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Title: Site & Board Credits
Post by: Jamie on Nov 17, 11, 03:28:48 PM
Giving Credit Where Credit is Do

As a community we believe it is important to make sure that we grant credit where it is due if we borrow concepts or ideas from other communities or people. We would hope that if they chose to borrow from us they would give us the same courtesy. Until now our credits have been spread across threads, in the footer or sidebar, and have not been brought together in one place.

Without further ado we give credit to:

Blood Rites is based on the "Black Jewels Series" by Anne Bishop (C). This RPG is loosely based off Anne Bishop's Realms of the Blood, from her Black Jewels Series. The world and system of magic belong to Anne Bishop. We are in no way affiliated with Anne Bishop or ROC Publishing. This board is not for profit.

Alternate Universe:
Blood Rite's Alternate Universe plot and storyline was created by Gina, Bowie and Jamie for the sole use of Blood Rites. All Territory plots are credited to their Territory Leaders. All characters and writer plots are credited to the writers.

Points Scheme:
Based on the Points Scheme of Mother Night (, created by Jamie.

Based on the Petitions of Mother Night (, created by Ashe and Lynz.

High Blood Council & Structure:
Based on an amalgomation of the staff structures of ( and Star Wars Unlimited ( Adapted by Jamie.

Board Graphics:
Created by Gina, Dani, Jamie, and Phinneas.

Ratio System:
Created by Gina, Jamie and Bowie for the sole use of Blood Rites.

General Board Management:
Current Team: Jamie, Dani, Phinneas, Nicole
Previous Team Members: Dash, Phedre, Gina, Blue, White, Bowie