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Title: Guide to Blood Rites for New Members
Post by: Jamie on Sep 29, 12, 05:39:44 AM
Guide to Blood Rites for New Members
Welcome Council Suggested Reading

Welcome to Blood Rites!

This guide is meant to help you string together all the bits and pieces scattered across the board in an easy to read and navigate document. If you have any suggestions on other topics to be covered please do not hesitate to reach out and make the suggestions!

This Guide is broken into sections to best assist you in locating the information you seek. The sections are:

Getting Started

Whether you're a new member who'se trying to learn the ropes at Blood Rites, or an old member seeking information, these threads will provide all you need to know about high level plots, rules, policies, awards and the like.

Character Creation

Creating a character at Blood Rites can be a bit more trying than at other contemporary boards. We have a strong focus at Blood Rites for plot and quality of character, thus making our expectations of characters higher than average.

These threads and blogs posts were pulled together to provide better insight into the character creation process, especially on the character types that are traditionally more difficult (mixed blood, multiple castes, etc.). There are more blog posts in the works to cover off on other topics as well.

Player Resources

These resources will help out both new and established writers with the board and getting involved in the community.