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Title: General Rules & Behaviour for Blood Rites
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General Rules & Behaviour for Blood Rites

As a community we try to only impose rules that will allow us to have a safe and comfortable community that allows for well balanced game play. The mission for Blood Rites is that every character should matter, every character should have an influence on the plot and story, and that Jewels or Caste should not determine a character’s eligibility for power play. The HBC and Founders cannot account for every scenario that could cross our boards so we have, as part of our rules set, a rule that refers to the ‘Spirit of the Law’; this means that members who are clever enough to find loopholes will not be able to take advantage of them.

We are a vibrant role playing community that is passionate about storytelling. In every good story, actions and choices have consequences. Here, this applies in character and OOC.

As the Blood say, "Everything has a price."

3 Strike Policy: If the HBC has to issue 3 official warnings, on any combination of rules, the 3rd warning will come with a site Ban of at least 1 year in length. Members who wish to re-join the board after their ban will need to petition the HBC to be allowed to rejoin.  The HBC reserve the right to outright ban members from the site if they feel the situation is appropriate.

Please note we have a no tolerance policy for abuse against members or staff of the site. We are all humans, and mistakes will happen. If you feel HBC or another staff member has made an error, please feel free to reach out. However, angry tirades and abuse will not be tolerated.

Behavioural Rules

Etiquette Rules
“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”Process Rules

Activity Rules
In Game Dispute Settlements
AKA. Blood men and women are dangerous, so you’d better watch yourself.  [OR] In Game actions have real consequences.
Blood Rites believes that, in keeping with the proper setting of Protocol in the Black Jewels universe, as well as the limited legal ramifications of murder, that it is very important that there be an understanding of repercussions for one's actions.

This system should only be used if there is a failing in agreement between the two players in question as to how the scenario would play out. The preference held by the administration is that roleplay repercussions should always be resolved between the parties, though if no satisfactory solution can be met the staff is more than happy to help. Therefore the following guidelines have been outlined in the event of character on character power struggles, combat, and disputes.

Example Scenarios:
Settling Disputes:
Spirit of the Law

The High Blood Council has been faced with a difficult task. There have been several occurrences, whether by accident or happenstance, where members have found loopholes in rules that we've put in place. Each time we try to close up these loopholes it complicates the board significantly and makes our lives, as administrators, incredibly difficult.To help with that matter we're releasing a new "rule" for the board: Follow the Spirit of the Law not the Letter of the Law.When in doubts speak to a member of HBC to clarify what you plan to do against the Spirit of the Rules. If you ever are concerned that you might get in trouble email and we'll follow up with you on the matter.We are not going to use this to blindly penalize people for small or perceived issues.

Summary of Board Rules

We have rules posted throughout the board in various sticky threads pertaining to different processes or elements of our community. Below is our best attempt at summarizing all of those specific rules.

Character Registration:

Jewel Policies & Acquisition
Everything you need to know about the jewels, and getting the ones you want!
Character Creation, Registration & Approval
Points Reward System