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Author Topic: Perseus Aquilinus  (Read 124 times)

Description: Warlord. Purple Dusk to Blood Opal. Played by Zen.

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Perseus Aquilinus
« on: Oct 29, 19, 04:22:51 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Perseus Primus Aquilinus
Nicknames: Percy, Nightingale, Sunshine (only if you're Talfryn, thank you very much)
Age: 212 (b. 18 BP)
Race: Long-Lived (Hayllian)
Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory: Hayll
Home Territory: Hayll

Birthright Jewel: Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel: Blood Opal

Role: good question
Faction: who knows


Play By: Vito Basso
Distinguishing Features: A glorious mane of hair that has long been the envy of his contemporaries. While it's naturally pin straight in true, Long-Lived fashion, Percy is fond of using Craft (and some very handy, Landen-invented products) to stylize it and make it wavy/curly instead.


Personality: ~~~

  • Art: Visual arts, music, dance, poetry... all of it and anything else that one could consider artistic are all things that Percy has had a natural proclivity towards ever since he was a boy. While he has his own specialties among them that he's become renowned for (music and visual arts, specifically), he is a patron and lover of them all and it is his most frequent indulgence. If there is a new art gallery exhibit, a budding theatrical production or anything in between, you can guarantee that the Warlord will be there basking in it front and center with enthusiasm.
  • Archery: One of the few interests that he and his sister had in common growing up and even through today is this particular activity. They haven't ever really shared the same goals or mindsets, but the twang of a bowstring and the thunk of an arrow hitting its mark is one thing that the twins share a tried and true love of despite whatever differences they may have otherwise. Furthermore, it helps that he has a bit of a natural predilection to it due to so many years of fine-tuning his hand-eye coordination via playing instruments.
  • Talfryn Athanas: Tall, dark and handsome broody as Percy likes to proclaim him, the Warlord Prince caught his attention years ago while, ironically, trying to avoid any kind of attention entirely. What started out as reluctant friendship took an unexpected turn for the romantic, much to the surprise of many. He takes a fierce amount of pride in being the metaphorical sunshine in the otherwise dour man's life and he exerts great care to make sure his introverted counterpart never finds himself overwhelmed with the burdens of social situations or his own caste, as well as generously doting on him with affection and artwork.

  • Drugs: As someone who grew up well within the hedonistic lifestyle of the Hundred Families, Percy used to enjoy the occasional drug usage as some of the side-effects were rather enjoyable to him (hallucinations make for great paintings). However, since an incident that left him dosed and unconscious for over an entire day (a political attack from a rival of his Senator grandmother), his interest in illicit substances has plummeted sharply. He avoids them with the utmost care, from turning down recreational ones at social events to triple-checking his food and drink for anything suspicious with Craft wherever he goes.
  • DIS2. TEXT
  • DIS3. TEXT

  • Losing more loved ones: The loss of his mother in the Purge is something that remains with Percy even all these years after the fact and makes him incredibly wary and protective of everyone else that he's close to. It was a rare period of grief and depression that struck him after she died and the Warlord isn't entirely certain he could deal with having to endure that sort of ordeal again without it taking a negative toll on his personality and outlook on life. In particular the deaths of his sister and Talfryn would be exceptionally devastating to him.

Craft Strengths:
  • Healing Tonics: Not limited to the Healing Craft of the Blood, but even extending insofar as the Landen and their own innovations within the health-related sciences, the Warlord finds the practice and products of medicine to be rather fascinating. That being the case (along with, again, the fact that he was drugged against his will years ago and hence paranoid), Percy has taken a keen interest in the brewing of healing tonics. He managed to seek out a patron who teaches him how to make them in exchange for pieces of art or performances, and the Warlord is never caught without a vial or two on his person anymore. Just in case.
  • Item Enhancement:

Craft Weaknesses:
  • Protection Spells: To put it plainly, Percy has just... never needed to use these kinds of spells growing up or even into adulthood. The occasions in which he needs to set up his own spells for his safety are few and far between. That being the case, his ability to cast these has become understandably stunted and they function at a far weaker level than they should if he ever has to use them.
  • Compulsion Craft: Between his natural personality and his social status in many of Hayll's upper echelons, it generally doesn't take much for Percy to get what he wants from people when he needs it. This charisma and persuasive ability has essentially reduced the need for compulsions of any kind in nearly all aspects of his life, and thus his knack for these spells doesn't exist.

Life Story
Grandmother: Prisca Livius; Summer Sky - broken Opal; Priestess (b. 1,308 BP)

Mother: Caerlissa Aquilinus; White - Rose; Witch (deceased)
Father: Caesar Livius; Blood Male (b. 1,108 BP)
Priscilla Livius; Tiger Eye - Summer Sky; Black Widow (twin; b. 18 BP)
Laelia Aquilinus; Summer Sky - Opal; Priestess (b. 3 BP)*+

* - adoptable
+ - rolled on Priscilla's sheet



Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:


Player Name: Zen

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Re: Perseus Aquilinus
« Reply #1 on: Oct 29, 19, 04:31:24 AM »
Please to be acquiring the family roll from his boyfriend's sheet. PD - Sapphire but reducing to PD - Blood Opal, just need cut/uncut ranks. <3

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Re: Perseus Aquilinus
« Reply #2 on: Nov 13, 19, 07:45:52 AM »
Sorry, this got overlooked.

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Blood Opal Jewel at your Offering.


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Re: Perseus Aquilinus
« Reply #3 on: Nov 28, 19, 03:56:41 PM »

Registry Cleanup Notice
This character sheet has been inactive within the Keep's Registry for over 2 weeks. If you wish to keep this character sheet (including the Jewels rolled) you will need to reply to this thread within 2 weeks or else you will forfeit the character and the Jewels.