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Author Topic: Caste Petitions  (Read 2006 times)


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Caste Petitions
« on: Dec 06, 18, 08:23:50 AM »
Petitioning for an Added Caste

There are countless reasons why existing characters might seek to train into an additional caste during the course of their stories. Perhaps they're looking for an edge for themselves, or perhaps their in-character development has awakened in them a calling towards a particular path. Writers of these characters may choose to submit a new application for an already-approved character, adding on a petition to justify the addition of a caste. The process for doing this is as follows:

  • Shop Purchase. The writer, upon deciding that this is something they want for a specific character, purchases the Caste Training item from the yearly Thanksgiving Shop when it becomes available.
  • In-Character Embarkment. Though the writer may describe the character deciding to train, seeking out a mentor, and beginning study, the character should not display any caste-specific changes or any ability with caste-specific Craft until after the shop item has been purchased. Somewhere between four-six months after training has begun (assuming the shop item has been purchased), the character may begin to experience influence from their budding caste. Details about what might be experienced are charted below. 
  • In-Character Development. In-character training and growth should continue for a minimum of one year in game time. This means that if a writer purchases the shop item and begins the character's training in Fall of 193 AP, the character will continue in training until at least the Fall of 194 AP. Several separate and distinct threads should reflect this training and the growth and hardships that come along with an endeavor of this gravity. Bear in mind that regardless of how rarely it is played out on the board, caste training often does fail. Some students are just not meant to learn certain castes, and some of the regimens are inherently dangerous to those not meant to learn them.
  • Petition Application. After the year of in-character training, the writer may submit the character's application to the Keep with the proper petition amended to the bottom. Information on the petition itself can be found here.
  • Graduation to Journeymaid. Once the petition application is approved, the character's caste will be formally altered and they will bear all signs and abilities of a Journeymaid of their new caste.
  • Continued Study. Even in Territories that don't subscribe to a formal Journeymaid system, the newly-casted Blood will be considered a beginner in their caste for a minimum of another year in-character. This means highly advanced specialties of their caste might be beyond their reach at first unless they go through the in-character work of learning from a specialist. Journeymaid Blood have a basic understanding of their caste and the Craft specific to it, but continue to learn over time, and will not be as proficient as a natural-born member of their acquired caste.

Character Development
Caste training is a major development for any character to undergo and is not something that should be considered lightly, either OOC or IC. In-character, it's less like learning a new trade and more like assimilating into a foreign culture. The character doesn't just learn new skills, but their instincts and view of the world around them will change in response to the spiritual change happening within them. The rate at which these changes occur vary some from Blood to Blood. In general, some smaller changes are experienced somewhere between four and six months after beginning training. After a year, most Blood exhibit the full psychic scent and influence from their new caste. Below are some examples of the influences encountered in each of the castes.

CasteTraits: 6mos to 1 yearTraits: After Caste is fully attained
Black Widow
  • Mildly increased lust and libido
  • Mildly increased edigness and sharpness in personality
  • Capable of basic Black Widow craft
  • Psychic Scent may hint at something more but unlikely to be discernible.
  • Increased lust and libdo
  • Increased edginess and sharpness in personality
  • Capable of standard Black Widow Craft, and advanced in single area of specialty
  • Psychic Scent reflects Black Widow, but mild in comparison to natural Black Widow
  • Mildly increased tenderness and empathy
  • Capable of basic Healing craft
  • Psychic Scent may hint at something more but unlikely to be discernible.
  • Increased tenderness and empathy
  • Capable of standard Healing craft, and advanced in a single area of specialty
  • Psychic Scent reflects Healer, but mild in comparison to natural Healer
  • Mildly increased sense of spirituality
  • Beginnings of a natural connection to the Darkness
  • Capable of basic Priestess craft
  • Shadowing a full Priestess in ceremonial duties, but not contributing
  • Psychic Scent may hint at something more but unlikely to be discernible.
  • Increased sense of spirituality
  • Achieved a deeper level connection to the Darkness
  • Supporting a full Priestess in Ceremonial duties
  • Capable of standard Priestess craft, and advanced in a single area of specialty
  • Psychic Scent reflects Priestess, but mild in comparison to natural Priestess
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