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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Author Topic: How to Join  (Read 33838 times)


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How to Join
« on: Jul 18, 10, 09:54:46 AM »
Joining a new site is never easy but to make it just a little easier here is a guide for joining Blood Rites.

How to Join Blood Rites

  • Register an OOC Account; Please register a new account using a handle for your OOC Account. OOC Stands for "Out of Character" so use your name, or whatever nickname you intend to go by on the site. Enter that OOC name for both the fields on the registration page. This will come in to play for your future characters.
  • Complete the OOC Registration Form and post it in the same Forum as the Registration thread.
          (Create a New Topic, and name the Topic after your Account Handle)
  • Register a Character Account; Please register a new account using both first and last name for your Character. (E.G. "Liliane Morel" or "Loreniel Killan"). To learn how to add create a character account look at this thread: click here
  • Fill out the Character Application and post it as a new thread in the same Forum as the Template.
          - Note 1: You can post an unfinished character to receive a random roll.
          - Note 2: You can post an unfinished character to save to work on later, please note this when you post it so that the admins don't get confused.
  • Approval!; The admins will look over the character, when it is complete, and will approve it or will provide feedback for alterations or clarifications.
character tracker

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