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Author Topic: Guide to the Realms of the Blood  (Read 6729 times)

Description: An OOC Introduction to the Black Jewels World, for Non-Readers.

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Guide to the Realms of the Blood
« on: Sep 26, 12, 04:07:26 PM »
Guide to the Realms of the Black Jewels
An introduction to the Realms of the Blood

At Blood Rites we do not expect everyone to have read the Black Jewels Trilogy and we like to equip those members with the right information to set the general scene of our Realms.

  • The Magic:
    • Wielded by the Blood, who are the ruling race, and is drawn from a source referred to as Jewels. Each Blood should receive two distinct Jewels in their lifetime; one at the age of 8, called a Birthright, and the second at the age of 20, called a Descent. The color of the Jewel indicates the strength of power available; the lightest (White) is the weakest while the darkest (Black) is the most powerful.

  • The Castes:
    • The Blood can be born into several Castes, each with a different vocation and level of power in the Blood communities.  Females can be born as Queens, Black Widows (work with poisons, dreams, visions), Healers, Priestesses, or the base caste of witch. Males can be born as Warlord Princes, Princes, or the base caste of Warlords. Females can have multiple castes (2 are rare, 3 are unheard of); Men can also possess the caste of Black Widow, Healer or Priest in certain circumstances (very rare).

  • The World:
    • The world is made up on 3 Realms; Terreille (most "normal", also most "corrupt"), Kaeleer (magic animals live here but in our world they're not yet available to write, but they typically are more in tune with the oddities of their power and the world) and Hell (when the Blood die, but their essence isn't burned off, they become demon dead and retire to Hell, however Hell is not currently playable). Each Realm is divided into Territories (which we've built to have various cultural references to the real world), each Territory maintains their own major plot, so it provides plenty of opportunity to find a plot that is uniquely you. Territories are further broken down into Provinces and Districts (think states and counties). The non-Blood (non magic wielding) are called Landens, and they greatly outnumber the Blood. In a well balanced society they are contributing members but receive the protection, governance and guidance of the Blood. In a broken society they become little more than serfs.

  • The Story at Blood Rites:
    • The story at the moment is that almost 200 years ago a Black Jeweled Queen, also known as Witch (capital W, powerful mythical creature), saw all the corruption in the Blood and decided to teach them a lesson. She was a bit mad/mental, and essentially created a Purge with the power of her Black and killed the vast majority of the Blood across all 3 Realms. The Landens, who had been heavily repressed and abused before the Purge, rose up and fought against the remaining and injured Blood. After 200 years the Blood seem to be back in power for the most part but there are constant struggles, in-fighting, and many other troubles that accost them from day to day.

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