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Author Topic: Elisif Brenden  (Read 702 times)

Description: Black Widow Priestess Queen. Green to Grey. Played by phinn.

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Elisif Brenden
« on: Feb 20, 18, 06:54:21 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Elisif Brenden
Nicknames: Lady Sif, Lady El
Age:   29, October 10th 163 PP
Race:  Short Lived, Glacian
Caste:  Black Widow Priestess Queen
Birth Territory: Glacia
Home Territory: Glacia

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Green
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Gray

Play By: Amanda Seyfried
Distinguishing Features: None, although Elisif is widely recognizable.


She had been receiving visions from Mother Night since before her snake tooth grew in. It is perhaps important to note that this more than anything is what stands at the root of Elisif’s religiosity and fanaticism. She is (or believes herself to be) a prophet of the Darkness. Through these visions Elisif has developed a profound understanding not only of her territory and what is necessary to empower it and let it thrive, but also of people and what is necessary to control them and to lead them. Because of her prophecy, as she calls it,  there has never been any doubt in Sif’s mind of her own rise to power, nor of her deep responsibility to her territory. She is incredibly religious, both because of her parents’ religiosity, but also because of these signs that she receives. 

Elisif does not share her visions with anyone, but she does keep a journal of them for her own reference. She also keeps track of how often she has them and when it has been too long since she’s received one, it is quite evident to everyone around the young Queen that something is bothering her. She becomes distracted and will often close herself off from others in her frenzy to achieve a vision.

Her religiosity is at the heart of her deep passion and devotion for the Landens and the Land in Glacia. Whereas in other territories Landens are seen as and treated as second class citizens, in Glacia, the abiding attitude towards Landens is that they are the children that the Blood must protect, and just as with children, they are helpless and loved. After all, how can a person not love that which is utterly dependent on him.  The Landens, unlike many, see a kind side to Elisif, as many others do not. She cannot be cruel to them, they are quite alien to her and as powerless as ants between her fingers. She protects them with a fanaticism only a prophet is capable of.

Whereas Landens get her devotion and kindness, the land itself gets her reverence and focus.  Much of Glacia’s exports come from digging deep into the land and pulling from it its resources.  Whereas Elisif feels like a parent to the Landens, she feels very much like a caring child with the Land, accepting its gifts and nourishing it with her love and blood the way only a Queen can.  There are many rituals in the Dark Religion that are created for the nourishing of the land, for its well being and these, above all, are rituals which Elisif practices with zealotry. There is never any excuse save involuntary unconsciousness to neglect her duties to the land. Her religiosity and her sheer belief indicate that should she miss a thing, the land will suffer. Its people will suffer.

Her visions give her a clear understanding of the rules of the Dark Religion. Because of that, there have been times that she has had to make decisions with regards to others that may have caused pain or suffering, as in the case of her own family. Elisif often struggles with these moral decisions, caught between a philosophical understanding that all people are the same, and the religious expectation that the Blood are more responsible and capable and therefore prone to more severe punishments.  She feels remorse, therefore, for the suffering that she inflicts in the name of the Dark Religion, not because she regrets her actions, but rather because she regrets that those being punished were so unrighteous as to bring these actions down on themselves.

The Black Widow Priestess Queen, in Isyviel’s court and later, in her own court, will be surrounded by Darker Jewels than hers and often finds herself questioning the reasoning for Mother Night having chosen her to lead the territory.  The weight of the burden is very heavy and made heavier by the fact that Elisif cannot show to others that she feels it. As a result, the Queen has cultivated a very cool and tough exterior. She is difficult to get to know, even gives the impression that she finds others a burden.  It is strange, then, that Elisif does not know this about herself.  She has no idea that others find her cold and distant and is often surprised at the thoughts in their minds that she comes upon, when she considers her own emotions sometimes nearly overwhelming.  It is not learned, nor inherent, but somewhere along the way Elisif has learned that she needs to shield those around her from her anger.

In spite of her seeming tunnel vision, with regards to the Dark Religion, Elisif is not unaware of the fear that she inspires in Blood of lighter jewels.  It is no secret that her position in the court has granted her the right and opportunity not only to break those of lighter jewels but also sometimes to vanish them completely.  Elisif knows there are those out there who harbor loathing for her and that that loathing can sometimes culminate in an assassination attempts. This understanding creates a paranoia in Elisif that at once both trusts the Darker Jewels around her but at the same time suspects them of trying to harm her. She checks her food, drink and anything that goes on her body constantly with craft and is always prodding at the area around her so that she can remain certain of who surrounds her.

Her paranoia has created a recurring nightmare for her which she does not know whether it is a vision or simply a dream. In this dream she sees herself dying in a blaze of witchfire.

Despite being triple casted, Elisif does have time to herself and she does have time to “enjoy” her short lived life. It is inaccurate to say that Elisif has friends. She does not know how to make them.  As a result, Elisif often resorts to making light jeweled individuals her lovers. These are generally men or women who feel obligated to go to her bed because of the threat she presents.   A Black Widow Priestess Queen, she enjoys her off time on her own terms, and fulfills desires and needs with the assumed approval of everyone in her circle.  There is never a question of anyone disapproving of the things she does.  Elisif does not take unnecessary risks. She does not live the life of a careless debutante and even her passions are strictly steered into a leadership direction.

  • Glacian Winters - As Queen Elisif has a connection with the land and she feels it very strongly. The winter months when ice covers the farmland and stops many of the mining operations that would ravage the land, it rests and Elisif feels this peace and recuperation within the land of Glacia.
  • Clothing – Elisif has a fondness not only for clothing, but for all the accessories that go along with outer appearance. Glacia is known for its metalwork and its fine fabrics and textiles. Elisif enjoys them with an almost inborn luxury. She is rarely seen wearing the same thing twice, and often inspires the fashion trends of the Glacian courts.
  • Her DJ entourage – Particularly the males. Secure in the knowledge that as a Black Widow Priestess Queen the dark jewels around her cannot surpass her in terms of power, Elisif enjoys being surrounded by individuals who stand deeply in the abyss. Although it is very rare that she ever express her fondness for people, she dislikes being alone and will often require her Inner and Outer Triangles to accompany her to social events
  • Philosophical-Religious Discussions – Elisif is a deeply religious woman. She is also, however, a prophet to her people.  She is often considering the foundations of the Dark Religion, its practices, and its theories and comparing them to her own moral standards. Her open-mindedness, she believes, has allowed her to more easily understand the true will of Mother Night and direct the Glacians onto that path.
  • Hunting – Elisif is aware that people are not the only Blood. Most people do not believe in Kindred, but Elisif does, despite never having met any. She suspects that they are there, even within her Territory without revealing themselves. Hunting is a sport which endangers these mythical Kindred who may have Dark Jewels as well.
  • Siblings- Elisif has never had siblings. Even growing up her cousins were too old to play with her and form any familial bond. She understands, however, how the connections between siblings could become an obstacle to righteousness.
  • Arguments - Specifically ones that last for more than a few interchanges. Arguments avail no one and mostly they are concerned with pointing fingers. They are not the way to get anything done. They are useless and they are subversive. Elisif is a Priestess, a Black Widow and a Queen, all of which are castes that rest on being decisive, spiritual and in control. An argument lasting more than a few moments has Elisif closing the discussion with craft or a show of power and making her own decision without the help of her court. This has led to many people around her first discussing things between themselves and then bringing the end result to their imperious Queen.
  • Moontime - Not hers. She values hers despite the pain and despite the inability to use craft and everything that goes along with it. She dislikes it when her female servants have their moontime because then they either can't use craft, or do use it and complain about it. Or can't function and take a day or two off, leaving Elisif to have to make do with a replacement that is never as well trained.
  • Getting Pregnant – Elisif has no interest in raising or having children. She has one child and that child is Glacia. Like many “martyrs” before her, she does not believe there is any room in her life for a child who might detract from her love and attention to the territory. There is also no way to guarantee that she would birth a Dark Jeweled child so there is no fear of needing to cede her the territory to her offspring.
  • Everything Has a Price – There is no murder among the Blood, and if asked, each of her few killings were “executions” to Elisif, if she even admits to them. However, there are no exceptions to the Blood rule of Everything Has a Price.  Although the prophetess sees herself as fully capable of accepting the price for whatever has been done in her hands, there is a deep seated part of her that fears the price.
  • The Fall of Glacia – Glacia right now is at the peak of its grandness. They have annexed Nharkava, they are thriving and fertile. Glacia is the star of Kaeleer. But every star must fall eventually. It terrifies Elisif in her loneliest hours that Glacia will fall.
Craft Strengths:
  • Visions – Either spontaneous or webbed, Elisif’s strength has always been her visions. Sometimes they are straightforward and easily understood. Sometimes they are like riddles, full of mysteries which Elisif may or may not be able to understand.
  • Mind Delving –  Everyone is capable of looking into another’s mind when they open up their own inner barriers. However Queens have the right to do this to their subjects and Black Widows have a natural aptitude in reading other’s minds, healing their minds or breaking them

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Stealth spells – Elisif is not the type of woman who has to skulk about in the dark, or be unnoticed.  On the contrary, Elisif needs to be noticed, seen and heard from since the moment she wakes up. This is both a personal need and a Queenly need. She has never given much attention to any Stealth Spells lessons she’s had.
  • Shadows – Incredibly frustrating to Elisif, she cannot make a convincing shadow illusion. When she does attempt to make them they look clumsy, often do not speak and generally have the dead look in their eyes that make it obvious what they are.
Life Story

Kylli Brenden (Mother)  – Queen – Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk (b. 132 AP)
Mika Brenden (Father)  – Warlord Prince – Yellow to Summer Sky (b. 127 AP)
Janika Henskii (Aunt) – Witch – Purple Dusk to Green (b. 129 AP)
Jounas Henskii (Uncle) – Prince – Summer Sky to Opal (b. 125 AP)
Reino Henskii (Cousin - deceased) – Prince – White to Tiger Eye
Vesa Henskii (Cousin) – Prince – Yellow to Rose (b. 157 AP)


It was the poisoning of Idala Erkko that tossed the district of Falun into chaos. Erkko had been the Opal jeweled district Queen of Falun and had ruled for a very healthy seven years before she was poisoned unexpectedly. There was no other Dark Jeweled Queens available on such short notice and rather than turn the district over to the Red Warlord Prince that might have been the natural choice anywhere else, Federica Ipatti, the Sapphire Province Queen decided to replace the fallen Healer Queen with a simple Blood Opal Jeweled Healer, hoping that the difference of “Queen” would not be noticed as easily in the few temporary months.  They were noticed. The court of Falun was an atrocious shambles and, fearing the wrath of Isyviel at her inability to control the Light Jewels of her district,  Sondra Karila, nothing more than an interim Healer, elected to harden expand the laws regulating the movements and actions of all the Light Jeweled in her district with the full expectation that Dark Jeweled neighbors, friends and family would inform even on those closest to them.

There already was very little freedom afforded to those who were light jeweled, but in the Danvers household, because of Kylli’s restrictions, her sister Janika, the elder by four years and holding a Purple Dusk Birthright experienced the restrictions that originally had not fallen on her shoulders.  There were questions about the blood in the Danvers family and whether any of them would ever achieve a Dark Jewel.  Whatever freedom Janika had once experienced because of her potential to move into the darker levels of the abyss was now taken away in her family’s attempt to distribute advantages and responsibilities “fairly” between the two girls. 

Throughout their childhood discomfort grew between Janika, who blamed Kylli for her lack of freedom, and Kylli, who did not understand her sister’s resentment when it was she, Kylli, who was of the higher caste, a Queen born.  But this became a recurring theme throughout their shared childhood, with Janika, just a witch, often bringing Kylli’s faults to her parents attention in an effort to win herself some more freedoms. 

When their parents died  two years before Janika reached the age of majority, the sisters for the first time banded together, unwilling to stand separately before the masses with their light jewels. For two years their relationship was as close as it ever had been and ever would be again in the future. 

And then Kylli met Mika, a Yellow to Summer Sky Warlord Prince. They matched in caste and in jewels, but in age, Mika was six years older than her, which made Janika notice him as well.  Mika was incredibly attractive, even amongst the already beautiful Glacians.  The Warlord Prince’s psychic scent was rife with aggression and a primalness that appealed to Janika, who despite her newly acquired Green jewel could not garner the attention of a Warlord Prince.  In the end, it was Janika who had final say in the betrothal between Kylli and Mika, as she was the matriarch of the family, being of the Darkest Jewel.  There was no question that Mika had found his Queen and that he was devoted.  Kylli might never have a court, but she had had a Consort from the moment she met him.  Janika allowed the marriage despite her fierce jealousy and the desire she concealed but barely for the man her sister married. 

Janika's own marriage was more rationally made, although lust and love played a part here too.  It was simple luck that Janika found herself in love with and loved by an Opal Prince.  But the roots of their childhood resentment were firmly in the ground and now that she had control over her sister according to the Dark Religion, now that she had the Darkest Jewel in the entire family it was easy to exert her control over her sister Kylli and her sister’s husband, Mika, interfering subtly but significantly in their lives under the guise of concern and responsibility.

Because the interference never caused much damage and because legitimately, she had a right to question the couple's personal lives and decisions, no one saw any reason to complain or to force the tension into resentment. This was simply the fact of their lives.

Janika and Jounas had two children before Kylli was ever able to become pregnant. Kylli  had spent many years dedicating herself to the third circle of the district queen’s court where the religion dictated that she belonged.  This too, was where she found her husband to be, the Warlord Prince, Mika Brenden.  By the time Kylli and Mika finally had a child, both of Janika’s sons were fast on their way to their Offering ceremonies.  Everyone expected some kind of high casted, light jeweled child to be born to the Brendens, particularly after the disappointment of Janika’s two sons. No one expected the gift that Elisif would be born to be.

The birth was difficult for Kylli and even with the help of a healer, she lost her ability to have children after Elisif, her body not able to withstand the premature birth and the massive hemorrhaging she experienced during her nearly two day labor. This was a terrible blow to the couple who were already experiencing difficulties living under Janika’s thumb and consistent comments that undermined the family’s solidity, could never advance further in court than the third circles they were bound to.

By the time Elisif was ready for her Birthright Ceremony,  Vesa Henskii, her youngest cousin who was then 15, had gotten involved in the Underground movement that smuggled lighter jeweled Blood out of Glacia. Rather than leave himself, Vesa, initially without his mother’s knowledge, began working with the group of people that risked their lives to create ways for the lighter jeweled to flee the borders.  Within just two years his older brother Reino, and Reino’s wife had also gotten involved in the Underground too. It was soon after that, that Janika became aware of her son’s proclivities. Despite that, despite her duty to report the information to the Province Queen, Janika remained silent and turned a blind eye, finding it simpler to pretend ignorance than have to justify to herself why she put her family above the restrictions of the Territory and the good of Glacia when the reason was so muddled even to her.

When, at her birthright, Elisif walked away with an Uncut Green jewel and her psychic scent revealed a tri-casted Queen Black Widow Priestess, the two families were shocked, dismayed and at a complete loss as to what to do. It was evident that the child could not be held accountable for her family and was much too young to assume her rightful mantle as matriarch, but to Janika, this was only temporary, the threat of losing her place to Elisif was already there. 

Reino, Janika's elder son, who had, when Elisif was a baby, approached Kylli and Mika to join the Underground now wished he’d never said a word. Both families were in an uproar and although it never occurred to Kylli to use her daughter’s Dark Jewels as leverage with her own sister, it did occur to her husband Mika, who had long since been standing on the fence between his religion and the need for distance from Janika. Elisif’s Birthright had changed it all. Now, suddenly, it seemed that Mother Night had blessed the Brendens for their righteousness, for not having joined the Underground.  Mika turned to zealotry with the weak willed Kylli right behind him.

Now, more than ever, the two families were estranged but Elisif’s schedule with her training for all three of her gifts rarely had the chance to sense the tension between the Brendens and the Henskii’s.  When she did have time to be with her family, her father would preach to her the teachings of the Dark religion.  Her impression of her father was that he was a devout and powerful man, despite his much lighter jewel.

The first few years after her Birthright went at a frenetic pace. There was contention amongst district and province courts in Tornio over who should tutor the child and over which caste would be held as a priority.  While the added adult presence in her life inhibited access to other children, Elisif did not seem the least bit perturbed by this, having already decided or perhaps been given a glimpse of her future.  There were other Dark Jeweled children in the Territory, but Kylli and Mika’s child had a preternatural assurance, almost, that she would rise above them.

By the time she was sixteen, Lady Sif was having regular visions of her future, messages from the Darkness and whether these were real or simply dreams, no one knew but Sif herself for many years and her parents, being of much lighter jewels than their daughter did not dare to conjecture, at least not in those early years.  Later, when Elisif received a summons from the territory Priestess Queen Isyviel, summoning her to Vaasa to be tutored by the Queen and a Black Widow from the Queen’s first circle, conjecture ran rampant around the entire district, moving about the territory.

It was in Isyviel’s interest to bring in a Dark Jeweled child to be her protégé, particularly when the child showed signs of being able to descend further into the abyss. Perhaps, even, as far as Isyviel herself. It was evident to the Priestess Queen that this young girl could either be her successor or her enemy and she was determined to only leave the Territory in the most capable hands.  Her mistake was in never explaining her motivations to a single soul and in teaching Elisif how to rule with a cold rationality that allowed for no comfort, care or passion but only religious frenzy.

Vesa and Reino never stopped their work with the Underground and the movement became quite large in Glacia, large enough to draw the righteous indignation of the Territory Queen who sent the best the Hourglass Coven could offer to detect the perpetrators, the leaders of the movement.  There were not very many involved, but two of those who were, were relatives of the Priestess Queen’s ward.  For a while Isyviel considered her options, finally alighting on the fact that Lady Sif was a Black Widow as well as a Queen.  The Coven was convened and the young journey-maid was informed of the appalling proclivities of a family.  No names were given and Elisif was asked, as a Queen and a Black Widow and a Priestess, what did she think should be done.  Her answer was simple, efficient, expedient.  And after she’d answered, it was revealed to her that this family were her own relatives.  It was with surprise and weariness that everyone involved watched as Elisif took to preparing her webs for her sinning relatives without compunction or empathy.

Her relatives were called to court for a visit where she would be attending, but what ended up happening was a very public execution of Reino, her eldest cousin and his wife, their children left behind at home with the help. Vesa’s inner barriers were tangled in horrific webs which would never release their hold, strengthened by the power of Elisif’s Green uncut jewel. Those webs turned outward to anyone who attempted to remove them and could never be undone without damage to anyone else.  He became lost, somewhere between sanity and the Twisted Kingdom.  Jounas, the boy’s father and Janika’s husband was Broken completely and this was all done by Elisif.  When her men were returned to Janika who had not made the trip, Reino’s body was adorned with a note to his mother.  “This was not murder,”  it said, “This was execution.”

All of the Territory heard how Elisif had decimated her own family in the name of the religion and her loyalty to Glacia and rather than scorn her, their reaction was reverent, grateful and fearful. When she was of age, Elisif had her Virgin Night and shortly thereafter, her Offering.  No sooner had she had her Offering, showing herself to be as Dark and as heavy handed as Isyviel, than she was brought into the Queen’s First Circle and Inner Triangle where she has remained ever since. 

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Glacia was a white glistening paradise in the lights of all the witchfire lamps needed to illuminate the deck which spilled out onto Isyviel’s thick lush gardens. Warming spells had been cast onto the entire area and were held strong by a dark jewel which pulsed with energy, something that Elisif was able to feel while, she knew, most others in attendance were not, despite enjoying the warmth and comfort in the onset of winter.  There was no moon in the sky now which accounted for the natural darkness of the landscape, or rather it was a new moon.  A new month, the night where the Inner Circle gathered within the caves of Lopulinen Peak.

It was early still. The Outer Triangle were the only ones aware of what the rest of the night held,  that the true ceremonies of the evening would not begin for a while yet.  A small string sestet played their instruments with the latest tunes that had come out of the south of the Territory.  Everyone smiled, people laughed. No one but the Inner Triangle understood the bloodletting that would occur later, and yet the four ladies were the ones enjoying themselves most.

Elisif had arrived in a new glamorous creation of shimmering aqua that clung to her figure and made her look like a mythical creature.  Her thick blond hair hung down her back, loosely held together in an asymmetrical binding of pale white ribbon that seemed to disappear into the curly waves.  From the moment she’d entered the ballroom she had counted. She was one of four and Isyviel was easy to spot, sitting as she was on the sidelines on a comfortable chaise with two of her First Circle males standing guard.  She hadn’t said much, it was evident, for when Isyviel spoke, people turned to listen and the males were still looking away, still looking uncomfortable in their formal wear, still uneasy with the arrival of guests. 

The Healer of their triangle was already in attendance, a woman twice her age whose lover was Elisif’s age. There was no look passed between herself and Isyviel, but this was natural. No one knew of the ceremonies unless they were part of it, and the women of the court were consummate actresses.  Although this evening’s ceremonies would be significant as they were every month, although the wealth of the territory depended on them, the ladies treated them until they entered the caves, as nothing more than a card game.

The Queen, the Healer and the Black Widow.  Elisif was momentarily diverted from her finding the Priestess by her escort’s whispered entendres while their bodies moved to the rhythm of a dance.  The sensuality ran thickly in her blood as it did with most Black Widows.  She tilted her head back and smiled into his face, allowing him a look at her lovely pale neck, the way a hungry animal pretended to be the prey only to catch their own lunch.  She knew that being in her position, of her Dark Jewel and of her beauty, that she was something of a contest. That there were those who boasted about having been with her.  Lady Sif never minded the rumors and, the games. She’d been born to them.

Her lips, painted the only color she ever wore, a thick bright red, pulled next to his ear and whispered her longing for a companion in the early hours of the morning.  She was always, she knew, hungry for the vitality of sex after the ceremonies of the New Moon. The darkness of the night, the smell of blood on the cold floors of the caves brought out the primal beast that waited in every Black Widow.

Why did this character became inactive?
Lost the muse for her.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
I will play her!

What are your plans for this character?
I have talked with Nik and Dani about plans for the character, and we have plots in place to support her.

Number of previous Reactivations:
For Sif, 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :

Player Name: phinneas. Though the character was originally written by Tal, I adopted her here. Link to Elisif's original character sheet: here.

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Re: Elisif Brenden
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Re: Elisif Brenden
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Re: Elisif Brenden
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Re: Elisif Brenden
« Reply #4 on: Feb 22, 18, 09:17:17 AM »
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