika Sydan-Harmaa has had her court uprooted and moved to Orissa, where she's been tasked with bringing the unruly Territory into line.

Meanwhile, tension that has been threatening to boil over for generations among the Nharkavan natives is heating up. The Landen of Nharkava, overworked and underestimated by the Blood even before Glacia's occupation, have suffered more than ever under Elisif's thumb. Those who comprise the Landen Rebellion have been fighting for power for years in careful and selective ways, leveraging guile and anonymity against the terrifying abilities of the Blood in hopes of carving out room for them to govern themselves. For generations now there have been precious few Nharkavan Queens born, and without their sacred Craft the land will not yield enough food for all. Recently, Glacian spies inside the Rebellion have betrayed the meeting place of the Rebellion's leaders. Glacia's Coven launched a surprise assault which killed and scattered the Council of Eight, those revered Landen who led the Rebellion.

The people of Nharkava are growing desperate. The discontent native Blood and the remaining Landen rebels have formed an uneasy alliance under the umbrella of the limping remnants of the Council of Eight, and are determined now to cast out their oppressors at any cost. New attempts at Council of Eight leadership will rise and conflict with one another, and the way they fight will shift in response to their losses. Small teams of Landen who have until now been able to affect only the most careful and guerilla-type attacks will begin to see their ranks bolstered by sympathetic Blood, lending a new level of effectiveness to their old techniques. Blood supply lines will suffer more than they ever have, and new kinds of poisons based on obscure native plants and animals will begin claiming the lives of Glacians and their sympathizers. While Maarika is secretly sympathetic to the plight of the Nharkavans, she is beholden to Glacia and must maintain the appearance of submission even as she works behind the scenes to aid the people she is meant to be oppressing. Though she will attempt to quietly solicit Queens from neighboring Territories to help restore the land, her public facade will draw continuous fire from the natives who can’t know she desires to help them. Native Warlord Princes and Priestesses who took hold of thrones in order to hide and protect their precious Queens will struggle to keep hold of these seats in the face of hungry Glacian usurpers. The revelation of webbed and disguised Glacian spies in their midst will prompt Nharkava’s Black Widows to begin returning the favor.

While the nascent rebel alliance is motivated at the moment, surely it is only a matter of time before the Blood and Landen bow to the tensions between their races once more. The only question is when: before or after they manage to eject the Glacian Queen who may be their most powerful unknown ally?

Cultural Reference: India

Medium to dark skin tones • Brown eyes

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Plot Lead Character:
Jonothan Harmaa
Purple Dusk to Green Warlord

Territory Plot Summary:

Little Terreille is ruled by Amerys Tiernan, White to Tiger Eye Queen played by Idariel.

For a time Little Terreille was openly ruled by men. Logain Morr, the former Steward of the Territory, had put a slave collar on the Queen he served and paraded her around like a pet dog. Morr shaped the cosmopolitan Territory into his image and none challenged the Red Warlord Prince.

But that has changed.

Lord Black, a mysterious Black Jeweled man has destroyed Morr's court and torn down his rule. Now Amerys Tiernan, a young Tiger-Eye Queen, rules Little Terreille after being put onto the Territory Seat by this mysterious Dark Jeweled man. Amerys Tiernan tries to heal the wounds that have plagued the Territory and tries to unite them and restablish proper rule.

But male rule hasn't vanished from Little Terreille. Now it just rules from the shadows of Amerys's Court.

Cultural Reference: Hodge podge/Trading post/melting pot

Because of Little Terreille's melting-pot nature, there is no real common look which represents the Territory. Medium skin tones, brown hair and brown eyes are most common.

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Plot Lead Character:
Kalvar Elbremov
Red to Black Prince

Territory Plot Summary:

Rihland is ruled by Kalvar Elbremov, Red to Black Prince played by Dash

The short-lived Rihlanders have long been second class citizens in their own homeland. Kalvar Elbremov, a Black Jeweled half-breed, destroyed the bulk of the Eyrien occupying force and has given back the Territory to the Rihlanders -- under his rule. Now a people who have not ruled themselves in generations begin to reconnect to their culture and their ways of life. The Eyriens nurse their wounds and plot revenge, and the Glacians who have fed their own subjugation build alongside the Rihlanders who now govern them. Despite their differences all three peoples rest under the shadow of Ebon Varos, where their distant, godlike ruler decides the direction of the Territory.

Cultural Reference: Denmark & elements of Norse culture

Medium skin tones • Blue, Grey, Green eyes common • Light Brunette and dark blonde hair most common • Most adult Rihlander males wear beards • Rihlander/Glacian and Rhilander/Eyrien mixed blood is common

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Plot Lead Character:
Loreniel Killan
Opal to Sapphire Black Widow Queen

Territory Plot Summary:

Scelt is ruled by Loreniel Killain, Opal to Sapphire Queen played by Jamie.

Scelt is a Territory in turmoil and facing many hardships throughout its rugged landscape. The dynastic ruling of the line of Killan Queens has remained intact despite the violent attempts by the Sheane Clan to wrest that power away from the Killan Clan and their allies. The power struggle between the two mighty Clans came to a violent end only a few years ago when the Queen, Loreniel Killan, destroyed the entirety of the Sheane Court. When the Sheanes retaliated against the Killans and killed Daveil Killan, the elderly Queen who had once ruled the Territory, the Sheane Clan was outlawed, seemingly putting an end to the centuries old feud.

The Sheanes, despite their outlawed status, seem intent to continue to cause problems within Scelt. New powers have risen in the Clan ranks to fill the gap in power, and the Queens are desperate in their attempts to achieve peace in the Provinces and Districts at large. And in the shadows another danger lurks for the Queen and Sceltic people alike. The Black Widows, a repressed caste within the island Territory, are preparing to do battle against their oppressors. For too many years they have suffered in silence but with their unique and deadly craft as their only ally they intend to make Scelt pay for their suffering.

Cultural Reference: Ireland/Scotland

Fair skin • Freckles are common • Blue or green eyes most common • Red, light brunette, and blonde hair most common
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