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Author Topic: Requesting WrenWerds  (Read 3362 times)


Offline WrenStar

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Requesting WrenWerds
« on: Oct 02, 19, 09:45:31 AM »
Between my job, my schedule flux, life doing its THING to me, and my actual legitimate attempt to assemble my first book I'm a McFracking Spaz right now. I keep all threads bookmarked and usually like to just go from oldest to newest unless a particular muse strikes me.


That's not working SO GREAT right now.


If you would like a tag, or a thread, or a start, or something new or old or a character from me or whathaveyou -- post here and I will get RIGHT ON IT (as my brain allows). Once you submit your request that will get added to another list of Things I'll Actually Keep Up On. Otherwise, I'm probably going to be dropping a few characters and plots. If you still want to plot with one of my bbys and they go inactive, just ping me and I have no problem reactivating them for you.


Ramble over.

Tell me what you want...
What you really really want...


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Re: Requesting WrenWerds
« Reply #1 on: Oct 02, 19, 10:43:24 PM »