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Author Topic: Blood Rite's Staff - Blood Councils  (Read 4643 times)


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Blood Rite's Staff - Blood Councils
« on: Jun 07, 11, 06:47:00 PM »
Blood Rites' Councils

The Staff who manage the board and community are broken up into a series of Councils that help to define their role and job on the forum. If you ever have any questions of which Council holds which responsibility or if it is not clear which Council to approach with your idea/question/concern please reach out to

High Blood Council (HBC)

This is the governing body of Blood Rites. The Council will make all final decisions on board, plot, process and other governing factors of the RPG and community. They are in charge of maintaining activity across the board and delegating tasks to the Councils and Members.

  • Responsibilities
    • Overall Board Administration
    • Jewel Rolls
    • Territory Reviews/Petitions

High Blood Council Advisor (HBCA)

The High Blood Council is lead by the High Blood Council Advisor. This individual is in charge of overseeing and guiding the Council. They may serve multiple roles across the site but their primary duty is to this role. If the HBCA is on a short LOA (vacation, illness, etc.) the next most senior member of the team may stand in their place to help direct and guide the HBC. If a HBCA has neglected their duties the HBC has the authority to seek to replace them accordingly and must have a unanimous vote from all active HBC members (anyone who has contributed in the last month prior to the vote).

Blood Councils (BC)

The Blood Councils are the breakdown of responsibilities across the community. Each Council will have a support staff (Councilors) and a Blood Council Leader (BCL). There are 4 primary Blood Councils across the board and each has a different set of responsibilities. The Blood Councils will be made up of volunteer members from across the board who have met the minimum requirements to join the Council.

Blood Council Leaders will be chosen by the HBC. They will be responsible for their Council's tasks and duties across the board and for delegating tasks amongst their Council. Ultimately all Council decisions will be left up to the BCL but they make seek advice of the HBC or of their own Council. Blood Council Leaders can be removed by the HBC if they lapse into inactivity.

Blood Council members will all be subjected to the governing of the High Blood Council and must adhere to a minimum activity requirement on the board and within their Councils. The expectation is that all Council members will post no less than once a month to their Councils with ideas, concepts, questions or concerns and will participate in all discussion within. Additionally the expectation is that they will have a bare minimum of one post per month to maintain their Council status and eligibility. All Council members will receive a points stipend based on the amount of work they've contributed per active month that the serve the Council. Players cannot serve on more than 2 councils at once. The only exception to the rules is if one of the Councils is the Plot Council, then the player may serve the Plot Council as well as two other Councils.

The Blood Councils are:
  • Review Council
  • Welcome Council
  • Production Council
  • Plot Council
Two areas of the board that are not addressed in Councils or responsibilities are Technology and Points. These will remain as unofficial positions for board members; they will report directly to the HBC. Currently technology is managed by Jamie & Dani, and points are managed by Jamie.

Review Council
Led by phinneas, Contact:
The Review Council is in charge of everything as it relates to the Keep and the Review process for standard character reviews and petitions. Review Council members will be selected by the High Blood Council in conjunction with the Review Council Leader and must have been a member of the site for no less than 3 months. They also must have a full understanding of the plot at Blood Rites and our Master Rules; a test will be administered by the HBC or HCL to see if a member qualifies for the position.

Review Council members are most often recruited by the Review Council Leader when they deem that the council requires additional assistance. Members who are interested in joining can alert to the Review Council Leader to their interest but the decision is ultimately up to the Leader on who will join the Council.

Please note that the Review Council is not responsible for Jewel Rolling or for the Territory Reviews/Petitions.

  • Responsibilities
    • Responsible for the Keep & Registry
      • Character Application Reviews & Approvals
      • NPC Registry
      • Registry Cleanup
      • Graphics Claim
      • Board Statistics, Ratios & Character List
  • Qualifications
    • Member of the site for 3 months minimum
    • Pass a test on the Board Rules & Board Plot
    • Pass a trial period of Reviews
Welcome Council
Led by Dani, Contact:
The Welcome Council is in charge of everything related to the influx of new members and ongoing questions. Their domain will include, but is not limited to, the OOC Account Registration forums and the Question and Answer forums. It is their duty to mentor and guide new members through their time at Blood Rites. Council members will be selected by the High Council in conjunction with the Welcome Council Leader and must have been a member of the site for no less than 1 month. They must have a full understanding of the board setup and plot so that they can convey such information to new members.

If you are interested in joining the review council please e-mail the team at expressing that interest. It is also recommended that you talk to Dani, the Leader, first as well. If there is a seat available on the Council they will be invited to join the Council.

  • Responsibilities
    • Responsible for the following forums:
      • OOC Account Area; greeting all incoming members and helping to ease their introductory process to the board.
      • Common Grounds; engaging new members to participate in OOC chatter, banter and inviting them to become members of the community as well as the plot
      • Questions & Answers; insuring that answers are easily found and readily available to all those seeking knowledge as it pertains to our board
    • Marketing endeavors; including maintainin our ads on listings and other sites
  • Qualifications
    • Member of the site for 1 months minimum
    • Pass a test to prove their understanding of the Board Rules & Board Plot

Production Council
Led by Jamie, Contact:

The Production Council is in charge of the boards adhoc projects and production work to ensure that the site runs smoothly. Council members will be selected by the High Blood Council in conjunction with the Production Council Leader and must have been a member of the site for no less than 1 month. They must have a good understanding of the board setup and plot since they will be in charge of various tasks that could associate with setup, rules or plot.

If you are interested in joining the Production Concil please e-mail the team at expressing your interest. It is also recommended that you talk to Jamie, the Leader, first as well. Additionally Production Council frequently recruits members that they feel will be a good fit for a specific project. If there is a seat available on the Council they will provide a short test to the interested party.

  • Responsibilities
    • Perform general Production Support for the site as delegated by HBC or other Councils
    • Assist with the implementation and production of Events and Projects
    • Oversee the Management of Advertising
    • Manage Member Engagement
  • Qualifications
    • Member of the site for no less than 1 month
    • Pass a test to prove their understanding of the Board Rules & Board Plot

Plot Council
Led by Dash, Contact:

The Plot Council is the new incarnation of the Plot Leaders of Blood Rites and will consist of all Rulers for the Territories. Their goal is to manage each individual Territory's plot with the assistance and aid of the Council. Council members will only be represented by the Rulers of Territories and must pass through the Territory review process and acceptance before they can join this council.
  • Responsibilities
    • Overall board plot adherence and adaptation
    • Plot specifics to their Territories
  • Qualifications
    • Successfully complete a Territory Ruler Succession petition

This system was derived uniquely for use at Blood Rites; and drew upon inspiration from the communities of SWU and Tar Valon.

Sites that have adopted this policy/system:

Please contact me via Email - not PM! <3 | GMT Time Zone