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Author Topic: Character Adoptions  (Read 2186 times)


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Character Adoptions
« on: Feb 08, 19, 08:16:58 AM »
Rules for Character Adoption

Blood Rites is a collaborative writing environment where players share plots, ideas, concepts and characters fluidly with one another. We're also a fluid group of people who have varying availability and muses for our creations which sometimes leads to characters or writers becoming inactive. We understand that there are circumstances where specific characters may be needed for plot purposes even if the original writer is no longer available for (or interested in) writing the character. In the past, we have allowed new writers to adopt characters caught in this kind of limbo to fill plot gaps. We will continue to allow this on a case by case basis, but felt it prudent to formalize the boundaries associated with these decisions.

To be eligible for adoption, a character must fall into one of three categories:

1. The original writer has given permission for adoption.
  • This is the only instance in which a character may be adopted-as-written, and only if the original writer specifically allows for that. In all other instances, the character must be re-written without using content from the original character sheet.
  • Permission from the original writer must be forwarded to HBC prior to asking for the character's subaccount to be transferred to the new writer.
  • HBC prefers to receive permission via an email direct from the original writer to . If necessary, a forwarded email or a screenshot of a conversation where we can validate both speakers (such as a Discord convo where handles are known) may be used.
  • The original writer, in granting permission for the character to be adopted, relinquishes ALL CLAIMS to the character from that point forward.
  • In the case where several writers have owned the character over its history, the approval must come from the most recent of the writers to have owned the character.

2. The character was a Wanted Ad, and the character has gone inactive.
  • The original sponsor of the Wanted Ad which spawned the character must contact HBC to request that the character be opened for adoption.
  • The Wanted Ad must have been for a specific character. For example, Coven Leader Karpella Linna would be specific enough. Black Widows for the Coven would not be specific enough.
  • The adopting writer must re-write the character application from scratch as a new original work.

3. The character is deemed plot-critical.
  • Only Plot Leads may request this option, and only for a character in their Territory.
  • An attempt must be made to reach out to the original writer to obtain permission first.
  • The adopting writer must re-write the character application from scratch as a new original work.
  • This should be an extremely rare occurrence, and will only be approved for characters who affect significant plots beyond inter-personal storylines.
  • The final determination of whether a character is considered plot-critical will rest with HBC.

As always, questions and concerns about this information may be directed to  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker