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Author Topic: Standards for Mixed Blood Characters  (Read 3982 times)


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Standards for Mixed Blood Characters
« on: Jun 20, 12, 06:31:18 PM »
In an effort to be more consistent in our play by choices for Long Lived races, the Review Council has decided to set forth some clear guidelines for the Board's standards for Mixed Blood Characters. The most likely physical difference to occur in Mixed Blood Characters is a slight curl to the hair, followed by a lessening of the gold in the eyes, and last the hair lightening. Here are the new Board standards for Mixed Blood Characters:
  • HAIR: At 1/2 Long Lived heritage, hair must be at least medium brown or darker. At 1/4, hair may begin to be lighter and different shades.
  • EYES: A different color of eyes may be chosen than gold if all other Long Lived standards are maintained.
  • WINGS: 1/2 Eyriens or less can be born without wings. In order to have wings, there must be at least 1/4 Eyrien blood.
  • SKIN: Caucasian play bys will only be allowed if the skin tone is of the appropriate golden color or has been appropriately altered in Photoshop and Review Council is of the opinion they can believably pass as Mixed Blood.
  • FACIAL HAIR: At 1/2 Long Lived heritage, men can grow scruff but not full beards. At 1/4 or less, they may have full beards.

-Phedre, on behalf of the Review Council
Discord: Phedre#7147
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