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Author Topic: Territory Rulers & Succession Petitions  (Read 2191 times)


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Territory Rulers & Succession Petitions
« on: Jul 24, 18, 09:11:02 AM »
So you want to run a Territory...
That's fantastic! On Blood Rites, we rely heavily on the excitement and drive of our Territory rulers (whom we refer to OOC as Plot Leaders) to push activity and facilitate plot progression in each Territory. It's a challenging role requiring quite a bit of work and cooperation with other players, but it can be immensely rewarding. This page will go over some things you'll need to know about the requirements and process for taking over an available Territory. We call this process "petitioning", which is just a fancy way of saying "applying". On BR a "Petition", when capitalized, refers to the application that gets submitted to HBC with a proposal for a Territory's succession plot (the shift of power from the existing ruler to a new one). This plot is managed in-character by the Plot Lead Character, the character the Plot Lead designates as the one most heavily influencing the plot of the Territory. Specifics about this are explained below. Don't forget that if you find yourself uncertain about any part of this, you can always reach out to a member of HBC for guidance.

OOC Requirements: Who can petition to run a Territory?
A potential Plot Leader should:
  • Have a minimum of six consecutive months of in-character activity immediately preceding their Petition.

  • Have a minimum of ten in-character posts made on each of four separate characters.

  • Have a willingness to reach out to other writers and initiate conversations around characters and plots. Being engaging and inclusive is important to maintaining an active and happy Territory.

  • Plot Lead Characters, once accepted, must make an in-character post in the Territory they rule at a minimum of once every four months. Plot Lead characters are ineligible for monthly Activity Waivers and veteran status. Failure to meet the once per four month minimum will result in forfeiture of the Territory.

Availability: Which Territories are open to be petitioned?
Players can always ask a member of HBC about the current status of any Territory. In addition, HBC will attempt to keep the Territory Snapshot thread updated to reflect the state of open Territories.

IC requirements: What's in a good Petition?
A good Petition will do the following:
  • Present a broad-stroke overview of the Territory as it stands prior to succession.

  • Outline a clear plot by which ruling power in the Territory is moved from the old ruler to a new one.

  • Explain the impact of the succession plot on the characters and factions within the Territory.

  • Explain what (if any) consequences of the succession plot will be felt in a geographical sense, both inside and outside of the Territory.

  • Create places within the new plot that will make it easy for new players to join in and for existing characters to be involved.

  • Take into account any substantial, existing subplots that have been played. Petitioners should poll the active writers in the Territory they want to take over, and attempt to work with them to incorporate their existing subplots into the coming succession plot. That said, only canonized (played out IC) subplots are required to be considered in this manner. Planned or conceptual plots and roles may be accommodated by the petitioning Plot Lead, but are not obligated to be included.

  • Respect existing board canon, and attempt to maintain the aspects of the Territory's culture and the previous plot which make it unique from the other Territories on the board.

  • Present a compelling argument for the new Plot Lead Character to come into power. There are no Jewel requirements for ruling, but the ascension of the new ruler must make sense while respecting established canon for both the Territory and the board overall. A Plot Lead Character does not have to be the actual in-character ruler for the Territory. They can be an adviser, a consort, or someone secretly manipulating the person on the throne. All that is required is that the Plot Lead character have some sort of influence over the Territory's plot, even if the in-character ruler is a different character entirely.

  • Potential Plot Leaders are encouraged to take a look at the Territory Petition Index for examples of successful past Petitions.

The Petition Process
  • The Player wishing to petition for ownership of an available Territory should email their completed Petition form (found below) to

  • HBC will verify the player's eligibility and acknowledge receipt of the Petition via email.

  • HBC will announce to the board that the Territory in question is being Petitioned. This will begin the clock on a two-week window wherein any other eligible player who wishes to Petition for the same Territory may write and submit their own Petition. All Petitions must be received by midnight on the night of the due date posted to be considered eligible.

  • HBC will review each eligible Petition. All available members of HBC will give feedback on the Petition, and this feedback will be collated into a single communication that will be returned to the Petitioner via email. HBC will attempt to return this feedback within two weeks of the submission due date, but it may take longer to coordinate all available HBC members and come to a consensus on feedback.

  • Once the Petitioner (or Petitioners, if there are multiple Petitions being considered) receives feedback, they will have two weeks to address this feedback and return a revised Petition to HBC.

  • This will happen for several rounds. No, really. Standards for Territory Plots are complex and challenging, and it's a process to bring a new Petition in line. This isn't an adventure for those who are extremely sensitive about feedback on their ideas or those who are impatient. Petitioners must demonstrate an ability to compromise and collaborate in a mature fashion in order to complete the process.

  • Once a final version of the Petition is approved, HBC will notify the Petitioner, and the Petition will be presented to the board for a vote. Once voting has concluded, HBC will announce the results.

  • If the Petition succeeds, the winning writer will be added to Plot Council and, if they don't already have it, will be given access to the shared Storyteller subaccount.

  • Within one month of the Petition acceptance, the player is expected to present new threads for the Territory's Culture and Territory Court articles. These should be posted to the Plot Council board, where they will be reviewed and approved before being posted publicly.

  • New Plot Leaders should also provide to HBC in a timely fashion several blurbs encapsulating their Territory plot for the sake of advertising to attract new players. These are:
    • Main page Territory image hover (50-60 word max)
    • Boilerplate above RP keep (100 word max)
    • Territory Summaries Page (1-5 paragraphs)

  • HBC will post the public sections of the Petition in the relevant Territory Keep, and will update Territory references throughout the site to reflect the new ruler/Plot Leader.

  • Everybody parties.

The Petition Form
To Petition for an available Territory, fill out the following form completely and email it to HBC at

Code: [Select]
[b] Writer's Name:[/b]
[b]Writer's Contact Information:[/b]

[b]Plot Lead Character's Name:[/b]
[b]Plot Lead Character's Caste:[/b]
[b]Plot Lead Character's Jewels:[/b] (note Random if not yet rolled, or note roll choice)

[b]Territory Plot:[/b]
{This section should be a recap of the Territory as it stands before the new succession plot takes place. Players that are new to this Territory should be able to read this section and come away with a broad-stroke understanding of the Territory's situation before the succession plot commences.}

[b]Succession Plan:[/b]
{This section should detail the shift of power from the old ruler to the new ruler. }

[b]Roles of Castes specific to Territory:[/b]
{This section is available to build in unique jobs, appointments, concerns and/or afflictions for specific castes inside the Territory, if you choose.}

[b]Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm:[/b]
{Explain how your succession plot will affect each of these divisions. While not every succession plot will see ramifications at the Realm level, most successful Petition plots will touch the other levels in some fashion.}

[b]Other points that the staff should know:[/b]
{This section is not published publicly with the rest of the Petition. Use this section to include any plot aspects you don't want to be public knowledge, such as plot twists, or to communicate OOC information to HBC. }

HBC will perform a thorough first review on all Petitions and present feedback to the Petitioner. If sufficient progress is not shown in the 2nd draft of a Petition or the HBC does not see improvement towards a viable plot, then they reserve the right, under a unanimous decision, to reject a Petition. If a Petition is rejected the petitioner cannot re-apply to Petition for 3 months at Blood Rites.
This is a Plot Council controlled account. Please address all questions and PMs to a Staff account or

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Re: Territory Rulers & Petitions
« Reply #1 on: Jul 25, 18, 02:57:18 PM »
Plot Inheritance
It happens on occasion that a Plot Lead for an active Territory will retire from leadership or go inactive altogether. When this happens, a player who has successfully endured the full Petition process already and wishes to adopt this abandoned Territory may be permitted to submit an abbreviated Petition form, known as an Inheritance Petition. This is only permitted in a Territory for which a full Territory Petition has been accepted. Inheritance Petitions are meant to be a way for experienced Plot Leads to take over the Territory's existing plot without completely changing it. Though nuance and flavor may altered, the main change should be the shift from the old Plot Lead character to a new one. The application to Inherit will request the player detail what character they will lead the Territory with and how that would come about. Normal plot restrictions will apply. Please see the Territory Petition Index to find examples of both Standard and Inheritance Petitions that have been successfully ratified.

  • Inheritance Petitioners must be an active or former Plot Leader, or must have passed through a previous Petition process to the point of community vote.

  • Inheritance Petitioners may inherit a Territory they once ran, but must wait four months from the date they released/lost the Territory, and meet all of the standard OOC Ruler requirements.

  • Players are allowed to Inherit only one Territory at a time.

  • The abbreviated Petition is the only difference between the necessary requirements for a traditional Petition and an Inheritance Petition. All other standard OOC and IC requirements must be met as normal, and the rest of the process is identical to a standard Petition.

The Inheritance Process
Before completing the form and sending it in, Petitioners should email and notify HBC of their intent to Inherit. At that point, HBC will announce the intention to the community and allow anyone who desires to do so to Petition for ownership of the Territory with a standard Petition. If any player desires to complete a standard Succession Petition, the player hoping for an Inheritance Petition will be informed. This negates the possibility of an Inheritance Petition, and both Petitioners must submit full, standard Petitions. Each interested player will have two weeks to submit a Petition or forfeit the chance. If the player desiring a standard Petition withdraws, the original Petitioner may continue with an Inheritance Petition.

Detailed steps:
1. Plot leader (previous or active) emails HBC with desire to inherit.
2. HBC announces intent to the board. Players are given one week to email HBC with their own desire to Petition.

If there is no interest..
3a. Plot Leader is now asked to write their Inheritance form.
4a. HBC Reviews Inheritance Application.

If there is interest..
3b. Territory is put on Reserve for a two week period where any eligible members can create their Petitions.
4b. Players goes through standard Petition Process.

The Inheritance Form
Writer's Name:
Writer's Contact Information:

Plot Lead Character's Name:
Plot Lead Character's Caste:
Plot Lead Character's Jewels:

Territory Plot: (Summarize the current plot and what the old ruler was able to accomplish.)
Succession Plan: (Detail the shift from the old Plot Lead to the new one.)

Other points that the staff should know:

Code: [Select]
[b]Writer's Name:[/b]
[b]Writer's Contact Information:[/b]

[b]Plot Lead Character's Name:[/b]
[b]Plot Lead Character's Caste:[/b]
[b]Plot Lead Character's Jewels:[/b]

[b]Territory Plot:[/b]
[b]Succession Plan:[/b]

[b]Other points that the staff should know:[/b]

This is a Plot Council controlled account. Please address all questions and PMs to a Staff account or

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Re: Territory Rulers & Petitions
« Reply #2 on: Jul 25, 18, 02:57:25 PM »
Surrendering a Territory
There are a number of reasons a Plot Leader my stop running a given Territory. These are the ways in which a Territory's rule may be surrendered:

1. The Plot Leader character becomes inactive. This character might not be the same as the Queen or other character who rules IC; the inactivity stipulation applies only to the Plot Leader’s designated Plot Lead character in the Territory.

No monthly activity waivers may be bought for Plot Leader characters. These characters MUST make a minimum of at least one in-character post in their home Territory every four months.

2. The Plot Leader communicates the desire to retire from Blood Rites to a member of HBC. This includes but is not limited to: public post, email, PM to an HBC member, or IM/DM to an HBC member. A Plot Leader may always voluntarily give up a Territory by contacting the HBC.

A forfeited Territory is immediately placed under control of the Plot Council and the HBC will resolve, within a reasonable time frame, to put the Territory back up for adoption. A Plot Leader removed from their Territory can re-petition the Territory if they meet the activity requirements.
This is a Plot Council controlled account. Please address all questions and PMs to a Staff account or