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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Author Topic: Overall Plot of Blood Rites  (Read 21052 times)


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Overall Plot of Blood Rites
« on: Sep 26, 10, 10:28:52 PM »
From the heights of Ebon Askavi, Witch looked down across the realms from Terreille to Hell and what she witnessed filled her with terrible grief. The stewards of the land had forgotten their way. They had forsaken ancient vows swearing protection of the Landens and all but lost themselves to lust, gluttony, and greed.
Still, not all were fallen. Across the realms there were Blood who remembered the old ways. They danced for Witch, fought corruption and wished for her legendary power to purify their lands. To their horror, she answered their prayers.
Shame and rage drove Dreams Made Flesh to unleash her most terrible justice. Witch descended to the depths of the black and unleashed a storm that reaped all of creation and spared no one. She destroyed Virgins and villains alike in this maelstrom of her will.
Nearly two centuries  have passed since that terrible day, and few Blood remain. Where once they stood legion, there are now slowly growing handfuls struggling to repopulate their numbers. With the Blood so desperate to survive, the true genius of Witch's wrath is slowly becoming clear to those skilled in reading tangled webs, as they are forced to stand by their landen charges near as equals, just for the hope of tomorrow. For many Landens, time is not enough to forgive sins and this new union threatens to shatter if no amends are made.
Yet to survive the hardships ahead, they must.

The Blood had become a corrupted version of themselves over time and they had come to abuse the power that the Darkness had given them in good faith. One-hundred and ninety-one years ago a Black Widow Priestess Queen named Senja Ankelo took it upon herself to rectify the situation through the Realms and she unleashed a devastating witch storm backed by the power of her Black across all three Realms. The storm destroyed the good Blood and the bad Blood alike and leveled the Realms of the Blood inhabitants.

Some survived, though most were broken from the Purge, and the majority of the Blood perished. The oppressed landens were prime to strike against the Blood once they were weakened and they waged war against the remaining Blood. In the years that have since passed the Territories continue to struggle to rebuild their population, their infrastructure, and their existences. They face an unruly landen population who outnumber them significantly and have come to learn how to rule and manage themselves since the Purge.
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