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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Author Topic: Guide to Blood Rites for New Members  (Read 12045 times)

Description: Welcome Council recommended reading

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Guide to Blood Rites for New Members
« on: Sep 29, 12, 05:39:44 AM »
Guide to Blood Rites for New Members
Welcome Council Suggested Reading

Welcome to Blood Rites!

This guide is meant to help you string together all the bits and pieces scattered across the board in an easy to read and navigate document. If you have any suggestions on other topics to be covered please do not hesitate to reach out and make the suggestions!

This Guide is broken into sections to best assist you in locating the information you seek. The sections are:

  • Getting Started
  • Character Creation
  • Player Resources

Getting Started

Whether you're a new member who'se trying to learn the ropes at Blood Rites, or an old member seeking information, these threads will provide all you need to know about high level plots, rules, policies, awards and the like.

  • How to Join; This thread provides new members with all the information they'll require for account setup, OOC registration, and getting started on the board.
  • The Plot of Blood Rites
    • Overall Plot of Blood Rites; Provides insight into the overall plot at Blood Rites, including the Purge of the Blood that occurred over 180 years ago that has set the current day plots in motion.
    • Territory Plot Summaries; The plot summaries for the various Territories that we play in. Each Territory at Blood Rites follows an overall plot which all subplots must adhere to within the Territory.
  • The Rules at Blood Rites
    • Masterlist of Rules; Includes all the various rules we have from basic standards, expected etiquette, explanation of how Jewels are received, Character Creation, Castes, Petitions, the points system, rewards, graphics, inactivity policy, and character on character violence. It's a very comprehensive list.
    • Blood Rites Councils - The Staff; Highlights the unique structure of Blood Rite's Staff through our Councils.

Character Creation

Creating a character at Blood Rites can be a bit more trying than at other contemporary boards. We have a strong focus at Blood Rites for plot and quality of character, thus making our expectations of characters higher than average.

These threads and blogs posts were pulled together to provide better insight into the character creation process, especially on the character types that are traditionally more difficult (mixed blood, multiple castes, etc.). There are more blog posts in the works to cover off on other topics as well.

  • Application Process; Provides detailed information on character history notices, jewels, graphics, and the general process for applications.
  • Taken Names; A list of all the taken first names to avoid duplicate first names.
  • Territory Culture  & Appearance Guildlines; Visual list of what your character may look like from each Territory.
  • Helpful Blog Posts
    • Character Creation; from concept to application, this blog posts covers off the major points of creating a character and plotting.
    • A Reviewer's POV; this post covers off on what the Review Council looks for when they're performing their reviews for approval.
    • Flaws & fears; this post talks about how to achieve a balance with character flaws and fears.
    • Mix Blood Characters; provides insight into the physical appearances that are appropriate for characters of mixed blood.
    • Multiple Caste Characters; provides insight into what is expected out of characters with multiple castes at Blood Rites, as these characters are viewed as advanced characters.
  • Wanted Ads; This forum lists any number of characters and character types for new writers to pick up interest in. Adopting a wanted ad is one of the quickest ways to become involved in the board and be guaranteed writable plot.

Player Resources

These resources will help out both new and established writers with the board and getting involved in the community.

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