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Author Topic: Lexicon (& Terminology)  (Read 10020 times)


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Lexicon (& Terminology)
« on: Feb 18, 14, 10:19:20 AM »
Blood Rites Lexicon

Blood Rites and the world of the Black Jewels Trilogy is broad and richly detailed with many different words, phrases, creatures and objects. Many are familiar to us, but can carry a completely different tone and meaning within the world and this lexicon serves as a means to help you familiarize yourself with these different meanings. It contains definitions of things coming directly from the books and others that have been added to Blood Rites over time by our members. It is always changing and expanding as we discover new lore both within Anne’s writing and through play.

Aristo  [classification: canon] — a member of the social elite. Depending on the Territory, this can mean anything from being born to a powerful bloodline or having a high caste.
Aristo (Dhemlan, T) [classification: AU] — an individual or family from a long line of dark Jewels or high caste (Queen or Warlord Prince), who are exempt from tithes.
Abyss, the [classification: canon] A metaphysical place that exists only in the minds of those who hold Jewels. One can enter the Abyss by focusing on their inner strength and traveling the path in-wards. It can be dangerous once in the Abyss as it contains the webs that make up one’s strength. You can also gather power here as well.

Birthright  [classification: canon] Birthright refers to the Jewel a child of the Blood receives following their Birthright Ceremony around the age of 8. It is considered to be a base power for practice and learning which can be expanded upon later in life during their Offering.
Birthright Ceremony  [classification: canon] — The ceremony, taking place between the ages of six and ten (usually at eight) during which a child's father is acknowledged and the child receives their Birthright. (see: Birthright)
Black Widow  [classification: canon] —  Female caste. A witch gifted with the power to walk in the Twisted Kingdom. This ability grants her many others: she bears a snake tooth underneath her right ring finger nail, she can mix poisons and detect them while they are in the body, she can see the future through 'tangled webs', and she can heal the minds of those around her. Such witches are prone to insanity, because the Twisted Kingdom is insanity itself. In rank, they are between a Warlord Prince and a Prince/Priestess/Healer. (see: Twisted Kingdom, Caste)
Blood  [classification: canon] — Any male or female from a line that bears the Jewels, able to communicate by mindspeak and use at least some sort of Craft. (see: Craft, Jewels)
Brothers of Eventide  [classification: AU] — A popular male only Cult in Raej. Their main focus is peacekeeping and mediation. More info can be found at: Cults of Raej

Carna  [classification: AU] — Name of the Landen God who is a warrior Goddess. Unique to Nharkava.
Castes  [classification: canon] — The bent which a member of the Blood's power takes from birth, excepting Black Widows, whose caste manifests at puberty. While witches and Warlords are considered undifferentiated, able to go any way they like, casted Blood have their paths set out for them. (see: Healer, Priestess, Black Widow, Prince, Warlord Prince)
Children of Daybreak  [classification: AU] — A popular Landen only Cult in Raej. Their focus is the integration of Landen into the lives of the Blood and spreading understanding of the Blood. More info can be found at: Cults of Raej
Chimera, The  [classification: AU] — A branch of the Coven in Glacia dealing primarily in creating illusion webs for landen that seek their fortunes acting as spies for the Glacian courts among the Nharkavan rebellion.
Chimerans (Gang)  [classification: AU] — The Chimerans are a Gang out of the city of Goth who inhabit an area of the slums otherwise known as the Burning Ground. (see article: The Chimerans)
Collar/Collaring  [classification: AU canon] — The action of placing an obedience collar upon a willing or unwilling member of the Blood, this being less harsh than the Ring of Obedience and able to be used on the female Blood. A collar allows whoever wears the controlling ring to monitor and restrict a person's emotions or Craft. Being collared usually implies enslavement but not always. See also: Ring of Obedience.
Consort  [classification: canon] — Any Blood female’s lover, but in the most common usage, the lover of a Queen. A Queen’s Consort is in charge of escorting her to events, greeting her visitors, and is the front line of dealing with her temper. A Consort replaces a First Escort; sometimes they may coexist (see: Lucivar Yaslana and Daemon Sadi both serving Jaenelle Angelline as First Escort and Consort, respectively) but usually they don’t as they share the same duties and males can be territorial. See: First Escort
Conquistador  [classification: AU] — a Warlord Prince whose primary duties have him acting in offensive capacities, i.e. performing tasks for the Coven or defending Dhemlan from outside attack. See also: males of Dhemlan, T.
Court [classification: canon] - Those males and females who serve a Queen. Usually attached to a certain Territory which the Queen rules, but this is unnecessary. As long as there is a Queen, a male triangle, and twelve males (including the Triangle) there is a Court.
Craft [classification: canon] — The magic which the Blood are able to do because of their connection to the Abyss. This power can be used for almost anything, but its most common application can be explained as telekinesis and telepathy.

Dark Altar  [classification: canon] — Specifically an Altar served by Priestesses. These are places of connection to Mother Night. The configuration changes by Altar, but they all have an altar with a four-pronged candelabra (a reference to the four-sided triangle of the Blood). See: Priestess
Dark Gate  [classification: canon] — Any of the thirteen Dark Altars which can also serve as a place of transport between the three Realms. There is at least one in every Territory, but only the Gates in Raej, Terreille and Little Terreille, Kaeleer are currently open and attended by Priestesses. They require a specific spell and the lighting of the four-pronged candelabra in a specific order.
Dark Haven  [classification: au] — The Chaillotan asylum established by Aravice Laurent in 184 AP and dedicated to the treatment of the insanity that the Dark Jeweled Blood of that Territory are believed to experience. While some of the staff do want to help, not all of them do, and torture and abuse are endemic in some sections of the institution. Dark Jeweled Blood are sent there upon proof of instability or before their Offering if there is a chance that they will not Descend to the Dark Jewels. Occupants are usually collared to protect their lighter-Jeweled caretakers and doctors.
Darkness, the  [classification: canon] — Variantly, a deity figure which may be appealed to for help (“Darkness help us,” etc), an afterlife to which Blood souls come from and return after death, or the source of the Blood’s powers and charge as guardians of the land.
Dark Religion, The  [classification: AU] — The precepts outlining behavior and belief in Glacia. 
Daughters of Dusk  [classification: AU] — A popular female only Cult in Raej. Their focus is worship of Mother Night and solidarity within the female castes. More info can be found at: Cults of Raej
Dea al Mon [classification: canon] - The ‘Eldest Race’ are best likened to elves. They existed approximately concurrently with the dragons and, unlike any other race in any other Realm, are all Blood. There are no Landen Dea al Mon. They are fierce warriors that live in the Dark Forest, and have not been seen outside their Forest since the original invasion of Askavi, Terreille into Askavi, Kaeleer.
Demon-dead  [classification: canon] — Members of the Blood with too much drive and psychic strength to return to the Darkness. Their Jewels animate and power their dead bodies and their minds, enabling them to complete whatever goal they have remained conscious to accomplish. The demon-dead, being already dead, cannot be killed without breaking their Jewels or draining them. They feed upon blood to replenish their Jewels, since they are no longer able to eat. AU NOTE: They are a myth that has faded from memory for all but the most obscurely educated and do not appear on the board at this time.
Descent Jewel [classification: canon] - The Jewels which a member of the Blood wears after making their Offering to the Darkness. Also referred to as a Descent Jewel or an Offering Jewel.
Dissent Court  [classification: AU] — The courts in Glacia overseen by priestesses who disperse justice and punishment based on the Dark Religion.
dona d'aigua  [classification: AU] — a term in the old tongue that translates roughly to 'water witch.' See also: water witch && water witches & red moon houses.
Dragon  [classification: canon] — The progenitors of all of the Blood (save the Dea al Mon, who can be assumed to have existed independently). It’s said that dragons were the first Blood, and when the time of their race was coming to an end, they flew over the land and their scales rained down. Whatever they touched became Blood. Jewels are said to be dragon scale.
Dragons, The (Gang)  [classification: AU] — The Dragons are a Gang out of the city of Goth who inhabit an area of the slums otherwise known as the Dragon's Lair. (see article: The Dragons)

Dual Caste [classification: canon] — Any member of the Blood that bears two castes, ie, Priest Warlord, Healer Priestess. See also: Caste.

Eyes and Ears  [classification: AU] — The Eyes and Ears are a Network of Spies loyal to the Queen of Dharo. Their specialty is wathcing and listening to their surroundings and reporting on anything abnormal or of interest.
Executive  [classification: AU] — one of ten upper echelon leaders in Dhemlan, T. who comprise the executive branch of Parliament. See also: Parliament.

First Circle  [classification: canon] — The core twelve males that serve a Queen. A Queen must fill this circle with twelve males before she can be considered to have a true Court.
First Escort  [classification: canon] — One side of the male triangle. This male is responsible for the Queen's personal well-being and escorting her to events, much as the Consort, but without sharing the Queen's bed.
Four Sided Triangle [classificaiton: canon] - A mystery of the Blood, the four-sided Triangle refers to the Queen and her male triangle. It also refers to the places of males in a Blood witch's life. Father/brother/lover = Steward/Master of the Guard/Consort. See also: male triangle.

Gautama  [classification: AU] — Name of the Landen God who is the Enlightened One. Unique to Nharkava.
Gatekeepers (Gang)  [classification: AU] — The Gatekeepers are a Gang out of the city of Goth who inhabit an area lf the slums otherwise known as the West Gate. (see article: Gatekeepers)
Going Cold [classification: canon] — The anger of the Jewels, of the Self, rather than the hot anger of the day to day. When a person has "gone cold," the rage is impossible to stop; they have been pushed past their limits. They feel no pain, experience no logic, until the icy fury has burned itself out -- which usually takes a lot of death. Among the Blood, the lowering of the temperature of a room is a way to express displeasure; a person who has gone cold is at the extreme end of this, and can coat the walls in ice with their rage.
Guardian  [classification: canon] — A member of the Blood who has given up their ability to bear children and their ability to move among the majority of the Blood for near-immortality. Like the demon-dead, a Guardian is reliant upon blood for sustenance. Unlike the demon-dead, they do not rely on their Jewels, and can drain their Jewels to nothing and continue to live. Guardians do not even necessarily have to have Jewels, something that is not true for the demon-dead. AU NOTE: They are a myth that has faded from memory for all but the most obscurely educated and do not appear on the board at this time. See also: demon-dead)

Hajj [classification: AU] -- A week-long purification rite of adulthood for females. Led by Priestesses, it's done after the Offering and is more to affirm a female's place among the giant tribe that is Pruul than anything. For more information, refer to the Keep article.
Hand, The  [classification: AU] —  A branch of the Coven in Glacia which deals primarily with mind delving for the purpose of seeking out any insubordination or disloyalty.
Harpies  [classification: canon] — A citizen of Hell.  These are witches who were died a violent death at the hands of a male. AU NOTE: They are a myth that has faded from memory for all but the most obscurely educated and do not appear on the board at this time.
Haven  [classification: AU canon] — See Dark Haven.
Healer  [classification: canon] — One of the castes available to the Blood.  In the canon there hasn't been a mention of any males who hold the Healer caste, but in our AU there have been some dual casted males listed.  Healers serve as the medical side of the Blood, often highly skilled in various forms of physical and mental healing as well as being knowledgeable in herbal and medicinal craft.
Healing Brew [classification: canon] — A concoction made by a Healer in order to treat a sickness, or mitigate some other circumstance like exhaustion or pain. Is usually made with some combination of blood, Jeweled power, herbs, and liquids. Is typically taken several times a day for a set period of time, or saved for a circumstance requiring a pick-me-up. Will typically lose potency after a period of time, or require blood to be added in order to give it efficacy.
Healing Web [classification: canon] — A web used by a Healer in order to heal an injury in the long term. A Healing web is for extreme injuries which cannot be healed all at once, to support the Healer in a systemic healing -- for instance, allowing her a break to eat or sleep. These are for drawn-out recoveries or, on a smaller scale, for patching a wound when there is no Healer available or she is unable to use her Jeweled strength. Healers often use webs to store their power for when they will be unable to directly heal, for instance when they need to drain their Jewels in preparation for their moontime.
Hearth Witch  [classification: canon] — A female caste.  Hearth Witches excell in the skills of the home and kitchen, usually serving as part of the staff in a residence.
Hell  [classification: canon] — The Realm closest to the Darkness, containing the demon-dead, harpies and the island of the cildru dyathe. AU NOTE: This is a myth that has faded from memory for all but the most obscurely educated and does not appear on the board at this time.
Hell’s Fire  [classification: canon] — An expression of exasperation or surprise.  Equivalent to "Goodness gracious" or "Holy **it" depending on the context
Hell Lords (Gang)  [classification: AU] — The Hell Lords are a Gang out of the city of Goth who inhabit an area of the slums otherwise known as Hell's Den. (see article: Hell Lords)
Hidalgo  [classification: AU] — a Warlord Prince member of Dhemlan's guard, also a Warlord Prince whose philosophical ideologies are more in line with that of a peacekeeper than that of a warrior. See also: males of Dhemlan, T.
High Healer [classification: AU] — the dominant Healer in Dhemlan, elected by the body of her peers, whose job it is to oversee all of the Territory's infrastructure and hygienic codes. Is not necessarily the Court Healer of the Territory Queen, or indeed any Queen. Also serves as a member of the Executive branch of Parliament. See also: Executive && Parliament.
High Priest  [classification: canon] — In the canon, the High Priest is used in reference to Saetan, the High Priest of the Hourglass which was solely used for narrative purposes.  In our AU, the High Priest has a more ruler like quality in the societies that are more theocracy based.
High Priestess  [classification: canon] — A member of the upper court of a ruler and acts as the chief Priestess for the land.
Highland Games  [classification: AU] — The Highland Games are a sporting event in the Territory of Scelt where each of the Sceltic Clans put forward their most impressive warrior to compete against the other clans.
Hourglass  [classification: canon] — a blanket term often interchangeable with the 'Coven,' referring to all of the Black Widows in a Territory who belong to the overarching organization governing and overseeing the local Black Widows, which typically has a political and social agenda. Not all Black Widows are members of their local Coven, but it is typically the Coven which recognizes a Black Widow's level of training and provides the hourglass pendant denoting a particular Black Widow's skill.
Hunting Camps  [classification: AU] — Camps in Askavi to which males are removed shortly after their Birthrights.  They are taught to hone their skills as warriors.
Hylia  [classification: AU] — Name of a vacation town that is now better known as the first documented occurrence of Landen killing a Queen. The Queen of Raej was murdered at Hylia in 176 PP. The name Hylia is now a rallying cry to some Landen, a reminder of the power of the many.

Inner Barriers [classification: canon]  — The mental shields which keep a member of the Blood's thoughts safe from others. A barrier makes it possible to keep one's thoughts private, and all of the Blood maintain them almost instinctively. The strength of one's barriers is partially determined by Jewel strength and partially by mental strength.  Like rings within rings, the more barriers that are passed, the more personal the mental link. The first barrier protected everyday thoughts. The last barrier protected the core of the Self, the essence of a being, the inner web. They can be forced open by Jeweled power, or opened voluntarily.
Inner Triangle  [classification: AU] —  The Glacian specific triangle of a Queen consisting of the Court Healer, High Priestess and Court Seer.

Jewel(s)  [classification: canon] — A physical manifestation of the depth of power that the Blood carry.  Most of the Blood carry both a Birthright Jewel and after they reach the age of majority, they are gifted with the Offering Jewel.  This jewel descends no further than three levels into the abyss. 
Jeweless Blood  [classification: canon] — Either members of the Blood who are born without the ability to wear jewels, or members of the Blood who have been fully broken of their Jeweled strength.  The jeweless blood are also unable to attain a caste, but when the casted Blood are broken, they retain their Caste.
Judge  [classification: AU] — one of seven members of the local judiciary coven whose duties include hearing petitions and ensuring that justice and fairness reign in their District. They serve for ten year terms and are selected according to their strength of will and demonstrated honor. See also: justice in Dhemlan, T.

Kamini  [classification: AU] — Name of the Landen God who is the Goddess of hearth, home and desire.. Unique to Nharkava.
Khanjar [classification: AU] -- Blades which are about the length of the user's forearm. These are a specific kind of blade given to a man upon his passage of the Rites of Manhood, which cannot be replaced if lost, and cannot be given as a gift. For more information, refer to the Keep article.
Killing Edge  [classification: canon] — A mental/emotional state accessible to any member of the Blood. It refers to a specific kind of battle trance where the Blood in question can no longer be reasoned with and can be expected to destroy anyone standing in their way with calm, cool rationality. Males may rise to the killing edge around strangers when their women are vulnerable, when they enter a situation of extreme danger, when absolutely enraged and desiring to lash out, or when another male has risen to the killing edge before them.
Killing Field [classification: canon] - A battlefield in which two sides meet and only one walks away; a Warlord Prince is born for the killing field. Not every fight, or even every battle to the death, is considered a killing field. Killing fields are life-and-death for both sides, and contain true danger, not merely violence.
Kindred  [classification: canon] — Members of the animal kingdom who are more than most animals for they are a part of the Blood and have the ability to carry a caste and wear Jewels. AU NOTE: They are a myth that has faded from memory for all but the most obscurely educated and do not appear on the board at this time.

Lace Initiative  [classification: AU] — The Lace Initiative is a rogue Coven program within the Territory of Scelt, intent on turning average citizens into sleeper agents to complete tasks set by the program.
Landen  [classification: canon] —  Any person who is not Blood and possesses no psychic power.
Landing Web  [classification: canon] — The accepted place to exit the Winds  near a town. Usually, exiting the Winds outside of a landing web is cause to be treated with extreme hostility. Not every town has a landing web, but most above a certain size do.
Lavanya  [classification: AU] — Name of the Landen God who is also called “The Mother”. Unique to Nharkava.
legislator [classification: AU] — A member of Dhemlan, T.'s lower house of parliament, either elected by the popular vote or as a District or village ruler. Includes many landen members. See also: Parliament.
Long-Lived Races [classification: canon] — Any of the races which live more than two hundred years. Hayllians, Eyriens, and the Dhemlanese of both Realms are Long-Lived.

Maninder  [classification: AU] — Name of the Landen God who is also called “The Trickster”. Unique to Nharkava.
Marriage [classification: canon] — A union between two people. In the Blood, it is a declaration of a specific type of union; most Blood never get married, but are nonetheless monogamous. Marriage is indicative that you believe that you are absolutely meant to be with this person. It's a higher commitment than most Blood offer, and as such, is sacred. Marriage is especially sacred to males, because it is the only type of union in which the female is also promising to be completely monogamous--even in handfastings, females have the right to take whoever they want as lover.
Medium-Lived Races [classification: AU canon] - The Dea al Mon, who live up to two hundred years.
Memory Crystal  [classification: canon] — A type of crystal which holds someone's memory of an event. It takes considerable skill to create a memory crystal, a considerable amount of practice, the caste of a Black Widow, and a Dark Jewel. For this reason, they are very rare. Often they're keyed to a specific Jewel rank or person by their creator. They are specifically Black Widow Craft.
Midnight Keepers, The  [classification: AU] — A secret society of males in Glacia chosen individually after their Offerings to serve as the keepers of the female castes. The branches are Rooks, Patriarchs, Tartars and Summits. See also: the Midnight Keepers.
Midnight Mushrooms  [classification: AU] — Hallucinogenic fungi that grow in Shalador and are primarily used by Black Widows to enhance visions. Side effects include hyperactivity and difficulty discerning fantasy from reality.
Mother, The (Pruul) [classification: AU] -- A Priestess Queen, but more specifically, a Priestess Queen who rules Pruul. Only a Mother can rule Pruul. Refer to the Keep article for more information.
Mother Night  [classification: canon] — Like the Darkness, variantly viewed as a deity and a place from which souls come. Unlike the Darkness, Mother Night is often personified and spoken to in prayer.
Music Crystal [classification: canon] - Much more common than a memory crystal and much easier to make. These are recordings of musical performances which can be accessed and listened to by anyone with a Jewel. They feed off the power of the one awakening them, but very minimally.

Nightmare Seed class  [classification: AU] — A dangerous, addictive drug used by Black Widows to induce visions. The root of the plant is less potent.
Nila  [classification: AU] — Name of the Landen God who is the God of seasons and travel. Unique to Nharkava.

Opium  [classification: AU] —  A drug found in both Realms that induces numbness, emotional and physical, loss of appetite, and drowsiness.
Overlapping Triangles, The  [classification: AU] —  The Outer Triangle of a Queen's court made up by a Steward, First Escort and Master of the Guard, and the Inner Triangle of the Queen's Court made of a Healer, Black Widow and Priestess. Every court in Glacia has its own Overlapping Triangles.
Outer Triangle  [classification: AU] — The Glacian version of the traditional triangle consisting of the three males surrounding the Queen: Steward, First Escort and Master of the Guard.

Parliament  [classification: AU] — the ruling body of Dhemlan in Terreille, determined by means of various elections, comprised of the executive and legislative branches and overseen by the ruler of the Territory. See also: Parliament.
Patriarchs  [classification: AU] — Specifically trained members of Midnight Keepers trained to protect and guard Healers.
Piste  [classification: AU] — A highly technical form of dance native to Glacia. It is performed to classical music ranging from single string instruments to full orchestras.
Priestess  [classification: canon] — Member of the female caste.  Priestesses are the spiritual leader of the Blood.  They are the leaders of the rituals that tie the Blood in with the Darkness.  They perform the various ceremonies, maintain the altars and are the keepers to the Gates that allow travel between the realms.
Prince  [classification: canon] —  A Jeweled male equal in status to a Priestess or a Healer.
Protocol  [classification: canon] — The rules and laws of the Blood.  Protocol is a series of specific words and phrases that controls the actions of the Blood and protects the lighter jeweled and females from the darker jeweled and males.

Queen  [classification: canon] — A female caste. The highest ranking of caste a female of the Blood can attain.  A Queen is the heart of the land and the people.  The only caste meant to rule a district, province or territory.  Queens have an innate sense of the land and its need, often performing rituals that use their jewels to return power back to the land to ensure health to the harvest.

Rampart Club  [classification: AU] — The Rampart Club is an ancient organization within Dharo sworn to protect the Territory from harm. The existence of the Club had never been publicly confirmed.
Rajendra  [classification: AU] — Name of the Landen God who is also called “The Father”. Unique to Nharkava.
Rebellion, The  [classification: AU] — A Landen - Blood movement for equality. Started by Landens but has grown to include any who desire change. Led by a group called the Council of Eight.
Red Moon House  [classification: canon] — Comparable to a mix between a brothel and a house of courtesans, Red Moon Houses function as  a place for males to go to purchase the company of skilled ladies in the bedroom arts, or enjoy a good meal or even a social gathering place for males away from their lives outside of the walls.
Ring of Obedience (v. Ringing)  [classification: canon] — A gold ring placed around the cock of a male in some court societies, used to control more powerful males.  A favorite toy of Terriellean courts.
Rites of Manhood (Pruul) [classification: AU] -- Three rites based on physical strength, mental strength, and ability to endure. Overseen by a Priestess, this is highly ritualized but also highly important; males who cannot pass their Rite are not allowed to wear a khanjar nor participate in tribal decisions or make their Offering if Blood. For more information, refer to the Keep article.
Rook  [classification: AU] — Specially trained members of the Midnight Keepers trained to protect and guard Black Widows.
Rut  [classification: canon] — a state that all Jeweled males (who may never enter it) but most often Warlord Princes (who enter it twice a year) can enter, in which their sexual natures hit peak intensity and they focus exclusively on one female with all of their hunger and need. Other males become rivals and other females insults (with the exception of a bonded Queen), and it is all too easy for the rut to turn so violent it becomes a massacre.

Safframate  [classification: canon] — An aphrodisiac that is sometimes used as a mechanism of torture when given in excessive quantities.   
Salt Mines  [classification: canon] — Specifically the salt mines of Pruul. These are places of hellish punishment where prisoners from Territories the Realm over are chained. The exhaustion endemic to their hard work keeps their Jewel reserves low and prevents them from escape even if they aren't collared. Escape is nearly impossible.
Sandriders [classification: AU] -- Sandriders are specially trained people, landen or Blood, who possess the skills necessary to ride a sandworm. For more information, refer to the Keep article.
Sandworms [classification: AU] -- Sandworms are a species of large, almost dragonesque worms that dwell exclusively within the borders of Pruul. A sandworm, at its largest, is about the size of an elephant or a horse; they travel at high speeds through the sands of Pruul. They are driven into frenzy by Craft. No one knows where they come from or what they eat, but without the spur of Craft, sandworms don't attack. In well-maintained land that is attended by Queens, sandworms are often heard to sing. Eerily. For more information, refer to the Keep article.
Sayyadina [classification: AU] -- The Black Widows and Priestesses are held to be a holy sisterhood under the Darkness, blessed with the abilities to lead the Territory in rebellion against al-Lat, the tribe of the Sun. See the Keep article for more information.
Sensimilla  [classification: AU] — a mild drug that functions as a soothing painkiller and mood stabilizer, which is not metabolized in a way affected by a person's  Jeweled strength.
Servants of the Great Snake  [classification: AU] — A popular Blood Cult in Raej. Their main focus is charity and bringing Blood and Landen closer to Mother Night. More info can be found at: Cults of Raej
Service Fair  [classification: canon}] — The Service Fair is a way for Terreilliens to immigrate to Kaeleer. They must sign a Court contract with a Kaeleer Court in order to remain in the Realm. The Service Fair is run through the Territory of Little Terreille. (see article: Service Fair)
Shields/Shielding [classification: canon] — Craft-powered shields. They can block physical blows (physical shields), prevent the escape of sound (aural shields) or sight (sight shields), or defend one's mind (psychic shields). The most effective manner of use is generally in combination. They must be maintained by a constant drain upon the Jewels of the person creating the shield, although the shield doesn't have to be for themselves.
Short-Lived Races [classification: canon] —  Any race at which one hundred is the upper age boundary: Rihlanders, Glacians, Dena Nehelese, and Pruulians are all examples of short-lived races.
Sight, The  [classification:  AU] — A branch of the Coven in Glacia that deals primarily with visions and tangled webs.  These women share their visions and work hand in hand predicting natural phenomena or disasters in an attempt to protect Glacia.
Slave Markets  [classification: AU Canon] — Located in Raej, this is the location where slaves can be bought and sold. It was created during the Great War when Raej was occupied by Askavi and since the Purge has been illegal until legalized again in 176 PP by Odji Khaldun. More information can be found at: Slave Market of Raej
Spell Sugar  [classification:  AU] —  A dangerous, addictive, but common drug that increases the strength of one's Jewels at the risk of breaking them if one withdrawls abruptly.
Star of Kaeleer  [classification:  AU] —  A slang term used to refer to Glacia in the common tongue. Most often used by Glacians, although this epithet has caught on outside of the territory.
Summit  [classification: AU] — Specifically trained members of the Midnight Keepers trained to resolve disputes for witches of any caste.

Tapas [classification: AU] — the small portions served in Dhemlan, T. due to the rampant famine, which are typically very fancy and well-made in order to disguise the lack of food and depression. They are considered culinary masterpieces.
Tartan  [classification: AU] — The Tartan is a symbol of a Sceltic Clan and is a specially woven garment, usually plaid, with colors and patterns that define which Clan it belongs to.
Tartars  [classification: AU] — Specifically trained members of the Midnight Keepers trained to protect and guard Priestesses.
Tri Casted  [classification: canon] — The extremely rare occasion in which a member of the Blood carries three castes related to their gender; for example, a  Black Widow Healer Queen [like Jaenelle].
Triangle, the  [classification: canon] — In the court of a ruler (usually a Queen), it is the three most trusted positions that a male can hold.   Theoretically there are four positions possible with the Steward and the Master of the Guard being two sides of the Triangle with the third to be filled by either the First Escort or a Consort.
Tsapho [classification: AU] - A drug known nearly exclusively to Pruulian Black Widows which is fatal to anyone who does not possess Black Widow training or the ability to become one. It induces visions and extreme irritability unless properly converted by a Black Widow.
Twisted Kingdom, the  [classification: canon] — A land of madness that Black Widows are trained to travel to see and interpret their visions. 

White Widow  [classification: AU] — A Terreillian drug that creates an intense high in the user, increasing sensation and craft ability. Can cause hallucinations, euphoria, and intense clarity.

Vishal  [classification: AU] — Name of the Landen God who is the god of harvest and partying. Unique to Nharkava.

War Camps  [classification:  AU] —  Camps for the elite of Eyrien warriors who have trained for war far beyond what is required in the Hunting Camps.
Warlord  [classification: canon] — Any Blood male wearing Jewels who does not have a higher caste, such as Prince or Warlord Prince.
Warlord Prince  [classification: canon] — The highest caste of Blood male, Warlord Princes are inherently vicious and savage. Warlord Princes are stubborn and possessive and very, very physical. They have an instinctive understanding of combat and get very attached to women who are under their protection. Warlord Princes have the strongest bond to their Queens, and can often only be calmed by their Queen alone. They rise to the killing edge faster than Warlords or Princes, and come down from it more slowly. Warlord Princes are a law unto themselves.
Water (Pruul) [classification: AU] - More specifically, moisture. Water indicates nearly any kind of liquid from which hydration can be derived: blood, purified urine, and the moisture from within the flesh of the dead are all referred to as 'water' within the borders of Pruul. Almost every facet of Pruulian culture is intensely focused upon moisture, the purest gift of Mother Night.
Waters, The  [classification: AU] — isolated places (denoted by tradition and word of mouth) along the river where a water witch (dona d'aigua in the old tongue) will come to them on the third night they visit.  See also: water witch && water witches & red moon houses.
Water matters [classification: AU] - Where "Water" itself can refer to nearly anything, "water matters" refers specifically to the connection between people within a clan. If your water is bound to the water of another, if it is a "water matter", it is an issue of blood or Queen's bond. Pruulians have a great respect for water matters and will often go out of their way to help complete strangers (Or at least, Pruulian strangers) tend to a matter of water.
Waters of Life [classification: AU] - See Tsapho. A Black Widow acolyte is often said to sleep in "the waters of life".
Water witch  [classification: AU] — specially trained witches belonging to a secret sect in Dhemlan devoted to the sexual relief of Blood males in need. See also: water witch && water witches & red moon houses.
Web, Landing  [classification: canon] — See "Landing Web"
Web, Healing  [classification: canon] — See "Healing Web"
Web, Vision  [classification: canon] —  A web woven by a Black Widow for the purpose of seeing the present, the past, or the future. Often woven with spidersilk and chips of the Widow's Jewels to power it. A Black Widow's intent influences what she sees. The skill of the Widow determines how clear her vision is and how much she sees.
Web, Tangled  [classification: canon] — The instrument that Black Widows use to glimpse into the future or untangle the meaning of events. May also refer to curses, traps, and tripwire spells intended to monitor events, redirect the unwary, or keep out intruders by enshrouding their minds.
Winds, the  [classification: canon] — The pathways that the Blood travel.  Not physical breezes but invisble roads that run over all the realms like a spider web.  One may only travel the Winds of their deepest jewel, unless in a carriage being operated by someone of a darker jewel strength. 
Winsol [classification: canon] — an annual celebration lasting thirteen days devoted to worshiping Witch and exchanging gifts with family and close friends. Takes place during the winter season.
witch  [classification: canon] — A Blood female who wears Jewels but isn’t one of the other hierarchical levels; also refers to any Jeweled female
Witch  [classification: canon] — A special Witch, one who comes along only when the land and the Blood are in need. Witch is usually a Black Jeweled Queen but Witch has come in more forms than just that.
Witchfire [classification: canon] — A form of fire that is ignited and fueled by Craft. They are often shaped into floating globes to be used to light the way.

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